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The American Firearms School doesn’t allow shooters to fire at any targets with a face. What’s the policy at your local range/ranges? What do you think about the “no faces” restriction? While the Osama Bin Laden target must be more popular than Marissa Miller’s poster (and that’s saying something), I’ve seen plenty of targets featuring “generic” Muslims, usually wearing a PLO-style Yashmag (black and white checkered scarf). Me, I’m OK with any depiction as long as the person in the photo is an armed aggressor. And isn’t wearing a¬†yarmulke. [BTW: There are FAR too many people in that room with a WAY too casual ‘tude. I’d walk out.]

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  1. I have a membership at two ranges here in Minnesota.

    The first one has a policy of not allowing any human silhouette or human photographic targets. From what I understand this is a rule put into place due to the method of funding that is received.

    The other range I belong to allows human silhouette targets but not photorealistic targets. You can put up a standard law enforcement target but you can't put up a picture of an actual person.

    Personally I don't care what a person's target looks like. But I understand the reasons of restricting photorealistic targets (it does look bad to people outside of the gun community).

  2. Of course the owner of any range has the right to make what ever rules they wish, but I don’t care what one uses for a target. From a training perspective it is important to make things as real as possible though. I mean you don’t see bird hunters shooting clay pigeons still in the box.


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