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  1. It is just hard to justify that kind of price for a handgun. If it was a precision rifle or something I would say yah its expected but for a handgun….really? I have no doubt its a great gun and red dots make life easier but man thats a lot of cash to drop for a handgun. I do like that you can hold 15+1 but at the same time everyone who has a .45acp knows the rounds are heavy.

    I obviously have never used the pistol and maybe it really is the end all great weapon of this time but I think I will stick with my $400 XDm/M&P/Glock 9mm.

    • edit nvm =D, the pictures show the sights and $900, but the damn actual pages show no sight

      • Yah. Most sights show the ‘optional’ sight as though it were included. Its an expensive handgun no matter how you cut it when you get the optic. I could actually buy a Glock, XDm, and M&P 9mm for that price almost.

  2. Technically one could get a Glock 21, add a kriss mag extension for 30 rounds for .45 ACP, mod the slide for a red dot sight… am I missing something here?

    • Glock 21: buy aftermarket mag, modify slide (additional steps therein), attach reflex, load, point downrange

      FNP45: open case, attach reflex, load, point downrange

  3. Funny…. I just fondled one about an hour ago at the LGS. I WANT! But, I have an FN fetish in a bad way.

  4. “15+1 rounds of 45ACP is really unmatched by any other gun on the market…”

    Glock 20.

    • The Glock 20 is a 10-mm model that has a 15+1 capacity. Not a .45-cal.

      The Glock 21 is a .45 ACP with a 13+1 capacity.

      • Yes, I know. He was talking about fire power in terms of cartridge power and capacity. 10mm > .45ACP. Glock 20 has 15+1 capacity, FNP .45 Tactical has 15+1 capacity. What’s “unmatched” about it?

        I think there was some semantic issues. Sorry about that. I’m pretty sure we’re on the same page.

        • Yes… a bit of hyperbole in his assessment of the FNP-45 Tactical. Nothing new for gun reviews to be a bit subjective, eh? 🙂 “Unmatched” is a tough one to substantiate. Of course, on many of the gun forums, the 10-mm round is touted as the “Chuck Norris” of all handgun calibers. 😉

          I love pretty much anything produced by FNH (SCAR-16, 5.7, and FS2000 so far). And, the FNP-45 is on my short wish list. But, I’m also a Glock guy (G19, G23, G27). 😀

      • 10mm > .45ACP.

        That’s not to put down the FNP 45. It’s a sweet handgun. I recommend it, and its little sibling the FNX 9. But if you start talking firepower above all else? I’m going to grab my G20.

  5. I own the ‘Competition’ model (fiber front sight/no extended bbl/integral sight cutout), and I agree wholeheartedly that this is an outstanding weapon. Favorite pistol from the collection, and my go-to/nightstand weapon.

    I’ve been unable to choke it with any flavor of ammo, no matter how esoteric. No FTE. No FTF. No malfunctions, ever. Only my USP can state the same.

    Full disclosure: FN fanatic (my other FN is a TPS).

  6. Wow, Gallery of Guns’ MSRP-$1395. Local quotes were around $1000 to 1100. I’d have to try it and see that there are good holsters already available. I’d still rather go for an enhanced 1911 for that kind of money.

    • Then again, I’ve been thinking of a Ruger 1911 with a drop in Storm Lake match barrel, or a Springfield Mil-Spec and doing the same.

      • My latest project is awaiting a mount from SureFire. I am putting a G3 light underneath the barrel of my Beretta C x 4 Carbine (92 mag fed). The G3 has Sure Fire’s infrared filter ($90) to go onto the end of the G3. I can go from regular light to infrared, matching up with my Yukon night vision head set. Translated: I can night hunt and use it for non visible light security-even in total darkness. All I use are 9mm +P+ JHP, and even the 32 round mags could be used for my Beretta 90-TWO as well. It’s a whole new, safer way to walk the fenceline for my mom and see about the coyotes who keep coming up to the house.

          • Still good-I just already had the Beretta 90-TWO, which is awesome. You have to specify the Cx4 you get is the 92 mag version because there’s also a 9mm Storm magazine only version out there. The only thing I think the carbine is screaming for, besides illumination, is a flash suppressor. I figure sooner or later I’ll find one that’ll fit with set screws.

