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[h/t Westin Floeter]

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  1. For my EDC, an STI Duty One 4″, the one word I would use is “tool”.
    For my favorite gun, a custom made .50cal flintlock rifle, I’d say “legendary”. JWT

  2. Damn that picture reminded me of my seller’s remorse. Should have never gotten rid of that MP45 even if I wanted to purchase one I can’t because it is no longer on California’s “Safe Gun List”.

    • Buy used PPT, or consignment.
      Search or post interest on CalGuns.
      There are ways to acquire off roster.

      I have made several acquisitions of low and no mileage off roster handguns through local FFL’s over the years and have not been disappointed yet. One was a Sig 220 Super Match that appeared un-used.

      Having a keen eye, and disassembling to thoroughly examine the prospective piece for wear, usage marks or abuse, or alternatively lack of, is key.

  3. Big. Long fingers make the tiny pocket pistols not as much fun to shoot. I still suck with the two finger grip single stacks.

  4. Life

    It’s a protector of life.
    It’s a taker of life.
    It’s a lifestyle.
    It’s a life-changing decision to carry or use.
    It alters, affects, impacts and provides a wholly different view of your, and your loved-ones lives.
    I would even say it’s a display of the love of life (as contradictory as that may sound to antis).

  5. As much as I hate to admit it I call my carry gun my personal “blaster.” I also have my favorite AR and AK that I call respectively “Shootie & Blastie.”

    • “Well, we’re not going to let you get away with it.”

      “Who’s ‘we’?”

      “Me, and Charlie, and Zulu. Don’t let the name fool you, they’re both Eastern Europeans.”

      Thankfully, I don’t write movie scripts for a living.

  6. I carry a .50 BMG with a 7 Inch barrl and a 7 Round mag with silencer. Hard to conceal but fun to pull on would be muggers.

  7. I carry a .50 BMG with a 7 Inch barrel and a 7 Round mag with silencer. Hard to conceal but fun to pull on would be muggers.

  8. My “one word” was boring. But I asked my wife the qotd and she said, “Boobies.” I laughed out loud.
    For some context she carries a Shield in a flashbang holster.

    • I’m picturing a lady asking a mugger, “You wanna see my boobies?” wait for it … BANG.

  9. Depends who is asking. If Obama’s administration….. Lost or Stolen
    If a friend ask…. Beautiful.

    • go get yourself a Kahr CW 380 in the low $300s. Cheap, reliable, tiny, and reasonably easy to shoot.

      • Yeah, I’m in Ohio. The plan was to get one this year with our tax refund, had my eyes on a Ruger SR9c. But that fell through. Getting one will have to wait for a while. We ended up getting a car for my wife (we only had my truck), and while it kinda runs, it needs some work before it’s road worthy. Sounds like I bought a pile, but it’s solid, rust free (amazing for Ohio), and has a newer engine in it. Add in AWD and four doors, and It was a deal too good to pass up. It’ll be nice not packing my family of four into my regular cab pickup.

        My brother-in-law has a few guns, but he won’t loan me any. My wife asked him. He did offer to go with me to shop for one though.

        It’s kinda weird that I have none, yet my parents, who were against firearms in a house with kids, not only have one now (an M&P9), but also have conceal carry permits, and agree that we need to get one.

        • If someone at TTAG will give you my email address and you want to make contact, let’s see if we can’t figure something out.

          I’ve been wondering for some time if sites like GoFundMe could be used for those who cannot currently fund a primary firearm for themselves. It would be something that I believe other gun owners might be interested in helping out with. Heck, this is a needed private charity waiting to happen, IMHO.

  10. Boomstick.

    As in, “Alright you Primitive Screwheads, listen up! You see this? This… is my boomstick!”

  11. Comfortable. It fits my hand just right.

    I’m surprised no one said Happiness. Because “Happiness is a warm gun.”

  12. An ugly little bit of cheez-whiz.

    OK, you wanted one word. Very well, here ’tis:


    Followed by the mental thought “I suppose it’ll have to do.”

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