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Wyoming has Constitutional carry for residents. Like many such states, it also offers a concealed carry permit for residents seeking reciprocity in states that recognize its permit (e.g., Idaho, Montana, Utah and Colorado. where I visit family regularly). The comparison between Wyoming’s permitting process and that of my former home state of California’s drawn-out, expensive and unconstitutional process is night and day. It’s not surprising. But it is shocking.

Like California, a Wyoming concealed carry permit requires proof of firearms training. The Golden State doesn’t accept any training certificate from anyone other than an approved, in-state instructor. My certificate from the Colorado Gunfighter class, for example, didn’t apply. Wyoming accepts training certificates from any state. So I don’t have to retake the many “official” classes I was forced to spend time and money taking in California.

I’ve filled Wyoming application and had it notarized. Now all I have to do is bring my Wyoming driver’s license, a $64 cashier’s check and the certificate of completion for the Colorado course (or any of the four California required classes) to the Lincoln Sheriff’s office. I’ll be fingerprinted and photographed and a permit will be mailed to me. That’s it.

Sometime in the next few weeks, I’ll have a Wyoming CCW permit.  I’m still angry that I have to buy back my right to bear arms from the government. And wonder why Constitutional Carry isn’t the law of the land throughout the United States. But at least Wyoming makes the permitting process a lot less painful than California. What’s it like in your neck of the woods?

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  1. Utah: Have you committed a crime against your fellow man?
    Me: No.
    Utah: Do you have a pulse?
    Me: Um…yes?
    Utah: Here you go.

      • My out of state UT did. it was only an extra few hours on the NV course though so I’m not sure how long the actual UT class is.

      • True, but it’s still very easy in comparison to most states. Got a government-issued ID? Take the class (about 4 hours), photos, fingerprints, fill out the application, write a check, mail it in. Your permit will arrive about 5 weeks later. No shooting to qualify, no prior safety class or firearms training, no nothing. It’s not Constitutional Carry, but it’s still pretty easy.

  2. Illinois here. I wouldn’t say it’s ‘hard’, just expensive and painfully slow.

    16 hours of training (8 if former military) is a little much, although as a gun guy, I didn’t mind the classes. They were fun. The $150 ‘processing fee’ for the online app is really shitty. Add in the cost of training (125-200 bucks), and you’re effectively denying a permit to low income individuals. Costs even more if you shell out for finger prints, which supposedly speed up the process. The 90 day wait is too long, too.

    At least we have shall issue. That’s pretty rad.

    • Expensive and slow are my thoughts too. There were two guys who taught my class, one was a suburban detective and the other a corrections officer. The detective was an excellent instructor; informed, engaging, personable, he explained us of force excellently. The corrections officer was an idiot, I caught him off guard with one statement and he seemed to be reeling a little and ended the conversation with a lie to save face. He also disparaged the fact that an arrest does not disqualify someone from getting a license, only conviction, I felt that was fair or else a vindictive officer could, as rare as it may be, could destroy one’s rights.

    • 8 hours can be most any other firearm training (NRA classes, hunting safety….), Other than that, about the same as Texas. OMG, Texas = Chicago with regards to CCW

      • How do you get Texas = Illinois?

        Our training requirement is only 4 to 6 hours, compared to their 16 hours. As a practical matter, expect ours to be right at four hours, so that’s 1/4 their time frame.

        Our application-related fees are the same, but we have bills in the legislature right now for constitutional carry and elimination of the license fee. If either passes, and both could, carrying becomes free.

        Our class training is nowhere near the high end $200 he cited (which actually can be $225+) in Illinois. Training can be had here for as low as $49, less than 1/4 of their rates. (A number of places here even offer it free to various professionals like teachers.)

        In Texas, there’s a trainer on every corner, so you don’t have to schedule far in advance like Illinois.

        In Texas, the wait time is capped at 60 days. In reality, it’s 3 to 4 weeks. In Illinois, it’s supposed to be 90 days…..

        In Illinois, you have to have a FOID card, too, before you can even get a carry license. That’s another $10 and upwards of two months waiting time. In Texas, and 46 other states, we have no such thing as a firearm owners I.D. card.

        Finally, Illinois renewal requires another 3 hours of training and all the expense and hassle associated with that. In Texas? None required, you can renew online.

        Texas = Illinois? lol. Yeah, maybe if you learned your math in public school.

        • OK, Texas is Bad, Illinois is just a little worse. FYI, Illinois you can apply and renew online (yes the renewal training sucks). FOID card is the same way, FYI it is $10 for 10 years, so yes it sucks but it is not so much of a burden. I think our legislature got most of their fee ideas from Texas, so thanks on that front. Also Illinois usually issues them at 30 or 60 days (30 days extra if no fingerprints). We are capped at 60 if you sent in fingerprints. The think Illinois has issues. And Texas has them too. I lived in Arizona for 4 years, so it just pisses me off when I hear Texans tell us how bad Illinois is.

        • Sir, respectfully I disagree. While DPS says it’s capped at 60 days it isn’t. I submitted mine finally in Nov and still don’t have it. Just today DPS website says it’s all GTG and now I wait for the license actual. I have several other validations from DPS for commissioned security etc. Plus military service. Texas isn’t as gun friendly as it seems. The large fees IMHO is equivalent to a poll tax. While I hope for constitutional carry at worst it should just be a 50.00 fee, a NICS check and maybe the class. Also it’s absurd that I can carry a M4 without a license but I put a .380 in my pocket I’m a criminal.

      • Jonathan – Houston- “How do you get Texas = Illinois?”

        Now you have some grasp how Illinois got it’s shit carry bill. It was “men”(?) like binder and the clowntards from southern Illinois that comprise the Todd Vandermyde fanbro club. As we speak they can be found on the Illinois Carry forum gushing witticisms like, “thanks Todd” or “we trust you Todd” or “in Todd we trust” like broads at a baby shower.
        I am not making this up.

        Once you get outside Cook County and south of Joliet, you may as well be in Tennessee as far as the I.Q. level, or lack thereof. No, that would be insulting to the humans in Tennessee. In addition to their inability to read, the southern IL gun hicks have so little self-respect that they look up to NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde as a role model.
        That’s pretty low.

        As someone whose ancestors hearken back over one hundred years in the once-great state of Illinois, I apologize for the existence of cretins like binder, who are no more able to comprehend your fact-based arguments than the monkeys at Lincoln Park Zoo. Ignore their fumbling and ignorant attempts to communicate with humans, they are so stupid that they still haven’t figured out that they got backstabbed by NRA.

        • You’re one serious confused fellow, comes from dwelling in a progtard hive. I’ll take the real folks in downstate Illinois over the cesspool of Chiraq/Cook Co.

    • CKnarf,

      “The $150 ‘processing fee’ for the online app is really shitty. Add in the cost of training (125-200 bucks), and you’re effectively denying a permit to low income individuals.”

      That is exactly what the Illinois legislature intended.

      • I guess it is the same for Texas (and a lot of other states) At least fingerprints are optional. For Utah, they sent me a letter a year AFTER I got my licence asking for new ones as the first two sets I sent in were illegible.

        And in Illinois, you can do everything (but the training) online

    • At least we have shall issue. That’s pretty rad.

      Yeah, except for that whole section where, regardless of the fact that you meet the eligibility requirements of the law, local law enforcement can object to your application, in which case your app is forwarded to the Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board, where an overpaid group of 6 people work part time to decide whether or not they feel you should be allowed to possess a concealed carry license. I know of people who’ve waited close to 2 years “under board review,” and are still waiting….

      Oh, and don’t forget about the $75 fee to simply update your address if you happen to move, whereby your CCL is essentially treated as a new application and can take the entire 90-120 day time frame to be reissued. And the same fee applies if you happen to lose your CCL, except in that case you lose the right to carry until your new card is reissued.

      • CueBaller, A lot of states have issues. Texas denies people for disturbing the peace during loud parties. And for the people you “know of” try and find out the facts first.

      • Unless you live in an anti-gun county, or you have something on your record, even waaaaaaaay back, the denial/review process isn’t very common. At least, that’s what I’ve put together.

        However, I have heard horror stories from people with common names like ‘John Smith’ having mistaken identity issues, and having to deal with that bullshit. One thing that really bugs me, is older guys who might have made a mistake or two in their 20s, but have an otherwise clean record, getting denied.

        “Oh, you had some weed back in ’70. DENIED.”

        Completely forgot about that $75 dollar fee for an address change, too. I moved literally two blocks down the street a couple years back, and had to pay it. What a rip, man.

