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Reader Christopher B. writes:

I am a devoted TTAG reader. Your site has had more influence than any other person or media source in transitioning my position on firearms from: OLD – “Yay guns, but whatever. Oh, there are rights that go with those?”…to… NOW – “Get your damned, dirty ape hands off my natural rights! Now, where can I find me some more magazines for my FNAR?” So, thank you for all the enlightenment. Now, my question: I home carry. I also live in Texas where a month or more of 100+ high temperatures can be a carry-complicating way of life. Like many in these parts, I have a pool and enjoy using it with my family, temperatures permitting . . .

However, that presents problems in that, around younger swimmers (many of whom may be friends or family from the neighborhood or afar), a loaded firearm on the patio table is far too much of an obvious, attractive nuisance for me to stomach. I do not much care for the idea of an exception to the home-carry mandate, but I would be interested to hear what other home-carriers do under those circumstances. Leave it inside altogether? Back-yard speed safe? I’m open to suggestions.

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    • Going in the complete opposite direction (of a bigger gun), I have carried my NAA Mini Revolver in my board shorts and been in lakes and pools doing all sorts of activities with it in a pocket. It’s entirely stainless steel and has never looked any worse for the wear.

      No, it’s not my first choice for self defense but it fits anywhere and it doesn’t mind the water. They have been successfully used in many self defense shootings, many of which left a deceased person on the other end, so they’re not exactly a joke. I do not feel ‘better off’ w/ a pocket knife like some people will joke (or a rock or whatever), but nothing says you can’t have both. The NAA is LOUD and it would be plenty scary to be downrange of it.

      • I’m sure the gun will survive being repeatedly dunked, but what about your ammo. I really don’t know one way or the other, but have you experimented to make sure the .22 LR rimfires will still go boom?

      • The ammo that was dunked multiple times over the course of a 4-day camping trip fired just fine. It gets cycled out anyway, and .22 LR is cheap enough to cycle it out after it gets wet. But I spent many many hours in the water on that trip, and the gun spent many hours under water, and the ammo fired. I can certainly see some .22 LR being crappy enough that water leaks in between the bullet and the case (& gets the powder wet). Hasn’t happened to me w/ CCI Stingers or even Winchester bulk (555 or 333 boxes).

        APBTFan — I’m not sure what type of metal the springs are made out of or how they’re treated/coated. All internals of the gun look new though. It’s easy to pop a grip panel off and have a look, and it’s a-okay in there. Here… I just did it now. I must admit I have never cleaned, lubed, or otherwise done anything in here in the 5 or so years I’ve owned this gun. Taking the grip panel off now, there was a teeny bit of beach sand in there and a small ball of lint ;-). Photo from 2 minutes ago: <<< it was a little hard to get an angle where you could see the surface of the hammer spring, and I had to use a flash. Zero signs of surface rust or any corrosion or anything.

        • To be secure with your ammo you can use superglue on the point between your case and bullet. Then it would be sealed, maybe even dip it in wax to keep the case from corroding and causing extraction issues.

    • Pick what ever handgun that you like and will fit in your pocket of your board shorts and then vacuum seal it in plastic and put it in your pocket. Tear it open in case of emergency.

      Problem solved. You’re welcome.

    • Try a folding knife with a pistol or long gun in a safe not too far away.

      If it’s a public pool, folder with the gun in the car.

    • At the pool, I deep appendix carry my XD40 in my speedo, all the women that know me, don’t even notice.
      They just know I’m glad to see them.

    • Counterpoint: the underwear gun, courtesy of the world’s greatest secret agent, Sterling Archer.

  1. Sometimes, you need to step back and ask yourself if you’ve gone too deep down the rabbit hole.

    This would be one of those times.

    • I agree. I’m all for home carry, but if you live somewhere that’s at risk of having your Saturday afternoon pool party invaded by criminals or terrorists, call a realtor.

      • 99.99% of home invasions happen in the home.

        Often, in good neighborhoods.


        • how many happen when you’re in the backyard pool?

          I bet more happen when someone is in the shower… better wear a kevlar vest in there.

          Seriously, there’s a point where it becomes paranoia. I know we can quibble on where that line is, but some people seem to think it doesn’t exist.

        • What rate of incidence is considered “often”? What is the metric used to rate a neighborhood as “good”?

        • And how many home invasions are there at all?

