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Before you get all fired-up about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s pro-gun stance, remember that this is the guy who came out in support of an “assault weapons” ban. And while I love, love, love The Donald’s comment to the NBC interviewer [above] who asked about his firearm habits – “It’s none of your business” – well, guns are our business. And I for one would like Donald to say something like “I have a license. But I shouldn’t have to have a license.” Especially given the fact that . . .

The Donald had to use his juice to get a concealed carry permit, whereas millions of New York City residents have less chance of surmounting the hurdles placed in front of them by the City’s anti-gun politicians and functionaries than I have of dating – need I provide a link? “Does the Donald believe we should “just enforce the [gun laws} we’ve got, or is he in favor of repealing the infringements which disarm citizens all over this great country? For me, the ultimate question for any politician on guns is simple enough: “Do you favor Constitutional carry?” What would you ask The Donald re: firearms freedom?

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    • A National Firearms Act? Well, as I’m registered and running as a Republican, of course I support laws that protect the rights of gun owners around the nation.

      What do you mean it’s a law?


      Oh, I misunderstood your question. I’m opposed to the National Firearms Act. I think it restricts the rights of gun owners.

      ‘You think he bought it?’

  1. “Mr. Trump; should a felon, who is not convicted of a violent crime, be able to have his/her 2nd Amendment and voting rights restored upon fulfilling his/her debt to society?”

  2. “We don’t have America” without them”

    “Kill the gun-grabbers, kill all of them, it takes a village so let’s ‘do’ the village, let’s do the whole f-ing village”

    • My understanding is those restrictions are only in place in cities that already ban carry. IE: California, NY and Hawaii. It’s not a de-facto ban at all trump properties.

      Also Trump licensees his name, so while there are 100’s of “Trump” branded properties, he did not develop, nor manages those properties at all.

  3. Not so much do you support constitutional carry, but do you support the constitution itself? If so will you repeal the illegal laws that infringe our rights?

    That is the question he and all politicians should be asked. And there is only one right answer.

    • That’s my core issue with Trump. I can’t trust him. So many of the things he is saying now are just 100% opposite of what he has said in the past. We don’t need another “say anything” politician in office.

      • Thats because Trump is a salesman. You can’t trust most of them. They will say anything to make the sale, but they don’t always back it up. Or there are certain fine print provisions they neglect to tell you about that will screw you over later on.

    • ^^ This (referring to both tdiinva’s and jwtaylor’s responses).

      Anyone who has “found religion” on the subject of guns, coinciding with a national election campaign, can change his mind later without missing a beat. A windsock goes where the wind blows it, and the winds change regularly.

      Give me a candidate who has a proven, consistent pro-gun/pro-gun-rights track record on the subject. Y’all can keep the fair-weather flip-floppers.

    • Under this logic, you should reject every professional politician, as every one them will forget what is said during the campaign and begin working on their reelection their first day in office. The current Republican congress has done nothing to move us forward…so much for taking Congress back. The professional politicians in the Republican party are also responsible for getting the Iran deal approved by changing the rules. Pure lunacy!

      Quite frankly, if we don’t get the US financial house in order, Trump’s position on guns or anything else won’t matter, as the US will fail. Same goes for the illegal aliens (which is a huge financial drain on the US), this needs to be dealt with and building a wall is a good start. Fining businesses $10,000 a day for every day they have an illegal employed would solve the problem as well, as we would put those businesses under in a hurry. No demand for illegal labor, no welfare for illegals, no free medical for illegals and the bleeding at the boarder will be reduced to a trickle.

      Is Trump the perfect candidate, far from it, but quite frankly, the perfect candidate doesn’t exist, and none of the professional politicians have what it takes to fix the financial issues, as they will be too busy paying political bills to large donors. To think that any one of those running has had a static position over time on every topic is just silliness and not living in the real world….

      • Yeah, I forgot about The Boehner-McConnell assault weapons act and Ryan-Graham Hicap magazine ban that passed after Sandy Hook. /sarc

    • As a leftie, I’ve been actually incredibly amused by the Trump campaign. He behaves in a manner that has the Tea Party crowd going all rah-rah-rah for him, but whenever he actually starts speaking on campaign issues, he’s not even all that right wing (I mean, the guy supports more progressive income tax, and higher taxes on stocks). He would be best described as unabashed populist, actually, which explains his position on immigration as well as being consistent with everything else.