        Hold on to your old CCW permit if you get a new one. They remain valid, as long as you update your address online, just like your DL**. It’s good to have a spare in the glove box, just in case you get stopped

        **From what I understand. Not a lawyer over here, so, ‘at your own risk yada yada’

      • Cute Balls- “Yeah, except for that whole section where, regardless of the fact that you meet the eligibility requirements of the law, local law enforcement can object to your application, in which case your app is forwarded to the Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board…”

        It’s good to see you attempting to grow a brain. Your hero Brandon Phelps was quoted in the newspaper defending the Illinois CCLRB circa 2013 when his shit carry bill was being debated, “We wanted to give them (cops) the benefit of the doubt.” (To deny licenses)

        If you’re a good old boy from Harrisburg down in “Little Egypt” and the police are your friends, you will get your license no problem. Have Richard Pearson teach you the Masonic handshake the next time you’re at the ISRA range in Kankakee.

        Why don’t you make an appointment with Phelps and ask him to abolish the unelected Star Chamber CCLRB? Then watch him cancel the appointment at the last minute and run away. He’s well known in the Stratton building for his cowardly behavior.

        But I wouldn’t expect you to investigate the facts for yourself, that would take effort. It’s easier if you get your information from “ISRA alerts” and leave the thinking to them.

        If you attend the IGOLD March of the Hicks- 2017 in Springfield, you may be able to catch a glimpse of your role model Phelps, hear his golden voice, and perhaps touch the hem of his garment. Don’t think too hard about the CCLRB and the criminal penalties in Phelps carry bill, he cares about you as a person and is doing the best he can to look out for your interests.

        Start growing out your beard for IGOLD, the Duck Dynasty look is all the rage, and above all you want to fit in and conform to the group. And don’t forget to send more money to ISRA.

        Legend has it that ISRA controls millions of dollars from the widows of old ISRA members they scammed into leaving their estates. Pearson is an insurance salesman by trade you know, and ISRA has scimmed off lots of estates since 1903.

    • Cknarf- “Add in the cost of training (125-200 bucks), and you’re effectively denying a permit to low income individuals.”

      If you are even remotely suggesting that Illinois’ carry bill statehouse sponsor Brandon Phelps cares about “low income individuals” like Otis McDonald, he let NRA state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde place Duty to Inform in his “NRA backed” concealed carry bill in 2013, along with the public transportation ban for poor black folks taking the CTA bus or El train to work.

      The white racist hicks in southern IL don’t care about “low income individuals” (blacks in Chicago) because the rednecks drive their monster trucks everywhere.

      “At least we have shall issue. That’s pretty rad.”

      Illinois does not have a shall issue bill. Right now there are over 2,000 people waiting for review from the Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board because some cop objected to their application.

      The Big Lie from Richard Pearson and the insane clown posse at ISRA World Headquarters in Chatsworth was that “we” “had to have” Duty to inform in “our” bill, because “our bill is shall-issue.” You were lied to. Pearson and the losers at ISRA couldn’t punch their way out of a paper bag.

      • 2,000 denials and reviews out of 200,000+ issued permits isn’t exactly bad, 99% of the time, you’re getting a permit. If you have all of the training and fees covered, you tend to get it without trouble. Okay, so technically not 100% ‘shall issue’. Hell of a lot of better than highly restrictive ‘may-issue’ (Non-issue, more like it) states. We may have been the last state to get some form of carry, but we are far from the worst when it comes to actually getting a permit.

        And many folks are unaware that Illinois isn’t a DTI state. At least, not in the traditional sense. Only if asked by an officer if you are armed, are you legally obligated to declare your firearm. If it doesn’t come up in the interaction, you don’t have to legally mention it.**

        **Unless things have changed. At your own risk yada yada.

        • Ck- “2,000 denials and reviews out of 200,000+ issued permits isn’t exactly bad…”

          The standard for denial of concealed carry license in Illinois is “preponderance of the evidence” which is the same legal “standard” as red light camera violations.

          NRA hasn’t lent a dime to help with legal expenses for a single person appealing the CCLRB in Illinois, but I’m sure they will get around to it soon.
          Thanks for illustrating the low expectations of Illinois NRA members.

          “Only if asked by an officer if you are armed, are you legally obligated to declare your firearm.”

          Every violation of Illinois’ carry bill is criminal, which means the cop can kill you if you don’t comply. There is no requirement that the “officer” who disarms you be in uniform. When your mother is disarmed, abducted, and ass raped by a police impersonator like John Gacy, call NRA HQ and tell them what a great job NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde did.

          Once again thanks for illustrating the low I.Q. level of NRA members that got us a shit bill which legalizes police state murder.

    • thank you “Illinois”..Clearlake, Ca. here. $350 fee, 3 independent entities “may” approve ..i am disabled, moneys a bitch. It is jst not right…I’ll be asking at the Lakeport Sheriff’s office soon, in person, why they are able to infringe on our constitutional rights via fee/s ? Not sure there are not additional fees for training ! Also, if they’ve been challenged in court already etc. Ultimately want to bail outta Ca. but bla bla stuff at this time..$ the biggie always..P.S. In addition to the $350 & 3 ppl for “may” approve, and i recognize the stickyness to what ill point out here, the app goes, in parcial, like this…Are you currently using a narcotic…Have you ever used a narcotic…How long has it been since you’ve used a narcotic..Deep subject for sure, but…lots to talk n think about that handy addition ! Me, very low dose now, 30 mils daily, done by me with no real pressure from my Dr’s and workin towards off it..had guns all my adult life including of course ten yrs ago when i was on 360 mils morphine daily ..point being my code of ethics, conduct nor morallity ever change one bit…duh ? rt

      • Clarity on my coment out of context…Ric T. here. When i wrote “done by me”, I left out that i had been on the 360 mils and that id reduced to 30..”done by me”.. RT

      • So Cal here…I didn’t pay a $350 fee, since it’s been a while, I think I paid about $150 total fees which included mandatory class ($52 & $35).

  3. Long and annoying in Louisiana, took class in September (enjoyed it, retired force recon/deputy instructor) and sent in paperwork and prints-sent payment 1/4 and haven’t gotten my permit yet. Heard our governor is slow tracking permits by reassigning troopers and cutting overtime for processing but all I know is that if you call the concealed handgun unit, the line is always busy.

  4. I currently live in WA and things are getting bad here. While I haven’t completely lost my rights yet, it is important to have a back up plan and the idea of moving to Wyoming is certainly appealing. I work has a pharmacist. For those of you in Wyoming, do you love where you live and what are some of the great cities to live in there?

    • Mark, if you are looking to live in the city, probably Jackson Hole and Cody are going to be the most popular, with Jackson Hole being the most expensive. Both of them are near the Tetons and its pretty country. Laramie and Cheyenne are in the southeast and would also have a lot of job opportunities for you. I’m retired and live a bit northwest of Laramie in a very small town-about 15 minutes away from some really good trout fishing. Found a nice 3000 sq ft house with a wet bar, entertainment center, finished basement and a double car garage for $126K.

        • Quite a bit, actually, depending on where you’re looking. As you move further out from the downtown areas, 400K can get you a fair bit of house.

          NB that Casper, Cheyenne and Laramie form “the triangle of winds” here in Wyoming. There are lots of other western states where there are nice winds. The Triangle of Wind, however, is different. If you don’t like walking into 70+ MPH winds in a snowstorm, this area might not be your cup of tea. It’s windy as hell in the winter, and it can be windy as hell in the summer.

          • Yikes, not a big fan of wind. Are we talking frequent power outage and damage to homes type of winds? How is it shooting outdoors in your backyard?

        • Define “frequent.”

          Homes are damaged in this state not only by winds (which can lift up shingles on poorly installed shingle roofs), but also from hail that size of golf balls to softballs. Hailstorms are an issue in the Rockies, especially in the summer, from New Mexico clear up into Canada.

          Winds often cause trees to shed branches, and there are some power outages due to that. Power outages can be quite localized after storms.

      • Jackson Hole’s real estate is affordable only to the wealthiest people in the nation.

        Cody is significantly more affordable, but in no way can it be described as a “city” other than the form of government – it’s only about 10K residents year-round. The local population swells during the summer due to tourists. It’s a small town, with plenty of gun-related businesses, but it’s still a small town. For much of your shopping, you’re hiking up the road to Billings.

