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The Obama administration is taking some serious incoming fire. There’s the administration’s failure to anticipate, respond to or admit its shortcomings regarding the September 11th terrorist attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya; the IRS’ jihad against conservative-minded groups, and now the Justice Department’s trawling of some 100 Associated Press journalists’ phone records. I guess the crony capitalism kerfuffle surrounding loans to the “clean energy” epic fail known as Solyndra and the heinous gun running under Operation Fast and Furious weren’t enough to capture the mainstream’s media’s attention. But now that the AP’s in the crosshairs, it’s bro’s before ho’s. Obama’s Nixonian scandals have suddenly knocked gun control off the map. So is that it for the Big O and civilian disarmament? Or will the next atrocity push all those scandals to one side and restart the federal “debate” over guns?

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    • + 1

      And even if it is, those respecting the 2A cannot let their guard down by thinking that it is. Pretty sure someone famous once said something important about “…eternal vigilance…”

    • Gun control (confiscation) by these takers will n.e.v.e.r be off the map with these people. It’s curious they waited so long to make the national push; they were probably watching the California state effort to gain experience and establish a national strategy.

      I firmly believe DiFi had plenty to do with the CA legislatures grabber laws as groundwork for a national initiative. Gun confiscation is THE major issue for her and her cronies. She hasn’t been sitting idly by these last nine plus years just waiting for gun control to happen on its own. Her and the rest of the grabbers have been laying the groundwork, strategizing and awaiting the right set of circumstances to make their major push.

      Those circumstances appeared in place with a Dem prez, Dem Senate, well funded (think Bloomberg and others like him) anti gun organizations and a sympathetic media brainwashing the uninformed public. You could see the effort starting to gell with the way the media and Dem politicians jumped on the Zimmerman/Martin case (prez equating Martin to his own imaginary son). With the close proximity of the Colorado and Connecticut tragedies it was like the perfect storm. The grabbers figured the time was right for their big push; that they had the momentum to enact the first set of gun control anti gun laws including background registration I mean checks EXACTLY THE WAY IT BEGAN IN THE STATE OF CA!

      The grabbers thought they had it in the bag, and they would have had it in the bag if the proposed legislation been in place ready to be voted on right after the tragedies a ‘la New York’s Safe Act. The Bill’s still sitting there thanks to Reid’s no vote, waiting to be reintroduced the moment another tragic event occurs – and we can easily see the grabbers are just waiting for that to happen. They’re primed just waiting to pounce. I got the sense they were feeling out a move over the New Orleans shooting, but the setting wouldn’t have been sympathetic enough to support success.

      Gun control will not be off the map – ever.

      • And another tragedy with even greater theater of outrage and guilt tripping would be just the medicine ‘ol prez and his Democrat anti gun conspirators need to distract the public from his contemptible, corrupt, Chicago style administration and all their current “…-gate” fiasco’s.

      • They are control freaks who will not change. They will never give up. They are irrational people who act on their emotions without any self-awareness at all.

    • The next mass shooting with be the next big anti-liberty (guns) push.
      Only a positive 14′ midterms voting outcome (no libtards/democrats) will get us out of the immediate federal red (as in Commie) zone.

  1. “Shortcomings”; the weight of evidence shows that aid WAS DELIBERATELY WITHHELD from the embassy. They wanted Stevens DEAD, and SOON. The question, “why?” is the key to it all.

    • I don’t think they wanted him dead. I think a captured ambassador would have allowed Obama to pretend to be a statesman while negotiating his release right before the election. That’s why there were no reinforcements.

      But really, democrats don’t believe in self defense.

    • Obviously it was the lizard people. Or NWO. Or ZOG. Or your mom. The only sure thing is there is a vast conspiracy invovling thousands of willing participants that will never, ever spill the beans, and the simplest explaination could not possibly be the answer.

  2. I believe it. My is question is wil this administration be remembered for these foul-ups or will they be glossed over?

    • Unfortunately the liberals often get to write history and even if they don’t, you know it’s liberal teaching it to the next generation. Obama will go down in history as a great President…but not because that’s anywhere near the truth…

    • Too soon to tell. Honestly, I’m pretty surprised at how quickly things have fallen apart within the first six months of his second term. He went from a triumphant reelection to practically losing all credibility with a large swath of the population in that time frame.

      Yeah, there were a lot of us that knew Obama is bunk for a while now, but it seems like the gun control push, along with the continuing haunting scandals coming out of the woodwork, have really done a number on people.

