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As Christmas carols fill the retail air, Ye Olde Inbox is filling with firearms-related come-ons. Once again, helpfully elvish companies are touting everything from holsters to high-end hog hunts. TTAG’s planning on dropping a few Xmas idea posts for our Armed Intelligentsia’s shopping enjoyment. I’d appreciate it if you could steer us in the right direction for stocking stuffers. You know: little gun-related tchotchkes to make the gun-o-centric gleam with gladness. Links most welcome!

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  1. She’s getting some magazines and a holster for the full size Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm she’s also getting, but maybe those are more than stocking stuffers?

    One sure stocking stuffer my wife’s getting are these cute little pink shell casing valve stem caps for her car. They’ve already come in and they are cute. Probably will be stolen in some parking lot before January is through, but whatever.

    They’re just nine dollars for a set of four from GraphicsMore on Etsy and come in several colors and calibers.

  2. Well I want to trick out my new shotgun. And ammo is always on the list. Thanks to everyone who voted Trump so I don’t have to blow my meager wad of bills(yet!)?

    • I’m still holding my nose from that vote, because that Trump stench stays with you something fierce, but you’re welcome.

      • I was a vocal Cruz guy. I had to distance myself from the self-righteous never Trumpers. And I am quite leery of rich NY’ers…we’ll see.

        • There’s still time for Trump to blow it. And maybe the next run on guns and ammo will be because we really need them and now!

          But Santa came early. No need to get me anything honey, except maybe don’t look too closely at the credit card bill. That four-figure entry from Bill’s Big Bores must be a mistake.

  3. The Indian Creek Design BFD blast forwarding device is a perfect stocking stuffer for any rifle enthusiast.
    A relatively low MSRP of $79.95, it fits virtually any muzzle device so you don’t have to sweat it not working with some “off the wall” brand brake, and they have a very wide range of weapons they fit on. This makes it hard to make a mistake ordering, harder to make mistakes and get something wrong that the person unwrapping it cannot use/or has to send back.

    • Seems to me that you’ll get the same effect by just taking your brake off. And you’ll save 80 bucks.

      • Actually far from the same effect. The BFD works with a brake without cancelling out the effectiveness of it, but you’d have to shoot a rifle equipped with one to know that. Also, a bare muzzle doesn’t throw the concussive sound wave downrange in any way, as the BFD does. That effect alone is worth 2 times the price of admission. Try one, you’ll be a BFD believer too.

  4. It’s a little early, but I’m picking up my new Kimber Pro TLE (TFS) tomorrow. It should fit in my stocking lol.

  5. Federal HST +P 124 grain 9mm, Aker White Lightning minimalist G19 / G17 holster from the LAPD Acadrmy, and a whole lot of 5.56 from Natchez. One AR-15 lower transferred to a buddy, another to family. Mags from Palmetto State Armory daily deals. I’m going to continue to transfer guns to family and friends. Making more gun enthusiasts is a good thing, especially considering that supply is quite high given that gun owners were dreading a Hillary Clinton White House and federal court system.

    Wife gets a sapphire / diamond necklace to make up for daddy’s expensive gun purchases. I’ve got a DJI Mavic Pro drone on backorder which I hope to use to make cool shooting videos.

    And I’m signing up for OT to replenish the bank account…

  6. ‘Nuther can of Pyrodex RS and a tin of #11primers. And an afternoon on the bench to work up a load for the new smokepole.

  7. My soon to be 3 year old daughter is getting a brick of .22lr, i already got my brick, and going to order some nice 30mm scope rings for the new scope I just got.

  8. Me: I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!

    Mrs. Parker: No, you’ll shoot your eye out

    Me: sad face……

  9. Jesus that “tactical stocking” abomination is real?

    I was going to get another tattoo this week but now… fuck that. I’m going hardcore body mod style now and getting PALS webbing on my back and forearms. It’s everywhere else so why not?

    As for the question at hand: depends on who you’re buying for, what they have and what they need. Just like everything else. Personally I was hoping for a Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24x50mm Riflescope but that’s already on it’s way from OpticsPlanet (Damn you interwebz!!!!)

  10. I’m getting some of the family ammo and spare BCGs etc. Just because things are good now doesn’t mean I let up on preparing for the future. These gifts have a deeper meaning than just shiny for a day.

  11. Santa will be leaving me a Warren Tactical night sight set for the carry piece in the stocking this year, and also got lucky finding bricks of CCI for under $7.00 to go in the kids stockings. Aside from the absence of some Laphroaig 18, I’m feeling pretty good!

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