        The only two actual “cities” in Wyoming are Casper and Cheyenne. They’re both larger than 75K population in their metro areas. Everything else is a huge step down from there – Gillette was the up-and-coming #3, with a population of 27K or so, but Obama’s War on Coal has put Gillette’s economy into a tailspin. Sheridan, Laramie are both in the 20 to 30K population range, and from there, things go down in size pretty rapidly.

        • Well, I guess when the super volcano blows, the rich libs of Jackson Hole are in deep trouble. Then again, so is the rest of the world!

      • Jackson Hole has been total infested with transplanted Commiefornias for at least 25years. As fake and moronic as is LA area.

    • I live in Wyoming, and I will never go anywhere else. But don’t look to the cities here if you are thinking of moving. The cities, few as they are, more and more are becoming the focus of local tyranny and, all too often, a great influence on the state legislature. Please visit the rural areas, especially in the NE. Talk to people, and you’ll find many of like mind.

      • Hmm, local tyranny as in interfering with the 2nd Amendment? That’s certainly disturbing. Are you seeing an influx of leftists?

        • Yes, they’re like cancer. Jackson is filled with them. The county has now voted Democratic in the last three presidential elections. It’s infested with Hollywood pervs and hedge fund absentee landowners, served by waitstaff of minimum-wage coffee-shop leftists. The locals are quickly being outnumbered.

          • That is a shame. Well, at least the majority of the state is Red. Even if the rich libs take over Jackson, they can’t defeat us all. Still though….

            • Mark: Back when I was in high school (and dinosaurs ruled) on the other side of the mountains, the standing joke was that the millionaires were chasing the ordinary folks out of Jackson. Today, it’s the billionares chasing (have chased) the millionaires out. Now the millionaires have moved to Driggs and Victor Idaho, not sure where the ordinary folks have gone but within 25 miles of Grand Teton I suspect they’re thin on the ground.

    • If you’re used to the relatively mild winters of Washington, there are aspects of life in Wyoming – 2A rights aside – that are less charming. I lived in Cheyenne for a few years, working all over the state for the highway department. Great people, great hunting and fishing. I enjoyed the freedom to explore all the BLM and forest land, with relatively unfettered access (compared to Washington) – however that was a few years ago.

      The climate is tough. Winter was hard and at least in Cheyenne, the constant wind can get on your nerves. If I was to move back, I think my favorite spots would be well away from the rich areas like Jackson. Sheridan and Buffalo are quite nice, with the Bighorn Range out your back door. Laramie is a typical college town – overcome by the liberal element. Check out Lovell, Tensleep and Sundance, as well.

    • Despite the recent stupidity with so-called universal background checks, it still is VERY easy to get a concealed-carry permit in Washington state. Pay $50, get fingerprinted, and you’re good to go for the next 5 years. If I remember right, renewal is even cheaper and easier. Plus, open carry is legal statewide (with a few restrictions) with or without a permit.

      But as Dave said, the future doesn’t bode well here. The infection of progressives is getting progressively worse. Barring some sort of sea-change reversing the tide, Washington and Oregon both are going to go the way of California in another 10 years. Both states are being railroaded by the crony-socialist elites and hordes of coffee-shop leftists that infest their coastal urban areas.

  5. I just moved to Wyoming myself, from the Peoples Democratic Republic of Virginia and I really like Constitutional Carry. To me its the only gun law which makes sense. Pass your NICS, pay your money, load your weapon, go forth and sin no more. The next step in the evolution is to get reciprocal agreements between the the states with Constitutional Carry I suppose, then make it a Federal law.

    • Virginia is $50 fee to Circuit Court of your city/county plus notarized application, NICS, and proof of a training component or equivalent experience. Took about three weeks from postage to receive in mail. Good for five years. No prints, no pictures, no interview.

      • Unfotunately Virginia is a blue state with the most tyrannical traffic laws in the nation, high traffic, and high taxes. The number of highwaymen is extreme, all looking to score some cash. 15 over or more than 80 mph (even in a 70 mph zone) is a reckless driving ticket with serious and expensive consequences. Radar detectors are illegal.

        • First, move south of the Rappahannock River. Whole different state. Second, your traffic law diatribe is not correct. *20* over the limit can be charged as reckless driving, not 15, but yes, there is also a hard cap at 80, which doesn’t affect anyone near any of the metropolitan areas anyway.

          Finally, give it a few months for all the Obamabots to crawl back home under whatever rock they came from, and Virginia will swing back to the red again. Support the Republican nominee for Governor next year, who will certainly be more gun-rights friendly than McAuliffe or Kaine.

  6. In NC, not bad but not good. Really it’s only good b/c we are Shall Issue, other than that it is petty BS. You have to take an approved class (anywhere from ~$70-$150, YMMV), pay the Sheriff an $80 application fee, up to $10 to process your fingerprints (why?) and then pay $75 to renew, but to renew you must have a notarized (at your cost) affidavit stating you are still eligible.

    So if you are poor or living paycheck to paycheck…SOL sucker.

    • I’m in wake county and they told me at first that they couldn’t process my applicationame on account of my fingerprints. I had an accident when I was 10 where basically the whole top third of my left thumb was blown off. As a result of the skin grafts my fingerprint is somewhat less than normal. The machine the had do the digital scanning wouldn’t recognize it as a valid print so I had to wait. They eventually accepted a scan of my left big toe in its place so I guess alls well that ends well. Just don’t ever get arrested for anything even if you did nothing wrong cuz then they take it away until you prove yourself innocent, get your record expunged, and re file all the paperwork. Bunch of asses

  7. These “Constitutional Carry” states…can those of us from the Draconian left coast travel to these free states and carry our firearm without anything in terms of mother may I’s from the state?

    I’ve never seen that mentioned…it would seem intuitive that if Constitutional, it doesn’t matter what state I’m from, but I have been curious about this.

    • Can’t speak to the other free states, but in Wyoming, you can open carry without a CC permit from your state, but we do recognize all others CC permits here.

      • Some clarification here from this page:

        State firearms laws and agreements are subject to frequent change and court interpretations. Persons should always verify their permit status before traveling to another state. Most of these states have web pages dedicated to this subject.

        Wyoming has reciprocity with the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

        When traveling to a state on this list, you will need to check that state’s website for any special provisions to the reciprocity agreement.

        9. If I am from out of state, is my concealed firearms permit recognized in Wyoming?

        The Wyoming concealed firearm permit statute provides that Wyoming will honor permits from other states, and issue Wyoming permits to holders of permits from other states, if:

        1. the other state recognizes Wyoming permits; and
        2. the permit from the other state is valid statewide.

        Under current law if you are a permit holder from another state, if your permit is valid statewide, and your state recognizes (or honors) Wyoming permits, you can carry a concealed firearm in Wyoming. The current statute has resulted in a formal confirmation process with other states. Once the Division confirms which other states’ permit Wyoming honors or has reciprocity, those states are listed for convenience only. However, this listing has no legal effect. States recognized:

        Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

        If your State is not presently listed, you may also check with your own state’s regulatory agency.

        • And this is why we need nationwide reciprocity. There need to be some standards. Mainly the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which says nothing about the state or fed being able to determine where and how I carry a firearm.

  8. Straight forward here in Georgia. No proof of training required and they are relatively quick to get the license to you once you submit the form, my last renewal taking 17 days from filling out and submission to receipt. My daughter’s initial license took less than three weeks as I recall….I doubt if they will get campus carry done before she graduates since Deal is so useless.

    • GA here as well and agree. Pay the fee at your county probate court, do the BG check, permit arrives in about 2 weeks. I also really like the fact I can open carry here in GA as well. As much as I love my home state of FL, GA is much more gun friendly.

      • New Hampshire resident pistol license is $10 for four years and must be issued within 14 days by statute. No training requirement, no fingerprints and a letter of recommendation from three friends. Constitutional Carry is working its way through the legislature now.

  9. Nevada: Take a course, qualify with a firearm, take a full day to get fingerprinted then wait FOUR months for the Clark County Sandbag Sheriff to approve your permit. He needs to be recalled but Vegas is now Kalifornia. Oh and it’s $100!

    • Yes, the wait here is stupidly long to get your card once you’ve submitted your prints and paper.

      Only took about an hour wait at the new Metro building when I went down in the morning to get my prints and processing done though. I’ve heard the wait is much longer now.

  10. TN….piece of cake…

    Just for fun, I showed up to the qualifying shoot with a Ruger 22/45 with suppressor.

