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News of FNH USA’s upcoming FNS-9c and FNS-40c pistols first leaked via a premature announcement by one of the company’s distributors. It looks like news of some new GLOCK models may have slipped the same way thanks to the Kiesler Police Supply myface page. If this is real – and why wouldn’t it be? – GLOCK’s coming out with optics-ready versions of the 9mm G34, .40 cal G35 and the .45 cal G41. Along with a much-rumored long-slide 10mm G40 “Hunter.” You in?   [h/t BC]

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      • Heck, I’ll be happy to try-out an optics-ready G35.
        And if it works as well as I expect, I’ll keep it, too.

        Time to start saving my pennies…

    • I feel like I just travelled back to the 80s. Before four decades of plastic guns proved themselves.

    • I agree with you Meat. Polymer pistols are not my thing. In 10mm, too… I can’t even stand a Glock chambered in 9mm.

      They are too light. I go in for guns that everyone in the family can shoot without breaking their wrist… including my elementary school girl. The fam has tried a 9mm Glock. I am the only person that could control the kick, and it made my wrist hurt. My steel framed 9mm is controllable by everyone, though. Of course, we are only a little bit bigger than hobbits over here.

      • “The fam has tried a 9mm Glock. I am the only person that could control the kick, and it made my wrist hurt.”


      • “The fam has tried a 9mm Glock. I am the only person that could control the kick, and it made my wrist hurt”

        Is your entire family a bunch of 6 year olds? And if it made your wrist hurt, you need to go to the doctor and a shooting class. It’s not even an internet macho thing, if you can’t handle the recoil of a 9mm pistol, you’re doing something wrong.

        • Closer to hobbits than 6 year olds. While the rest of Midwest was being grain fed over the past 4 decades, my wife and I were barely surviving in California eating tofu and wasabi.

          Thank you, KS, for liberating our children.

        • I don’t do too well with 9mm either–at least not 9×19. I do pretty well with .22, .32, and 9×18 (out of all-steel pistols). I’m not very big, but I’m pretty strong for my size and kind of wiry. Bigger, stronger guys than me have complained about the recoil from 9mm Glocks. It may be true about us “doing something wrong”, but from what I’ve seen and heard being with people actually using them, it appears to be relatively easy to “do something wrong” with a Glock, at least for some folks.

        • This is interesting to hear, especially coming from a LE Firearms Instructor background. I own several 9mm pistols, including: G17, G19, Beretta Elite 1A, Taurus 24/7 (don’t ask, bought it years ago because it was cheap and wouldn’t cry as much if it were to get stollen out of the vehicle), and PX4 Storm Inox. When bringing new shooters to the table (friends and acquaintances, not professional classroom which is structured different), I usually work with people for 60-90 minutes, hands on, with proper isosceles stance and grip. Of all the 9mm models, the two that people shoot comfortably the easiest and quickest are the Elite 1A and the G17 and/or G19. The PX4 is also liked (the Taurus has a terrible trigger with a long DAO pull). Haven’t had anybody complain yet about the recoil or with hurt wrists. The polymer frame seems to “soak up” the recoil better than the aluminum-framed Beretta (which is also an easy shooter). Are you gripping high enough on the frame? I’ve found open thumb the best, and it places the most non-support hand surface on the grip providing better stability.

        • Ditto frame flex helps with recoil especially. With 10mm. lots of freaking fudds here hope they don’t belong to any gun clubs in the area. Get a life if not a tactical homie and only ur opinion matters. Fudd f@#krs

      • Toby in KS, I have the exact same problem with the 460SW magnum. After a box of ammo, my hand is a little tingly.

        • Yeah, I am 90% Army trained with pistols, using 1911s that, I think, the Army acquired in 1911. You could stand 10 yards away and still not hit the paper. No matter what. I thought it was me, but nobody in my entire company could hit the paper with those trash pistols. We all were given a pass by the instructor anyway. Both times. Yes, I trained with pistols twice in 6 years.

          10% of my pistol training came from Hickock45 on youtube. Revolvers. I can comfortably and accurately shoot .357 (k frame Taurus) and .44 (Ruger Super Blackhawk 6″ barrel) magnums. Thank you Hickock45. And non-crappy, steel frame revolvers (like the Army pistols).

          And Glocks still hurt my wrists. Go Figure. I will relent… I am probably doing something wrong. I blame the Army training. And polymer. So there.

      • Are you serious? You think a 9mm Glock kicks? We have 120 pound female police academy recruits shoot the center out of a bullseye at 7 yards, and continue to shoot well at the 15 and 25 yard line with those “evil” 9mm glocks that “Kick so much”.

        You guys need to learn how to shoot if you can’t pick up a 9mm glock 17 or 19, and shoot the center out of a paper dinner plate at 15 yards.

        Jesus christ the level of Fudd here is THROUGH THE ROOF.

        • Ditto lots of Fudd f@#krs know it alls on here. Appreciate and enjoy ur 2nd rights while we still have them. Plz let others enjoy their 2nd amendment right also. Basically get out of they way we have enough opposition already. Fuddheads

    • Reducing the mass is a firearm is a pointless endeavor. Unless you’re carrying it, or hunting, or doing something else useful with it.