  7. Does anyone belly aching about price realize two things?
    1) MSRP is not what you will pay at the gun store
    2) The gun listed there is expensive because of a $400 sight that it is equipped with. They sell for little more than a glock at the shop near my house.

  8. “The Best Firepower You Can Get Out of a Handgun.” What does that even mean? The most rounds? No. The most powerful? It’s not even close to one of JOE’s .50 mag hand cannons. Hey, it’s a nice gun, I know, but puh-leeze.

    • I figure to each his own. I am very fond of my Glock 30, I actually found it to have a slight edge on accuracy over my 21 SF I owned a few trades ago. My 30 is one of the ones I can’t bear to let go of.

  9. As much as I love my P226, I think the reviewer’s pretty much right – 16 rounds of 45 ACP is unmatched, in terms of practical full-size pistols.

    Sure, with extended mags, or a 10mm pistol, you could argue that your custom gun in an unconventional caliber has more firepower. But as a stock pistol, guaranteed by the manufacturer, FNP45 is hard to beat.

    • I have the FNP .45, and I couldn’t imagine being able to get more gun for the money than the base model. It took one outing for it to become my favorite pistol….ever. It rips through any ammo I throw in it, has the manual controls I’ve grown to prefer (over my XDms and Glocks) and is more accurate than my .40 cal XDm competition model w/ match grade barrel. I want to get my hands on the tactical version…

  10. It is understood that adult people who compulsively chew their nails are dangerous. They cannot be trusted with guns. The same compulsion which compels them to daily partake in that disgusting habit is liable to pop up at any time and gun misuse will result.

    On a slightly more serious note, he did sound like a bit of a fetishist, don’t you think? He was practically making love to the gun.

    • “He was practically making love to the gun.”

      Was that another gun porn comment? Jeez, mikey, you just can’t seem to get sex off your mind.

    • Wow. Your words were kind of offensive. I made the video and I happen to really love my guns. There are few guns that get me exited and the FN and Glocks happen to be in the very top list of that excitement trigger.

      And thanks for the psychological evaluation, I have always though I was a very easy going and calm individual but now I know my nail biting makes me a dangerous guy with guns, at least you think the world believes that.

      By the way guys, by unmatched fire power I meant as a 45ACP factory offering regardless of price when it comes to features. Threaded barrel, three 15 round magazines, machined slide for easy mounting of optics + a nice bag to keep it all together. If there is something else equal or better let me know so I can buy it tomorrow. Thanks for the support and the many views. And remember I do this on my spare time to give you all something to look at.

      By the way I’m not thanking you MIKE.

  11. I have an FNP-45 Tactical, I don’t see why people are calling it particularly expensive. No, it’s not cheap, but it’s also not particularly expensive for what you get. Raised Trijicon night sights (good luck even finding Trijicon suppressor sights for your pistol of choice, $120), machined slide with baseplates for mounting a Docter or Trijicon RMR ($150?), extended threaded barrel ($255), interchangable backstraps (I know, not too uncommon these days), three magazines ($65), and a custom Eagle Industries soft case ($28).

    Compare this pistol with it’s two closest competitors, the HK45, you’ll see that you do get quite a bit more for the same amount of money. The aforementioned HK, and it’s a great pistol, would cost $1,760 to configure in the same way as the FN. Not to mention that HK hates you.

    • Spot on, Nate. I just sold my Kimber, USED, for over $1000. When you want quality AND features, you pay for it. Just ask Ed Brown or Les Baer or the folks at Kimber. I own Glock and Springfield as well. Verifiable tanks, lower price range, and each with their own drawbacks. All of them will throw 230 grains downrange with ease. But put all of the features of the FNP in one package… hands down the best deal for what you get out of the box!

      By the way, any serious gun owner worth his salt knows it ain’t about what you NEED to get the job done, it’s about what you WANT to get the job done. I didn’t need all the options the FNP offers, but I got what I wanted.

