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I’ve always believed that ideas are strengthened by opposition. As I’ve watched Piers Morgan’s civilian disarmament campaign, I’ve seen his guests become increasingly sophisticated in their arguments and rhetorical strategies. Morgan, in contrast, has remained a complete and utter git. See what I did there? And I’ll do it on his show if asked. (Hey Piers I run the world’s most popular firearms blog. Contact me at [email protected].) Meanwhile, I put it to you, our Armed Intelligentsia: doesn’t Mr. Morgan make gun rights advocates look more intelligent and sharpen our collective media skills and expose the paucity of ideas and wit on the other side? In that sense, is Morgan a gift to gun rights?

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  1. I think we need to ignore him. He’s exploiting our passion to increase ratings and line his pockets.

    Very few people even knew who he was before he latched on to this issue. Just forget about him.

    • The only problem with that statement is that his ratings have been bombing. Nobody wants to watch him be whiney and ignorant and keep on going about gun control.

    • This news guy needs to go back to his own country. Deport in a box filled with poop. I don’t watch anything he is in. A professional news person debating with a business owner who makes pizza. Doesn’t matter the issue the news caster can eat him alive because he has the edge in debating. I hope a heart attack visits that idiot real soon.

      • He has stated, it is/was on his youtube channel that he’ll move back if they don’t ban guns here. Too bad he doesn’t have a shred of integrity.

      • The stats that Morgan gives about countries having lower crime rates is a fabrication — what he fails to tell the public is that laws in those countries are so extreme that a person committing a crime is punished so that he/she will never do the crime again — example — cutting off of ones hand for stealing — executing one for having a gun– these go on and on — by the way, maybe Morgan would rather be talking German than English because what he promoting is what happened in the early 1900s — take away the guns, then the books, followed by elimination of all religions and then build the prison camps to house those that do not march with the drummers beat.

  2. “Good luck with your promotion. I hope that it fails spectacularly.”

    So what is Piers hoping for? That the guy goes out of business or that there’s a mass shooting in the restaurant? What other kind of “spectacular” failure is possible?

    • Morgan is just wishing the guy the same level of success as he (Morgan) has achieved. Can you think of a more beloved talking head, other than bob acostus, in out country than dear Piers? Personal, I think Mr. Morgan, by example, makes a much better case for immigration control than for gun control.

  3. I think he is a person in need of a one way trip back to Jolly Old England.
    We have absolutely no use for him here. That bein said I do believe he makes our side look smarter and more intelligent everyday he opens his mouth.

      • It’s ok. We can split the difference let him off in the middle of the Atlantic with a pair of cement boots.

      • What all the other Brits said.

        I prefer Pwrserge’s option of dropping the… illegitimate offspring of a female canine… off in the middle of the Atlantic with some cement shoes.

    • They dislike him there too; why do you think he moved? One of the things I hold against Jeremy Clarkson is that he didn’t hit Piers Morgan HARD Enough.

      • Too true!! LOL!! Jeremy is my hero!! Enjoy watching him and the others on Top Gear, especially after he clocked Piers!! As big as Jeremy is though he probably would have killed PM and that would be bad because he would no longer be on Top Gear!!

    • He might not speak for all of the UK, but Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has begged via Facebook for the US to keep him.

  4. I’ve said this before, every time a Morgan, or a mikeyb#’s, Low Budget Dave or hmmmmmer makes a statement about gun control it creates a new group of pro gun people.

    If brains were gasoline you couldn’t get enough fuel from these 4 to power a piss ant’s mini bike around a cheerio.

  5. Rob,
    I understand what your are saying about Piers, but dont give that little A-hole the benefit of your presence on his failure of a show. The only reason his show is still up is b/c we enjoy watching his pathetic and illogical argument get shot to pieces.

    Dont give that a-hole the benefit of ratings and maybe we will get lucky, he will leave the US and do the news for the Iranians.

    • Morgan is as much of a gift as is Feinstein. Both are loud, obnoxious, have no clue what they’re talking about and many, too many, people will agree with them simply because they’re on teevee. I’d gladly return those “gifts” if I could.

