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Thank God I found guns when I did. I had a financially ruinous habit of buying cars. For example, I once owned two Ferraris. At the same time. That’s like taking on the national debt of Belize AND Honduras. These days, I can write a check for four figures to a gun store and count myself lucky. (My kids may not feel the same way when college tuition time rolls around.) Still, it is entirely possible to spend a large fortune on a gun. This Holloway & Naughton Handmade Ryder Cup Eagle Gun costs, uh, a lot. And it’s worth . . . exactly what someone will pay for it. So, to me, not much. For me, a gun is one of those form follows function deals; historical value, ornamentation and general frippery don’t come into it. The better it is at firing a bullet or shell, the more I want it. $3300 for an FN SCAR with all the bells and whistles. You?

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  1. I paid $400 in trade for a gun once, and never more than $275 cash for any other. I’m a cheap bastard when it comes to guns, but then they always need extra goodies like holsters, folding stocks, scopes, etc that eventually raise the total price.

  2. If you look at the "Guns for Sale" page at the Holloway and Naughton site, the cheapest weapon listed is 39,000 British pounds (about $62,000)! I assume these are seconds or guns that were ordered (with deposit) and never picked up…

  3. It was about $1400 for a Bushmaster LR .308 AR-15 style rifle with a telescoping stock sometime last year and the SIG Sauer 226 Equinox comes in second at $899 on Black Friday last year. Both new weapons. Well after I had my daily carry picks sorted out.

    To be honest…I don’t think paying more than $1000 is a great idea for a weapon but I wanted a weapon that would definitely do the SHTF job and had drooled over an Equinox for basically my entire shooting career. You have to splurge at some point, I think.

  4. Purchased a Remington 700 with Tinsley trigger assembly, composite stoke, 5X25- 50mm Bushnell scope, 26″ barrel, by pod, suppressor new, for $3310!
    Purchased a Ruger SR762 with a Leopold 4X18-50mm scope new for $2500!
    Purchased a CMMG 5.56 with a 3X9-40 scope for $1900 new
    Purchased a Kimber Eclipse Pro II for $1400 new
    Now buying a Ruger .338 for $3400 new
    Next will be a new 416!

  5. Got pissed at my wife for going out and buying high dollar golf clubs, so I bought a $10000 Cesar geurini trap gun

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