      • Nationalist is more like it , I don’t think he gives a rats ass what the population thinks , he is only listening to them now to get in the big oval . If he were to be elected , HE would do exactly what HE wants to do . Trumps way . I think he is just another wimpy woozy pompous Adolf and if America puts him into the most powerful chair in the world , well , let’s just say I don’t believe it fares well for the world .

        • Populism just means saying what you think the voters expect to hear. Nationalism is very commonly a part of it, and most populist politicians and parties around the world play that tune.

  4. I think his answer is a good one.

    The press wants to trap him on issues. They love doing that to people who aren’t policy wonks. His reply of it being “none of their business” is proper – and will infuriate them.

    The smart thing that Trump is doing is infuriated and insulting the press. They’re parasites and pests, utterly worthless and without any function in modern America.

    • If America elects Trump , the first thing he’ll do is infuriate all of us . NOT TO BE TRUSTED . To nationalistic in his rhetoric and it is to reminiscent of Germany 1935 . We must go back , not forward . We must give states back their constitutional powers , Congress it’s constitutional powers and the people their constitutional rights .
      Trump says he is a good manager and could manager our economy and that is exactly what we DON’T need . We need to roll back the Fed and empower the local and State . The economy will fix itself

      • The problem is, you can’t trust anyone in this race. They’re all liars and frauds. Every last goddamn one of them.

        Republicans are bellowing like ruptured cows about Trump’s “change of positions” and how he gave money to Hillary. We elected the GOP House & Senate in 2014 to do specific things, and they haven’t done anything they promised. Jeb Bush gives speeches in Spanish saying different things and making promises that he doesn’t mention in his English speechifying.

        Trump is making the right enemies, as far as I’m concerned. Watching the GOP elite, the press and various parasitic “consultants” have conniption fits over Trump is highly amusing. The Republican Party now realizes that they’ve screwed over their base one too many times, sort of the way a cheating wife finally exceeds the patience of her long-suffering husband and doesn’t realize it until she comes home at 4am and finds the locks on the house changed and all her crap out on the lawn.

        • Everyone Lies , it’s our very nature . “Cain , where is your brother ?” “I don’t know Lord , am I my brothers keeper ?”
          Everyone flip flops , but some of us do it with humility . ” I’m sorry Lord , please forgive me ” .
          I think Trump would stammer if you ask him what humility was . Just like he stammered when he was ask if he had ever ask God for forgiveness for anything .
          Ted Cruz is the most fundamentally sound on constitutional questions and probably the single most intelligent among all the candidates across the entire spectrum of issues but is hands down the most sound on the constitution and I can’t think of a single minor flip flop . Ted Cruz seems to be a truly principled man .
          Cruz / Carson 2016

        • Cruz wants a huge increase in H1B visas, so he’s in bed with the Chamber of Commerce on the immigration issue. And he’s a Harvard Law grad, so I find his rhetoric on the issues to be untrustworthy. I’ve yet to see any Ivy League graduate running for office who isn’t doing so to line their own pockets and do the bidding of their cohort.

        • DG:

          So you don’t trust Ivy Leaguers. Got news for you, Trump is an Ivy Leaguer. He is a graduate of the Univerity of Pennsylvania. The only person in the race that can be trusted by your criterion is non college graduate Scott Walker.

          Trump is Bloomberg on steriods. A Republican by convienence. It is hysterical how all you “RINO haters” are falling for someone who doesn’t even rise to your definition of a RINO. Trump is just a con artist and you are one of his Mark.

          The rise of Trump is an indication the rhe Republic is over. If the polls are right then the polity is no longer looking for good governance. They are looking for someone to lead them to the promised land. They want Il Duce and have found him in Il Donald.

        • >> The problem is, you can’t trust anyone in this race. They’re all liars and frauds. Every last goddamn one of them.

          You would probably disagree with Bernie Sanders on most everything, but can you point out where he’s lying or even been evasive?

          Granted, between him and Ron Paul, I’m not aware of anyone else who ran for president and who couldn’t be described as you did. But still, there are exceptions.

        • The problem with Bernie isn’t his character , it’s his policies . It isn’t that he lies , of coarse everyone does , but it is that Socialism itself is based upon lies . You cannot rob Peter to pay Paul indefinitely , Peter isn’t forever .