  12. I also own a FNP .45 Tactical, and it’s an outstanding weapon. Yeah it’s pricier than a glock, but it’s got way more “tacticool” doo-dads that are fun to have. 😉

  13. Just bought one today and I love it! A gun store here in the local area sells suppressors, I’ll be paying them a visit very soon.

    One more thing, you mentioned an issue with the “lip” below the slide release, that “lip” does not exist on mine.

    Good video.

  14. Love my .45 Tactical FNP
    I have the New SR1911 Ruger and the Beretta 90-two along with countless other guns. Even the New FNX 9MM
    THE 45 Tactical is my favorite.

  15. I’m curious to know from the folks who own the FNP 45 Tactical how it shoots. What is the muzzle rise like? How is the trigger reset? How long is the travel on the trigger in DA and SA compared to say a typical 1911 or even a Glock trigger travel or reset? Any insights?

    • Trigger: In my opinion it is crispier and softer than in any of my 1911s. In SA: 3.5 pounds and short. In DA: it feels like a revolver and I can feel the sweet spot before it fires. Regarding the recoil, it has the lowest recoil any of the 45s I have.

  16. You can sit here and argue over power. Truth is that the. 45 acp is the go to round. 10mm has more power and thus more recoil. The .40 was made to replace it because of that reason. In any use as self defense the 10mm would be in the same category as an ak-47. Its excessive for the purpose. That’s why neither is used for basic law enforcement except for special permissions. 15+1 in. 45 acp w/a 5.3 in barrel and the fn name is what sold me on this weapon. UNMATCHED IS A GREAT DESCRIPTION OF THIS FIREARM

  17. I bought mine 7 weeks ago and love it. It shoots much better than any of my 1911s and the 15 rounds….. Priceless!
    The finishing of the frame looks a little off in a couple of spots (like re-touched from the factory) but it doesn’t prevent it’s flawless operation. I have used at least 6 different types of ammo and gone through 1,000 rounds or so without any malfunctions (including ammo that wouldn’t work well on a Colt and a Kimber)
    Crisp trigger, manageable recoil and accurate. I can even controll it very well with my left hand.
    I really like and believe it is worth the money

  18. I have the line up on hand guns,speed shoot the fnp 45 tac as I did and the glocks,you will see why I choose the fnp45 cant beat it. trust what works for you.and note every weapon has its own job,pick the best weapon for that job.peace out

  19. I have a two tone FNP-45 Tactical – black with a stainless slide, its a nice looking gun, very soft shooting. Only one FTF in a year when my friends teenage son shot it and I’m sure he limp-wristed it.

    Just took a Counter Ambush, Defensive Gun Course a couple weeks back and put 500 rounds through it., I’m so accurate with the gun I see no need for a holographic site.

    I wish they’d make a 460 Rowland kit for it.

  20. I picked up an FNP-45 about 2 months ago and I am so pleased with it, I can’t really express how much better this pistol is than any other I’ve ever shot. I wasn’t prepared for what an excellent gun it is. Inside of 50 ft. I just can’t miss with this thing. I don’t have a red dot on it yet and don’t really need one but I feel that this thing deserves to be tricked out to the max just because it is such a work of art already. I have several different brands of pistols but this FN is in a class all it’s own. If you are on the fence about getting one of these, just do it. You’ll be so glad you did. I’ve always been a rifle guy but sometimes only a handgun will do and this FNP will take good care of you until you can get to your rifle, that I’m sure. Some guns, they feel so good in your hands that you don’t even need the sights to hit the target, this is one of those guns. My M&P 45C is the other one that I don’t need sights at all really. It’s just made to point and hit. If you do have the time to use the sights, of course you’ll zero in better, but it’s nice to know you have a gun like this on your side, so to speak. The FNP is the best pistol ever, for me.

  21. My fnp45 is my daily carry gun. Yeah it’s a beast but I’m 6’3″ and 285. I can hide a lot of gun. Being a lefty I really love the full ambidextrous set up for safety, slide lock and mag release. Finding a holster was/is a bear. I’m waiting on an Alien Gear IWB rig. This thing is crazy accurate.
    But I have found that it truly hates TulAmmo steel case. Rounds bind in the mags and constant FTF. Anything else it just roars through.

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