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Moms demanding action (courtesy

TTAG reader QP writes:

“I’m on a few email and text lists for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (MDA) and they notified me about a meeting tonight in XXXX. I obviously have questions I’d like to ask, but I thought you might have some good ideas too. I don’t want to get confrontational, I’d like them to think I’m anti gun and let me get more involved in MDA. Thoughts..?”

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    • I’m surprised none of them have answered you so far because you know they are reading this page. 🙂

  1. Honestly? Don’t go. At least if you are misleading them into believing you are an anti or a FUDD. We should not stoop to their level of misdirection and misinformation.

    We must remain honest and maintain integrity. Otherwise we are no better than them.

      • If you ever find yourself in a fair fight, you are doing something wrong.

        Just go in and do a “Project Veritas” on ’em. Heck, contact O’Keefe and see if he can give you some pointers.

      • I don’t care a wit about being any better than them. Besides, that’s a given. We have the Constitution and common sense on our side, so we’re better than them no matter what our tactics. I care about being more successful than them. And as we said in air combat in the Navy, “If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’.” They have to get BEAT, whatever it takes.

    • By shoving our heads in the sand and just yelling “GUNS ARE GOOD” we would definitely be just like them. THIS is how we prove we are better than them, by conversing with them and just reporting the facts not our emotional appeal. the only way to change someones mind is to converse with them not by yelling at them from far away “you’re wrong” or lazily pasting facts to a website. We must show them we are rational, empathetic, law abiding people. No the “crazies” they try to paint us as. Again, the best way to do that is a face to face conversation.

      • 1. They’ve already proven that they do not want reasonable, rational discussion. Otherwise, the news would feature nothing but polite debate on guns all day, every day without end.
        2. This is not a conversation. As the article points out, “I don’t want to get confrontational, I’d like them to think I’m anti gun and let me get more involved in MDA.” This is subterfuge. We cannot be outraged by the prospect of their calls for infiltration of the NRA when we are literally advocating doing the exact same thing here. Especially when the conversation in the comments directs itself to the legality of getting them on tape.
        3. How does convincing them to think “I’m anti gun” when the participant is not paint us as reasonable, rational people? Again, they may think infiltrating the NRA is okay, and the media gives them a pass on it, but do you really think for a second we would get a pass if we were found out? We would be painted as dastardly, underhanded, sneaky extremists. Even if recordings of a conversation on confiscation were found without the participant being caught, this is likely a local chapter, and can be written off by the parent organization as “not our mission”.

        I get what you all are saying. I want them to go away and leave our rights alone just as much as the next guy. But this is not the best idea, nor is it conducive towards getting people on our side, or ending the debate in our favor.

        • I got a nickel says the supposed “invite” was a computer generated come-on preceding begging for money. They expect you to contribute, not to show up.

    • Spies are useful in every conflict. Welcome to reality, which does not care about your Marquess of Queensberry ethics.

    • Agreed. Lesson I learned long ago, you cannot rationalize with the irrational. If a group of people intend on making decisions based on emotion, rather than facts or logic, no amount of facts or logic is going to change their minds. Furthermore, as they base their opinions on emotion, they tend to get elevated emotionally when faced with facts and truth. It compromises something they believe to their core.. Want an example, tell a four year old there isn’t a Santa, now multiply that reaction by an entire room full of adults who are indoctrinated.

    • All war is based on deception. Appear weak when you are strong, appear far when near. Be in the darkness then strike like a thunderbolt: a great general achieves victory before he seeks conflict and all that stuff.

  2. Don’t give them any ideas. Any antagonizing remarks and they’ll instantly paint us as extremists and plaster it all across their front page. (again)

    Remember, these are super emotionally driven people that have absolutely no sense of rationality. Proceed at your own risk, as long as you understand that you might do more harm than good if you make a misstep on this.

