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When it comes to guns, there’s plenty of fear to be found. Gun control advocates are afraid that society is suffering from a lack of restrictions on the legal sale and purchase of firearms. Gun rights advocates are afraid of gun control advocates who are afraid that society is suffering from a lack of restrictions on the legal sale and purchase of firearms. Gun owners are fearful that they won’t be able to deploy their gun successfully for self-defense. The gun will jam. They’ll miss. Or kill the wrong person. Or fail to kill the person that needs killing. Or go to jail for killing that person. Me, I’m afraid that someone at my daughters’ school will see my concealed carry firearm and start screaming “HE’S GOT A GUN!” What’s your firearm-related nightmare?

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  1. I have a reocurring nightmare where my gun will fire in a self defense situation, but the bullets never work. They pass harmlessly through whatever attacker I find myself facing in my dreamscape. I hate that dream.

    Back to reality; I’m always afraid that if I had to draw on someone the gun might get caught on my clothing and I drop it or can’t get it untangled expeditiously.

  2. I fear my wife getting into a situation that a gun could diffuse and my wife not having a gun or me not being there.

  3. That I’ll find myself in need of a gun, and won’t have one.

    If there ever is a need more me to have one, it is currently a 100% certainty that I won’t have it. Wife hasn’t yet signed off on keeping one nearby at night, nor carrying around the house. And Illinois won’t let me carry one out of the house.

    • +1

      Also being blindsided by an assailant and getting shot, stabbed, etc. followed by being robbed of my gun & wallet before even being aware of a threat. A guy not far from where I live was recently shot dead in the back of the head and robbed while unlocking his front door shortly after dark. No witnesses, few clues for police. Really makes me think about the importance of being alert and aware of what is going on around you.

  4. Well I am fairly new to Concealed Carry though I first bought a handgun about 2 years ago… my wife is not enthusiastic about it and claims she will never carry a gun (or touch one)… I echo Aaron’s concerns that he can’t always be there for his wife if something goes down… the hope is that she knows what to do if confronted with an attacker.

    On a side note, last year we went with another couple to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and ended up parking in a BAD part of town but it was day time and I really wasn’t thinking about it… later on around 10 pm when we were trekking back to the car you can imagine my apprehension. I felt like every dark doorway was hiding some predator ready to pounce. We made it safely home that night but I knew I couldn’t go back without adequate countermeasures. This year I was packing a Kahr CW9 (w/ 8 +P JHP countermeasures) and feeling a lot more prepared for whatever might happen.

  5. A co-worker friend of mine was shot and killed in my workplace parking lot. My greatest fear is being unarmed at work (which is required by my employer). I work in a very soft target.

  6. I have nightmares about the dreaded click. You know, you point the gun, pull the trigger, and it goes click.

    At least I’m now doing tap-rack in my dreams when the click happens (tap the bottom of the magazine, cycle the gun to clear), but that doesn’t help either. That’s usually when I figure out I’m in a dream and wake up.

    Milady says she dreams of the gun shooting dirty water instead of bullets. Number One Son dreams of Bigfoot carrying machine guns. (To paraphrase the Farm Bureau commercial, his mother always said he was gifted.)

    My real-life fear: we are disarmed on campus, but the bad guys don’t listen. Also, layoffs happened once, and are probably in the future. Between desperate burglars and possible “going postal” scenarios, I dislike the security situation here.

  7. My biggest fear is being blackballed by my socially liberal friends/community/women/coworkers if they ever find out how many guns I have and that I’m always carrying.


  8. The recent court and legislative victories we’ve experienced in the last few years will be erased through complacency on the pro-gun side.

  9. PS… Another great Michael Caine film is The Last Valley with him and Omar Sharif. Incredibly underrated, with excellent ensemble acting, dialogue and outdoor cinematography.

    • Best Michael Caine film ever? “Blame it on Rio,” which also exposed Michelle Johnson’s best assets. Several times. Each.

  10. Recurring nightmare, I’m faced with multiple enemies who somehow threaten me without ever quite getting to me. I’m ransacking the house looking for my gun when I find an old revolver. Then I’m ransacking the house for bullets. Then I find a bunch. In all different calibers. I keep trying to shove different ones into the cylinder, one at a time, dropping two or three for every one that actually makes it to the cylinder. Each time I actually get a bullet in the cylinder, it’s the wrong caliber. Then I find out that every hole in the cylinder is a different size – and it’s holds like 15 rounds. A 15 round revolver with 15 different calibers. And none of the ammo fits. But maybe some of the bullets I dropped on the ground might work. So I start pawing through the weeds looking for the ammo I dropped. Meanwhile the bad guys are still coming. And I look at the gun again and realize why none of the bullets work. It’s a BB gun. So then I start looking for another gun. Over and over again. Man I’m tired today.