    • Yes TN, is on the verge of being very gun friendly. Theirs HCP is a 3 step process and it was not cheap when I applied 10 years ago ($200 Lifetime permit now).

      8 hours of training, then its off to the Dept of Safety( aka the DMV ), then you need to wait a minimum of 24 hours to be put in the SYSTEM. Now, you go to a state approved fingerprint taker.
      If you are lucky, you will receive your permit in 30 days, don’t count on it. The TN Dept of Safety, does not process on a first come first served basis. So, if a prominent person needs a permit their wait time is about 3 days total ( Ron Ramsey I’m talking about YOU).

      Cost was: $100 for class ( that included ammo and gun rental if needed)
      $115 for first time application.

      Double that for the wife, and $430 , and she hadn’t even bought herself a carry piece yet.

      Also, no online renewals, in person or mail only. So if you need the receipt, because thats your permit if you expire it’s back to the DMV.

      • My class was $37.50 (wife and I got a 2 for 1 groupon from RangeMaster in Memphis). That included the fingerprints. Application fee was $105.

  11. Alabama: Fill out a form on line for the local sheriff, wait approximately 2 weeks to get notified. Go to the police station, have your picture taken and pay for the license.

    No problems at all and it’s good for 1 to 5 years, depending on which one you choose.

    • AL here, too. Sounds like we have it easy. My current county still does not have form online, have to go to office. Took 3 days, but that was several years ago. There is still an issue with some counties not issuing to 18 yr. olds. Still, we should not have to do this.

  12. Oregon’s easy-peasey, take a class from an instructor or an online class, take the certificate (even an old NRA hunting safety cert or if ex-military a pistol qualification) to your local sheriff, pay the fee and get photographed and fingerprinted. Couple weeks later your permit card comes in the mail.

  13. Idaho gets a little weird. Constitutional carry for residents; regular CCW permit no training requirement, somewhat limited reciprocity; enhanced CCW permit 8 hr training on legal requirements and range time, or hunter safety course, or military etc., reciprocity with most states that allow out of state CCWs.

    With the recent change allowing constitutional carry I expect the regular CCW permit to fade away.

    • Somehow I didn’t realize that the ID Enhanced had the option of a hunter’s ed course.

      Now if I could only figure out where that certificate is that I got 22 years ago…

      • Jeff O.: Know what you mean, I actually took the class for $75, mostly because it had been several years (on the road out of state) since I had done any shooting. So I wanted a refresher on the law and some range time. I had other options, including a marksmanship class I took in college and a marksmanship merit badge from the scouts.

        I suspect that documentation of training is up to the local sheriff’s office, Bonneville County seemed pretty laid back, YMMV.

      • Tried to find my Hunter Safety from 1968 but no go.
        Had to do a free ( I gave a generous donation) 4 Hr training from “Wisconsin Carry”
        Dropped of my application off with $50 at WI AG office on Tuesday, mailman delivered on Friday

  14. Wisconsin here, $40, background check, proof of training(hunter safety counts), all on the website – about 2 weeks from application to card in hand. All in all pretty easy, although not as easy as following the constitution.

    • Yes. And I especially like that no picture or fingerprints are required here in WI. Permit is good for 5 years and then can be renewed on-line. Not too bad, for what it is.

      • Mike B in WI- What year did you guys pass concealed carry in Wisconsin? Maybe a year or two before Illinois in 2013? You guys did a pretty good job. Props.

        Here in Illinois the NRA state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde turned out to be a double-dealing rat who sucked the ass of every police union in the state. Our bill was basically written by anti-gun police unions and good old boys who think that the police are your friends.

    • From Wisconsin too but mine was even easier as I am a veteran. All I had to do was provide a copy of my DD-214 with my 1A code, $40 and the easy to find form and two weeks later I had it. I was pleased at how easy it was.

  15. Texas: prohibitively expensive and orwellianly intrusive (they want a complete work history in addition to all the other crap, and can by implication presumably deny you based on said work history as well), all so your non refundable $250 can line the pockets of corrupt power hungry big buckle good ol’ boy bureaucrats.

    Remember what I say about Texas being a police state.

  16. Virginia: training required, shall issue (provided you aren’t prohibited), cost capped at $50, done.

    Caveats, good and bad: training can be a $25 online course (something that gives lefties fits), and some localities add “fees” to the $50, raising the price. Still, I don’t think it ever exceeds $60.

    • If you have recent accounts of any jurisdiction that charges more than the allowed $50, please report it to the Virginia Citizens Defense League ( VCDL doesn’t tolerate local Clerks of the Court making up their own laws, but when it happens, people have to be made aware before action can be taken.

      • That’s good to know. Roanoke City charges the full $50 plus a mailing charge and a printing charge. I cant imagine how it is in the deep blue regions.

  17. Colorado has the training requirement as well but I think they accept certain out of state trainers that meet their requirements (don’t quote me on that though). The rest of it varies by County. Adams County, my current residence is pretty nice about it. Arapahoe County, my former residence is not.

    Generally it’s a kinda painless process, take your class, shoot your gun on the range and get a cert. Take that to the Sheriff’s office, pay them and get a picture taken. In a few weeks you get you get a call to come and pick up your permit. I mean, it’s a PITA but it’s not like they have a set of Statewide rules designed to make this as big of a PITA as possible.

    However, some Counties don’t like to issue permits. In Adams I can just write the Sheriff’s office a check for the full amount due, in Arapahoe they used to break it up and require cashier’s checks for odd amounts like one $121.29 and another for $152.50. Those prices have come down last I checked and they no longer take only cashier’s checks. I think it’s a flat $152.50 now in Arapahoe, but I could be wrong. That’s the flat fee in Adams for a new permit. Someone probably got up Arapahoe’s ass about the pricing scheme, hence the change.

    They will however accept a DD214 reflecting honorable discharge within three years or reflecting a pistol qualification within the last 10 years of the date you submit the form.

    Colorado is shall issue.

    • There isn’t a shooting requirement in CO, unless they changed it in the last 5 years. I took a 5 hour sit and listen class, and the only requirement was to show the instructors I could safely load and unload a revolver and semi-auto. My wife and I were a few of the 30 or so people in that building that had even held a gun before, let alone alone fired one. One guy was trying to get a PI license or a Bounty Hunter cert, and some of the questions he was asking were down right noob, if not stupid.

      I’m in El Paso County. I took my 5 hr Class, took that cert paper, a printed out CCP Application, two money orders, one for $60 to the Sherrifs office, one for $52.50 to CBI, to my appointment at the Sherrifs office. Took digital finger prints, took my picture, and left. 8 weeks later I had my permit in the mail. No pick up, no hassle at all. The people dealing with the permit process were absolutely wonderful to deal with, and they’ll even let you take the picture over again if you don’t like the way you look. It was one of the best experiences I had dealing with Gov people.

      • While I agree that the law doesn’t specifically state that shooting is required it does require a “handgun safety class” in which one “demonstrates competence with a firearm” per C.R.S. 18-12-203/202 (2016). I don’t know exactly what it said prior to 2016.

        I would question how exactly one can “demonstrate competence with a firearm” if one is not required to handle and fire one and the Arapahoe County Sheriff asked the exact same question.

        In 2012 Arapahoe County made it clear that no shooting certificate = no permit unless you had a DD214 that met the requirements I previously mentioned. The NRA Basic Pistol Class was the standard and in that class, you shoot.

        Also, eight weeks? Jesus. Arapahoe went out of their way to make this a royal pain but it took them less than three weeks to issue once you got everything together and submitted.

        • Part of me says you should have a live fire, but the other part says it shouldn’t be required. The 8-10 weeks it took me was in 2012? Something like that. They hadn’t even come close to streamlining the process yet. It’s much better now, though I’m unaware of what wait times are. My renewal is coming up in a few months, if I remember, I’ll update how long that takes.

          Overall though, the process in this state, barring some counties, is relatively painless. The worst part was sitting through a class watching people who’d never done it before, load snap caps into a magazine. Most of them went flying across the room.

          IIRC, Hunter Safety is also a qualifying class to satisfy the training requirement.

        • Yeah, it does seem that the process has gotten much better over time.

          I have to admit that I agree with you on the live fire too. Personally, on the one hand I don’t like it but at the same time the class my wife took had at least a dozen people in it who had never actually seen a handgun in real life, never mind handled or fired one, so I can kinda get why some people want it. There are certain people out there who will think that such a permit means they know what they’re doing when they don’t and I have to say, the idea that someone from Boulder could just take a class and buy and carry a handgun without ever having shot or even really handled one with instruction… well, let’s just say I don’t really want to be around them.