  3. I’m always interested in how people protect their children. Not how other people protect their children, how they do. That would be the question I ask people. How do YOU protect your children?

    • By teaching them that they live in a fantasy world where bad guys are always stopped by the police and nobody will ever hurt them. And of course that’s all actually true; until it isn’t.

    • I read in a article somewhere in regards to liberal families that a father escaped the house and ran to a neighbors house and called the police. Meanwhile, his children and wife were still in the house with the intruder while he was on the phone. They waited for the cops to arrive.

      • If you’re talking about the family murdered by home invaders in Connecticut in 2007, I don’t think there was ever any mention of the Father’s political affiliation or gun ownership status prior to or in the immediate aftermath of his family’s murder. Nor do I think he should be held responsible for his family’s murder whether he was a gun owner or not. I remember when I read in depth about the story, it was a disturbing and cautionary tale of being aware of your surroundings at all times.

        • William Petit regained consciousness (having been hit over the head with a bat) tied to a support pillar in his basement (the rest of the family were still being held upstairs). By the time he was able to free himself, the house was already on fire. There was nothing he could have done and he bears no fault here.

        • I should add that the police, having already been alerted to the ongoing hostage situation, waited 30 minutes to “establish a perimeter” during which time the girls were raped and set on fire. If you want to accuse someone of failing to act, accuse the police.

  4. I’m not sure there’s anything you can ask them — asking questions is evidence of independent thought, and in that group it’d be a dead giveaway.

    • +1

      In an overall liberal environment, you have 3 options:

      #1: speak and ask questions and stick out like a sore thumb. May be good, may be bad, depending on what you ask, how detailed and coherent (or coached) and where you ask and who you ask.
      #2: Keep quiet and observe everything, preferably writing it down or recording it.
      #3: Nod along like the other followers.

      My bet is #2. If our suspicions are true, these people get orders from a central command. I personally could never do this – I tend to be blunt and tactless.

  5. What’s our long term goal? As in, what’s our end game? What are we really after?

    What are our short term goals that will help us get to our long term goal?

    • Do everything in your power to get this on video or audio. Use your phone as a recorder. We need this answered truthfully and on record.

        • Excellent point, Bob.

          Make sure that the state you are in permits recording conversations where at least one of the parties (in this case, *you*) is aware recording is happening.

          If it is a state where everyone being recorded must be aware of that fact, you could be in legal deep Doo-Doo…

      • No, we don’t. We already know the answer.

        Srsly, if Planned Parenthood caught speaking on camera about chopping up babies doesn’t move the needle, do you think Watts calling for door-to-door confiscation will? Feinstein already said that.

    • “What’s our long term goal? As in, what’s our end game? What are we really after?

      What are our short term goals that will help us get to our long term goal?”

      And listen carefully, taking notes, before asking how those goals will change anything, or pointing out they are already law. I personally would love to hear any advocate of UBC attempt to explain how that would change anything, other than making millions of law abiding citizens into criminals overnight. And how much it would cost!?

  6. “Why do you want to take away my guns? I don’t care if you choose not to own guns, just leave mine alone.”

  7. Btw I can almost guarantee you mda follows ttag just like we follow them. Your cover may already be blown.

    • Come on. Ed is one of many pro-gun MDA members. I’m a member. I thought you guys were members too??? Are you not??

    • Except the stuff TTAG lists as breaking, they have a 24 hour to 4 week delay on posting articles. He’s already done what he wanted to do and said what he wanted.

      Doubt me? Follow American Rifleman, or AK Operator’s Union, or Hickok45, or American Hunter – the articles mimic each other, but TTAG is always a few hours to day(s) behind. I submitted a few articles and they were posted a few days to a few weeks later.

      Not a complaint, just a fact.

    • That and the fact they’ll be like 10’s of people there with only 1 or 2 being new-comers. I think ED’s kinda f’ed himself here.