  11. Mine is that I won’t be able to save my family. I had a very vivid dream of a home invasion. My dad (who was still living at the time) was in another part of the house. Three guys dressed as house painters got into the house somehow, while we were all asleep. I opened the bedroom door onto the common hallway, and saw the three of them there, caught red-handed. I saw they were armed, slammed the door, grabbed my gun and shot through the door, three times. As I opened what was left of the door, I saw I got two of them. Then I woke up. Never figured out if I got the third guy, or if he got to my dad. VERY disturbing dream.

    I worry now about my daughter. The anti-gun guys think that we believe guns solve everything. Nope. Having a gun potentially solves one problem. But it creates more. However, I’ve looked at all the options, and responsible gun ownership is the best option out of a host of non-ideal situations.

  12. Don’t you see how bad guns are for you guys? See how many of you have actual nightmares about them. Your paranoia, which prompted you to get guns in the first place, has seeped into your subconscious. Even if you never have a gun stolen or a negligent discharge, or god-forbid, have to kill someone, you’ve diminished the quality of your lives. I don’t envy you.

    • Ah, the happy life!

      “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did I wish to practice resignation, unless it was quite necessary. …” Henry David Thoreau

      And then, not having a weapon for self-defense, he was eaten by a bear.  🙂

    • I didn’t post about my recurring dream with an axe. Actually, I kinda like that one. No guns but lots bloodshed. Does that help your projection into our dream state?

    • To translate for those that haven’t, those of us on here that have learned your noble language will proceed.

      “mikeb302000 says:

      April 19, 2011 at 4:54 PM


  13. My greatest gun related fear is that my gun will malfunction and as a result the ATF will arrest me and kill my dog.

  14. Bullets have no effect, or just click click click. Coupled with a 30 pound trigger pull. I hate that one…

    • +1 on the 30 pound trigger pull.

      I had an old Arrow-brand staple gun that you’d have to squeeze and squeeze and squeeze until your hand turned white before it would shoot a staple (which would then only go halfway into whatever you were trying to staple).

      Whenever I have SHTF dreams, that’s exactly what pulling the trigger feels like: squeeze and squeeze and squeeze. The gun never does go off, and that’s usually the point I wake up.

      I just chalk it up to my subconscious not wanting to deal with the morality of shooting someone (which is weird…In my consious mind, I’ve got no problem stopping someone who has made a moral choice to do me, or my family, harm…)


  15. To probably misquote JRR Tolkien:
    :Eowyn: “The women of my country learned a long time ago, those who don’t carry swords can still die upon them”

  16. Having to actually use my weapon (not something I relish ever having to do) in a completely legitimate, a 100% straight-up legal self-defense situation, killing the attacker but somehow being completely screwed over by our legal system and being the one to wind up in jail with a felony arrest.

  17. My biggest fear is that when I go to use it, it will be empty or not charged. Oh, that’s my fire extinguisher. I always carry my gun so finding it will be no problem. I guess my greatest fear is that I will have to shoot someone. I don’t want to hurt anyone, then again, I don’t want to be hurt.

  18. The paranoia sets in every time I practice drawing my Judge loaded with .410 buckshot! The incredible fear I have thinking this could be the end of the big toe on my big right foot! I have started saving to purchase a special orthopedic steel and kevlar toed boot to shield me from the pain and agony of the blasting off of my one and only big right foo toe!!

  19. I used to work in a Trauma ER, have been robbed, burglarized (x 2), been shot at, and have pulled my weapon on someone breaking into my home. That said, my biggest fear is not having my gun (1911A1) on me due to being in a place that does not allow them (state laws suck) and finding I need it. Secondly, I would like to comment that I saw the damage that bad people do to others with guns in my years in ER, but one has to make that decision when they carry a weapon or they shouldn’t be carrying it. If I am put in a situation where I had to shot someone, I accept that. Won’t like it, but that is simply the way it is. The person that presented and forced the situation owns the problem, not me. Especially if it comes to protecting my family. I would risk courts and prison over the funeral of my loved ones.


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