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It’s odd. The same political party that’s embraced civilian disarmament is pro-amnesty for illegal immigrants. While I wouldn’t dare challenge the meme that “undocumented Americans” are anything other than hard-working people pursuing the American dream, I’d bet dollars to donuts that the illegal drug trade employs (if that’s the right word) a fair number of illegal immigrants. Or the children thereof. In other words, the Dems want to disarm citizens to reduce criminal activity while allowing criminals into the country. How do we know there aren’t homicidal madmen like the Sandy Hook spree killer amongst their number? Hello? These people aren’t vetted. In fact, some states want to give undocumented Americans driving licenses; the document people use to buy guns. And what of terrorists? Does this make sense to you?

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    • Perhaps that both calling for allowing undocumented illegal aliens to become citizens without a nary a second glance, as well as advocating civilian disarmament, might be a cocktail that could end up quite disastrous?

    • Robert is pointing out the Orwellian double-speak with the Left trying to re-define illegal aliens as undocumented immigrants. I think he is also pointing out the hypocrisy and double-standards of the Democrat Party which is soft on illegal aliens who are a major source of violent criminal activity sometimes over-lapping with illegal drug trafficking in America (whether pot etc should be illegal or not is a separate issue). Lastly, I think Robert is correctly addressing the problem with such anti-gun states as California allying itself with illegal aliens ie providing state driver’s licenses which is an identifying document used to help illegal aliens (law breakers whether involved in overt crime or not) buy guns.

      I hope this helps clarify.

  1. It would be nice if it was just one party courting the illegal alien vote, and more to the point it’d be nice if there was actually a major party that was not trying to trade amnesty for votes, but I believe both parties want to be given credit for legalizing illegal immigration. It sounds like you’re running short on ideas for stuff to write about.

    • Yes, both major political parties are terrible. But Farago’s observations are still legit. In my state, Crazyfornia, it is no exaggeration to say that illegal aliens get treated a lot better than gun owners. Democrats in this state love their little illegal alien buddies and absolutely hate guns or anyone who owns them. Here, illegal immigrants live normal lives out in the open but gun owners increasingly have to live in the shadows, fearful of being arrested for running afoul of one of our byzantine gun laws.

  2. It makes see if you look at it from the leftist perspective.

    “The foundation of human conflict is material possessions”- Karl Marx.

    Ergo, the leftist dogma is that if everyone has the same standard of living, no one will have reason to fight. Hence their hate for capitism and entrepreneurship. As applied to this topic, helping illegals boost their standard of living is consistent with this ethos. The endgame for the leftist agenda is forced confiscation of property for “redistribution”, to fulfill Marx’s statement. Guns make that process difficult , unless only the benevolent government is armed.

    • “The foundation of human conflict is material possessions”- Karl Marx.”

      I think the marxipads will discover that even if all material wealth gets redistributed and even if for some weird reason people are satisfied new violence and conflicts will simply continue, filling the vacuum, based on ideological, religious, group, or other values. If those concepts get resolved, then it will be something else to have conflict and tension about.

    • “Ergo, the leftist dogma is that if everyone has the same standard of living, no one will have reason to fight.”

      But if I kill you and take your stuff, my standard of living will be twice as good as it was before. If the standard of living is low enough, it doesn’t take much to make a big difference.

      A bit of math should tell us where the percentage of improvement curve has a slope of 45 degrees, which is where diminishing returns sets in and it is more trouble than it’s worth to kill additional people.

  3. Ah, I didn’t catch the part where DiFi outlines how she would restrict the pictured “citizen’s” gun ownership in her “Common sense” legislation.

  4. I know I’ve seen that guy in the picture somewhere!

    Oh yeah!


  5. I will never register. And I expect nothing. Gun control is over for me. I’m free.

    I can’t fear what I don’t respect. I have lost all respect for ALL gun control laws, because I have had far too many shoved in my face. They have become too onerous to comply with in good faith. Any attempt at being ‘reasonable” has not been met with equal reasonableness, only further demands and threats to take my property and imprison or kill me.

    So let the thing get underway.

  6. This is one of the many reasons why the gun grabbing agenda must be fought at all levels. Part of the problem with our nation is that we are getting what we vote for, what the media “knows” is best for our country. Perhaps undocumented firearms will get college tuition under Obamacare as well. Many Mexicans believe that California will soon be theirs again, and with liberals in power, they will soon have their wish.

