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The only part of a car that you could kinda maybe count on to stop a bullet is the engine block. And yet IDPA and the rest of the run n’ gun crowd are constantly holding competitions where you have to shoot from behind a car door. Yes, I know the difference between cover (ballistic protection) and concealment (hiding). But I reckon the combat sim crowd should run drills and comps where the shooters have to fire from behind more realistic fake cover (if you know what I mean). I’d also like to point out that most times these shooters expose their entire upper body while firing, rather than “peeking out” from cover. Or concealment. Anyway, talk to me about cover. Do you scan for it when you walk around? What do you look for?

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  1. This is the sort of thing that happens any time practice for fighting is turned into a competitive sport.

    Look at medieval jousting….rules, a barrier, breakaway lances, specialized competitive armor and saddles not useful for the battlefield.

    Look at modern UFC…no eye-gouging or biting, or blows below the belt.

    As soon as you take training for a fight, and turn it into a competitive sport, all sorts of stuff like this gets introduced, because it's now a competitive sport, and not really training for a fight.

    There's a reason you won't see anyone practicing real Marine Corps hand-to-hand in the UFC ring.

    It's because if you really used for-real Marine Corps hand-to-hand techniques in the UFC ring, you would kill your opponent. That's the whole point of real combat training.

  2. Why do people use a car door? They see it on TV. There are several tactics used to win IDPA and IPSC that will get you killed on the street


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