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GLOCK has a website widget to help newbies choose an appropriate model from their selection of 50 – count ’em 50 – pistols. It’s a branching do-hickey that falls down at the third entry, where the programmers ask aspiring GLOCK owners to decide whether they want their handgun for home defense or concealed carry. I own a GLOCK 19 (with a Ghost trigger and night sights) for BOTH home carry AND concealed carry. And, soon, open carry. And maybe competition. In fact, I reckon the 19’s do-it-all versatility is what sets the 19 apart from its ballistic brethren and many of its competitors. Anyway, GLOCK aficionados, what GLOCK(s) do you own and why’d you choose that model(s)?

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  1. No Glock at all; alas, I’ve shot many of the models, and the angle of the grip just doesn’t work for me to create a natural aim. Bummer, I wish they did!

    • I have one Glock… will never buy another. I have the Glock 19 have shot most of the non compact models. Onlt got it because if SHTF there are 19s then any other.

      But it feels like a toy, looks like toy airsoft without the red tip. Kicks like a mule, more then both my 45s. 15rds of 9mm vs my XDM 13rds of 45 acp.

      The XDM and my EAA witness are more stable and more accurate. The XDM is my carry and home defense. Everything else is to improve skills by using a wide range of grips, sights, n triggers. If you stick to one basic style and trigger weight, you will shoot like a retard if you have pickup/borrow a different weapon in a pinch. Same with all weapons, practice with either hand and aim with either eye. Practice not aiming, from the hip and prone top side even below shots. Best of all train with a variety of weapons.

      • “But it feels like a toy, looks like toy airsoft without the red tip. Kicks like a mule, more then both my 45s. 15rds of 9mm vs my XDM 13rds of 45 acp.”

        “Feels like a toy” is a good thing. It is light and comfortable.
        Kicks like a mule? What are you a 4 year old girl? My wife shoots the Nano and when she shoots my GLOCK 19, I have to pry it away from her warm live hands because it is so pleasant to shoot that she wants to keep it.
        Why are you comparing capacity of a compact GLOCK with a full size XDm? The compact still wins but you should be comparing the GLOCK 17 to the XD.

  2. I’m really not a Glock nut, but I own a half dozen. The 27, three 23s, and two 35s. One of the 23s and one of the 35s have been converted to shoot 9mm.

    But I’d like to change to a Sig 229 (9mm) for everyday CCW and a .380 Bodyguard for my shorts. A Glock 29 would be a nice addition since I could shoot .40 or full power 9mm through it. A 20 with a MechTech upper would be nice, too.

    Really I only need a couple dozen more handguns, shotguns and rifles and I’ll be completely satisfied with my collection. For a while.

    • “Really I only need a couple dozen more handguns, shotguns and rifles and I’ll be completely satisfied with my collection. For a while.”

      amen. wish i could convince the ol ball n chain of this

    • I had and love the Sig P229, but my limited experience carrying it did not work out so well. It was heavy enough that no matter how much I tried to tighten my belt the damn thing kept sliding DOWN over my hip bone, trying to take the rest of my pants with it. I’m going to try a S&W M&P compact, but I have a pretty strong feeling it’ll do the same thing, even in a good leather belt holster with new belt. I have a bad case of muffin top/skinny butt syndrome, no one to blame but myself tho.


      • @Tom

        Have you tried a shoulder rig yet or a IWB cross draw? That would cancel out the problem you mentioned of your posterior resembling a standing frog. If a leather rig doesn’t work do to moisture just get a synthetic holster, and spray it with Camp Dry waterproofing

        I carry duplicate GLOCK 30s with the 13 round magazines in them. A light weight blazer helps to conceal them from the general public, or a lightweight cover shirt or vest for humid days.

        Extra bonus for those with muffin tops is that if you like resting your arms across your belly it is a natural draw position.

      • If you’ve ever CC’d a Smith 4006 TSW, pretty much everything else seems light. A good belt definitely helps. With that being said, Glocks weigh less than the equivalent-sized Sig 320, M&P, XD, etc. The G42 may be an exception.

      • thank you for your comment about heavy gun versus pulling pants down. I too have the fat belly, skinny ass syndrome and gave up on the big gun idea. added perry suspenders to my belt and carry a ruger lcr in the lower pocket of a pair of cabella’s riggs ranger cargo pants. has solved the problem for the last two years.
        slip an ammo strip of .38’s into a pair of glasses case and good to go.

      • I sold the Sig although I kept the extra mags for when I get another one someday. As a motorcyclist the shoulder rig idea is VERY interesting and I’m hoping to at least get one for the G20 (Galco Miami Classic maybe?) before wintertime as it should fit nicely under my FG Kilimanjaro textile jacket.

