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Today’s the one-year anniversary of the most recent terrorist attacks in Paris, including the Bataclan music venue. In that assault, the gunmen began the slaughter unopposed; not one audience member amongst the approximately 1500 ticket holders was armed in their own own defense. It took armed French police two hours and forty minutes to end the incident. But not before the Islamic terrorists murdered 89 concert goers and injured over 200 more, some grievously.

“Sarah Marrer, 18, from Lille, said it was important to ‘show that we’re not afraid’,” reports from the memorial concert marking the anniversary of the Bataclan bloodbath.. “’I think it’s important that every French person and everyone can come here and enjoy and show that it’s not over.’” And I think it’s important that we learn from our mistakes.

Gathering large numbers of people in a relatively small space without anyone having any effective means of self-defense — save running or playing dead — is an open invitation to those who want to kill us en masse. Instead of celebrating the fact that “we’re still here,” that “we’re not going to let terrorists spoil our fun,” we should be tooling-up and declaring “never again.” Never again will you find us easy prey. If you try and kill us we will kill you — as quickly as possible.

When did the idea that simply “carrying on” after terrorist carnage represents some kind of moral victory take root? What will it take to wake-up America to the danger we face — and eliminate the insanity of “gun free zones”? If Sandy Hook, Bataclan and the Pulse nightclub didn’t do it, what will? Take a minute to think about that, if you dare.

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    • I would say 2+ generations before you see local Muslim majorities enough to alter local politics.

      But the “population bomb” was how the Muslims became the majority in Lebanon from the 1960s to the 2000s.

  1. I don’t know. I’m conflicted on this issue myself. On the one hand, I don’t think building memorials and monuments to terrorist attacks and allowing them to define a nation is a good idea. On the other hand you have to learn from the past too. I think sensible precautions without making a big deal out of it are possible.

    What I don’t get though is how people see the total failure of gun control and still somehow justify it by saying something like “Would it have been different if ISIS was targeting the U.S.?” or…. just completely side stepping it with “Guns make it so much easier. Yes the guy in Nice used a truck but he had to know how to drive that kind of truck.” trying to figure out why they won’t knowledge colossal failures of gun control very confusing.

  2. It happened in France, it is no business of the US government or the American tax payer. Let the French remember it and do something about it. Close our borders and start expelling anyone whose ancestors were not here in 1800. Bingo, no more threat of terrorism to real Americans.

    • Yeah, that’s a great idea. Because, you know, anyone who hasn’t been here for generations is obviously a terrorist who only wants to kill Americans. You’re an idiot, and a despicable piece of shit to boot. Do you have any idea how much immigrants have helped this country? Shit, that is EXACTLY why America has historically been such a great nation, is that we were able to take bits and pieces from all kinds of different cultures, forging a nation that had a backbone of rugged individualism and work ethic, surrounded by little pieces of all kinds of cultures. And you would toss all of that out the window just to reduce the (massively overblown) threat of Islamic terrorism? Christ, I don’t even know what to say to that….

      Oh, and for what it’s worth, I’m of European descent and my own ancestors have been here since before America was a country.

      • “EXACTLY why America has historically been such a great nation, is that we were able to take bits and pieces from all kinds of different cultures, forging a nation that had a backbone of rugged individualism and work ethic, surrounded by little pieces of all kinds of cultures.”

        Agreed with your overall concept of immigration, trouble is you and most of America views immigration through the tinted lens and culture of democracy. Which is not a bad thing except and America doesn’t understand the mind of a Muslim. There is no separation of church and state and listening to the call to prayers at 5:30 every morning blaring across your town gets old quick.

        Mexicans don’t want to be American, they just want to work except what Americans don’t know is walk into your grocery store and 30 percent of EVERYTHING in it was touched by an illegal immigrant. Every pallet, box, pouch, bag, carton, cup, ink, graphic and product at one point was touched, handled, transported, and delivered by an illegal. And that is just the legal stuff. Drop in an Emergency room on a weekend, that 50% increase in premiums goes towards medical for illegals. You don’t need a study to determine if illegals exist in your town, just scan your radio stations if 1/3 are Spanish language, you have illegals.

        Every modern society must have immigrants in order to survive and why legal immigration is necessary. Illegal immigration used as cheap labor and Democrat votes is not a way to good governance.

        My career is in packaging and I witness what I wrote every day.

        • Trump is doing an interview tonight on ’60 minuets’ (I *think*) where he lays out his deportation criteria.

          If you are an “Undocumented (Non) American” and you commit a crime in America (gangs, drugs, etc) you can expect to be deported.

          Trump estimates that number to be about 3 million.

          Trump has (not much of) a problem with those here to work and not commit crimes.

          In my personal opinion, we *must* have at LEAST some type of ‘guest worker’ program. Come to America. Identify yourself. Work, pay taxes and then send your money home to your family in your home country.

          But we *must* have a way to identify who is in America…

        • EDIT – We can do this without breaking up families. If you are slated for deportation, we will be happy to deport your family with you.