  8. They want stores like Kroger to ban guns, saying you don’t need a gun to buy groceries. However, the most likely place you’ll need a gun is when you are in transition between safe places such as gas stations and parking lots. How can you protect yourself if you can’t carry from those places into the store?

  9. Be the worst version of them you can be. Carry a sign that says something like “Better raped than a killer!” or “When Hitler took the guns the trains were on time!”

    • Don’t stop there! Get really exotic:

      “Gun owners should be raped and shot in the face six times with their own guns.”

      “Prosecute all guns owners – they could be members of the NRA”

      “Gun ownership is the problem. Law abiding gun owners are the problem. Guns are a disease. Ban guns, Arrest gun owners.”

      “Mandate forehead tattoos for all gun owners. All gun owners should have the word ‘ammosexual’ tattooed on their face.”

      • If these people start getting their way, I won’t be completely surprised if I’m asked to sew highly visible brass-colored cloth patches on my clothing to identify myself as a gun owner.

  10. Do you think the people in France might have wished they had a way to defend theirselves last Friday?

  11. You should focus on getting them to make statements that indicate their intentions with respect to gun bans, registration, and jailing gun owners. Anything that undermines the “gun safety” “common sense” blahblah BS.

    With respect to taping conversations, what is the law in your state?

    I would not bother trying to convince them of anything. Talking to a wall. …

    • Hey my walls reasonable it stands there and listens without yelling or getting emotional and after all is said and done still supports the house….now my doors they’re liberal and let anyone in

  12. Go up politely and say “I’m not trying to start a caliber war but what is your preferred caliber of carry?” Then explain how if whatever they are not carrying is not in Federal HST then they are settling for less.

  13. Seconding the notion of getting them on record admitting to what their end goal is. You’re not trying to convince them, you’re trying to convince undecided people. Once you have that, then maybe try branching out into “how do you protect your kids,” but not before.

  14. Weird analogy: Some female gamers pretend to be male so they don’t have to deal with creepers.

    It would be funny if the MDA meeting was actually comprised mostly of Pro-2A double agents. Most people I personally know probably have never heard about MDA, but I bet most of them know about the NRA.

  15. Ask them who they believe is responsible for their personal safety. It puts them in a quandary. If they say that they are responsible for their own safety then they might need a good tool to insure it. If they say that the government is responsible then they just look terrible.

  16. So.. yea…. Record all the meetings. Release the recordings a few months from now. I’m interested in hearing them for entertainment purposes.

    I don’t want to get confrontational, I’d like them to think I’m anti gun and let me get more involved in MDA. Thoughts..?”

    Any questions I provide you will blow your anti-gun cover. I have no non-confrontational questions.

    So… become an influential member and then later one day on national television, defend gun ownership? What is your plan?

  17. France has much tougher gun control laws than America, yet they’ve had two mass shootings this year; one of which was far deadlier than any mass shooting in American history.

    1. If France’s much tougher gun control laws could not prevent these mass shootings, why do you think the same laws would work in America when they haven’t worked in France?

    • Don’t forget to point out that the concert shootings went on for 2 1/2 hours, during which time the police waited patiently outside. Four men casually executed one person at a time, at their leisure, for 2 1/2 hours, in one of the most civilized spots on earth, while outnumbered 25 to one. What gun control could have prevented that, which France did not already have?

  18. Lay low and ask “why not ban them all?” If they then suggest they would like to, you could then ask why they won’t be “transparent” about it.
    Perferably, with a camera recording and a one-party consent state, as previously noted.

  19. Ask them about the purpose of gun free zones.
    If a guy with an AK comes to shoot up the place, he doesn’t expect to leave. Do you really feel safer for your kid to hide in a corner terrified with someone else’s kid as a human shield as the only defense? Or if people are too afraid to kill an active shooter why not arm every room with a pistol full of rubber bullets? 15 shots with rubber bullets from every room they pass will at least slow him/her down enough to let the kids escape. It will also minimize by standard casualties. Even if the bad guy has to duck and cover for 30 seconds, it could save a whole classroom worth of lives including the bad guy..