          Honestly I’m not sure what the Sheriff in Arapahoe was doing was strictly speaking legal but he did it. I don’t remember if hunter’s safety qualified but if you could prove that you were involved in “organized shooting events” like being the member of a gun club or something, that also covered the “training”. At least I’m pretty sure it did.

  18. “I’m still angry that I have to buy back my right to bear arms from the government”

    MD resident here. I can’t even buy back my rights. Carry is a no go here unless you have powerful friends in high places.

      • “I (live) in Westchester (County), N.Y. NO WAY YOU WILL GET A CCW”

        This is basically correct, but believe it or not, quite a few NY Pistol Permit holders in Westchester County, NY got upgraded to “full carry” (upon submitting an amendment application) after their names and addresses were published in an interactive map by the local newspaper.


        Because they now had “proper cause” to fear for their lives because of the toxic environment created by this newspaper’s actions. Add in some additional CCW training (to help ensure safe carrying) and the two-part test for full carry issuance was met.

        Mind you — the window of opportunity to do this was relatively short because after a few months the crisis died down and the threat subdued — but the full carry permits remained in effect nevertheless.

  19. Wisconsin is easy because it’s now a red state.. I’m surprised that some of the other red states make CCW so hard. Wisconsin allows businesses to block CCW with a sign on the door though. Unfortunately, the signs don’t block criminals. Must be 21 in Wisconsin to carry, but the fee is low and it takes just a couple of weeks. Must take a training class or have passed the hunting safety course.

    Most permit holders I know rarely carry. Maybe one in ten actually have a gun on themselves at any given time. Out of about 350,000 permit holders in the state, that’s 35,000 who back up the talk with the walk. If you say you’re gonna carry, CARRY!

  20. MN… take a class that utilizes the NRA Home Defense With a Handgun book (class costs vary with instructor); fire a box of ammo with a handgun (some classes require a carry weapon, some will allow .22s); receive completion of training certificate from class instructor (after taking a 100 question open book test on NRA handbook); go to local police or county sheriff (depends on who has jurisdiction where one resides) and pay $100 for background check, receive CCW permit in mail three days later.

    If you don’t get the permit, you will receive a letter explaining why. If neither is received within three days, you automatically have the permit, regardless the police decision.

  21. Minnesota: Pay $100-150 for the class. The class teaches the legalities of defending your life with a gun. They don’t seem to care if the class ends early. Take the ‘practical’ marksmanship test (50 rds at mixed ranges both one handed and two-handed grips). They hand you the cert, you go to the Sheriff or Police Dep, fill out a form, pay the fee, and wait a few weeks. No pics, no prints required.

    Texas: Go online and sign up to begin process. Take all-day class. Sign up for prints and the practical. Return at a later date to take the practical. It’s recommended that you go with a Glock because Texas requires you to demonstrate use of the safety if your weapon is so equipped. Get printed. Prints and cert sent to Texas Dept of Public Safety. Send picture and application separately. Wait.

  22. Which one of these is not like the others?

    1) Bigfoot
    2) Loch Ness Monster
    3) NJ CCW permit

    The NJ permit, of course.

    People actually claim to have seen Bigfoot and Nessie. Nobody’s seen an NJ permit.

      • I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that Bruce Springsteen, John Bonjovi, every NJ Politian, celebrity, politically connected and ex-LEO has one. None for us basket full of deportables. Hoping that POTUS Trump comes to our rescue!

  23. WA State CPL (Concealed Pistol License):
    Easy. They run a background check, take fingerprints, and take your funds (under $100 for 4yr permit, don’t remember the exact amount). NO STUPID TRAINING. The renewal only requires a background check and a reduced fee. My last renewal was the first time there was any kind of “issue”. I had to wait the full 30 days for my new card, as opposed to the usual week or so, because SO MANY PEOPLE were getting licenses now. Kind of hard to complain for that reason.
    So, yes, there are those in the State pushing for more stupid gun laws (the People’s Democratic Republic of King County is at it again) but thankfully getting a CPL is still easy.

    • Yeah I just renewed mine as well. Got it within 3 weeks. I believe $34 or in that vicinity. Bob Ferguson’s on a mission to do everything he can to strip our rights. Just a matter of time before he comes for CPL. Maybe they’ll pass a law stating that someone with a diminished mental capacity Cant serve as AG. Liberalism is a certifiably diagnosed mental retardation.

      • Skeeter, I consider Ferguson and Inslee our biggest enemies. One can only hope that some catastrophic health issue will cause them to resign office very soon. I wish for nothing but their demise.

    • Currently it’s $48 for a five year permit. Yes, it’s a very easy process and hopefully it will stay that way.

  24. Lycoming County, Pennsylvania: 20 bucks and 10 minutes. Done.

    It’s county-dependent, though. A handful of the blue counties mandate the 45-day waiting period, but it’s a minority thank God.

    • I’m in Bucks county. It took a little longer for me, but to be fair, they were pretty busy that day.

      • How long did you wait? I’ve heard Bucks can be a pain compared to the red(neck) counties.

        And before you dispute your county’s red/blue status, I do realize the c*nt only won Bucks by one of her hairs. Maybe in 2020 you guys can go full red!

        • I’m in Bucks… last time I renewed I had my application already filled out and was there first thing in the morning when they opened. Took 10 minutes…

        • Took about an hour and a half total, but there were a bunch of people ahead of me. And I’m not concerned about red/blue status of the county; I have a 2nd interview in a few days, and if all goes well (which I expect it to) I’ll be moving to Austin, TX in a few weeks. Can’t wait!

    • PA rocks, i applied in Carbon Country, no problems, only $20!?! Are you kidding me? i had to wait a few weeks because i;m from out of State, all they wanted was a copy of my CT pistol permit and my Drivers license. I dint mind having to got back to Jim Thorpe to get the permit, love that town and the area, great place to ride motorcycles.

    • Bucks County, Doylestown the Sheriff’s Office. 3rd in line, fill out the form, $25, no training requirement, walk out with photo CCW . . . 25 minutes total.

      South Carolina, as a “Qualified Non-Resident” (meaning property owner), bring proof of property ownership to 8 hour certification class, fingerprints, $100, documentation package created. Put a stamp on it, enclose Postal Money Order for $50, wait 30 days, receive non-photo permit by mail.

  25. I’m from New Jersey. YOU CAN NOT GET A CCW PERMIT HERE. it’s like they are made from unobtanium, state population 9 million. CCW permits issued < 1300. The only people that have them are retired LEO, judges, politicians and armed security guards. The State uses an entrenched system of "justifiable need" to deny every citizen their 2a right. If you don't believe me look into it. There are no 2a rights in NJ. Air soft guns are considered firearms with a manditory minimum of 3.5 years in jail for possession of one.

    • New Jersey carry permit application is very quick, simple and inexpensive: GO F YOURSELF!

      The cops could stand up to the judges, but they won’t. The judges could stand up to the politicians, but they won’t. And the politicians won’t change anything for the better. See? A model of government efficiency.

      • Pierogie- “The cops could stand up to the judges, but they won’t.”

        The first version of Illinois’ carry bill which was put up in spring of 2011 by our favorite hicktard state Rep. Brandon Phelps had an UNLIMITED privacy waiver, which I could swear looked exactly like waiver language my friend filled out twenty-five years ago for FBI. It’s called an open-ended waiver in fedgov circles, it goes back to birth and never expires.

        The waiver language is in the 130 plus page statute, not the application, so the southern IL clowntards haven’t figured it out yet. You can sign the app., get your IL carry license for five years, then move out of state. The IL state police always have the waiver on file, and can always share it with the feds if you become a “person of interest.”

        But such highfalutin’ thoughts are about four to five I.Q. levels above the cranial capacity of the manimals that cheered on NRA’s “man” in Illinois Todd Vandermyde when he sold out to the police unions.

    • New Jersey-ite here and I fully agree. To say NJ allows concealed carry is technically correct but reality is the average person can’t get one. Even people that can show “justifiable need” such as jewelry couriers or people whose exes have threatened their lives can’t get a license.
      Stupid state. Can’t wait to leave.

  26. I’ve lived in a bunch of places. Some that I’ve not seen commented yet:

    PA: Easy, cheap, fairly quick… in the sticks. Not sure about Philly, etc.