      • OK, I actually got a chuckle out of that. But have you ever seen a target rifle with extra weight on the end? I have. Isn’t that also the purpose of a “bull barrel”–to add mass to stabilize the shot? Or am I wrong on that one? At any rate, there’s a “mass/recoil” tradeoff there , more mass works for me. Besides, I’m old school, I just like steel better than plastic on my guns. I like wood better than plastic for the stocks, too. YMMV.

        • Bull barrels are actually for stiffening the barrel and keeping it cooler. The reason you see fluted barrels is because you retain much of the stiffening of a bull barrel, but with lighter weight.

        • Aha–Thanks for pointing that out. It still represents an increase in mass, though, right? And for a good purpose. Just sayin’ there are two sides to this weight thing, lighter isn’t always necessarily better.

  1. Awesome!!! I love 10mm in a hunting gun, with those better-than-.357-ballistics and all.
    But you said .10mm, and you should fix that.

  2. Let the proof be in the results!

    Whether we talk about guns or politics. If they do not do what we expect, then lets walk away with our, money, legs, or ballots!

    • That G40 looks awesome. I could probably take it deer hunting. I bet a full power 180 grain .40 would also works just fine for practice.

  3. Yep. I’m in for a G40. Sweet.

    Let the conversion barrel dudes get all over this and it will be a super fun one.

  4. Glock has kept the 10mm from fading away as a 10mm fanboy for that I’m grateful, so yes I will take a hard look at a possible successor for my1006

    • In the last few years, Armscor / Rock Island Armory have done far more. They have a great selection of affordable 10mm 1911s.

      • “In the last few years, Armscor / Rock Island Armory have done far more.”

        Nope. People who consider 10mm don’t usually consider bottom-shelf firearms.

        “They have a great selection of affordable 10mm 1911s.”

        If you’re shooting 10mm, you should be concerned with the cost of the ammo not the gun. What’s not affordable about a $600 Glock?

  5. I just not seeing how we’re supposed to expect the kind of accuracy you need in hunting out of a DAO pistol. >,,>

    Maybe I just haven’t been indoctrinated enough into the cult of the Glock or something… but I just don’t see this.

    • Glock guys are the gun world’s equivalent of Apple fanboys and girls who wait up all night for the latest Apple product that Samsung, HTC, Motorola and even Microsoft came out with 6 months ago.

      • Judging from your comment, I’m going to assume you’ve never fired a Glock, or used an Apple product. Can’t have those pesky “facts” or “actual experiences” get in the way of your assumptions!

        • Wrong on both counts. Worked for two years in an office where the IT was run by an Apple fanboy. It was nothing special about the MACs we used and they failed as often as Windows 98. The experience was no different than my Windows experience.

          I have also shot Glocks. I chose an XD/m instead. Did the Glock suck? No, but there was nothing special about it.

      • A lot a people are fanboys of whatever they happen to have, particularly if they’re relatively new to firearms, whether Glock or other. I doubt there’s much special about so-called Glock fanboydom, per se

        It’s probably just that Glocks are very popular, especially with owners new firearms, who buy what they’ve heard of, and are excited about their new interest. That may translate into more Glock fanboys, but it could just as easily have been another brand had the market share played out differently.

        Really, if anything, it’s more like Glock haters are like Microsoft haters, regardless whatever brands they prefer. They just resent Microsoft/Glock for their success and disdain others who don’t choose the same hip alternative to MS/Glock that they chose for themselves.

        • I am not a Glock hater. I am not even an Apple hater. I just don’t think there is anything special about them. What I don’t like are fanboys who think everything but their choice is junk. Now, I am a 1911 fanboy but I own and carry other types both traditional and modern.

    • If you are crawling though TN brush while pig hunting….a 10mm glock can be a mighty fine pistol to have on your side if you need it quick.

    • Should I refer you to any number of Hickok45 videos where he’s clanging steel at 230 yards with an unmodified Glock? Put a lighter trigger connector for only $10 in that Glock 40, and I bet even a mere mortal would find it a useful hunting weapon out to 75-100 yards with a bit of practice.

      • So watching Hickok45 videos and a 10$ part will make people a better shooter?

        Maybe he shoots like he does because of the amount of shooting he is able to do, which most people can’t.

        Or do you have a 20$ part that will let me shoot like Jerry Miculek?

        • His point is that it’s entirely possible, not than anyone can do it. The original comment was questioning whether the mechanical accuracy was there, and empirical evidence demonstrates that it is.

        • Reading comprehension not your strong suit? If an expert shooter can shoot an unmodified subcompact Glock at 230 yards, then I’d wager that with a bit of practice, a non-expert shooter can effectively shoot a long slide Glock at useful hunting ranges up to 100 yards. And a $10 part to drop 2-3 pounds off the trigger pull certainly wouldn’t hurt.

      • I’ve tried several aftermarket parts for glocks. Various connectors, lighter, with overtravel stops and stuff like that. Different springs, recoil rods, etc. None of it made it feel better to me.