    My wife just went thru active shooter training at the college she works at.

    They actually said try taking wasp spray to a gunfight.
    And if she actually had her pistol and took out the bad guy and saved 30 lives, she could/would get fired and arrested.
    I guess a body count is the only way to cull tenure these days.

    It’s not about being the hero, it’s about not being the in the body count.

    I wish they’d let me loose with a paint ball gun in an AS drill and let them see how well Wasp spray would work aginst a bullet..
    A no gun sign provides just as much safety as a speed limit sign stops speeding.

    If safety is a concern, every time a guy shoots up a school, instead of parents barking about more gun laws, they should sue the school for not providing the safety for students/staff when they deny the ability for students/staff to defend themselves.

    • try taking wasp spray to a gunfight.

      This is WRONG! Wasp spray doesn’t do a thing to humans. They are idiots! Besides the fact that using wasp spray violates federal law (using a regulated product inconsistent with its labeling) it’s not as effective as pepper spray, doesn’t have the targeting that’s capable with pepper spray or a self-defense fogger, and it plain just doesn’t work. There is a youtube video of a guy getting sprayed in the eyes with wasp spray and was immediately able to perform acts of dexterity such as going forward to retrieve a dollar bill off the ground, catch balls, etc.whereas even weak pepper spray was effective. I’ve included it here along with another video on wasp spray. You spray an attacker with wasp spray, that’s the last act you’ll do before he shoots you dead. You wife’s school leaders are fools.

  20. Go, but keep your mouth tightly shut.
    Take notes on numbers actually in attendance and topics discussed
    Just the facts
    Report those facts back to the Pro-Rights community so that we can know what they are up to.

    I suspect you are going to find a small group trying to “feel” better by “doing something”. My personal experience in listening in has been a lot of hot air and maybe, MAYBE two people who will actually do something.

  21. Look at the PP videos. The agents provocateur weren’t trying to convince PP to stop chopping up babies and selling the parts. They asked leading questions as if they were on the other side and surreptitiously recorded the incriminating answers.

    So your strategy would be to ask questions like, “How do we get rid of all the guns?” or “Why don’t we have like a food drive and go door-to-door asking people to just turn in their guns?” or “People don’t need all those guns. Why can’t we just get the police to go door to door and take them all?” and “Doesn’t it make you nervous when the bodyguard has a gun? What’s up with that?”

    It’d take some practice to do it with a straight face.

    I couldn’t do it. They’d throw me out. The first thing I’d ask is, “How do I get some action around here?” I wouldn’t be able to help myself. I know they may be dangerous, but I can’t convince myself to take them seriously.

  22. “How is a women lying dead and raped in an alley morally superior to a woman who just shot a man who just tried to rape and murder her?”

    • She’s not. But she is either too stupid/untrained/incapable of using it. It will be taken away from her and she will be shot with it. So she is better off just being raped.

    • Agreed. In light of the fact that demanding moms claims to support the right of the people to keep and bear arms, can you describe the types of restrictions that might go to far or violate the US constitution?

  23. Oh, damn. I was hoping from the headline that it was RF who’d been invited. Can you imagine? But no. I’m sure it’ll be a cold day in Hell before that.

  24. Once they open the meeting for discussion from the audience, stand up and introduce yourself. Don’t mention you’re for or against them. Let them know you want to start an “open dialog” (Use that term verbatim) and then invite them to the range to show them gun safety and how firearms work. Express that there will be no need to shoot if they don’t want to. Then immediately leave your contact number with those in charge and politely leave the meeting.

    Once outside leave an invitation to the range pamphlet on each and every car in the parking lot with your contact information. Quite certain that the people heading up the meeting will not give your contact info out inside the meeting but outside who knows? Probably won’t get any responses from outside either but you offered “the olive branch”.