        Accur81 – I just picked up a Smith 4003. Been wanting one for almost 20 years ever since I purchased a 411, which was the first semiauto pistol I ever brought to my name, although I had shot several different autoloaders by then (and a whole lot more since). It’s very old school, but the alloy frame is surprisingly light for such a large pistol. I don’t plan to CC it though. For now I just carry a Ruger LCP in a DeSantis Nemisis pocket holster. Works great, nothing wrong with it except the fact it’s a mousegun.

        Ironically, out of the three gun/holster combinations I have (Alien Gear OWB and IWB for the P229 and Walther PPX, LCP/DeSantis, and Blackhawk Serpa sport paddle/G20) the Blackhawk paddle holster with the G20 conceals the best, other than the LCP, and it doesn’t ride down my hip. The problem is it’s like wearing a brick in the car or sitting down in all but the roomiest chairs – I don’t know how peace officers can stand wearing a duty belt loaded down to the gills with everything and possibly be comfortable in a patrol car.

        We’ll see how the Smith M&P goes.


    • I love my 229, although mine is in .40. I also have the stainless slide. It is a lot heavier with this slide and very noticeable when CCd, but the felt recoil is lot less with this stainless. Still easy to conceal and I’m 508, 160.

    • Why the reply if you’re not a glock owner? Glad you own a SIG, maybe they’ll have a thread you can contribute.

        • Gun snob thread hijackers. We all know Glocks aren’t for everyone. No need to hear from the haters.

        • Too much work for a single thread. Baby steps to keep site and others threads on topic. Hopefully others join in to assist and still others stop posting non value added elitist comments towards certain brands. I clicked on comments to read what Glocks others liked, not to read about those that hate Glocks and would never own them. We know you are there already.

        • djk,
          Didn’t mean to offend you or any others, with my simple one line comment.
          Maybe you should spend more time telling us about YOUR Glocks, instead of criticizing others??

  3. 27. It was the best combonation of firepower and ease of use. At least for me. I wanted a subcompact and the only thing with that size frame above a 9 mil was the XDS as far as competition went. But the trigger SUCKED and the recoil was ridiculous in the .45. So I became a Glock owner despite my misgivings about being a Glock owner. And you would have to pry that gun out of my cold dead hands now

      • Absolutely does. Best 10$ you could spend on the 26/27/33 platform. No hanging pinky. Infinitely more confidence in point of aim cuz youre not worrying about what your finger is doin

  4. had 19,34,23,35,21sf have 41 and 20 want a 40.
    some have been for carry and field use others experimentation. as always more glocks are better than less.

  5. RTF 17 that i carry most days. 26 gen4 when in shorts and Tshirt. Glock 21gen3 with a 460rowland conversion for hunting season and backcountry hikes. Tempted to add a 43 once the prices come down. These are the only handguns i own. I have found that I shoot better when i have a familiar manual of arms.

  6. Ok took the bait. Drilled down and said….so you have Rugers and a HK….NO GLOCK FOR YOU….not worthy to carry a sling shot you American Pig.

  7. If I hadn’t lost all my weapons in that terrible storm on the Rio Grande, it would be a 19 for carry and home. A Browning buckmark pistol and Ruger 10/22 rife for plinking.

  8. Glock 19 gen4
    Carry and home.
    I’ll proubly keep it forever, even if I move to a different pistol style. A lot of people regret selling thier 19’s

  9. G26 “Baby Glock” here. It’s been my EDC for about three years now. Although, for Christmas, in advance of legal OC on the 1st, I’m getting something full size in a SA/DA 9mm. I’m open to suggestions.

    • Hahaha. Money no object. Sig P226 or 229 elite. Gorgeous. And with the SRT also a great shooter. If you dont wanna drop 1200$ I would go with some sort of CZ75 variant

      • The Sig 226 and 229s are great guns. I thoroughly enjoy my 226 Tac Ops with 20 round mags (comes with 4!) and tritium / fiber optic front sight. It’s my primary HD handgun other than what I’m home-carrying.

      • Absolutely. CZ P-09 for full size OC. I have the P-07 and can’t wait til we buy a house so I can spend the cash.

      • Well, I don’t know about money being no object. We make a very comfortable living that only two centuries of American exceptionalism even renders possible. Still, we know our roots. So four figures territory is reserved for long guns (except for my KRISS Vector pistol. Worth…every…penny). I’m good with handguns in the healthy three figures range, though not too much, if it’s apt to be confiscated post-DGU.

