Question of the Day: What’s the Most You’ve Ever Paid for a Gun?

Thank God I found guns when I did. I had a financially ruinous habit of buying cars. For example, I once owned two Ferraris. At the same time. That’s like taking on the national debt of Belize AND Honduras. These days, I can write a check for four figures to a gun store and count myself lucky. (My kids may not feel the same way when college tuition time rolls around.) Still, it is entirely possible to spend a large fortune on a gun. This Holloway & Naughton Handmade Ryder Cup Eagle Gun costs, uh, a lot. And it’s worth . . . exactly what someone will pay for it. So, to me, not much. For me, a gun is one of those form follows function deals; historical value, ornamentation and general frippery don’t come into it. The better it is at firing a bullet or shell, the more I want it. $3300 for an FN SCAR with all the bells and whistles. You?


  1. avatar TTACer says:

    About 1700 each for a SA M1A and a Les Baer AR at the height of the market last year.

  2. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    I paid $400 in trade for a gun once, and never more than $275 cash for any other. I’m a cheap bastard when it comes to guns, but then they always need extra goodies like holsters, folding stocks, scopes, etc that eventually raise the total price.

  3. avatar Sacamano says:

    About $2,500 for an Ed Brown Kobra Carry. Beautiful gun!

  4. avatar Bob H says:

    If you look at the "Guns for Sale" page at the Holloway and Naughton site, the cheapest weapon listed is 39,000 British pounds (about $62,000)! I assume these are seconds or guns that were ordered (with deposit) and never picked up…

  5. avatar LC Judas says:

    It was about $1400 for a Bushmaster LR .308 AR-15 style rifle with a telescoping stock sometime last year and the SIG Sauer 226 Equinox comes in second at $899 on Black Friday last year. Both new weapons. Well after I had my daily carry picks sorted out.

    To be honest…I don’t think paying more than $1000 is a great idea for a weapon but I wanted a weapon that would definitely do the SHTF job and had drooled over an Equinox for basically my entire shooting career. You have to splurge at some point, I think.

  6. avatar Jeff Warner says:

    Purchased a Remington 700 with Tinsley trigger assembly, composite stoke, 5X25- 50mm Bushnell scope, 26″ barrel, by pod, suppressor new, for $3310!
    Purchased a Ruger SR762 with a Leopold 4X18-50mm scope new for $2500!
    Purchased a CMMG 5.56 with a 3X9-40 scope for $1900 new
    Purchased a Kimber Eclipse Pro II for $1400 new
    Now buying a Ruger .338 for $3400 new
    Next will be a new 416!

  7. avatar Brian says:

    About $900 for a KelTec KSG–but that includes accessories!

  8. avatar Todd Edwards says:

    Got pissed at my wife for going out and buying high dollar golf clubs, so I bought a $10000 Cesar geurini trap gun

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