  3. Would that it were so.

    Personally, I think it’s never going to go away until we start seeing:
    o more statesmen, less politicians;
    o the return to a culture of personal responsibility; and
    o a general improvement to public education.

    In other words, it’ll take at least a generation, likely more. But there is hope.

  4. The Sword of Damocles hangs yet over us .Because the mass media remains our enemy,we are but one mass shooting away from a sequel to the fun times of December 2012.As Ella Fitzgerald once crooned,its all just a little bit of history repeating.

    I find it a troubling prospect that if justice is done and Obama is impeached,Biden will be in charge of the Executive branch.That may arguably be a greater threat to the future of this nation then Obamas continued presence in the Oval Office.

  5. Voted for him twice, although I don’t have a lot of love, he’s definitely NOT liberal enough.

    The Benghazi thing is a joke. Last time I checked 4 people died on foreign soil. Bush allowed 3,000 people to die on OUR soil. Then invaded a foreign country for no reason and got another 4,000 service people killed. And cost about 10 trillion when it’s over. For nothing. Doesn’t even compare. Notice Bush doesn’t leave the country, EVER???? Wonder why???

    • My IQ went down 4 points reading that.

      Are you not aware that Bush is no longer President of the United States?

        • Teddy has enough of his own messes to take the blame for. Both of the idiot Roosevelt cousins make the top 5 worst presidents this nation has ever had., along with Lincoln, Wilson and Johnson.

        • Wilson, Johnson, Carter were BAD. Roosevelts and Lincoln were flawed but great ( NOT among the 5 worst ever….you silly rabbit).

    • Keep fluking that chicken. Your boyking is an utter failure and a criminal. How proud you Oturds must be.

    • Really, $10 trillion? You are off just a bit. According to the Congressional Budget Office The Iraq war cost less the worthless “Porkulous” stimulus. The Clinton administration could have taken bin Laden off the street but failed to do so. 9-11 was planned and set in motion during the Clinton years. Please don’t recycle the briefing slide nonsense I saw the slides before 9-11. It was about press reports not real intelligence.

      The Benghazi screw up is not impeachable. If lying and manipulating facts were a crime we have no elected officials. The troubling issue is the press has gone from partisan to active propaganda agent of the Democratic Party. The reason you are so ill informed is that this propaganda organ is the source of your information. You are like the true believer in Moscow in 1991. You didn’t know Pravda was lying to you all those years until USSR went out of business. The entire Obama campaign came down to the slogan “General Motors is Alive and bin Laden and AQ is dead.” The truth was and is General Motors is to moving to China and AQ is alive and well.

      • Actually, the Iraq war alone will cost us $2 Trillion when you factor in the interest on the loans from China. And that $ amount doesn’t even include the 17,000 Americans still in Iraq and the cost of maintaining the embassy.

        • There is the same interest on the Stimulus bill and not all the expenditures should be counted as financed by debt. The amount financed by debts ranges from a high of about 25% in 2003 to less than 10% in 2008. China did not finance 100% if the bill.

        • Libtards made it so we could not get the oil, as they screamed ‘No Blood For Oil’…so we weakly obliged.

      • Progressives love to call people conspiracy theorist for calling the MSM State run media but through all these scandals the truth has been shown. The Obama administration has several people working for him that have family working in high positions for the MSM.

        CBS News president David Rhodes has a brother Ben Rhodes who is Obama’s deputy national security adviser for strategic communication.

        Ben Sherwood ABC News president has a sister Elizabeth Sherwood Randall is a special assistant for Obama.

        Virginia Moseley CNN’s debuty bureau chief is married to Tom Nides who was Hillary Clinton’s deputy secretary of state for management resources.

        Jay Carney’s wife is Claire Shipman who used to work for CNN and now works for ABC.

        I have read that there are many more like this working in this corrupt administration.

    • Wow. So much stupid, so well condensed. The argument is not the Bush was a good president, it is about the scandals and mismanagement of the current administration.

    • Bush fucked up. The Republicans (and Democrats, to be fair) did a shitty job of keeping him honest and fulfilling their oversight role. That is a completely separate issue to Benghazi.

    • I guess you haven’t done a lot of research if you think this was all on Bush. Check your facts as to why Clinton bombed Iraq back in 1998. The whole Weapons of Mass Destruction deal went back WAY before Bush II. And 9/11 was in the plans WAY before Bush took office.

      • Absolutely correct.

        Many initiatives, both good and bad, spanned more than a single administration.

