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The Sunshine State’s reports that guns, always a top Christmas gift item, are even bigger this year. Like 25% bigger over last year, at least in one southwest Florida store. Whether it’s because of general economic worries, more people deciding they want to protect themselves or just a little unwanted empty space in the old safe, heaters are hot this season. The yuletide gun buying binge got off to a rollicking start on Black Friday with stores bombarding the little NICS elves with a 32% jump over their previous one-day record. So lots of sleepy wrapping rippers will have smiles on their faces Christmas morning when they see that the box says Ruger. Or CZ. Or Springfield. We have it on good authority that Santa is a regular TTAG reader. So now that you have his attention, what gun would you most like to find under your tree?

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  1. An M16 with S-S-A internals, a geissele SSF trigger, and a shrike.

    Oh, and a short-barreled piston upper in .300 BLK, along with a 7.62 SDN6.

  2. Weatherby Vanguard® Series 2 RC in .308.

    Weatherby Mark V® Accumark® in .308.

    Springfield National Match M1A

  3. Okay, I’ll admit it, two weeks ago I got my Christmas present.
    Just for IDPA fun: STI Spartan 1911 9mm with Dawson Precision Sights.

  4. My wife is getting a Bushmaster AR, ACOG, Magpul stock, weapons light, and bipod. I try not to make her angry…

  5. my wife said if she finds another gun under the tree….thats where i’ll be sleeping….she did not say anything about ammo…….

    • With a 9″ barrel and AAC suppressor…..without the 7-8 month wait for the tax stamp…….hey if you’re going to dream might as well dream big.

  6. H&K P2000 V1 with the light LEM trigger in .357SIG and Trijicon Bright and Tough nightsights(Orange rear) if I’m going for everything.

  7. S&W top-break single-action revolver, Model of 1891. Comes only in .38S&W.

    And as long as I am in Fantasyland; factory-engraved, nickel plated, with factory ivory grips. With the original box.

  8. I have been trying to get a Ruger SR1911 since April. NONE of the LGS have received ANY; I am #2 on the waiting list from my favorite LGS.

    I am also #8 on the waiting list at one of the largest Ruger Law Enforcement distributors in the state. They show “my” SR1911 on backorder, also since April.

    I did get one of the Academy Black Friday specials, a Taurus PT 640 Pro, compact 11rd .40 S&W. I will be reviewing it here on TTAG shortly.

  9. A phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range, with a Timney trigger because the factory trigger is so heavy, you practically need to be bionic in order to shoot it.

  10. I just got mine! M1903a3 with a 9-43 barrel in Excellent condition. My WWII collection is nearly complete!

  11. I’d love to join the M1 Garand club this Christmas. And is that picture of the Fowler Firearms gun shop in Ft. Myers, Florida? If so I’ve used their rental range plenty of times when on vacation with the family. Wonderful store with very friendly and knowledgeable employees.

  12. Springfield Scout Squad in walnut with Leopold scope.

    Regarding the photo, why do women so often lean away from the weapon?

  13. Well, since we’re in fantasy land, a mint SAR-8 with the proper Hellenic Arms receiver. And then a Kel-tec KSG just fer fun.

    But given the constraints of the economic and political reality of the state I live in, I’ll have to settle for a Hi Point 45.

  14. An MG42…that hasn’t been cut, drilled, or altered to only fire in semi-auto. And a bunch of 8mm ammo to go with it. Or an M2 with ammo : )

  15. Sig P226 9mm and a Stag Arms Model 1.
    side note, i was just at that range (pictured) saturday cause they had free rentals!

  16. I’d also take a K31 with a good amount of GP11 ammo for it (even though I’d end up buying more anyways….can never have too much ammo). Accurate as hell and an over all great rifle. Plus, at about 50 cents a round, it’s cheaper to shoot than .300 BLK

  17. Well, who’s buying?

    CZ P0-1 (those NATO bastards say it’s okay)

    A nice AK-74 (not Century, sorry)

    I’ll send you the info for my FFL.

  18. Stainless Detonics combat master with fixed sights of the Seattle vintage.

    I’ve got it in layaway, it’s mt Christmas present to myself.

  19. Is there a wrong answer here? I would want so many but lately I have had my eye on an STI Spartan. Just feels right ya, know? I have a Colt Series 80 so maybe something different like a .270 or .308

  20. Smith and Wesson model 627 – 4 to 5 inch barrel.
    Performance Series. I would like to have an 8 shot .357 magnum in the collection just because.

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