          Here’s the thing – I seriously doubt many will take up our offer on that. It’s that much better in America than down south…

      • Here’s the thing Red, Immigration into the US was limited until 1965, and before that further limited to White Europeans, 98% of who were Christian.

        Mexican immigration, Muslim immigration African, Somali, Cuban, etc have had no economic,cultural or societal benefit to the Untied States. Quite the contrary. Unchecked immigration has created Micro Nations in this country, which all are seeking their own power further eroding the fragile republic.

        The only thing that made European immigration work, was the fact that Europeans were easily assimilated. Assimilation means immigrants no longer, look, talk, have religious affiliations, or maintain any semblance of their native culture. Essentially they become indiscernible from the native population. . For European immigrants this was an easy process.

        Moving here, working here and doing a shitty job of parroting American Culture, is not assimilating.

        • Sorry, Ralph you are falling behind. The Bering Strait Land Bridge theory is probably only responsible for some immigration (primarily west coast tribes). Artifacts at the Page-Ladson site in Florida have turned up tools and bones that are dated to at a minimum 1500 years BEFORE the Bering migration and are from a time period when the Bering strait was ice free.

    • 1800’s sounds arbitrary. Set the date as October 1492, or better yet, the 11th century to coincide with Erickson’s arrival.

      Red’s 3rd sentence above is a good summary.

    • OK, so, all my ancestors immigrated before your cut-off of 1900. So, I’m good. My wife immigrated (on a spousal visa) in 1972; she’s out. My children are 1’st-generation on one-side/outside-your-cut-off on the other side. So, how do we apply your rule to my family?
      We have a problem; many problems. There are no simplistic solutions. What we do know is that our Elite Establishment’s solutions are mostly counter-productive.
      Let’s concentrate on rolling-back the counterproductive “solutions” rather than imagining that some simplistic solution we might dream-up is a panacia.

    • Guess it’s time for an anecdote… My ancestry is half Chinese and half Japanese (traditionally, I’m supposed to hate myself). Father’s half came over in the 1920s, and my grandfather on that side left high school to enlist in the Navy for the duration of the emergency (WW2, it was in all the papers). Mother’s half came over after the war, but while my grandfather on that side was an officer in the Japanese Army, his two sons enlisted, one in the US Army, and one in the US Air Force.

      My dad missed Vietnam, because he was starting a career in military aerospace. He’s worked on stealth projects most of his professional life, but the only ones I know about that are declassified are Tacit Blue and the B2 bomber. He also worked on the X-32 and Future Combat Systems, but they weren’t put into production, and probably a lot more that I’ll never get to hear about.

      I didn’t finish college, mostly because I couldn’t stand calculus and didn’t want to bother with a soft major, but also because there was a war on, so I enlisted as infantry, made it through US Army sniper school, and spent fifteen months deployed to Iraq. I left the Army to become a cop, and got a collateral assignment on the bomb squad.

      Now tell me, which part of that is worthy of deportation? Which part makes me any less American than some Ivy League student from a rich old family, still huddled in a safe space on campus because they can’t handle the election results, crying about how now we’ll never embrace our fair share of Syrian refugees? Despite my ancestry, I don’t even speak any language besides English.

      America is an idea as much as it is a set of lines on a map. Immigrants used to come here to embrace the idea, and to become Americans themselves. If we can bring that spirit back, a lot of our problems will be solved.

  3. Depends on your approach. The “never again” attitude is what blinded us to the abuses of the government following 9/11, giving them unconstitutional powers and setting us up for a police state. I think it’s important to realize that while you should be armed, getting paranoid over it, or letting it define your life or how you live is counter-productive. The terrorists cannot win if they fail to terrorize you.

  4. I don’t give a rat’s hat what the Frogs do. They’re going to get what they deserve.

    I’m only concerned about what we do, and if that’s left up to the soccer moms and special snowflakes of America, we’ll make the French look brave.

  5. Darwinism and natural selection at work. Those that refuse to see reality for what it is and tool up will lower their odds of surviving a terrorist attack or crazy mass shooter.

    Fool me once shame on me. Fool me twice…

  6. Feeling safe vs. being safe.

    Not a hard concept for those that are willing to put aside feelings and do what is right.

    And to do what’s right, you sometimes have to make personal sacrifices.

  7. When we started hearing, seeing, and reading propaganda in lieu of information, when discussion was overthrown for entertainment, when tomorrow was more important than today, when terrorism abroad, the cornerstone of US foreign policy for the last hundred years was made truly legal to operate at home, and not backroom hushed tone legal as it had been; when our government stopped pretending to care about you, about me, and about the children of this nation is when ignoring the tactic of terrorism became a victory.

    The Jihad factories in Europe are communities of immigrants, legal/illegal, who aren’t interested in assimilating into their host countries society, just like so many here in the US. The difference being, the religion of choice for these immigrants is one of “peace”, with the obligation to kill non-believers, murder your female family members for slights to the teachings of the prophet (being seen with a male non-family member), and the religion of immigrants in the US is a religion of devout knee abuse with the constant sitting and kneeling and sitting again and then back to kneeling. Nary a phrase is spoken in the Christian/Catholic liturgy about killing your daughters for being seen publicly with a male who they aren’t related to, nor does it authorize all good followers to kill non-Christians.

