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There is a “No Way” button for TTAG readers who believe that the founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns should be denied TIME magazine’s Person of the Year for 2012. I’m voting for The Higgs Boson because A) I don’t want to give TIME 40 page views to see all the candidates and B) What’s not to love about a particle without which we’d all be “just inchoate energy without so much as a bit of mass.” [h/t Ike].

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  1. What the hell is a “time magazine”? The only magazine I am aware of is the “standard capacity magazine” that goes in my modern sporting rifle. I am more interested in the Urban Farriers coveted Buggy Whip of the Year (BWotY™) award.

  2. I think Time Magazine’s Person of the Year should be the one person left that still buys Time Magazine.

    • +1. Beautiful comment. Isn’t that the magazine about clocks and watches? with a circulation of 156?

    • Exactly. How relevant is Time these days? The only place I see a Time is in the waiting room at the dentist’s.

  3. I clicked through and voted in all of them for the sake of seeing the current results. The only ones that had a positive % in the yes column were the physicist who confirmed Einstein’s theory of relativity, the mars rover, undocumented immigrants at 53% yes, Malala Yousafzai (the Pakistani girl who got beat up for her outspokeness for supporting womans’ education), Kim Jong Un, and I’ll give an honorable mention to Psy (Gangnan Style) who was at 49% yes.

    The joke was on me if you just goto page 40 it lists the current pollings with Kim Jong Un having a pretty commanding lead.

  4. It does not matter if you read Time or even like them, we should make it such that Bloomberg wins the “No Way” vote.

  5. Done and done. Even though, like HAVE GUN mentioned, he would join some pretty distinguished alumni- And I bet a lot of those former winners would definitely dig Bloomer’s style…

  6. Being Time Magazine’s Man-of-the Year nowadays is more of a joke than an honor. The only award I can see for Bloomberg is “Pinko-Commie Petty Tyrant of the Century” (but the 21st Century is still young). If he were to get it, I’d hope some whacko throws a 64oz soda pop from a convenience store at him.

  7. Why not? Time gave the award to another xenophobic gun-grabber elitist named Adolf Hitler back in 1938 and to another despot named Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1979. Bloomberg would fit right in.

    For democrat, multicultural, and liberal filled NYC city that group pictured of city government loonies has way too many white males in it.

  8. Wait, what did Bloomberg do for this “honor?” Because the only things I heard all year from him was about banning high capacity drink cups. Other than that I think the Higs Boson thing is a much bigger deal and I dont even know much about it.

    • I glanced at their description and basically they said he deserves it because he supported for Obama and said that he believes in global warming. I puked on the keyboard.

      • Im glad someone was brave enough to read on, Im trying to watch my blood pressure.

        But seriously!? Lots of people who want “change” (but are to lazy to do it themselves) support Obama and believe in Global Warming.

  9. If Obama could win the Nobel Peace Prize just for being elected, Blameberg can with the Man of the Year Award for just leaving office.

  10. I proudly voted “no way” on his holiness the mayor, but I was sure surprised to see that the north Korean president has a positive vote going.

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