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Hey, it’s not MY question. This exact conundrum kicks-off Washington Post columnist Dan Milbank’s “sketch” of yesterday’s anti-terrorism hearings on the Hill. Any guess which way Mr. Milbank comes down on this one? “By George W. Bush’s standard — you’re either with us or against us in the fight against terrorism — NRA chief Wayne LaPierre should be just a few frequent-flier miles short of a free ticket to Gitmo right about now. Seems he and the rest of the gun lobby are fighting for terrorists’ right to buy firearms.” Whoa, Dude! I don’t think that’s exactly why the NRA opposes bills S.1317 and S.2820. You might want to read Aaron Titus’s testimony on TTAG. Or . . . just launch a smear campaign instead. “The NRA, restating its opposition to the bill a few months ago, said it is all part of a conspiracy by ‘politicians who hate the Second Amendment” and who “think that more gun owners can be placed on the list over time.'” I suppose the fact that they are doesn’t come into it. Anyway, what’s your take? Is the National Rifle Association the enemy within?

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  1. I wouldn't say the NRA is the enemy within or that they're a terrorist organization. I would say they are an unscrupulous and powerful lobby serving an assortment of self-serving individuals who for the most part don't care about anything except not being inconvenienced.

    The talk about “think[ing] that more gun owners can be placed on the list over time," is wildly paranoid and self-centered.

  2. The NRA is standing up for the rights of the American people- whats left of them. If you enjoy having all of your phone calls monitored, your emails monitored, your internet activity monitored, video cameras with facial recognition softwear in your ATMs and on every street corner, then youll love the Patriot act.

    The only thing keeping the American people from a complete and total police state is the firearms you still have. The government is trying to manipulate the public against the NRA and against their own rights to self defence, to make you want to be disarmed in the name of national security.

    People on the terrorist watch list are largly innocent American citizens and are innocent until proven guilty. When people are guilty until proven innocent, and rights are taken away from said people, America stops being free.

  3. I think the NRA is a political organization whose main goal is the raising of money. My proof? The daily mass mailings and phone calls begging me for another donation so that they can fight the latest scare tactic scheme. I'm sorry, I'm too old to continue giving money to organizations that just turn around and spend it on postage asking for more money. And the opinion polls are laughable. We conservatives waste a lot of bandwidth ridiculing the liberal leading question polls only to be embarassed by the trash sent out by the NRA. I'm a member only because the local gun club requires it to join. All emails, paper mails, and phone calls go directly to the trash.

    I'd appreciate an organization that was a little more mature about protecting gun rights. Scare tactics (jackbooted storm troopers?) and silly polls just doesn't cut the mustard any more.

  4. The NRA Is a sad joke of an organization. Their "Take my gun from my cold, dead hands" attitude and stubborn refusal to allow any type of gun control, magazine control, ammunition control is pathetic.

    The United States is the LEADING arms dealer in the world. If these weapons fall into the hands of child soldiers, right wing Salvadoran paramilitary groups, Mexican drug cartels, etc, it's the fault of OUR system. As a gun owner and law abiding citizen, I will gladly register my weapons if it will prevent violence elsewhere.

    The freaks that are so worried about Big Goverment coming to take your 9 mm maybe should head out to the woods and become survivalists. Good luck with that.

  5. The NRA is a paranoid lunatic organization. They eat their own members who dare utter a word against guns, or speak for the slightest reasonable controls. Their thuggish, intimidation tactics against any and all opposition has more in common with dictatorship than representative government. Just dare to write a letter to the editor about gun control sometime, and wait for the anonymous hate letters to come to your house. Such brave patriots.


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