        For example, the groundwork for taking out OBL started long before BHO took office. It was finished on his watch after years of quiet determination by a dedicated few. Some pundits tried to give BHO undue credit even though his administration with all it’s waffling was more of a hinderance to completing that mission than the public knows. THAT’s why his people tried to intimidate and shut down the author and book “No Easy Day”…lest the truth be known.

    • Bet it was hard to type all that while genuflecting. You would probably feel more comfortable posting at the democratic underground with the rest of the deep thinkers. 10 trillion. Really ?

    • Bush has been to Haiti after the earthquake, and last year went to several African countries to expand his PEPFAR program that’s saved a million lives.

  6. The one issue where the Obama administration gets fawning, bootlicking praise from the media is on gun control.

    As more and more scandals pop up (and there’s a couple waiting in the wings down to the EPA, who would like to be as feared as the IRS), the Obama administration knows that if they double down on gun control, they can “regain the narrative” (or whatever idiotic phrasing they’re using this week) of the news cycle.

    • Agree. Keep that situational awareness going and I don’t believe I’d let my powder get damp just yet.

      • I think it’s back-burnered for now, just because they overplayed the hell out of it for the first 4 months of this year. Not that they won’t play again, but I don’t see it being a major talking point again until closer to mid-terms. If they try and run it up front and center, even with a freshly-minted crisis, I think it’ll still feel less then genuine, and it won’t get the emotional support it needs to override the real problems this administration now has.
        That’s the trouble with the emotional outrage- if you blow your short window, it gets harder and harder each time to get that fervor back. The American people have little attentiveness and even less stamina- this one went to the block, stumbled, and now there’s sexy new scandals in it’s place.
        Let’s stay polar bear though, just in case.

        • I don’t know; there are a lot of emotin’ dweebs out there that’ll hop onto the first emotional overact’in train that comes down the gun tak’in track and toots it’s whistle.

          And you know that the Obama-Biden-Bloomberg crew will be jerking that train whistle chain real hard.

          We must be prepared just in case, like you said, and hope that redundant shrill whistle wears thin with the listening public…quickly.

    • This. He’s got to beat whatever drum he thinks will draw attention away from his abuses of power and dereliction of duty. However, the effect of these pushes will wane.

  7. The IRS Scandal is going to kick out Obama’s legs from under him.

    Among the many reasons that Nixon was going to be Impeached… using the IRS to target his political enemies was one of them. There is precedence to Impeach Obama over this.

    • He didn’t actually use the IRS against anyone. He only said he wanted to and then he ended up getting audited himself.

    • Let us assume the Democrat controlled Senate has the constitution to officially impeach the 1st Black President of the United States-thus irrevocably damaging their ability to win the black and minority vote.

      That leaves “Tail gunner Joe” in charge of the country.
      Talk about the textbook definition of a Pyrrhic Victory.

      • Exactly. Impeachment just isn’t going to happen. We would need all 45 republicans and 22 democrats to vote for impeachment. Zero chance of that.

        • Impeachment requires just a majority of votes in the House. This can happen.

          Impeachment = Indictment

          Removal from office requires a 2/3 vote in the Senate. That will never happen.

          The benefit to us of Impeaching Obama is that it will muddy up the wheels of his Gun Control train. The Impeachment process would take at least 6 months. Lots of witnesses to testify.

      • Hmmm … Biden = a democrat’s Dan Quayle? Hadn’t really thought of it that way before … But it makes sense …

        Say – has anyone seen Dan recently? Just wondering…

        • Quayle is making gazillions of dollars with Cerberus Capital. Yes, that Cerberus Capital.

    • Nice little fantasy you have going there……but will never happen. Maybe 1 in 10 gives a flip about conservative groups getting the IRS treatment.

      Considering the intelligence and concern shown by 75% of the citizens of this country, good luck. Half cannot read, the rest are catatonic.

      Proof of that is the largest city in the country voted (repeatedly) to have and keep BLOOMBERG as their mayor.

      If that does not show you the lack of brain cells in this country, nothing will.

      Face it, we are a country run by the corrupt, who are maintained in office by the ignorant and apathetic.

  8. Obama MUST disarm America if he hopes to destroy this nation, and he does dearly desire that destruction

  9. No idea what will happen. The mass media and government are the last groups to recognize that the American people want to move past the gun debate and focus on the numerous problems in America. The obsession with pushing their gun agenda (and other issues most people can’t relate to) by the mass media and government are a contributing reason why many Americans are turning to other news sources (blogs and micro media) and away from believing in the American government and the modern political system.