          Look, I am as big a proponent of self defense as you will find. I carry basically everywhere. I’ve taken plenty of classes, I shoot 1k a month (on average, not so much lately with prices what they are).

          But I’ve also taken a statistics class, and for fuck sakes, some people in the gun community really need to take one as well.

          Let’s start being entirely honest here; at a certain point, the “Way of the Gun” stops being about the practicalities of defending yourself and becomes an ingrained lifestyle choice driven by things other than an attempt to defend one’s self from actual potential threats. Perhaps it’s ego. Perhaps it is some need to feel connected to being a rugged and prepared individual. Perhaps it is actual lightweight paranoia kicking in.

          When you get to the point where you actually feel the need to prepare for Alan Rickman and a band of terrorists attacking your home during a pool party, it’s time to circle the hell back and ask yourself WTF has happened in your life to make you feel like this is an actual problem to be solved.

        • It’s like porn Don, you will know a good neighborhood when you see it. You know, one where you can go for a swim without a gun in your pocket.

        • It’s like p0rn Don, you will know a good neighborhood when you see it. You know, the neighborhood where you can go for a swim without a gun in your pocket.

        • 99.99% of homes are never invaded. Of the .01% that are, how many of those invasions have occurred while the homeowner is having a splash in the pool with his kids? It’s a vanishingly small probability to worry about.

          You’re about ten thousand times more likely to drown in that pool than to have thugs crash the party when you’re swimming.

    • Yep.. I’m not a religious carrier like some people, but I don’t really understand when I hear some habitual CCers say that they’ve written off the pool or the beach or the lake.. Seriously? The right to carry is great, but you know, you can sometimes just not do it when it’s a hassle.

  2. Try a pistol safe(slightly larger than a VHS movie) on the patio that is easily accessible but hidden, one with a combination lock. Set it so you only have to move one number to unlock it so it’s quick, but still secured and you can tell if its been tampered with if the numbers are messed with.

  3. I know this is a stretch but hey so is the question. if its an in ground pool then you should have a skimmer box next to the pool, you could fasten a holster to the inside of it and keep a small .380 in there? No one would be able to see it until the skimmer box is opened and you could access it from the pool and unless you over fill the crap out of the pool it shouldn’t get wet. Again, a stretch but…

    • When people get really active in pools, they create fairly large waves. My concern is that some of those waves cause water to splash inside the skimmer compartment and douse the gun attached to the bottom of the skimmer access cover. I know there is a float device that is suppose to block the skimmer compartment when the water level rises but those devices are not exactly high tech.

      • Plus curious kids will open it to see what’s inside, look at bugs, or retrieve a water toy. BAD IDEA.

  4. Is the yard fenced? Who’s all going to be there?

    If it’s fenced so only you can access it, then I say why not just leave it on the yard table/chair until you go back inside.

    Or just leave it inside. It should be a short enough distance that you’ll be fine.

    • Leaving it on the table/chair while you’re in the pool and your kid and his/her friends are playing in the area? Sounds like an Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day waiting to happen.

  5. Get some nice baggy board shorts with deep pockets. Line a pocket with velcro, line a pocket holster with the other half of the velcro. Choice of bathing suit is key, I think, and board shorts come closest to providing sufficient size to make this possible. I haven’t tested this, so no idea if it would actually work, but so long as the holster has good retention, you should be able to make it work.

  6. Technically speaking, something along the lines of a Glock would hold up in the water no problem (as long as you dont plan on owning the firearm forever, chlorine does do a number to guns). If you got a subcompact Glock or clone (as I call the XDM and M&P) and got a custom leg holster (one you could wear under a pair of swim trunks) i think you would be fine.
    Personally I don’t have a pool, and open carry is my way of life in Socialist state CT. (yes open carry is legal). However due to new laws, I’ve been forced to start carrying my much bigger and much meaner Sig 1911 instead of my Glock 32. Fine by me :-D. I just can’t go swimming with a 1911.
    Anyways, if you get a chance, take your firearm of choice and test it in the pool. Many guns are perfectly fine submerged for long times. But stick with a polymer based gun, they won’t need as much lube to operate.

  7. I feel like a raid of the neighborhood pool party is a bit of a stretch, but to each his own. I’d almost think getting your firearm from right inside your house would be quicker than a combination safe near the pumps or under the deck etc.