    You didn’t change their opinion, they’re certainly not going to change yours but you showed that guns folks are the “bigger person”.

  25. Also when/where is this shindig? You know, just in case someone might want to organize in impromptu open carry demonstration. Maybe we could call in the #blacklivesmatter folks for a spontaneous protest.

  26. I would seriously like to ask some of these folks just exactly how they think someone buys a gun “online”. I’m guessing the lo-fo membership, Kim-Kardashian-like, believes you check your choice’s box, give them your credit-card number and delivery address, and just wait for the parcel. I would like to know whether the leadership is that ignorant or whether they are just deceiving the membership. I would really like to put them on the spot on this. Also, I would ask them just exactly what they think an “assault weapon” is. Not that either of those questions is likely to provoke any profound change in anyone’s position, I would just like to see them called out on their ignorance and/or deceptiveness in front of their membership. PS–not sure I’m down with ‘wanting them to think I’m anti-gun’–just sayin’.

  27. Why bother. They have an agenda so discussion is pointless. I know the atgument that you migjt change some minds. If you think you are that good go talk to the terrorists.

  28. You must have a heck of a lot more free time and tolerance for stupidity than I do. Seriously, what’s the goal here? You’re not going to get some kind of useful insight that we don’t already know. It’s a handful of women (and a couple emasculated men) with too much free time and not enough critical thinking skills, stamping their feet and yelling because everybody won’t just do what they say.

    Life is too short to attend MDA meetings.

  29. “Since the vast majority of firearm deaths are suicides; why aren’t we, as an organization, devoting our time and energy to addressing this issue?”

  30. “lets say MOMs gets what they want and all guns of all types are outlawed except for police and military, but 2 problems still exist: 1) criminal activity has sky rocketed especially concerning guns. how do you propose to fix that with more gun laws? 2) the military and police have become ever MORE abusive towards citizens of the US. Since we are all now defenseless, what would you propose would stop such tyranny? “

  31. Go to the meeting, video record everything. Try to get them say to say they hate gun owners, wish them harm, etc. Also try to get them to express their goals, especially long term goals like gun bans. It will make great propaganda for our side.

  32. If you go to the meeting take precautions. Try to record the entire thing. Send it to the cloud. Have a lawyer on speed dial and bail money with a trusted person.

    If you’re outed at the meeting be prepared to be accused of rape and swatted. Since they will be telling all sorts of lies to try and get the police to shoot you make no sudden moves and leave your gun locked in the trunk of your car.

    • It has been my impression those people are batshit crazy, the last place my gun would be is in the car.

  33. “I don’t want to sit next to a stranger with a gun.”

    “…until a mass shooter walks into the door, then I’ll be glad he has a gun.”

    …said no liberal ever.

  34. Here ya’ go:

    “So, I came today because I am interested in your platform, but your message isn’t completely clear. Are we for gun safety or for banning guns? The comments on the facebook page seem to point towards banning, but many public messages talk about ‘safety’. Is it one of the other, or do we start out with one and then move on to the other?”

    Recorder on. Having an actual comment from the nerfs that their actual agenda is to ban guns would be priceless.

  35. What will you do if we try gun control and it doesn’t work?

    What are your plans for dealing with truly illegal firearms such as those smuggled in by cartels?

    Supposing semi-auto “assault rifles” are banned, how would you insure that they are taken out of the public’s hands?

  36. Ask them how they can justify their position when lawful uses of guns for self defense outnumber unlawful uses of guns by several magnitudes. For some reason this is constantly ignored, yet it seems like this should be the ultimate argument against gun control.

  37. Well, if you’re familiar enough with the gun laws, as they mention passing/pushing for things point out where laws already exist but aren’t being enforced.

    Then ask– why aren’t we pushing for enforcement of the existing laws? If the government isn’t bothering to enforce existing laws, how is getting more laws they won’t enforce going to help? Shouldn’t we push for gun law enforcement first to emphasize or prove their effectiveness to doubters?