  10. I’m sure these scandals aren’t anything another Mass Shooting or Terrorist Bombing can’t fix!

  11. “So is that it for the Big O and civilian disarmament?”

    Robert, I’d like to introduce you to this thing in American politics known as a “liberal progressive”.

  12. I wrote the AP today. To make a long story short, I asked them “how does it feel?”
    Told them that it “seems reasonable” and that maybe it will “save one child”…

  13. Bangazi, and POTUS claimed he knew nothing.
    Fast and Furious, and POTUS claimed he knew nothing.
    IRS scandal, and POTUS claimed he knew nothing.
    AP phone records seized, and POTUS claimed he knew nothing.

    Are you sensing a theme here? Yes, here it is — the President knows nothing — including when to back off. Well, at least he can’t blame Bush for this latest overreach, or the collapse of his abysmal administration. He’s not just a lame duck, he’s a lame snake. And he’ll keep pushing for gun control because he thinks he’s entitled to anything he wants.

      • Ralph, what do you expect? The sequester cuts required the White House to drop CNN from their cable budget. If it weren’t for the TV in the Clubhouse bar being tune to CNN barry would be completely in the dark. And they are blaming Bush for the IRS thing because the IRS head was a hold over. Barbra Boxer this morning blamed the “Republican” sequester cuts for reduced Embassy security.

    • Hey, it’s nice work if you can get it Ralph. Just lounge around on the golf course, never attend security briefings, don’t read any legislation until maybe the year after it crossed your desk… this is a pretty easy job.

        • That disqualifies you from consideration.

          You probably think the Constitution is an institution to preserve, rather than antiquated shackles that are keeping the enlightened minority from finally getting control of the savages living in fly-over country. How could you advance the euphoric cause of utopia with ideas like that!?

  14. Personally, I think (and it’s not original) Benghazi was a gun/weapons running operation with some very unsavory players the intended recipients. I believe this is why we are getting a waterfall of scandals too outrageous to ignore, thus diluting the attention paid to the Embassy coverup and keeping the House frantic just to keep up. A tell tale sign was Di F’n Fi deflecting the 32 reference to Hillary in an initial hearing. The bitch was secretary of state, who the hell should be mentioned? This fineseien is an enemy of sovereignty, liberty, and freedom. The misery Californian experiences is well deserved because they keep this witch and others like Waters and Boxer in power. Sorry, I’m sure there’s some nice folks caught up there, but that’s how I feel.

    • I think so too. The information that’s coming out of this now just reeks of company intervention. The irony is, Obama’s getting the most flak over it, but I think he was really just the SOB on duty for this one. I think that Hillary, Dave, and Eric were the real paid-off guilty parties here.

    • In order for that to be true, what they were doing in Libya would have to be so horrific it would eclipse everything that’s going on now. I can’t think of any interest or group in the area that they could be dealing with (omitting the obvious group who went through lots of effort to shoot them) that would elicit that kind of reaction.

  15. But now that the AP’s in the crosshairs…

    As it turns out, this works both ways. On top of hammering the stories about the IRS harassment of conservative advocacy groups and the AP subpoena, they’ve also posted an eight-page story about how the Feds have been giving wind farms a pass on killing protected bird species. I think the Obama administration is about to find out you don’t p*ss in the media’s cornflakes.

  16. Gun control is about as dead as Obamacare was several times.

    They’re going to keep pushing, no matter what it costs them. Furthermore, these scandals are great for exposing why government bureaucracies are untrustworthy, and reflect poorly on the administration, but they don’t directly implicate the office of the Presidency. He can still advocate – especially once the AP gets over its huff. All Obama has to do is send a bouquet of flowers and tell the Associated Press that they are each still his Special Girl and they’ll tearfully tell him they never doubted it in the first place.

  17. Well, I’d certainly like to think they are going to be perhaps, pre-occupied? However, you can bank on the fact the gun grabbers will be back out in force immediately following the next tragedy. It’s important for us to never relent. We should be able to take our rights for granted, but with this administration it would appear that nothing is sacred.

  18. On the federal level: Yes. IRS and Benghazi gives the weaker R senators (Hello Senator Ayotte!) an out till 2017 “I would vote for gun control checks, but we can’t trust this Admin to do the right thing…”

    On the state level: It’ll never be dead.

  19. Obama wants one thing: Dem control of house in 2014. Gun control is his tool to wedge voter interest in Dems.
    What scandals surround him mean little if it doesn’t touch the party.
    The party will keep chipping away on our gun rights.