  8. I have a video shooting my glock under water. That was really painful. The bullets were bouncing off of a tree stump at 5 feet, (ball ammo). Spear gun is way more effective.

  9. Wait, so everyone advocates home carry, but backyard pool carry is ridiculous? Just put it under a towel near the edge.

    • First, not “everyone advocates home carry.”

      Second, even if someone does advocate home carry does not mean they do not recognize that there is a constant trade-off between being able to immediately grab a gun or being comfortable. That there are practical limitations to preparedness and safety.

  10. Isn’t chlorine really bad for the finish?

    To everyone mocking the question-what is the difference between home carrying and pool carrying in terms of likelihood of an attack?

    • My take on the difference,

      Home carrying is a negligible cost to lifestyle in order to hedge the negligible risk of home attack. So it’s worth it.

      Trying to carry in a pool is a high cost to lifestyle to hedge the negligible risk of pool attack. So it’s not worth it.

    • YMMV depending on where you live. In some areas you are more likely to be hit by lightning while in the pool versus a home invasion. In other areas, you probably still have a better chance of drowning in your own pool than a home invasion.

      While the chances of being in a home invasion are possible, not everything is probable at the same degree. Everyone has to make their own security and threat assessment and that is NOT the same for everyone in every neighborhood. At the end this is what we really want, the choice for us and not the government to decide what we believe is safe and how that safety should be implemented and what tools are applied to the task.

      I have for the last 20 years planted my garden without a side arm and have lived to tell about it every fall when canning the fruits of said garden. I know, crazy!

      • You mean your gun never “went off” and killed anyone? You must have one of those muskets that the founders were talking about when they wrote the 2nd amendment, not one of these modern guns like the 1911 (I wonder if that number means anything) that have achieved sentience and free-will.

      • Steve Irwin swam with and played with hundreds of snakes, crocodiles, sting rays, and other dangerous creatures and live to tell about…oh wait.

        My point is, just because it hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it won’t happen today. I am reminded of a story I read in the local paper several years back. An elderly couple’s home was broken into and robbed and the husband was stabbed and killed by the intruder. The wife was quoted as saying something to the effect of “I don’t understand. We have lived in this neighborhood for over 40 years and never had a problem.”

        He who fails to plan, plans for failure.

  11. Unfortunately I don’t have any suggestions for how to pool-carry. Belly band and an all stainless revolver? But to those of you saying “your pool party isn’t getting invaded, if it is you need to move”, that’s the exact attitude that most people have about regular home carry. “Your house isn’t getting the door kicked in, in the middle of a Tuesday; if it is, you need to move.” And yet, doors get kicked in. Home invaders tie up and rob and murder people. And moving isn’t an option to everyone. So please don’t dismiss this the way an Anti would, just because it involves a pool. Instead, I congratulate Christopher on being proactive for wanting to ensure the safety of his and his neighbor’s children, all the time.

  12. The idea of home carry is to have the weapon accessible all of the time. Why is being in the pool an exception to this? Why would your hour in the pool be any less prone to criminal attack than every other hour at your home? It seems a lot of the tacticool people throw in the towel (pun intended) when things become inconvenient. Just put a small hand safe under a towel right at pool side. The same folks who think this idea is going to far are probably the same folks who only carry a mouse gun when it gets hot outside.

    • Rationality dictates that hedging of risks needs to be weighed against cost, in this case to lifestyle. I’d no sooner be enslaved by my own fears than by anything else.

  13. Home carrying is a negligible cost to lifestyle in order to hedge the negligible risk of home attack. So it’s worth it.

    Trying to carry in a pool is a high cost to lifestyle to hedge the negligible risk of pool attack. So it’s not worth it.

    If the risk of pool attack is so large that the cost of pool carrying to hedge the risk is worth it, then you are an idiot not to do other more effective things address that situation. Like moving.

    Just as if the risk to home attack was so great that it would necessitate something more than a basic handgun or long arm, you would be an idiot if you addressed the situation with hand grenades and flamethrowers rather than something more effective. Like moving.

    When your gun becomes an albatross you’ve gone too far. Freedom = Risk. If you’ve eliminated all risk in your life, you’ve probably restricted yourself to a prison-like existence.