    Wouldn’t showing an actual improvement in crime rate based on vigorous enforcement of existing laws show their value. In fact- might that be all that needs to be done, we don’t need new laws we need the laws we have taken seriously?

    • This is a great point: why are you asking for stricter gun laws when we don’t enforce existing laws? Not only are prosecutors always dropping or downgrading gun charges, but the government didn’t even charge the straw buyer of the guns used in the Columbine shooting, one of our worst mass shootings, and the straw buyer of the gun used to kill Omaha Police Officer Kerrie Orozco was only given probation.

  38. Ask them what their plans are for getting additional training for police so that they practice at least as much as the average gun owner instead of less.

  39. You don’t. Don’t even deal with these idiots. GRIND THEM IN TO THE DIRT. STOP playing nice with the antis.

  40. I would duck and keep my mouth shut, maybe playing a “yes man.” The reason is simply that if you get any good sound bytes from this, it’s very unlikely that they will mean much of anything due to the mother ship just saying they were doing it on their own. It would give insight to strategies however, and that would be good.

    Also, if you have any stickers etc. on your vehicle, patches on your clothes etc. that aren’t conducive to what you’re doing strip them off so you don’t get made. When in doubt play stupid.

  41. Forgot one:

    Hey, our name invokes MADD, mothers against drunk drivers. They were successful by putting the focus on punishing the violators and education to dissuade folks?

    Why aren’t we pushing for punishment of guilty folks instead of laws directed at honest law-abiding folks? MADD didn’t push for banning all alcohol, or having drinkers banned from owning cars/stripped of keys upon entering a bar. They pushed for harsher penalties or the folks actually violating the law, the folks actually committing the crimes, why isn’t that our strategy?

    That and education directed at folks about responsibility, vice again assuming every gun owner is irresponsible and directing new laws at the law-abiding?

  42. Try to find a non-provacative way to ask how they reconcile the conflicting views that the police are evil and only the police should have guns.

  43. How does a sign barring the presence of guns deter/prevent a criminal or madman, so armed, from entering such a place to do harm?

    Seriously. This is the one question I want honestly addressed by an anti.

  44. Don’t go in with any sort of preselected questions in mind. Simply respond to their remarks that you know to be incorrect or faulty logic. Be respecetful, calm, and intelligent in your queries or statements. Attempt to engage them in civil discourse and defeat them with actual logic and facts to pull the rug out from under their made up concept of “gun sense.”

    Godspeed, good sir!

  45. Don’t ask them anything. We know most of their ‘answers’ and they gladly tell us their opinions.

    Instead stay quiet, take notes, and if you can get pictures of yourself with any of their ‘leaders.’

    Also… Someone said it upstream in the comments, there is a pretty good chance you are not the only pro-gun person in attendance. Look around the group, the odds are real good that anyone else also looking around the group is a POTG because the mda believers will only be paying attention to ‘the message’ and not the other attendees.

  46. Just make sure you take your Epi Pen. Just in case you get the hives or go into anaphylactic shock. Liberalism is a disease you know.

  47. My gag reflex is too strong to be able to spend much time around this crowd. If I went it would be with my infantry t-shirt and a look of disappointment at their stupidity cultivated during my years as a CSM. Detached disdain while they foamed at the mouth and attempted to antagonize me would be very amusing, not to mention drive them bonkers.

  48. I suggest you go upto the front/center of the meeting, strip down naked while yelling “suck on this, bitch”

  49. You ask questions and you will get found out rather quickly. I guarantee it. People are generally not stupid. Ignorant, arrogant and indoctrinated but not stupid. You’ll get found out and they will do whatever they can to publicly shame you.