    • Isn’t that why the Clinton’s put Trump up to running? Plan is going to fail since Hillary won’t be the nominee and Jeb is out of it.

    • Jeb will have to really do something significant to increase his poll numbers. He’s currently tied with Ted Cruz at 8%. Versus trump at 30%

    • Jeb is running one of the worst campaigns I’ve seen in my lifetime. Absent a miracle on par with Moses parting the Red Sea, he’s not going to be the nominee.

      • Jeb has been out of the game for too long. He had to lay low because his brother was so despised, although Obama has made W look much better than he did in 2008.

        After such a long period of political inactivity, Jeb’s clearly lost a yard on his fastball, and all he can throw is junk. He will never be President.

        • I hope, and think you’re right, DG, and Ralph. Unfortunately, all we have to do is look back at what the GOP has offered up for the last 2 elections.

        • You mean the GOP voters right? You know the ones who selected Romney in primaries.

          Everybody things their views represent their Party’s base. By the numbers the GOP base are the dreaded SOCONs. Can’t win without ’em. And SOCONS are strong Second Amendment supporters.

  5. Trump is a New Yorker. He thinks like a New Yorker. He acts like a New Yorker. No matter what he says, truthful or untruthful, as a New Yorker he’s afraid of guns and the people who own them.

    His sons are different. They are hunters. I have no idea how they managed to escape that candyass New York State of Mind, but they have. Good for them. They are probably the only reason why Trump’s opinions on guns are somewhat enlightened.

    • Im a New Yorker and love my guns, your guns, all guns. Believe it or not there are a lot of people in NYC that are gun people. They are stuck there just like people are stuck in Kali for whatever reason it might be.

      • @Brooklyn in da house, I was born and raised in NYC (Da Bronx) and moved to Midwood in my 20s. For every NYC POTG like us, there are a thousand gun-haters. Maybe ten thousand.

        POTG are marginalized in NYC, and not by accident either.

    • “His sons are different. They are hunters. I have no idea how they managed to escape that candyass New York State of Mind, but they have.”

      Never heard of kids who rebel against everything their parents hold dear, just for spite?

      That’s one of the reasons I’m optimistic about the fresh crop of Libertarians the Progressive parents have been raising…


  6. Is it anybody’s business what property an individual owns or how said individual uses it in the absence of harm to others?

    The only answer acceptable is “no.”

    Covers an awful lot more than guns and it key to “make America great again.”

    • I would say probably the overwhelming majority of anti-gunners will agree with the principle you just enunciated here (so do I)

      The problem is, they will then assert that the guns hurt society and on account of that harm, should therefore be gotten rid of.

      • “The problem is, [anti-gunners] will then assert that the guns hurt society and on account of that harm, should therefore be gotten rid of.”

        And shame on us for playing that game. EVERYTHING hurts society if you look at it. Sugar causes obesity. Steel (as cars, knives, collapsing I-beams, etc.) kills people. Everything that provides some benefit to society also causes harm. Roads enable transportation of goods and services — hooray! — and enable high speed car crashes that kill. Television provides information and entertainment to people — and keeps people so sedentary that heart disease is our number one killer.

        Don’t argue about the utility of anything, firearms included.

  7. Say this Trump , I believe every American citizen has a right to own firearms under the authority of the constitution and I will defend every letter of the constitution of the United States if I am elected . I won’t believe him but I would like to hear him say it . The person who would stand firm on the constitution is Ted Cruz , only .

  8. Trump is constantly changing positions on such matters. Kind of like Obama changed his mind about gay marriage. Seems that the frontrunner should be someone consistent and true to the Constitution, like Ted Cruz. I KNOW Ted Cruz would never allow any gun control BS to come out of DC. Trump? Who knows?

  9. Read an article about Trump and that his sons are big hunters and 2A supporters. But I really don’t care about his sons, I care about Donald’s views. Has he really changed his views and is now pro 2A or is it just a charade for votes from the right? I want the next debate to ask specifically about the 2A and we can see where everyone really stands, including Carson, who initially said that citizens in towns shouldn’t own “Assault” Rifles…
    I really wish Cruz had better numbers right now…

    • Supporting Trump over Cruz is irrational since Cruz is tougher on immigration than Trump. I am not a big fan Cruz based on personality but he is certainly good on policy. I am afraid Cruz is pursuing the “let Trump take care of my rivals and then I will take care of Trump” strategy. The German right used a similar strategy in the early 30s. How did that work out for them?

