Question of the Day: How Many “Shootings” Near You This Year?


I’m a big fan of The Trace. Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop machine gives me immediate access to the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex’s thinking. Sure, I wish The Trace didn’t exist. But its existence keeps me in-the-know. Their latest gambit: an interactive map showing how many “shootings” occurred in a given Americans’ immediate vicinity. Searching my 10-20, it seems there were . . .

2 shootings within a 5-mile radius of this point in the past year, 2 fatal and non-fatal. The closest shooting was 4.80 miles away.

In fact, the closest shooting was a suicide 100 yards from where I’m sitting.

Hmmm. I wonder if we can rely on the data provided by the “nonprofit, nonpartisan project known as the Gun Violence Archive” in conjunction with Slate and The Trace. Which proves our previous assertion that there is an anti-gun rights “journolist” feeding the forces ranged against firearms freedom.

Anyway, how many shootings in your locale? And why would that make you want to support gun control, as opposed to tooling-up?


  1. avatar Scott says:

    3604 shootings in Chiraq, impressive. They obviously have a thriving black market for everything there.

  2. avatar mark s. says:

    WOW !
    I love all these maps , they always show one state completely devoid of all color , whether it’s cell phone coverage , best place for jobs , or gun violence , same thing , clear .
    Can anyone guess which state it is ?
    Lots of beautiful mountains and rivers , lots of boarded up coal mines , lots of moonshine and unemployment , and lots of good people with small farms and firearms who still know how to survive off grid .
    The only time you see a map of the US that has WV colored in is when someone comes up with a gun ownership per household map . hehe .

    1. avatar NineShooter says:

      Even the locations that show “incidents” aren’t necessarily randomly dangerous.
      Take this example from the largest city in my state:


      Type: Victim
      Gender: Male
      Status: Injured

      Type: Victim
      Gender: Female
      Status: Unharmed

      Type: Perpetrator
      Gender: Male
      Status: Unharmed

      Incident Characteristics

      Non-Shooting Incident
      Home Invasion
      Home Invasion – Resident injured
      BB/pellet gun

      Pistol-whipped by a person with a BB gun, but found on a map touted as “How Many People Have Been Shot Near You This Year?”. And yes, plastic is a bad choice for a club (one of the few areas where a 1911 or all-metal 1911 clone would be a better choice), but based on the title, this shouldn’t have been included at all (not a shooting, not a real gun).

      (with apologies): Lies, damn lies, and statistical charts.

    2. avatar Stinkeye says:

      It might be nice out in the sticks, but West Virginia ain’t all that peaceful. Charleston and Huntington both have crime rates much higher than the national average.

      1. avatar mark s. says:

        Holy crap , I’m proud to say you named the only two cities in the state with populations over 60,000 .
        I feel perfectly safe anywhere here as long as I’m …………ops , someone just looked in my window , I’ll be back .

        1. avatar MattG says:

          Time to fire up the backhoe? 😉

  3. avatar mark s. says:

    Kentucky looks pretty clear too .

    1. avatar CRF says:

      Of course. As a Kentucky resident, I can confirm that the sun is always shining bright.

    2. avatar Cliff H says:

      Pretty sure Raylan took care of the problem in Kentucky, then was transferred back to Florida.

  4. avatar Texheim says:

    The info includes police fatal shooting suspects, there have been 18 shootings with in 10 miles of me with the closest being the police ventilating a steak shoplifter armed with a knife at HEB

  5. avatar Arkansas kurt says:

    0. Not much murdering going on here in gun infested conservative minded rural Arkansas. There must be something wrong with the software they are using, because I know of several hundred assault murder gun things with in a five mile radius of my house. odd

  6. avatar Katy says:

    The data is pretty good. They had a recent shooting in our area already listed. It was a murder-wounding-suicide. Ex killed the replacement, wounded the former flame, killed himself.

    Problem with the data is that it called this an officer involved shooting. The first and second were before police were on scene. The latter happened while he was in the garage and the police were in front telling in to surrender. He got in a car, got out of the car, shot himself in the head. So, the cops were there, and had guns pointed at the armed man, but I wouldn’t in a million years call it officer involved.

  7. avatar Ralph says:

    According to The Trance, uh, I mean The Trace, everyone in America will be gunmurdered this week unless we close the legal loophole that permits legal loopholes. Close the loophole loophole!

    The Trance has been my go-to source ever since Galaxy Science Fiction magazine went out of business.

  8. avatar Bobiojimbo says:

    You know what I noticed most? That the greater the population density, the greater the chance for violent crime, murder, or injury committed with a firearm. This isn’t surprising, basic probability would predict that an increased number of people would increase the chance of these incidents.