    Skip it. Seriously, you are walking down the wrong road. If an anti showed up at a gun club meeting, the gun club would try to change that person’s thinking with conversation and invitations to shoot. On the other side of the fence, the antis would probably call the police claiming you threatened them. After screaming at you and possibly physically attacking you.

  50. Assure them that you are just a humble Syrian refugee and have no ill intent of bringing their organization to an end.

  51. say, “I’m against guns, but why does Shannon have armed bodyguards?”
    “Former Mayor Bloomberg travels with armed guards in a bullet proof car which I don’t understand since he is so anti-gun?”
    Do we as moms want to disarm the police also since they shoot people too? That way, the only people that would have guns would be bad people and they would be easier to identify as they shoot at us.”
    “Do we harass people that wear NRA hats and camo clothing to shame them into giving up their guns?
    “Do we call the police to report every single male we see driving a pick-up truck?”

  52. Definitely go!

    If you get a pic with Shannon, Dirk will be insane with jealousy.

    Get video with Shannon and Dirk will have an aneurysm and probably offer good money for the video…


  53. I always think back a couple years to that story of the Detroit mom defending her family with a Hi-Point Carbine. I’d like to show them that video and ask how, exactly, they’d have preferred that story to end. Would they be okay with the kids getting murdered and the mother getting raped? Wait for the cops?

    There are other examples of DGUs you could bring up and ask them if they’d prefer a different outcome.

  54. THIS sounds like about as much fun as an infomercial…suggest you get as many names as possible,don’t make any threatening moves and video record if you can. Ya’ know back in the day(70’s and 80’s) some of the wacky lunatic babes I “dated” were ultra left beautiful crazy sexy sexual dynamos-maybe there’s a few cute nags in the bunch LOL…as a back-up plan.

  55. You should take a female gunner with you, your mother or wife. Let them explain why they are pro gun.

    Remind them that people died before guns where invented. Even if they are completely gone people will still be killed.

    How are elderly people supposed to defend themselves when they are home alone and the police are so far away?

    What if a mother is home alone with her children and someone breaks in, how is she supposed to defend them?

    Mention women who where raped and could have defended themselves.

    Mention how France is hard to get a gun harder than the U.S and you can easily buy a gun on the black market.

    How you wish you could have helped the people in that concert hall.

  56. The quickest way to get kicked out, featured on the MDA site and/or arrested would be to bring a blue training gun with you, present it and ask if anyone thinks the police would be there in time to help them. Be ready for the avalanche of “feeling unsafe.”

  57. Tell them that owning a gun does not make them a criminal. Anti-gun folks fear the criminal connotations that are associated with gun ownership. Citizens should be proud and honored that America’s 2nd amendment trusts them to use their weapons lawfully. Ask them, “If you had a gun, would you loot or rob or take revenge?” They would not. The character of man, not the physical man, decides whether to use a gun for evil or lawful means.

    • No, actually THEY KNOW THEY WOULD shoot somebody they got angry at. That’s why they are against citizen gun ownership.

      They assume we are as angry and twisted as they are.

  58. Ask them this. If they are for gun sense in America, why aren’t they signing people up for firearms handling and safety classes. Afterall that’s what people need to learn to understand firearms.

    Common sense to us gun owners but comleltely lost on the anti-gunners.

  59. Hold your AR over your head and run in place yelling this my rifle, this is my gun, one is for fighting and one is for fun.

  60. So how is all that gun control in Mexico working out?
    If people are evil and should not have guns, why do you want to give people in the government to have all of the guns? Who will police the police and the government?

  61. I want to know why Shannon is playing so damn hard to get. . . . and what side of the bed she prefers to sleep on

    • A)Which ever side it is, it’s the wrong one.
      B)I wouldn’t, you’ll hate yourself for the pillow talk.

  62. You should ask…
    1 )Why do you think its right to encumber a civil right with these barriers, or eliminate them?
    2 )Which of your civil rights are you going to give me agency over?
    3) Finally, isn’t America a little less America with less civil rights?

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