    • I’m OK with “you can’t SHOOT select fire assault rifles in town, unless you are at a range”, but that’s as far as I go.

  10. The Donald is not pro-gun, the Donald is Pro-Deal. He has no core beliefs except that which he can negotiate. Make no mistake, gun-control WILL be a bargaining chip he throws on the table to get a tax loophole(or whatever) through.

    • You’re correct. Trump is pro-deal. He’s a guy who knows how to make a deal – with business adversaries, politicians, women, whatever.

      And he’s very good at it.

      When you look at his talk on the border wall and immigration issues, you can see him making a deal. He’s tossed up the border wall as a goal, and then he says he wants the Mexican government to pay for it. That sounds outlandish – but consider if he gets a border fence/wall/whatever enacted and put into place, he’ll have half of what was previously unthinkable in this election.

      Trump has single-handedly moved the Overton Window on Immigration. That’s a deal maker in action. He’s used very astute verbal judo and a knowledge (instinctual or learned) of human psychology to confound “the experts” who tell us that “X won’t win votes.”

      • My money says that most of the $15 B we give to Mexico each year without any strings goes straight into the pockets of corrupt politicians and their cronies and mob bosses. Apply $15B/year to building that fence, I think it would go up pretty quick. Plus, without the graft, perhaps the government will fall.

    • Exactly. As The Donald wouldn’t say, you are a very smart fella.

      Donald isn’t campaigning, he’s negotiating to win. He’s accomplished everything else in life and this is simply his capstone to feed his ego.

      Donald will give lip service to gun issues — one way or the other — when said lip service will forward his endeavors.

  11. He is clearly approaching the 2A issues with extreme care, and who can blame him. There are too many questions a person can get caught on.

    Maybe asking if he believes a label such as assault weapon should even exist? How do you interpret the right to bear arms? Do you accept gun-free zones are Constitutional and truly protect citizens from armed criminal persons? Would you disallow them?

  12. While I would like him to say dump the NFA of 1934, not gonna happen. The one thing you can say about that guy is that he isn’t a fsking wimp. He isn’t afraid of the national leftist press. I am so sick of the “Republicans” that run and hide or once they get elected start to play footsie with the enemies of freedom.

      • If he can spell NFA he is better than all the women running on the Democrat party side (Hillary, Biden, Martin or Bernie) as well as Democrat lites Bush, Chrissie, John, or Lindsey.

  13. He’s a shameless self-promoter and probably a genuine egomaniac at the clinical diagnosis level. A person thoroughly unprincipled and coupled with a long lifetime of immense power and privilege is not someone who would hesitate for even a moment to trade away our rights.

    • I don’t personally know Trump, but I do know people who know him, including one of his high ranking employees. I have yet to meet anyone who has a single good thing to say about him.

      Yes, he does have a massive ego. A lot of wealthy guys have the same personality disorder. He changes positions as often as he changes wives. I don’t trust him or like him, not even a little. And if it’s him vs. that crusty old bitch in November 2016, I’ll vote for Trump twice.

    • Well, you have just defined the entirety of the Washington political class. Trump’s popularity stems from the obvious fact that he isn’t like those people and tends to hold most of ’em in contempt. It remains to be seen whether this can translate into an effective governance strategy, but it looks like that’s something we’re going to find out.

  14. Hate to say it, but as long as he’s not a rabid grabber, his stance on guns isn’t high on my list of concerns. If we don’t interrupt the steady stream of repocrat establishment politicians, we are screwed in the end anyway. Trump isn’t my first choice, and I’d rather have any GOP candidate than any Dem, in part because the GOP tends to support firearms freedom. That said, the way we are going, sooner or later (and it may be sooner than any of us would like to think), the Progs will gain enough power that they no longer have any use for their establishment GOP enablers. At that point, I can’t imagine that we’ll look back and say, “man, I’m sure glad we elected Jeb Bush instead of Hillary in 2016.”

  15. What Should Donald Trump Say About Guns?

    The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

    Next question?

  16. “Well, it won’t matter what my feelings are on Tuesday morning or Friday night, because you are hiring me to do a job, and as a business man I understand contracts; the contractor doesn’t get to change the design of the building, and the president doesn’t get to change the design of the constitution. I can’t promise my own feelings on guns won’t change, but I can promise not to weaken the constitution, which is the peoples contract with their government.”

