Question of the Day: ’tis the Season for Stupid Xmas Presents for Gun Owners?

As a young man, I used to stay with family friends in their lyrical home in Mountain Brook, Alabama. One of the Goldstein’s kitchen cabinets was filled with owls made of glass, porcelain, wood and metal. I asked Myrna why she loved owls so much. “I don’t really,” she said. “But I bought one and then everyone started giving me owls. Now I can’t get rid of the damn things.” Can you relate? As a firearms enthusiast you’re an easy buy. But do your loved ones know what you really, really want or do they resolutely refuse to understand that you’re completely anal retentive about your gear, with a drawerful of dead holsters to prove it? In my case, Sam bought me an FN SCAR [not shown] with my full knowledge and participation (and financial assistance). Kinda ruined the surprise and delight. Not. What’s under your tree?


  1. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    You know you're a lucky man. You know that, don't you? My better half, who tolerates but does not share my shooting habit, won't even let me buy a Red Ryder 200 Shot Carbine Action Range Model Air Rifle With The Thing In The Stock That Tells Time for our daughter.

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