        The lighter connectors end up making the trigger feel spongier, even after tuning them appropriately. Different recoil springs reduced reliability. Nothing seems to work better for me than the stock connector, polished, and bent to spec (a little more or a little less bend in the connector makes it noticeably poorer.)

        There are three aftermarket parts I do like.

        1. Metal sights.

        2. The beavertail grip attachment that increases the beavertail. I find this makes the grip feel nicer on full size, and especially the compact glocks. Also I don’t get sliced like I used to sometimes with the stock beavertail.

        3. The other part I like is a tradeoff. In certain circumstances I like my aftermarket lone wolf barrel (with a tighter and better supported chamber). This definitely decreases reliability with crappy ammo and dirt but increases accuracy noticeably. I never use this barrel for IDPA or plate shooting or carry, but when just playing around with “how much accuracy can I get from a glock” it definitely improves group size.

    • Hunting with a pistol, especially one of those giant .44s or something with a scope, is itself so incredibly stupid looking, that I can’t even begin to take a side on actions or other mechanical details between pistols.

      • That is really similar to a conversation a thirteen year old girl makes when wearing the wrong earrings during her trip to the shopping mall.


    • Hey bud, check out Keith Warren on YouTube, drop big deer at 50 yards +. Most people that can’t shoot pistol will blame the gun. I promise you a glock is plenty capiable. I use to be everything 1911 and hated glocks until I started shooting a lot.

  6. interesting, but not likely on my pickup list anytime soon. Already have a very nice gen 3 G35 that shoots nicely. But it’s nice to know Glock isn’t asleep out there.

  7. I shot my cousins 10mm Glock 20 and I loved it. I usually don’t shoot Glocks very well and find them not as easy to operate as my CZs. Having said that, a 10mm Glock is on my short list for pistols anyway. Plus, it would be easy to buy reload components as I also have an XD-40. I haven’t had much experience with a red dot on a pistol, but I like that Glock has the option.

  8. Of course they waited until after I buy a G41.
    Maybe they did me a favor since the RMR costs close to what the gun did.

  9. Have used 9mm long slide as well as .40 smith / .357 sig. Now have a 41 and would really like a long 10.
    Great unit for carrying in wooded areas for all varmints.

  10. I might be in for that G40. I could use a hunting pistol, and I don’t really like firing magnum revolvers that much.

  11. I already turned my G20 into an optics-ready long-slide gun, thanks to the nice folks at Lone Wolf Dist.

    I do want a factory, with the optic mount replacement slide for my G41.

  12. Well for these old eyes that red dot could come in real handy. No rush to replace the g23 backup while pig-hunting as secondary for ‘shoot the damn mountain lion off my neck’ insurance policy, though.

    I’m still spending too much gas and scouting to find the mythical critters, to invest in the .40’s big brother…

    Now, if it were griz country, and I was bush wacking, …but thats what the 870 with magnum slugs is for…

  13. I can’t believe the issues people are having with 9mm in ANY glock. My wife shoots .38spl revolver, and we all share a Glock 32 (.357SIG) with no issues. I have numerous 9mm pistols both plastic and steel. No one in my family has complained about 9mm in any gun. I’m the largest person at 5’8″ and 175 lbs.

  14. I have no problems with the Glocks, other than try as I might, I can’t seem to shoot them well. That said, I shot a G40 last week and actually shot it much better, even in fast fire, than I have previous models. I have no idea why. But that’s the first Glock I would consider in a long time as a truck pistol, in case of the opportune deer, pig, or problem.

    • How did you get your hands on a G40???? I thought this was all speculation and not definite???

      • The full frame 10mm Glock has been around for a while. It is the “hunter” model that is new. I have not shot that model.

  15. I guess I’m old, because when I see that it just looks like something out of COD whereas when I think ‘hunting pistol’ I can’t help but picture a good old steel revolver.

    To each his own, I guess.

  16. Some of y’all are funny. I’m not a big guy but saying a 9mm is too big just doesn’t compute. I shot my CHL qualifier with a G26 and have taken several tactical handgun classes with the G19. Level I was over 600 rounds in a day and level II was just over 500 rounds and I never felt anything in my wrist. And I’ve also had wrist surgeries… Currently I carry a G23 .40S&W and to tame the jump of the .40 I installed a tungsten RSA. Have shot many rounds with it also. The only 10mm I have is a full size STI 1911. Love it!! Was thinking of getting a G20sf and adding a Lone Wolf long slide and a 6.02″ barrel but the G40 has me intrigued. And my little bitty wife shot a 248 out o a 250 for her CHL with her G19.

  17. So, this is a Glock 24 slide length, right? Not even a Glock 35 slide length. 6 inches? Wow, 10mm would be an extremely potent round in that slide. But still very LOUD!! Maybe this would get some ammo makers to start heating up their 10mm loads to the actual potential the case allows!

  18. Not a Glock fan …. I don’t like the grip angle and can’t stand the crappy trigger, so these guns don’t interest me.

    I do see the utility of that G34 with a RDS on it, though. This makes me want to go check out the new S&W M&P 9 CORE.

  19. I’ve never heard the term MOS for a firearm, what does it mean? I’m assuming the O means optics


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