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Question of the Day: Trick Question

I spent the last week in Montana with my in-law’s. I got a little bored and turned the back 40 into my own little shooting gallery. When grandma busted out the old Hawes .22 single action revolver some old school cowboy trick shooting was in the cards. I tried to shoot the string attaching the cans to my homemade target stand. If Rooster Cogburn can blow biscuits out of the sky half drunk with only one eye than surely I could hit a little string at 25 feet, right? Negative Ghostrider. Apparently people who can shoot that well practice much more than I; all I achieved was a lucky shot that hit the can in just the right spot to rip the string out of the stand. What’s the best “trick” shot you’ve made? Or . . . attempted?


  1. avatar Martin Albright says:

    I once hit a man-sized silhouette target at 300 meters with my Army-issued M16A2….

    …While wearing an M17A1 gas mask. It’s the only time I’ve ever done it though I’ve tried many times before and since. What makes it so tricky is that you can’t use a standard “stock weld”, you have to hold the rifle at a 45 degree angle and squint through the lenses of the mask. I wish I could say it was skill but it was probably just a lucky shot.

    1. avatar Lance says:

      What I want to know is how was running/exercise in that mask?

    2. avatar IndyEric says:

      Or the gas chamber?

      “What’s your name, recruit? What’s your serial number, recruit?

      ugh, ugh, ugh………


  2. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    My BB gun, fired over my shoulder with a mirror, shot into a perfect bullseye about 15 feet away. I was 10, and I thought it was incredible until I saw Season 1 of Top Shot.

  3. avatar Rudy says:

    Geez, guys, our minds work on coherent wavelength or what? 🙂
    While I was in army I shot a target at 200 meters from my rifle (not M16 :)) while wearing full NBC suit. It was winter and gasmask glasses fogged up (we had no antifog coating). And though target was relatively contrast and thus visible, I literally shot “someway over there”.
    However my favorite “trick” happened when I was 11 y.o. and was able to shot fishing float at about 7 meters off my friend’s fishing rod. He placed his rod on some fallen tree branch and sat near me, jibing and poking me about my accuracy. It wasn’t that windy day, but waters weren’t calm – waves were about 10 cm height. Float moves up and down, left and right, my friend talked and talked, trying to irritate me. After about 10 minutes of waiting I felt something, like in Elvis’ “it’s now or never” and made my shot. Float has been split in half, friend went silent. After all he was very disappointed – it was his lucky float, and even refused to talk to me for several days.
    I, however, still think it was lucky shot – from that distance my gun was (and still is) able to hit bottom of standard beverage can. Sometime it was possible to hit a drinking opening, though not often. But it’s not Olympic games grade (though I still love it :)).
    2Lance. I don’t know about M17 gas mask, never wore it, but here we have “opinion” that soldiers in gas masks lose around 60-80% of their performance (even more in complete NBC suit). It is only about restricting airflow. Visibility restrictions and that strange feeling from “this rubber thingy on your head” are another story.
    P.S. Please, don’t color me like poser, imposter or something like that. 🙂

  4. avatar John D says:

    Running Jack-Rabbit at 75 yards, off-hand with a Dan Wesson .357 Magnum – caught him running out of the corner of my eye, swung around and took the shot- nearly cut him in half…. not a “trick shot” per se, but I did impress myself!

  5. avatar Don Curton says:

    Drove a nail into a 2×4, Ruger 10/22 scoped at roughly 15 yards.

    Hit bullseye at 25 yards, longbow. PRONE! Try it some time. Tough.

  6. avatar Tyler Kee says:

    Full coke can at 125 yards off hand with my buddy’s iron sight mosin nagant. I stopped shooting for the rest of the day.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      At 125 yards, most Mosin rifles can’t even hit a Coke machine.

      1. avatar Rudy says:

        Who selling you such bad Mosins? 🙂

        1. avatar Ralph says:


  7. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

    Standing position, supported against a 4×4 barrier, S&W model 65, 4”, with .38 special reloads. I cut the small pieces of wire we used to hang empty .38 ammo boxes from 50 yards away, 6 times in 8 tries. I couldn’t see the wire, I had to figure where it was from going just above the 50 round boxes were. It was an impromptu challenge to see who the best of the state firearms instructors were.

  8. avatar PT says:

    Three orange clays in the air about 15 yards apart from each other with one shell.

  9. avatar Ralph says:

    These shots are nothing. I know a guy in England who shot a wart off his hand with a shotgun. Now that was a shot. William Freakin’ Tell, eat your heart out.

    1. avatar Ben Eli says:

      Hey not only did get the wart, he got the whole finger. Can’t top that shooting.

  10. avatar Wade says:

    When I was 12 I taught myself to shoot nickels off fence posts at 20-35 yards with a CZ 452 open sight, free-handed. that started with my friends and I walking the hay fields and shooting grasshoppers with our little red ryders when I was 7 or so. and my grandad had a Remington model 6 .22 short, with which he could light matches that were stuck upright in the barbed wire fences. and my dad ( a leftie who shot a righty rifle) could empty all five rounds out of his .270 Ruger M77 in less than 10 seconds, and still make 2 inch groups at 300+ yards.

  11. avatar Jamie says:

    I shot a clay out of the air with my beretta neos .22. I was pissed my friends weren’t looking when I did it, so I tried it again when they were watching and hit another one! I’ve tried it 100 times since then and haven’t been able to hit one.

  12. avatar Bob H says:

    Shot Chuck Norris from another state with a secret version of a 1911.
    Damn, now that I’ve told you, I have to kill you all. Everyone stand still for a moment…

    1. avatar Rudy says:

      If you’ve been able to shot Chuck Himself, you definitely do not need us standing still. 😉

      1. avatar Bob H says:

        Well, I only wanted to use 1 round. With everyone moving around it might take the whole assault clip…

        1. avatar Rudy says:

          One round on ALL of us? Eek, what kind of perforator you have? 😉

  13. avatar Mickey3Gun says:

    When training with Bruce Gray back in ’09, I split the 6 of Clubs, from the holster, on the draw, double action, using my Sig P220 with XS 24/7 sights. Distance was about 7 yards (+/-).

    My second personally amazing shot was cutting a playing card in thirds, set vertically, again with my Sig, at 10 yards. Not from the draw, slow fire, but with tri-focal’s I wasn’t sure I could pull it off.

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