    1. avatar mark s. says:

      Oh , that is why WV is so clear , population 1 million 850 thousand .
      NYC , 8 million .
      I like it here .

  9. avatar Jim Bullock says:

    Shootings in city and county by OFWG, NRA-members using legally-owned evil black rifles … none.

    “Shootings” … quite a few more.

    Any questions?

  10. avatar PeterK says:

    1 was within a mile of me. Trailer park shooting of acquaintances. Can’t say I’m TOO surprised, yet I’d hoped I was in a pretty crime free area.

    Probably still better than the last neighborhood I was in at least.

  11. avatar dlj95118 says:

    …so, the number of shootings appears to track the density of populated areas.

    I say we ban “high-density metropolitans”!!

    1. avatar Bobiojimbo says:

      Actually supports our argument more than theirs: people are to blame for theses incidents, not the tools they use.

    2. avatar Curtis in IL says:

      “…so, the number of shootings appears to track the density of areas populated by leftist statists.”

      Fixed that for ya.

      If you think it’s related to population density, then compare Chicago to Houston and tell me why the difference in violent crime.

  12. avatar Derwood67 says:

    Nada in my neighborhood, but looked up the White House and got 3 fatal and 13 non fatal shootings within 2 miles during the last year.

  13. avatar Chris S says:

    DFW suburb – “There have been 5 shootings within a 3-mile radius of this location in the last year, 2 fatal and 3 non-fatal.” Of those 1 fatal and 1 non-fatal were from a single DGU event.

  14. avatar MamaLiberty says:

    Zero this year, and only one in the last 10 years. And yes, we pretty much all have guns, lots of them.

  15. avatar Chris says:

    There’s one in my city.
    First homicide in nearly 2 decades. Suspect was caught after a high speed chase and from what I can tell is still awaiting a trial.

  16. avatar Shire-man says:

    One suicide about 50 miles from me.
    It’s epidemic I tells ya!!! Epidemic!!!!!!!

    I like how it says “cluster of 7 near you” but that one 50 miles away is the closest.
    70+ miles out isn’t exactly on my doorstep.

  17. avatar David Thompson says:

    I got a self defense shooting a few miles from my house. Woman killed her abusive boyfriend. Hah!

  18. avatar Red Sox says:

    Here in the hometown of Smith & Wesson we are hovering around 20 fatalities but according to the map there have been zero, perhaps cooked numbers for or by the local corruptoticians.

    1. avatar NineShooter says:


      Perhaps you’ve hit on a way to improve our “gun death stats”; use whatever method the corrupt Pols use, so no stats are displayed anywhere on the map.

      Problem solved!

  19. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    Plenty around here-Cook County,Illinois. A couple in my town south of Chiraq. I find it amusing that the clueless(including HERE) lump us all in with Chicago. Then again my son informed me that even though he lives only 10 miles from Baltimore they are a crime free paradise(except when the guy who murdered 2 cops point blank in NYC shot his girlfriend before going on his NYC spree)…never mentioned is the murder rate in Chicago is much lower than even the 1990’s.

    1. avatar Trixie True says:

      Did you poke at any of the Chicago ones? I was going through the two clusters of eight within a few blocks of Grant Park, most of which have just “Chicago, IL” for an address, clicked through to the linked newspaper report for one of them, and it was a shooting in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood (no idea where that is), “in the 2500 block of West 71st Street” (not familiar with that, either, but I know it’s nowhere near Grant Park!). That seems to be the case of most of the shooting near touristy areas. For instance, the two shootings marked just south of Millennium Park happened in Wicker Park and just south of Washington Park, respectively, both a good long way from the Bean.

      There certainly have been ugly incidents in Chicago’s touristy areas a couple of times this past year, although I don’t remember any that involved shooting. I’m wondering if they’re just trying to spread Chicago shootings around more to disguise how localized the problem is, or if they’re deliberately trying to make the touristy areas look more dangerous.

      OTOH, the markers in my home city that I’ve checked have been accurately distributed. But the Chicago ones are wonky enough to make it useless for a tourist wanting to locate the areas to avoid. Fortunately there’s still CityData and whatnot, but it’d be nice to have a map showing the shootings to help visualize the problem areas.

      1. avatar Former Water Walker says:

        Trixie True>AVOID the south and westsides. Period. Or avoid the whole freakin’ city-I do unless I am conducting business. The natives are rest less with all the BS cop shootings…even though pretty much all were criminals committing crimes…

  20. avatar Emfourty Gasmask says:

    Funny hown the numbers are obscene in gun control bastions

    1. avatar TruthTellers says:

      You know what that means, right? They need MORE gun control!

    2. avatar MiniMe says:

      Indeed. LOL

  21. avatar Jiz says:

    They are reporting bb guns in chicago

  22. avatar Jeremy in AL says:

    One last year six miles away. Lawful self defense. Makes me feel safer to know the perp is gone.