  6. Interesting that Piers is so very concerned with how the proprietor has “No idea who these people are coming into his restaurant.” My response to that would have been to ask him if all customers should be registered, firearm or not. Why can’t customers be anonymous? Sounds as if Piers is advocating discrimination against customers whom the owner might not know.

    Of course, that’s just “common sense.”

  7. Why does this guy keep saying that “we want tanks and rocket launchers”? Through this whole debate. I have not seen anybody say anything about wanting tanks and rocket launchers! This is about our right to bear arms and our Constitution! At least know what the hell you are talking about before you blurt out a bunch of crap.

    I don’t understand why people want to even talk to this guy. He has the exact same argument every time he “debates” with someone, and most of the time he is talking over the other person after he asks them a question. If I were on his show (which I wouldn’t waste the time of my day) I would just walk away. He is rude and arrogant and doesn’t want to hear what other people have to say against him.

    • Honestly, I kinda want a tank. But with fuel prices what they are . . . maybe I’ll get a Swiss Army Mountain Bike instead.

      • Personally, I’d welcome either, or both. A guy with a tank in front of his house tends to get a wide berth.

        And rocket launchers are nice, but Stinger missiles are the BOMB!

    • The tank gambit always makes me laugh. Why? Because you can own one, and several do. When I lived in the Bay Area I was lucky enough to get in to see Littlefield’s then 200+ piece private collection in Portola Valley. I’ve heard it’s up to 300+.

      There are at least 2 Ferrets licensed and driven in the US.

  8. PM never get’s tired of hearing himself speak apparently. I’ve not heard his logic or argument change since all this crap started, yet he’s been challenged on all of it and wont answer it, just retreats back to name calling and statements he can’t back up.

    It’s especially classy of him to pick a guy who is clearly uncomfortable on camera, and just rip into him with insults and the wish him failure? clASSy move db

    • Git

      1. A completely ignorant, childish person with no manners.
      2. A person who feels justified in their callow behaviour.
      3. A pubescent kid who thinks it’s totally cool to act like a moron on the internet, only because no one can actually reach through the screen and punch their lights out.

  9. “If brains were gasoline you couldn’t get enough fuel from these 4 to power a piss ant’s mini bike around a cheerio.”

    Thanks for my first LOL of the day.

  10. It would have been nice if this gentleman came back with “Yes, Piers. I am making money from my pizza promotion, and you are making money from dead children.” But, overall it looked like Piers was picking on a nice a guy, and calling him an idiot, which probably helps us with mainstream America. At least, the ones that aren’t ideologues.

  11. You’re kidding right?

    People agree with, and remember what fits their own preconceived notions. We assign relative intelligence to others based on how closely their ideas match our own.

    We look at Morgan and see an unmitigated ass.
    Others look at Morgan and remember Alex Jones ranting at him.
    Even this relatively tame interview the anti-gun people will watch and nod their heads to “When is the UN coming to attack the US?” See UN’s not coming tomorrow nobody needs guns.

    The Anti-gunners, they can’t see beyond “if guns were illegal nobody would have guns, therefore nobody would get shot.”

    Morgan in this debate said “how do you know your customers aren’t criminals or insane?”

    What he can’t see: How do you know that with any random person?
    The basic problem his threat detector doesn’t work. He sees Joe Schmoe everyday person. and that’s it.

    Joe Schmoe isn’t a threat of course, he doesn’t have a twirly mustache or a visible weapon, therefore he can be safely ignored.

    When of course the REAL danger is that weapon you don’t see.

    • You’re gonna find this disturbing, but I’m not sorry: Alex Jones’ appearance on Pierth Morgan was wildly popular; the exact shock to the system that the situation required.

      Plus, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Turn, turn, turn – but THIS is a time for ANGER.

  12. Hyperbole about tanks and rocket launchers is completely acceptable but bring up the possibility of tyrannical government and you’re labeled a kook. Funny that.

  13. People like Piers Morgan are an assett to us when heard by people capabale of critical thought.

    Now, how many people fit that description AND watch Piers Morgan?

    He is seen as a hero by the gun-grabbing left and reinforces their arguments with the Low Information Voters, aka dumb masses (say it quickly)

  14. For a long time gun owners have not been significantly challenged.

    Anything not challenged grows weak.

