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I’m going with the 1911. For those of you who’ve never had the pleasure of sampling John Moses Browning’s meisterstuck, there’s a reason why the pistol has an external safety. As the Cars used to sing, it’s touch and go. So, not the best gun in the world to twirl on your finger then. Especially if the handgun’s loaded (remembering that all guns are loaded). Times two if you’re loaded, too. So thank God a certain Nebraska resident, one Chance Paap (British readers note: I’m not making that up), chose a .45 caliber Beretta for some early morning gunplay. Oh wait . . .

In October of 2009, Paap [not shown] had turned himself into police after fleeing the scene to Oklahoma and then returning.  In court documents, Paap told police he and 28-year-old Nathan Kuhn had been drinking at Paap’s house in Lincoln and for some reason decided to get Paap’s .45 caliber Beretta revolver from a gun safe about 2:30 a.m. and took turns playing with it.

Hey, what up with the “for some reason”? How many explanations would you like? They were drunk, cavalier, poorly trained and stupid. That’s four right off the top of my head. And it looks like that’s what Mr. Paap did to Mr. Kuhn.

Prosecutor’s say Paap was twirling the gun on his finger when it went off and hit Kuhn in the head. Paap panicked, he said. He packed the gun and two others in the trunk of his car and put Kuhn’s bike in the backseat.  He dumped the bike and headed south, driving until he was pulled over for DUI in McAlester, Okla., south of Tulsa.

Just a quick heads-up: if you accidentally kill someone with a gun, it’s probably best to fess-up sooner rather than later. To wit:

Prosecutors say once Paap bonded out of jail there, he got his car and headed to Lincoln.  When he got home Nov. 3, he tried to clean up the blood and put Kuhn’s body in a closet. But then he went to his dad’s house and told him what had happened.  He called police and said there had been an accident.

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, gun twirling. Which one would you be least likely to use?

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  1. To me when I think of twirling guns on fingers I think of cowboys and old west gunslingers doing it with single action revolvers WITH THE HAMMER DOWN. Anyone that would twirl a single action gun with the hammer cocked is a jackass. Actually I lied; when I think of gun twirling I think of Val Kilmer.

  2. To mr. Robert Farrago, what kind of sick fuck are you to write such a disturbing article on the expenses of sometimes death. Nathan Kuhn was a very loving, caring, numerous, intelligent humane being that had a family & friends that loved him dearly. He also had a 5 year old little
    girl that now has to live without a father. And if you were smart enough, you would realize it wasn’t an accident….it was MURDER. Out of respect of Mr.kuhns loved ones, maybe you could take this post down. God bless you cuz lord knows you need it.

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