    • Normally I would agree. In this case, the ignorant one party voters tend to stay away from this election cycle. Only the dedicated voters come out in the “off year”elections.

      2A types come out for ALL elections. That being the case, our votes will count that much more.

      So, “we” have a real chance of knocking out some gun grabbers, of both parties. There is even a slim chance of gaining a larger majority in the senate. With 4 dems on our side, offsetting the 4 traitors, we might gain a few.

  20. If you read the Heller judgement you would know the future of this lies in the hands of “The People”…

    So what is it our hands will?

  21. Be on high alert for a false flag event to happen in the next two weeks. Nothing to take the public’s eyes off of the administration like a bombing, shooting, or set up FBI “terrorist” event.

  22. This story just serves to stoke the internal fire of disgust I have for each and every Obama voter in across our great country. My fellow TTAGers who voted for this gun grabbing Socialist piece of Keneysian-born $hit are at the top of my fire as they should have known better.

    • But he said he respected the people’s Second Amendment ‘right to hunt’.

      And it’s not like he blocked the import of WWII history, ran guns south of the border, or started a registry in the border states before the election either. And it’s not like John Lott, a trusted name in firearms, said that Obama remarked to him that “handguns should be banned”. Or that his AG had to be smacked down by the senate after he floated the idea of an AWB.

      He was clearly a modern day Patrick Henry before Bloomberg got to him after n-town.

      • Or that Obama was once head of the the freaking JOYCE FOUNDTION! Or his record of gun grabbing as both an Illinois state legislator or U.S. senator.

  23. No, we need to keep at it. It is fun to watch them squirm though & say no one past the janitor knew anything,nossing,nossing. This should keep those pricks busy for awhile, Randy


    Look what they did for Obummercare! They will try to do the same for Gun Grabbs.

  25. Once the GOP figures out how to do universal background checks without the de facto registration implicit in the Schumer proposals (later incorporated into M-T), universal background checks will become law. Along with background checks, the NICS system will be strengthened; as NICS now stands, there has been inadequate compliance with the current reporting requirements, a problem that will be solved in the usual governmental fashion, by throwing money at it. That will be the end of it for this administration; there are neither the votes nor the political capital to do anything else. And when it is over, everyone will claim victory.

  26. I think gun control is definitely on the back burner… but even AFTER President Obama leaves office, you know it’s going to be one of those issues that is just one mass shooting away from coming back up.

    Especially if reports are correct that Bloomberg still has presidential aspirations. UGH.

  27. So let me see if i have this, We need to disarm the private American public, while we are ok to run guns to drug gangs in Mexico, and it’s ok to arm rebels to overthrow Syria, you know the same rebels we are fighting in Afghanistan,and it’s also ok for Hillary and Kerry to give many, many Millions of dollars to these rebels without the ok of congress… Am i missing something or is someone way out of control here…. talk about gun controls ,,,, We need government controls,,, Why are we arming the world,,, And where is the U.N. on this gun running………??????????

  28. I’m going to enjoy watching that smug bastard fall further into lame duckery. His whole 2nd term went up in smoke in the short span of five months. It will only get worst for Obama after Republicans gain seats in the Senate in 2014. The IRS scandal combined with Obamacare taking affect in 2014 might give Republicans a majority in the Senate. The idea of Democrats taking back the House is laughable. Even the left-leaning Nate Silver and his 538 blog gives the Democrats little hope for a victory in 2014.

  29. I am also looking to see a false flag event happen next, and maybe a war and with that a civil false flag event so we can go all out to disarm the American peoples . I hope i am wrong ,,, But i trust nothing these people in D.C. say or do… I have faith in the American people that they will continue to stand up for Liberty and Freedom for all….

  30. In the last few days I have wondered if the AP reporters or the average taxpayer can can relate a bit more to the concerns of gun owners over possible government misuse of the increased records of gun sales that was proposed in the failed senete bill?

  31. While the right hand is juggling several scandals, the left hand is … Who knows what evil it is doing?

    Beware what the left hand is doing, because no one is watching it.

  32. ‘Tis never safe to assume that the gun-rights battle is over, but I have noticed that it sure is a lot more difficult to press an attack while pinned down by incoming fire.
    On a personal note, the past week or so I’ve finally been able to relax a bit and enjoy a 32oz Big Gulp in a styrofoam cup, smoke a Marlboro, munch a cannoli with a side of salty fries, while randomly driving around town with the A/C setting on “ice-age”.


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