        My wife has a P250 full size in .45, which is the extent of my Sig experience, but it is sweet. I’m entertaining the idea of stretching my gun buck by pairing the pistol purchase with a carbine in the same caliber and using the same mags. I’m not aware of any carbines using Sig mags, though there are some options with Beretta 92 FS magazines. So that’s on my list of potential. I like their feel, but I’ve not yet fired one.

  10. Me – G26 gen4

    Spousal Unit – G42

    I will a G19 for the house, but a 26 is much easier to conceal and with a G19 mag or 2, all good.

  11. Glock 19 for open carry, glock 43 for summer carry, may pick up a 17 or a 29. I already have holsters for the 29, since I owned a 30. gotta decide on what I’m gonna do with my GSSF coupon. However my fns9c will be entering my carry rotation soon.

  12. Just a G20 Gen4 at the moment. It’s my house and woods gun, stoked with Hornady 155XTP’s. I’m hoping to get a 3.5# trigger, a good light and maybe night sights as funds allow. As for future Glocks, I’d like a 40, 41, 19, 23 and maybe a 29. Lotta competition though, and not very many dollars. Like a lot of folks, I don’t much care for the stock trigger but other than that I think it’s a fine weapon.


  13. I have a Glock 7 ghost gun with a .30-caliber clip that shoots 30 bullets in half a second. I bought it from Kevin DeLoon while I was running guns for Leland Yee across the border to kill a lion named Herbie in Zimbabwe.

    It was an exhausting trip.

  14. Glock 34. Because I’m in Canada, civilians are really only allowed to use handguns for target and competition use. Effectively no concealed carry and God help you if you dare use a firearm for home defence. Also, handgun barrels have to be at least 4.175″ in length.

  15. The G17 Gen4 was my first handgun. Realizing I should have something smaller for CC, I went with the G26. The Pierce grip extension makes room for finger #5 and I find I’m just as accurate with the G26 as I am with the G17.

    I keep the G17 around for training new shooters. The big grip and softer recoil makes it a good training platform.

  16. Holy crap look at all the whiners on here! I had a 27 and a 22 for awhile. I didn’t like the 27 very much. I think a 19 or 21 may be in my future. I compare them to toyotas. Not much passion involved in the look or the guts, but reliable and gets the job done. Toyota should do a Glock promotion!

  17. Wouldn’t surprise me if all the “trails” led to a complete list of all the Glocks–LOL! “Glock Perfection” and all that, you know…

  18. I did the survey with nearly all of the different combinations and most of the recommendations were the same. The 19 was in all and the 17 was in most. Never had one and probably never will.

  19. I had a 30S but the trigger kept biting my finger so I traded it on a ksg.

    I also had a Kahr ct380 for deeper concealment but it was really finicky about ammo (would not return to battery 80% of the time) so I traded it on a 42. I really like the 42, so much so that I am thinking of getting a 43 also.

  20. Glock model 17, gen 2 (I think). Had it for 20+ years and also got a 22LR conversion kit for it.
    Don’t own any other Glocks but have been tempted a few times in the past with a model 27 for CCW.

    Got the 17 as my first gun, though don’t use it as much now. Still take it out occasionally when family comes into town and wants to go to the range. Good & simple pistol for newbies, plus the kids like the 22LR option ‘cuz “it doesn’t kick as much.”

  21. Glock 17, 19, 26 and 29. I don’t profess them to be the best guns out there, I just like their reliability and interchangeable mags with the same caliber. My favorite to shoot is the glock 29 in 10mm. It is my backwoods gun and 10mm is fun to shoot. The glock 26 is my EDC and the 17 and 19 pull home defense duty.

  22. G22, Gen 4 with night sights and a light/laser combo. It’s home defense and an openly-carried hunting sidearm. I chose it because Glocks are easy to operate, and the 22’s a good combination of power and easy shooting. My wife is not an experienced shooter. If she use a gun for home defense, it will be this one. I figure the laser might help her shoot under stress too.

  23. The Wife has a Gen 3 Glock 19, she wanted it because it is what she had at the training class she went to. The first Glock I bought for myself was a gen 4 17 I got it because it shares the same magazines as the Keltec Sub2000 I picked up and if worse comes to worse the wife will be at least familiar with it.
    The next Glock is a 32 (.357 Sig) I picked that one up in the event that ammo became scarce again I would have something to shoot, I have a.40 S&W barrel and 9mm barrel for it so I’m covered.
    I might pick up a 10mm someday as the reloading dies are the same as the .40 and I can swap it out for .45acp if for some reason my other 4 pistols in that caliber stop working.

    None of these are carry pistols and to be honest I don’t consider them for home defense as I am better with just about every other weapon I own.

