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Just received the following email about a new kind of trigger lock: the Guardian. To my eyes the bio-metric looks clunky. [Still pic after the jump.] The Guardian also takes up undesnout rail space which many gun owners (like me) use for a flashlight attachment. And I wonder how the lock affects cycling and the gun’s balance. Anyway, we’ve reached out for more info and a T&E sample. True believers can pre-order the gizmo at their fundraising web page. Here’s their pro-2A pitch . . .

Good Afternoon, 

I wanted to ping you about a new handgun technology created by two Air Force veterans that prevent a firearm from being used by anyone but a verified user. Some proposed laws seek to limit Americans’ ability to purchase firearms in the name of “smart” safety, but Guardian is a step gun owners can take to ensure we maintain our rights to all firearms as enshrined by the Constitution.
Guardian trigger lock (courtesy
Guardian is a fingerprint-ID trigger lock for guns that allows a verified user instant access to the trigger when necessary. Many people keep a handgun in the home to keep our family safe. The Guardian allows us that extra measure of safety—to know our guns can only be used by ourselves and those we trust.

Here’s the Indiegogo site where people can purchase the Guardian trigger lock and show that a gun owner’s responsibilities come with rights:

This is a great time of year to talk about gun safety as many people received guns for Christmas and may be wondering about the latest accessories available.

Would love to have you talk to Sky and Matt about the six years they’ve spent developing Guardian technology and how they see the future of gun safety helping protect our Constitutional rights.

Jeff Goonan
ScoutComms, Inc.
Advocating for veterans and military families;
empowering those who support them

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  1. No thanks. I want my wife (and my girls, when they’re old enough) to be able to use my firearms, should the need arise.

    As usual, this is a solution in search of a problem.

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