  17. THE Donald is for the ability of rich white men to “buy” a permit. I don’t know the end of this circus but I know I don’t trust Trump at all. And I’d still vote for his hairness over any dumbocrat. I would abstain from Bush lite(and Chrispy creme)…I also don’t trust Carson on GUNS…BTW The Simpsons had a Trump as president episode you should preuse.

    • Could you elaborate on the Carson/guns angle, please? I haven’t heard him address that topic, but nothing in what I have heard out of him in general gives me concern about his stance on firearms.

      Is he one of these “gun violence is an epidemic and guns are a public health issue” types?

      • In 2013 he said this:

        “It depends on where you live. I think if you live in the midst of a lot of people and I’m afraid that that semi-automatic weapon might fall into the hands of a crazy person, I would rather you not have it. If you live out in the country somewhere by yourself, I have no problem.”

        In 2015 he clarified his position:

        “Totally not,” Carson said Monday. “What I was trying to get across is that the place where dangerous weapons are most likely to fall into the hands of crazies are crowded places. They are not likely to happen in some remote place. But in no way do I think we should restrict the rights, particularly the rights of law abiding citizens to have guns.”

        He pointed to the purpose of the Second Amendment being so that people could defend against an overly aggressive government, or to take up arms and aid the military.

        “It doesn’t do any good if people can only have peashooters,” Carson said. “They need to have something that they can protect themselves.”

        In the National Review he said:

        “Both of my older cousins, who we lived with, were killed. I remembered the drug dealers many of whom we liked, because they would bring us candy. As a surgeon, I spent many a night operating on people with gunshot wounds to their heads. All of that is horrible. It is not nearly as horrible as having a population that is defenseless against a group of tyrants who have arms. And that is what we have to bear in mind.”

  18. So…. we shouldn’t trust anyone running for office who has changed their views on the subject, but this site seeks to do that very thing to the public.


    • “Whoever can beat Hillary. Period.”

      You *are* aware that’s exactly how we ended up with the current president, no?

      (Be *very* careful with what you wish for, “Here be Dragons” and such…)

    • Trump is making damn sure that all Republican candidates say something so profoundly retarded that all Hillary will need to do is show it on a loop for all her campaign ads to ensure victory.

      The only one who hasn’t taken the bait so far is Carson, but he had said quite enough on his own. Though he might just get away with it on account him not being a loudmouth about it (or, well, anything). A decidedly polite black guy is quite electable. Still, I don’t think it’ll be enough.

  19. In light of the ATF getting caught intentionally dealing arms to the Mexican cartels, the very people they are supposed to be trying to keep guns away from, in order to make legal gun owners look bad; and an agency who has zero law making authority, but who constantly make up new laws, change their minds about them, and give zero oversight to the people of this nation; what would you be willing to do to control an obviously out of control government agency?

  20. Trump is the best thing to happen to the US political process in a long time. As a businessman he’s seen what b.s. so many govt rules/regs are. He understands that the US tax code is driving away US companies. Yet he’s managed to be consistently successful despite the govt. He is exactly what we need, someone who knows how to manage people and gets things done. He has a rifle hanging on the wall of his office. He stands up to the b.s. media morons. He knows we don’t have much time to turn this country around. I like Cruz too but Trump is about getting things done in the real world.

  21. What should Donald Trump say about guns?

    The question is what should Donald Trump say in the first place about anything. And honestly if he stopped acting like a pompous jerk, maybe we wouldn’t need to ask this question. Maybe.

    I want a President who will try to get both sides to come together. Not a dictator. We already have a dictator who’s mostly civil, yet a dictator. I don’t want to add “jerk” to dictator (i.e. I don’t want to vote for Trump).

    Trump needs to stop being a jerk. You can be firm and concise about your beliefs and explain why they will work without being a jerk. And right now we need more healing, less conflict.

    And trump needs to stop acting like he’s an economist. First, he’s a businessman (there is a slight difference). Second, any President can hire the best and brightest from Forbes and do better than Trump claims he can do on his own. Third, how can he say he’s going to fix our economy when it’s not his job as President (read the Constitution) and when three of his businesses have declared bankruptcy?

    Fourth, why do I want someone who got rich off of the depravity of others (gambling, prostitution, strip clubs, alcohol)? He essentially took advantage of the sin of human kind to become rich. So all his money is dirty money.


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