    Respectfully Submitted

  24. The stigma of “glock people” is much like the stigma of “iPhone people.” I don’t want to be associated with their kind… It’s good hardware, and not all glock owners are “glock people,” but it’s a pall I don’t want on me.

    If I were to own a glock, they would probably be a 19 and a 21SF with a conversion barrel, mags, and heavier spring for shooting 10mm through it, too… Glock makes the only double-stack 10mm so far as I know… Dammit.

    The only Glock I actually owned was a 32 (.357sig). But, Grandma decided she liked it, and I can’t say no to Grandma… Grandma is a badass.

  25. The website suggested G19/G23 or G26/G27. So I guess I need to add a G27 to my pile, since I already have the other three. But truth be told in hot months I prefer a Beretta Cheetah and in cooler weather I’m fond of my CZ PCR.

  26. I like Glock, I’ve shot a few different Glocks, and I seem to shoot the pistol well, but obsess over CZs. I have never bought a Glock, although I wouldn’t mind a 43.

  27. G19, Gen4 G17, G26. Had an RTF2 19 but it was too much to conceal, as it rubbed raw like sand paper. Had a 30sf at one time, but didn’t see the point of having the same size roughly as the 19 with 5 less rounds. Wouldn’t mind the 21,40, or 41 someday.

  28. 20 (for the nightstand–complete with flashlight and night sights. Free demos, just stop by at 2AM, no appointment necessary)

    and a 22.

    I don’t love either one of them, blocky and they point wrong for me. They feel cheap, and that’s also hard to fall in love with. But I respect their reliability and versatility tremendously; I would not hesitate to pick one up in a firefight if I were caught without (one of) my CZs.

  29. 19 as a zombie apocalypse gun. I kind of want a 35 mos to set up for USPSA open with a threaded barrel and a comp, but it’s not a priority.

    My 19 will probably get milled for a dual-illuminated RMR, but I promised myself I’d buy an AR first.

  30. I like the G19 it is one of the best all around guns I have ever shot. Before I bought the G19 I shot almost everything on the market. We have a lively IDPA crowd in this area – About 60 competitors in a match. Borrowing any pistol is not hard. I wanted to buy a SA/DA pistol but you cannot argue with the clock. I tried and tried to find a gun that shot better than a G19, all I found was a Beretta 92fs The 92fs is just to big and heavy to carry all the time. I really like the G20 and G40 but a 10mm is a want, not a need.

  31. I bought a GLOCK 19 (my only handgun) for several reasons:
    9mm is abundant, effective and affordable.
    GLOCKs have reliability unmatched by many and if I need a repair, the factory is in my city.
    Hickok45 said “If you are looking for your first gun, the GLOCK 19, that’s your gun”.
    The day I went shopping for a pistol, the dealer had a new returned GLOCK 19 for $429.

    I’m not a “fanboy” because I was not looking to only get a GLOCK. But after carrying this one for going on three years, I have to recommend it to anyone looking for a self defense gun.

  32. Own 3, A 19, 21 & 30s. Bought the 19 to replace my Caracal C. It’s a versatile gun and I shoot it well. 21 is the home defense gun. Nice big hand cannon that supports a light well. 30s is a nice carry with 9 round mag and just as comfortable as my Sig P250 sub .45. I like Glocks and I like Sigs. I own other makes, but those are my favorites.

  33. I only have 5
    23 x2, 27, 42, and 43.. Plus 2 sub2k’s that take .40 mags..

    I love the deep concealment options of the 42 and 43, but also love the capacities of the double stacks.

    It’s always a compromise of perfection.. 🙂

  34. I have a 42, 43, 19, and 17. I’ve had the 19 Gen 2 for 22 years. Glock recently did an overhaul and replaced 26 parts FOR FREE! However, as much as I love my Glocks, and as loyal as I am, I have to admit that I shoot better with my Browning Hi Power.

  35. Opsec. Never admit what you own online.

    I do know a guy, who I heard had a boating accident, who once had 2 G23s, and a G27 in the house that he and spouse were good to go on having been well trained and current in their use. Plus a .22lr barrel for the G23, for the kids to use for plinking.

    He said he’d like to change over to 9mm at some point, but saw no need to invest in another couple of handguns, holsters, night sights, plus the stash of 5000 rounds of a new caliber to keep on hand for un-interrupted training in the inevitable ammo shortage, du jour,
    plus the next biggest sized gun safe to hold them all.

    But he is waiting for gen 2 of the G43, from the beta bug fixes of early adopters on on that first model.

    And get a couple of LoneWolf match quality 9mm barrels for the G23 then, thanks A81 for the tips. Assuming he can find those lost in the boating accident, that is.

    No reason to rush- until the illegal Roster is gone, cant buy new guns in CA anyway.


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