    The youth of the jihad factories don’t feel connected to their host countries society, and it drives them to resent the entire Western system, with the addition of some Muslim organizations that are looking for impressionable youth with a penchant for resentment and payback, you get the fostering of radicalization. The perfect societal powder keg waiting for a jihadist flame to ignite.

    While here in the US, immigrant youth have a multilingual parallel society that connects them, a non English speaking overlay of English speaking American society. This connection reduces the harsher fallout from societal resentment. The worst aspect of immigration though is the drug fueled cartel monkeys, who operate without pause. Time will tell if the next 4 years sees Trump ending the cozy relationship our elites have with illegal drug cartels, and with some luck the perfectly legal ones as well. Just my 2 cents.

    • The most dangerous ‘Jihad factories’ seem to be second-generation immigrants to the West.

      The kid of a perfectly fine non-radical immigrant suddenly gets devout…

      • You hit the nail on the head brotha, as you always do :), yet those 2nd gen immigrants who rise up in their self-righteousness are usually not from places outside of the middle east; there’s a connecting tissue among these attacks.

        We have to always remember the long hand of controlling power in fostering unsupported change by way of false flag attacks that are nearly always preceded by terrorist attack training scenarios. So many people who fall through so many incredulously large cracks in the system cannot be explained by simple incompetence, or negligence, or even outright stupidity. There is an agenda, a narrative that plays out to suit the needs of power in a manner that makes their wanted changes to us, our lives, our society, our rights, palatable to us; this very tactic gets us into wars, drums up animosity against enemy nations on pretexts, keeps us in Orwellian fear of the other, and constantly fractures us from a single people to a million islands.

        All our hope, the hopes of gun culture follow along with President Trump. Should he turn back to the more Liberal slant that he once displayed, we will still be in a better position with the loss of Dem seats and the increase of Republican ones. Optimism now, but vigilance as always prevails; we only get a lightening in the weight we carry.

  8. WE just quit ignoring terrorism…the Muslim in chief will be gone soon and MAYBE PC will take a break. I don’t care a whit what France does. No plans for Paris or Nice…and I hope they vet the hell outa’ moose-lim “immigrants”.

  9. The French will likely do what the French do best, surrender. They will pay the Sharia tax to be a Christian in their own nation within thirty years since they are unable to recognize the danger they face and will continue to allow themselves to be overrun.

  10. These are the same idiots that think controlling guns will stop crime. If we insist on vetting each person from any suspected area and do it well it would be a nice start. If we expel every illegal with a felony record, That will be even better. If we begin executing the felons that commit capital offenses with only one review (e.g.”streamlining” the appeals process) our nation will be better off. We need to quit screwing around with our national security and get right down to the heart of the matter.

    I don’t give a damn who doesn’t like it. As a Navy Veteran from the Vietnam era, I have seen enough to make judgments that most can’t seem to manage. As a matter of human error, some people that should be permitted to enter our nation, won’t. Too bad. Life goes on.

    My nation comes first.

    • ALL illegals should be deported, not just those with a felony. (Pssst….being in the country illegally, after previously having been deported for being in the country illegally, IS a felony.) Otherwise, you’re not enforcing the law; you’re just selectively acting where and when you want. Set that precedent, and then all planning and policymaking goes out the window. After all, you yourself just admitted that the law is essentially voluntary and ad hoc on both the criminals’ and government’s part.

  11. There is no question that we need to make our society a harder target, and the best, cheapest, and most Constitutional way to do that is to allow more people to be armed in more places.

    But…the objective of terrorists — of any flavor — is to effect political and social change in our society by terrorizing us. If we refuse to be terrorized, we defeat their primary weapon, and their primary tool to control us.

    Note that the terrorists want us to be terrorized to make us change our society, the media wants us to be terrorized so we will watch them and they can sell more ads, and the government wants us terrorized so they can “protect” us in ways that increase their power and decrease our freedom.

    All in all, I’m not sure “ignoring the terrorists” isn’t the right approach.

  12. This attitude isn’t new. Looking back just in my lifetime, and admittedly some of these happened before I was old enough to really pay attention to politics-

    First World Trade Center bombing, 1993
    Khobar Towers bombing, 1996
    TWA flight 800, 1996 (farthest I’ll get into tinfoil territory)
    Embassy bombings, 1998
    USS Cole bombing, 2000

    The attitude on the left tends to be ‘nothing to see here, it’s a law enforcement issue, no reason to worry it might happen again even though we said that after the last time and it just happened again.’ So we spend sometimes years building a criminal case against a few members of a terrorist organization, leaving the structure and the threat untouched.

    Say what you will about the so called War on Terror, and I could say a lot about how I think they screwed up large parts of it, but we certainly succeeded in tearing down the structure of the international terrorist community. Since then, the only way they can reach us here in the US is by inspiring lone wolf nutjobs who already live here.


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