  23. avatar JC says:

    Saw one by mom’s house, one by mother-in-law. Never heard of them in the news. My reaction was, “Damn! Glad I carry. Better keep the situational awareness up.”

    Don’t know how this could do anything other than reinforce two things: 1) stay out of crappy areas, and 2) carry your damn gun!

    1. avatar Stinkeye says:

      Were those two actual assaults, or suicides? A whole lot of the data appears to be suicides and negligent discharges, which they have to include to boost the numbers.

  24. avatar Mark N. says:

    There were five reported within 60 miles of my home, three were police shootings (all fatal) (and they missed one), two were domestic violence related at the same location, and the last was an idiot (and probable gang member) with a zip shotgun who managed to shoot himself in the face (unfortunately nonfatal). I guess I should be afraid–very very afraid.

  25. avatar Lt Dave says:

    I live in Roseburg Oregon. Need I say more?

  26. avatar Scorpion says:

    The one 4.3 miles from me was police shooting and killing a perpetrator. My guns were not involved at all. Nor were those of my neighbors. Maybe The Trace should work on taking guns away from the cops first.

  27. avatar Steven02 says:

    So, I have 2 shootings in my area, and they were close to each other. So I look it up, and it is the same shooting incident. I wonder how many of those are happening.

  28. avatar Matthew says:

    Two shootings within a mile of my house, both defensive gun uses, two home invaders dead. I don’t know why they’re red. I’d use a happy color like gold or light blue.

  29. avatar SteveX says:

    No shootings but a radical Muslim beheaded a lady less than a city block from my house in Moore, Oklahoma.

    He was killed (while trying to behead his second victim) by a guy who went out to his car and got his AR.

    Guess where that puts me on the gun control question…

    1. avatar SteveX says:

      Oddly enough, that shooting is not shown…

      1. avatar NineShooter says:

        A defensive shooting of a knife-wielding killer? By a law-abiding gun owner? Using an evil assault-style weapon? Of COURSE it’s not shown! It couldn’t GET any more anti-gun-control-narrative than that!

  30. avatar Paul says:

    Wow. I put in my address and came up with one incorrectly located pin (similar street name to a street in the local “hood”, what else is new?) and of all things that I did not know about, a DGU by an Army vet against a burglar/home invader who was himself armed. In this case, shotgun beat pistol, and Army beat perp, who now faces three class A felony charges. Pretty telling to zoom out on the map, as all the local “hoods” light up, with everything else being empty except for the one DGU.

  31. avatar Sam I Am says:

    Excellent ! Excellent !

  32. avatar Jim S says:

    There’s been one shooting in my area, and it was a bunch of young meth addicts doing home invasions for the purpose of stealing guns. Unfortunately it wasn’t the home invaders that got shot 🙁

    Next closest shooting is 200 miles away. Sometimes it pays to live in the middle of nowhere.

  33. avatar CarlosT says:

    Apparently there was one down the street from me, here in Seattle. It was an attempted armed robbery where the perp fired into the ground, and the ricochets injured some bystanders:

    Looking at Seattle generally, the pattern is distinct. The north Seattle is mostly clear. The couple of “warm spots” (calling them hot spots is overstating it) are the University District and Lake City. Then south of Denny Way, starting Downtown and going from there, is where you see the vast majority of the Seattle area shootings. It follows down the I-5 corridor to Tacoma, which has a bunch of incidents. Bellevue, where the SAF is based, and where a large share of King County’s gun owners live? Completely clear. Nothing from Renton up to Kirkland and out to Redmond.

  34. avatar Joleolsen says:

    Imagine my surprise to find a school shooting in my neighborhood when I had never heard about one so close.

    Then I look at the map a little closer and the shooting occured in an alley a long block (should be two blocks) northwest of the college campus. So not on campus and not really that close.

    Reading the linked news article I learn that the victim was talking to some people in a car when one of the occupants of the car pulled out a gun and shot him. The victim refused to ID the car or the people in it. Sounds like a drug deal gone wrong to me.

    But hey, it was kind of near a college campus so they decided to classify it as a school shooting so that they have bigger numbers to put in their headlines.

    To quote another: Lies, damn lies, and statistical charts.

  35. avatar Big B says:

    I was looking at this chart when I saw it on Yahoo. In Northwest Ohio I noticed that these numbers include suicides (while tragic, aren’t acts of gun violence), criminals killed by police and best of all, included a K-9 officer. Not the K-9 handler but the dog itself! Shot by a criminal while being pursued.

  36. avatar Brian M says:

    Nearest my home? 723. Around my college? 2655, IDK. Together: 3378?

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