    • I think Mexican control of California would improve the state. When liberals stand in the way of oil production and irrigation the government will just shoot them. I am quite willing to sell California back to Mexico on two conditions. We retain the San Diego naval base in perpetuity and that any former US citizens be prohibited from enter the United States.

  7. If politics were about rationality and logic, there wouldn’t be a rush to ban 10+ round magazines and we wouldn’t have had the ridiculous theater of the “fiscal cliff” or “sequester.”

    But as we all know… bombastic, emotion-laden, knee-jerk responses seem to be the order of the day.

    For example, if the anti-tax, anti-gun control Republican Party is pro-personal liberty, why do they oppose gay rights and pro-choice abortion (both personal liberty issues). Or if the Democratic Party is all about “the people” and are supposed to the anti-big business party, why do current Democratic ideas about public education favor privatization and letting large businesses steal public dollars to give ridiculous tests that don’t even test kids about what they’re learning?

    We could go on and on about the paradoxical idiocy of politicians…

  8. The slippery slope has begun and the government has just shown its inability to police its laws. By making something, I have no intention of complying with, illegal; you’ve taken a normally law-abiding citizen and made me a criminal. Furthermore, since you won’t actually pursue me, you’ve shown us all that we can perhaps get away with more. Maybe the next step is cheating on your taxes? Got it?

    • Money and property are things they actually care about stealing so they’ll come after you if do that, guaranteed.

  9. A more interesting question is, What should the governing elite that passes these laws expect from their newly transformed “subjects?”

    Continued work at the ballot box to replace these politicians with some that believe in freedom and efforts to get the laws struck down by the courts of course. But what else?

  10. Amnesty Sì, Amnesty No
    And Other Irrelevancies

    by Fred Reed
    February 8, 2013

    I don’t understand the dispute over amnesty. The fat lady has sung, Latino-wise. It’s over. Seventeen percent of the United States is now Latino. The percentage is increasing, and will increase. You can like it, or hate it, or not care. It doesn’t much matter. You might as well dislike gravitation.

    Supposedly there are eleven million illegals in the country. Granting them amnesty will not make them go away. Not granting them amnesty will not make them go away. Amnesty might attract more, if jobs were available. Withholding amnesty will leave them permanently marginalized. Take your choice.
    read the whole thing at

  11. Does this make sense to you?

    It makes as much sense as anything eminating from the insane regime in Washington. The administration’s reach far exceeds its grasp. The rate of economic growth is the lowest in two years but the administration is busy kissing illegal @ss. Obama’s approval ratings are dropping as taxes rise. The pushback on gun rights is becoming more organized and vocal. The whole damn socialist agenda of wealth redistribution is coming off the rails.

    When the Pretender in Chief finally leaves the WH, he will be recognized as a worse President than Jimmy Carter. Of course, he’ll turn the nation into sh!t before he’s gone, but we will survive our experiment with amateur government.

  12. You mean offer people free stuff and a better place to live (at the expense of the taxpayers) in return for votes to keep them in office?


  13. Amnesty…….whatever. The only reason any politician is for amnesty is to buy votes. Thats really all any ‘gubmint program is for.

  14. I’ll bet dollars to donuts that the democrats will indeed offer amnesty in the future. It is a diabolical way to “win” more votes.

  15. It makes perfect sense when you account for the propensity of violent criminal illegal aliens to vote Democrat.

  16. I’m waiting for obama to do something really really stupid, I think he has one of these EO’s ready to go. The only thing that might hold him back is his ego/legacy, I don’t think he wants to be impeached, Randy

  17. Guns don’t produce anchor babies, and don’t become welfare “clients” beholden to their Democrat masters, and so don’t become low information voters. Progressives / Democrats have no principles, only an ideology (collectivism with themselves as the ruling elite) and accrual of power. So illegal aliens and their progeny become their human inventory and so serve their needs, whereas guns are an obstacle. That explains it.

  18. “How do we know there aren’t homicidal madmen like the Sandy Hook spree killer amongst their number? ”

    Google “MS 13″…..

  19. I clicked on the article There was a stupid ad below the pictures titled “One shot, one deer, no assault rifle.” It said it had 124/150k signatures needed on the petition. Another attempt to split hunters off and obfuscate the true reason for the 2A.


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