    NY: Difficult, long, expensive, and sometimes impossible depending on where you live unless you have connections or money for (essentially) bribes- i.e. NYC. While the state law should make it *almost* a shall-issue state the counties where the permits are issued completely flout the law by using all sorts of loopholes. For example, in some places you have to have four references in the county that have known you for years. A new resident cannot, therefore, get a permit for years because they can’t pass the ‘reference’ section. There’s a theoretical time limit on how long the county can wait from the time of application to giving you a permit or refusal with reason- but they get around this but simply not allowing you to apply until they’re ‘ready!’ You have to have an appointment to even pick up the application, and that appointment can be months away.

    MD: Forget about it unless you’re connected, have a business where you can prove you carry large amounts of cash (and are connected!) or can document specific, extremely timely threats up the wazoo. That last one falls into the ‘good luck with the lotto’ category.

    NJ: hahahahahaha gtfo

  27. Alabama……… Walk in Sheriffs office. Fill form out. They run your history. Pay $25. Get spiffy photo ID/CCW card. Walk out. God bless Alabama! or just put it on your hip in plain view and walk around.

  28. Not too bad here in NC if I remember correctly, although mine’s about to expire so it’s been a while.
    You’ve got to take an 8 hour class which generally costs around $100, but companies have gun show specials for as low as $20. (Don’t know if I’d trust a $20 class, to be honest.)
    I had to get fingerprinted and then two weeks after that I got my permit in the mail. Now I understand there’s a much longer wait, about 90 days for Wake County.

  29. SD really turns out to be what most people think Texas is as far as being weapons friendly. There are virtually no specific weapon laws (firearm, bladed or otherwise) outside of the regular old federal laws, they basically just say don’t use a weapon in the commission of a crime.

    When I first got my CCW about 10 years ago it was a simple trip to the county sheriff’s office, an application very similar to your standard 4473. Filled it out and the sheriff told me to come back in a week with $10 to pick up my temporary permit and my laminated copy would be sent in the mail within a month.

    No finger prints, no photo, no training course.

    A couple years ago now they did institute an “enhanced” permit for expanded reciprocity that includes the training course, fingerprints, and photo but that will end up costing you almost $300 for the privilege by the time you’re all said and done.

  30. Nebraska requirements are a training class ($150 more or less depending on instructor), a shooting test (there is a story that someone passed it blindfolded), notarized application, $100 fee, photo and fingerprints (included in fee), 6 week wait for permit. Permit is good for 5 years. Renewal requirements are notarized application, $50 fee (includes photo and fingerprinting again), 5 day wait for new permit.

  31. I like the idea of having people take a class and learn to shoot before they carry a weapon around. But I am also a believer in constitutional carry.

    As we succeed in restoring carry rights across the country, we should invest in programs that teach responsible exercise of those rights. We have public parks and libraries. We should invest in public shooting facilities. We should be teaching firearm safety (and more) in our schools.

    That is the logical direction of 2A activism in a post-gun-control world. (Not that we are there yet)

  32. lol. this is funny. I’m in CA and it was the easiest process ever:

    CA: Hi, show me your CA DL, your handgun you wish to add, & sign right here..
    Me: OK
    CA: Nice day out today isn’t it?
    Me: Yeah
    CA: Ok, show me your certificate of training, and lets do a live scan…
    Me: OK
    CA: call you in 5 months?
    Me: OK
    5 months later…
    CA: Hi, come and get it.

    • If you have to show a certificate of training, presumably you need the training, and that mandated class makes your process NOT the easiest, ever.

      • lol, Ok you’re right, easiest ever would be if the PD delivered a CCW to me in bed one morning with some french toast.. I guess that happens in your state? I live in CA, my county is a shall issue county – no questions asked. The class is 6 hours, and you need some money too (not easy), and a valid DL (not easy). So on a scale of 1 – 10, my California experience was a 1. Yes, it was the easiest EVER.

  33. I did it just a few months ago in PA. They’ll issue it on the spot as long as you bring the proper proof of identification/residency, $20, and have no criminal record.

    It’s not instantaneous; they do a background check and all that stuff, which takes a bit. But in total, I think I waited at the courthouse for about 1.5 hours before a cop came out from behind a door and handed it to me. Also, no training/classes or fingerprints required.

  34. I’ve started the process in Illinoisistan. Nothing to add. I just want to move to nearby Indiana where it’s very EZ. At least IL is “shall issue”. The FOID card is BS…

    • Indiana: appear at whatever cop shop has jurisdiction over your residence with money order on hand, fill out form, get printed, wait a few weeks, USPS drops off your permission slip

      No training, no renewal, no photo

      What are you waiting for?

  35. Westmoreland County, PA

    $20, into the Sheriff’s office. 20 minutes later out with my laminated picture ID. They run a background check right there, no worries, no classes. PA is an open carry state except in the case of Philly which is a corrupt cesspool, oops I meant city of the first class (over 1 million). You need a carry permit to carry in Philly. To carry concealed anywhere you need a carry permit.

  36. MD Resident here…

    Wear and Carry Permits (open and concealed are by permit here) are only available to those with a “good and substantial reason” to wear and carry a handgun. The Maryland State Police puts the burden on the applicant to demonstrate their “good and substantial reason.” Those who operate businesses, are given permission by their place of employment to carry, and must be armed for their work, generally get permits with restrictions printed on the back for those purposes. Other than that, it’s extremely difficult to obtain a permit unless you’ve already become the victim of a crime (still not a guarantee), *are a legislator or other public official*, or are extremely versed on the law and persistent enough to stick with the process for a year and appeal to another board able to overturn the MSP, and convince them to make that move.

    Being convicted for carrying outside of those restrictions is treated the same as not having a permit at all and brings forth a penalty banning firearms possession.

    This is *after* one has paid the mandated $75 fee, gotten 16-hours of training (these classes usually cost more than $200), and has gotten livescan fingerprints taken ($50-$75).

    At minimum, the process takes 90 days, but this time frequently extends months and in some cases, over a year.

    Unlike NY and CA, where counties have the ability to have their own policies on issuing permits and some are fairly reasonable, the MSP has authority in this here state-wide. These policies are classist and only go on to ensure that only those ‘well-off’ are able to defend themselves in public lawfully. They also go on to ensure that the public at large is defanged against those without any regard for the rule of law or human life…

    It’s egregious, and with a anti-self defense-minded legislature capable of overriding gubernatorial vetoes and an extremely anti-gun Attorney General in Brian Frosh, making meaningful changes to MD law and the processes here is beyond an uphill climb right now.

    • Frosh has a capital ‘D’ next to his name and he will never go away, Gov. Hogan (with a ‘R’) from what I understand has the ability to change the ‘may’ to ‘shall’ but politics intervene and Hogan is pining for reelection in this deep blue state.

  37. Georgia: You like guns?
    Applicant*: Yup!
    Georgia: You wanna carry one uv em concealed?
    Applicant*: Yup!
    Georgia: Can you afford the fees?
    Applicant*: (whips out money)
    Georgia: You crazy or a felon?
    Applicant*: Nope!
    Georgia: Gawdambit man, your cards in the mail, kiddo! Just wait 30 days, I reckon!

    *This is almost a verbatim replication of the CCW application I filled out yesterday.

  38. Georgia: You like guns?
    Applicant*: Yup!
    Georgia: You wanna carry one uv em concealed?
    Applicant*: Yup!
    Georgia: Can you afford the fees?
    Applicant*: (whips out money)
    Georgia: You crazy or a felon?
    Applicant*: Nope!
    Georgia: Gawdambit man, your cards in the mail, kiddo! Just wait 30 days, I reckon!

    *This is almost a verbatim replication of the CCW application I filled out yesterday.

  39. State rules in MA are: 4 hour course, fingerprints (many towns will give you the ten card for free) and passport-style pictures (some towns take your photo gratis), no shooting test (except in Boston), and a $100 fee for six years.

    But the availability of a LTC (License to Carry) depends on the Chef LEO of your town or city. While the entire state is “may issue,” some towns, like my last two, are de facto “shall issue,” while others are “no fvcking way.”

    • I lucked out with a good CLEO on Cape and pulled off an FFL because the zoning commissioner is an NRA life member.

    • Agreed. My chief seems to be 2a friendly. I had to wait at the station almost 3 hours as they do permits about 2 nights a month. Then waited about 6 weeks for it to arrive. I am surprised that MA does not have a waiting period.

  40. I despise the process in my state:
    — Get 8+ hours of training that costs $150+.
    — Get $13 passport photos.
    — Fill out full page application.
    — Visit county office to pay for application fee (about $130).
    — Visit Sheriff office (across county) to provide fingerprints.
    — Wait 60 to 90 days for license to arrive in mail.
    — Renew every 5 years with another trip to county office and $100+.