    Once assaulted, you either adapt and grow stronger or die. Not hard to figure out which one we chose, is it?

  15. To answer the question, Yes, yes he is. And Joe Biden is a gift also. God forbid they should have more articulate, informed spokes people who are savvy in the ways of effective communications meant to convince.

    What these mooks don’t realize is that while the “progressives” and the MSM eat this stuff up there are intelligent, rational people out there who see and hear this stuff and scratch their heads.

    And outright mean spirited, hostile jabs while again, the choir on the left eats it all up, in the end it hurts their cause.

    So keep up the good work guys.

  16. 2nd amendment supporters tend to look a lot more intelligent compared to PM but the most important fact is that people believe and follow him without question.

  17. I don’t think he helps our cause. A non gun person that is tuning into his “show” would probably buy his drivel. We are at a huge media dissadvantage & this clown is media, Randy

    • I guess I’m biased by the fact I’ve ran across a few incidents where people who weren’t that much into guns commented to me about Morgan and others because they know I’m a gunner. Of course this small sample doesn’t mean most think the same thing.

  18. Why is it that just by owning/carrying a single firearm that automatically means you are “armed to the teeth”. I don’t think idiots like Piers want to see what armed to the teeth is really like.

  19. Piers Morgan is my idea of the human equivalent of the least common denominator.
    However to answer your question, I could see Piers being to gun rights what the Red Coats were to the Declaration of Independence.

  20. Almost nothing Morgan said makes sense to a thinking adult. I think he and D-B Joe have been sharing beverages, though I’m not sure who brought the virus into their relationship. Then again, maybe Morgan knows he doesn’t make sense, but he also knows people will buy into it.

  21. I don’t know why so many of us continue to poke fun at PM.

    Weren’t we taught not to make fun of people with head injuries?

    • Sadly, we learned to make fun of mentally “slow” people and foreigners. I guess that’s why we make fun of PM.

  22. Your just making lemonade out of lemons. If Morgan dropped over dead this instant, my emotion meter would not even lift off the peg.

  23. Piers Morgan is to TV what Howard Stern is to radio. Both have a lot to say without saying anything. In egocentric worlds, ingratiated by self-importance, but disconnected to reality and any measure of social worth. In short, outstanding examples that the First Amendment protects absolutely the “market place of ideas”, no matter how trivial, unredeeming, or lacking in any social value; but guaranteed absolutely by the Second Amendment. Sadly, a fact that eludes Piers Morgan.

  24. I think Biden, DiFi, and Piers are all gifts for the Pro-gun cause. They represent personalities that everyone can relate to and detest equally. Namely:

    Out-of-touch OWG who offers outdated and dangerous weapon advice that breaks the safety rules and can land you in jail or get you (and your neighbors) killed.

    Out-of-touch OWG who is the definition of hypocrite (she had a CCW back in the day but now is against self defense) and who literally thinks how a weapon looks has any bearing on it’s lethality. She can’t identify why mass shooting happens, so she’s just banning everything that looks like a gun.

    School yard British bully that relies on sensationalizing lies and tries to pass it as fact. He’s very existence on CNN is a middle finger towards any American with an IQ over 75.

    I’m pretty sure these three characters are doing more to harm the Anti-gun agenda than anything else. All we need to do is capitalize on all of the free ammo they’re giving us and calling them out on the ridiculous (and often dangerous) things they’re saying.

  25. Piers Morgan comes off as a pompous twit. The more he talks, the more he’ll be hated. He attacks gun ownership, then he goes on to attack a small business owner for trying to make money. What he should realize is that Americans really don’t like it when someone calls us idiots and tells us to do what he says on the belief that he’s so much smarter. That kind of elitism may work in the exclusive clubs in Merry Ole, but here–and in much of Britain, too–it won’t fly.

  26. So PM says Obama never took anybodys gun away. I guess he didn’t see the U.S. Marines in the inaugural parade with the bolts removed from their rifles, courtesy of the S.S. I suppose they didn’t want them going all Anwar Sadat on him.


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