    The process to acquire your concealed carry license costs well north of $350 and requires multiple round trips totaling anywhere from 60 to 180 miles. And the license only applies to a handgun or taser. You cannot carry knives, blackjacks, batons, clubs, brass knuckles, etc. etc. etc. Oh, and your license does not apply to a myriad “gun-free zones”.

    • Sounds a lot like Kansas ,but the renewal papers come in the mail. Renewal is suposed to be $25.00 but with the cost of passport photos, notary seal and certified mail it comes to closer to $45.00. Mail it in early because processing takes close to 90 days. Then you have to pick it up at the DMV. Sent my renewal in yesterday

      We have Constitutional Carry, but travel to ajoining states makes the Conceled Carry Permit a necessity. When you get used to CC, you can easily forget when crossing a state line. Good ID to have when purchasing from a private seller and speeds up background checks.

    • uncommon_sense- “You cannot carry knives, blackjacks, batons, clubs, brass knuckles…”

      Do you live in Saline County with your hero Brandon Phelps? I saw a movie about moonshiners back in the good old (boy) days, and legend has it that brass knuckles were popular with the rednecks.

      “Oh, and your license does not apply to a myriad “gun-free zones.”

      Didn’t you get the news release from Richard Pearson at ISRA World Headquarters? He and Todd Vandermyde made a ton of “improvements” to Illinois’ shit carry bill in SB836! It was so great that Phelps had to sneak it through on the Sunday after Memorial Day in May 2015. The good news is that you can use your concealed carry license to buy ammo at Hickmart now, instead of your FOID!

      Also the criminal penalties of six months or one year for gun-free zones will not be applied against you, if you are a white good old boy that knows the secret Masonic handshake used at the ISRA range in Kankakee. The arresting cop will “give you a break” because you are “one of the good guys.”

      What are you complaining about? You good old boys got just what you wanted. Todd Vandermyde is going to legalize silencers any day now so you can poach deer with more success!

  41. In Washington State, as long as you can legally own a gun, you can get a concealed weapons permit. If you aren’t under any court orders such as protection orders, indictment, and pretty much everything else that is on a 4473, you can get a CPL as Washington is a SHALL ISSUE state. It’s called a “Concealed Pistol License” as in Washington, it’s ONLY for handguns. In some other states, other weapons may be carried with a CWP but not so in Washington. The process is simple, fill out the application, get fingerprinted and pay $52 or so and then wait up to seven weeks.
    No tests, no requirements. Just be able to buy a gun and don’t drool on yourself.
    I make no technical distinction here using the term “pistol” and the meaning is for any small firearm to be used in one hand including revolvers.

    • Don’t forget Permit-less open carry*

      *Just don’t try to open carry in a automobile without a CPL.

  42. In Virginia:
    1. Open carry state for handguns. No permit required. Must be 21 or older. Not a prohibited person.
    2. For military concealed carry: fill out 2 state forms and pay a fee of $45. No pistol training required. Being in the military is enough training. Copy of military orders required. Wait for 45 days. If after 45 days have passed and still not received permit, it’s considered approved.
    3. For non-military/regular citizens: 8-hr-course with live fire and certificate of completion; fill out two forms and pay a fee of $45; and wait for 45 days. If after 45 days have passed and still not received permit, it’s considered approved.

    • Several of your points are not correct.

      1. Yep, all correct.

      2a. There is no provision in state law for different pricing for military or non-military. State law defines the price to be a minimum of $15 and a maximum of $50, at the discretion of the local jurisdiction. See Code of Virginia:

      2b. Not exactly. If you have not received your permit within 45 days, the Clerk of the Court is required to return a copy of your application with the notation that it serves as a de facto permit. See

      2c. If you choose to use your military service to demonstrate competency, then you need proof: “current military service or proof of an honorable discharge from any branch of the armed services.”

      3. No. The requirement is that you must demonstrate competency. There is a list of training or documents which satisfy this requirement, and there is no specific requirement for a minimum number of hours of training. Virginia does not include a “live fire” component in the requirement. The entire list can be found here in Paragraph B:

      • 2a,b, and c: In Virginia Beach, the clerk informed me that for military personnel (AD, Reserve, NG, etc), all they would need is a copy of your orders. The fee is the same regardless of military/non-military. She did not mention anything about retired or honorable discharges.

        3. While there is no requirement for the number of hours, the majority of the classes provided by LGS/Range in Virginia Beach, require that you attend a class. Normally, between 6-8 hours depending on the LGS/Range that’s providing the training. The class I attended required me to fire a minimum of three rounds.

        NOTE: As for the 45 days waiting period, again, this is based on the clerk providing me the information when I submitted said forms. I’ll most like get a new answer to this question since my CCW is up for renewal in September.

        • Thanks for clarifying. The way your post was worded, it implied that the experience you had in that one location was the state-wide requirement, which of course, is not the case.

          By the way, you might wish to consider submitting your renewal between March and June (between 180 and 90 days prior to expiration.) If you do this, the Clerk is required to make your renewal permit valid on the date that the old one expires, which gives you the maximum lifetime for it to be valid! 🙂

  43. San Diego, CA: Witnessed a cartel assassination at the end of my driveway. Provided CPR to victim after 2 car loads of gangsters mad dogged me as they drove past. Victim dies shortly after but my girlfriend testifies against them in court and they get sent to prison. Her: Can I get a concealed carry permit please? What’s the reason? I testified in court against Mexican cartel members who assassinated somebody outside my house. San Diego County Sheriff: Not good enough, don’t even bother starting the process… This was pre Peruta. Now…Die in a fire or more specifically go die in a hail of gunfire by friends of those you testified against.

    • FYI she has gone through the training and has the out of state conceiled carry permits so if we travel she can carry but not while we are in our home town…

  44. Here’s how the NY process works.
    If you live in NYC, forget it. Maybe, if you grovel and plead and pay buckets of money, you might be able to get a permit to own a handgun in your home, maybe.
    The rest of the state, it depends on the jurisdiction. But all require the following steps:
    Make appointment to buy application form.
    Fill out form carefully.
    Some counties require character references.
    Get fingerprints (prints for CDL Hazmat endorsement cost $11.75, prints for CCW $110, fees set by the state!)
    Make appointment to submit forms, prints, paperwork, fees
    Wait between 1 and 12 months.
    Get appointment to meet with licensing officer in your jurisdiction.
    Meet with officer.
    Wait some more.
    Depending on jurisdiction:
    You’re denied, no justifiable need.
    You now have a restricted Pistol license that allows you to own a handgun in your home and transport it to the range (locked, unloaded, with ammo secured separately).
    Or perhaps you get some other arbitrary restriction.
    Or you get lucky and score a prize, an unrestricted NYS Pistol permit that allows you to carry whenever and wherever lawful, except not in New York City.
    And now you get a letter that allows you to buy a handgun, for which you will get a receipt, that you need to make an appointment to add to your permit, and pay an amendment fee, and then you wait, and wait, and then you get a pickup slip, and you can go get your new handgun!
    And any time you buy or sell one, you need to file an amendment with your licensing office and wait and wait some more to get approval to do anything.
    And I’ve done this, won the lotto and got an unrestricted permit, and I’ve gone through the amendment mill numerous times. My county is usually pretty fast about them, a week or two. Elsewhere, not so much.

  45. Here in North Dakota it’s a little bit odd. We are Shall Issue and have two types of carry permits: Class 1 and Class 2.

    Class 2 is the most common, it just requires taking a 3 hour class(mine cost 70 dollars) taught by a certified instructor. There is an open book test afterward, then you send a 60 dollar money order, together with the class certification, a passport grade photo, and your fingerprints to the BCI. Takes anywhere from a week to six weeks to get your CCW in the mail.

    Class 1 is the same(usually costs a bit more than Class 2), plus range time. And you do fire a decent amount of ammo there, I think it’s around a hundred rounds.

    I have a Class 2 as it’s the easiest and fastest to get(Plus I manage a retail telecom location and until recently, worked most weekends, which is when Class 1 trainings) are typically held) Both are equally valid in state, but the Class 1 is recognized by almost 40 states while the Class 2 is recognized by a bit over 20 states.

    If you move, you are not required to get an updated card, you just need to send the BCI a letter saying you moved and giving them your new address. If you want a new license with the correct address, just include your existing license in the envelope. No charge for a new one, I got mine in five business days from mailing it in.

    We might get constitutional carry this year, our legislature is considering it.

  46. Delaware is expensive ~$500, intrusive and May issue. Open Carry is always an option and is lawful because of the right to bear arms in the DE constitution.

    I believe the whole – mother may I pretty please with sugar on top – process is: Residency required, Course required which includes fire 100 rounds (~$200-$300), Ad in the paper stating your intent to file ($15-75), five reference questionnaires from residents in your county, two passport type photos, fingerprinting background check by State Police ($70), two copies of a notarized application with $65 fee to the Prothonotary. Then you get to wait 6-9 months.

  47. In AZ piece of cake. You don’t need it, but I am in the process now for state reciprocity sake. Cost me $50 to do the class with my FFL, mildly enjoyable, he is retired AZ Dept of Public Safety, lots of good stories. $10 for finger prints and $40 for the Lic, as I recall.

  48. One benefit of the Wyoming CCW is that you no longer need to pay for NICS checks when buying a gun. Fill out the 4473, whip out your CCW, the clerk will take down your CCW number, and you’re done.

  49. Cali Los Angeles CO or lalaland!

    sacrifice a yearling child under a dark blood moon at midnight at city hall on a weekday during work hours, wash the application in Wooden tub that has no nails or wood stains, rinse in pure natural mountain spring water and the washing is to be done by pure maidens under new moonlight who wear silk gowns…all in the accordance of city laws. Pray to the liberal gods…….

    ohhh heck with all that—just be famous and give the mayor a million dollar bribe like always!

  50. Here in PA (with the exception of Philly and a couple other counties) all we do is walk into the County Sheriff’s Office. Fill out a 1 page application, pay $20. Then they make a phone call take your picture and hand you your License To Carry Firearms. Total process takes about 20 minutes if you have the application already filled out. No training or fingerprints required.

  51. Missouri? None required. Arizona, where I’ll be working in a few months? None required. Haven’t bothered.

  52. When I got my permit in Arizona (before Constitutional carry) I had to take a one day (8 hour) class and shooting test. It was not tough, the class was actually very good, covered a lot of case law. Really made you aware of what you can/can’t do. I had my permit 6 or 7 days after my class.

    I just recently moved to Colorado, here in El Paso county it s kind of a pain. You have to call and make an appointment, go to the Sheriffs Office in downtown Colorado Springs, bring your paperwork and 2 proofs of address. You have to show proof of firearm training within 10 years, original copy only! Luckily I had my original copy from Arizona. They gave my wife a terrible time because the lease was in my name and she was not on it, we had to get the lease modified with her name added. They want 10 years of address history. They (apparently) mailed me my permit after almost two months. I never got it, called them and they told me to come down and printed it right on the spot.

    I may be wrong but as far as I can tell all do is run the same background check they do through CBI/FBI when you buy a gun which tells me they can just it same day but refuse to…….

  53. NM is a 15 hour class from a department improved instructor. $100 between fingerprints and state fee. Classes are typically ~$100-$150. It isn’t the worst, but it could be much better. Can’t wait to move out of this hellhole.

  54. Recently moved to Philadelphia from Central Jersey, and came to find out PAs ccw process is pretty tight. Shall issue, capped at a 45 day wait, no training requirement (though still highly recommended), and only necessary for carrying concealed, in a vehicle, or in a city of the first class (Philadelphia being the only one in the state). That being said, you have to apply for the permit in the same county as you reside, and Philadelphia PD has made it rather difficult to do so. There is only one office in the city that accepts the applications, and they only accept them Wednesday-Friday, from 8 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon. They require reference documentation from friends (not family), as well as multiple proofs of address (utility bill, phone bill, copy of your lease, etc.). They fingerprint you at the office, and you have to submit a passport sized photo with your application and references. From there, they let you know by mail in 45 days whether or not you were approved (still shall-issue, thank God), and you have 30 days to pick up your license (still within that same asinine time window to submit your application). The whole point of the process is to make it as difficult and inconvenient as possible for the average working man or woman to legally tool up, while still technically staying in line with the states preemption statutes disallowing municipalities (even Philly) to pass their own ordinances regarding firearms. It’s not a legal issue here, but a regulatory and administrative one.

  55. Western NY . A few forms to fill out , references have to sign them , finger prints , photos and costs idk $100 plus . No classes to take and prior to safe act never had to renew .

    Print the forms up online, a couple cheap photos and I think finger prints were $20 or so .

    So a bunch of running around, and a terrible wait of 6 months to a year . No restrictions like the crappy part of the state .

  56. Downstate New York (Long Island). You need to show proper cause. So, it’s impossible. If you could legitimately show proper cause, you’ll probably be dead before you get the unrestricted license.

    Most counties upstate issue unrestricted pistol licenses. When they do issue them.

  57. Under one hour north and west of the city, you have to jump through the annoying but not difficult hoops mentioned earlier, but pretty much every law abiding citizen who applies gets a full carry permit. Some judges may require you to wait a year or so with a target/hunting permit and then upgrade. This is the case for my county and the 2 contiguous counties.

  58. In Kentucky: $75 for class, pass very basic shooting test, included in cost. Certificate good for life.

    Take photo to Sheriff (for $10 they’ll take it there), pay $75, no prints needed. Application goes to State Police, bg check, permit sent back to Sheriff, you get a letter to come get it. No more than 60 days by law. Usually 3 weeks or so unless super busy.

    Open carry is free.

    Constitutional Carry in the State Congress this year.

    Not too shabby. And KY permit is instant approval on bg check when purchasing any firearm.

  59. California:
    1) Open Carry Forbidden
    2) Concealed Carry -According to the 9th Dist. Crt of Appeals “right to concealed a firearm is not a constitutional right”
    so…County Sheriffs get to decide, after completing a life history form, finger prints, passport pics, 16 hours CCW class, passing written & live fire test with the 3 pistols you’ve indicated you want to carry and paying your app. fees . Oh and of course passing a Federal Nics & a separate Calif. background check. Sheriff can/will interview your neighbors & may evan require a psychiatric exam. Now assuming you pass all the above then…well it depends.
    If you live in a Shall issue County after 8-12mo you get your CCW, good throughout this great state. but if you don’t… well you go and pound sand because you’re not getting a CCW.

    So basically Calif. reads the 2nd Amend. As the right of the People to keep arms (but not to bear them). And the sticky part of Shall not be Infringed means, that Calif. can not ban arms but we can do are best to regulate it out of existence.

  60. Rochester, NY.

    Pay $140ish dollars to the Monroe County Clerk, get fingerprinted, wait 12 or so months. Assuming you haven’t been a party to an Order of Protection and don’t have a criminal record, you’ll eventually get it. Must be renewed every 5 years.

  61. Here in OK, not hard. Maybe a little tedious depending on your perspective….

    1 – 8hr CCW class ~ $60
    50 rds ammo fired in the direction of the target (10 ft away and 3’x4′ target)
    $35 for sheriff (incl: fingerprint & pic)
    $100/200 for 5/10yr permit (your choice to pay more)
    Fill out state form and pay online, i hear it’s 30 days in the making.
    I filled out online, but paid at the sheriff’s office. 90 days.

    Also, in the class, you need an semi-auto pistol if you want to qualify to carry semi/revolver/derringer. qual with a revolver gets revolver/derringer carry option. no one lets you qual with a derringer.

  62. What is the popo/statist “logic” behind fingerprinting the citizen who begging for his Constitutional rights?

    A big tax/fee – its big gov’t always on the make.
    Training requirement – theater/faux concern
    Ok go it.

    What are finderprints good for?

  63. South Carolina:
    CWP Training requirement used to be an 8 hour class but I think that has been shortened. To pass you take a written exam and shooting test. I hit 49 out of 50 on the shooting with a Keltec P3AT . Instructor would only consider the holes he could count and the big hole in the middle didn’t have enough round edges only need 25 out of 50 to pass! Class I took cost $50 but have seen $100 – $125 for courses.
    Finger printing by local sheriffs department cost may vary. My county it was free if you brought your own cards.
    Fill out the form and send $50, form, copy of ID/DL and finger prints in and turn around within 90 days. Just did a change of address. Costs $5.00 and took about 30 days.

  64. Latest budget proposal by the DemonCrat in charge of Connecticut increases the fee for a pistol permit from $70 to $300…Thats doesnt include all the other costs…amazing how racist this State is, only rich white people will be able to afford a permit here.

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