    • Don’s got it right. Keeping a handgun nearby while you’re watching TV at night carries very little additional burden, while providing a significant benefit to mitigate a very minor risk. Strapping a stainless revolver inside your bathing suit is a ridiculous burden to mitigate an even smaller risk (home invasions are rare enough, but poolside home invasions are virtually unheard of). Securing a sidearm poolside isn’t much good (if it’s not on-body carry, you might as well not be carrying). By the time you scramble your wet ass out of the pool and unlock your gun, you’re dead.

      Not to mention, the likelihood of someone being injured or drowned in that pool is already an order of magnitude higher than the probability of a home invasion. So if you’re focused on mitigating the real risk, drain the pool.

  14. The solution is simple. If you are following the swimming guides you will be swimming with a buddy. Work out a security plan with said buddy that involves dropping down to 50% while in the pool. One man on the gun pulling security, the other man backstroaking in the pool. Its pool security 101 people.

  15. I can envision a 3 options for Christopher B., but first let me point out how incredibly dangerous home pools are.
    Drowning is a leading cause of injury and death for young children ages 1 to 4, and the fifth leading cause of unintentional injury death for people of all ages. For toddlers (children ages 1 to 4 years)swimming pools pose the greatest risk of submersion injury. For every child less than 15 years old who dies from drowning in a pool, another 10 receive emergency department care for nonfatal submersion injuries. Nonfatal drowning can cause brain damage that may result in long-term disabilities including memory problems, learning disabilities, and permanent loss of
    basic functions. (Source: CDC)

    1.) So the obvious first option and the safest solution (backed by evidence from the CDC) would be to fill the pool in and plant some floral arrangements.
    2.) Secure a couple of shotguns to the side of the pool house under the eave with a quick access shotgun lock (
    3.) Seal-a-meal a revolver and carry it in a shoulder pouch. (yes, it is a shoulder pouch, not a man purse.)

  16. Spray paint it yellow (if it’s an auto), and tell everyone it’s a water pistol. Just don’t forget that it isn’t.

  17. I vote for placing it inside a balloon…maybe a rubber thingy that prevents the transmission of STDs. That way you will keep it dry and be practicing safe carry. You could probably even fire it from within the rubber protection without removing it.

    Credit this idea to the Vietnam vets who used the same idea to keep dirt out of their M-16 rifles.

  18. Since most home invasions involve property theft, you’re probably safer in the back yard than in the house. Keep the gun inside, and if you’re really concerned, put a gun safe just inside the back door.

  19. Just in case anyone thinks it can’t happen to them…even if you live in a “nice” neighborhood. Our subdivision is fairly nice, and out on the edge of town. Not someplace you think would be ripe for a home invasion. But that’s just what happened: 6 gang members busted through a side door, tied up the family, and pistol whipped the dad. That was 11:30pm. But same neighborhood, right down the street, 2 break-ins around lunchtime, middle of a work day. I’ve stopped thinking about IF and started worrying about WHEN. Still, risk = freedom as stated above, and to each their own.

    P.S. I would leave the gun in a pool bag, easy to keep an eye on, with the mag stashed close by. A biometric trigger guard would be nice, if such a thing exists.

  20. ha – just yesterday I was commenting on how everyone has to gauge their own risk level/comfort level, and how for me that means I typically go about my day unarmed and in condition white. I think the idea of pool carry falls in line with that. For the pools that I frequent, it just seems like too much of a hassle for such an unlikely scenario that it isn’t worth it to me.

  21. When we go to the big public pools near us, I put my Taurus TCP PT738 inside a Ziploc freezer bag and put it in my swim trunks in the secondary, secured pocket. It’s not a fast draw but the gun stays dry and it’s available in a pinch. At home…no carry. 🙂

  22. Christopher B.

    When I am in a similar situation, I keep a semi-auto handgun in a fanny pack or duffel bag on a table. And to be extra safe, I keep the chamber empty. If a child does manage to mill through the fanny pack or duffel bag and find it, they would have to take it out of the bag, rack the slide completely, release the slide, point the gun, and pull the trigger. Very few children will know how to rack the slide on a semi-auto handgun. And the ones that do — and have the strength to rack the slide — usually know better.

    As for keeping the chamber empty, it would add about 1/2 to 1 second to your response time if an attacker jumped your fence. However, I believe that is a reasonable trade-off. I would NOT recommend keeping your chamber empty for everyday carry away from the pool.

    Important note:
    If you have one semi-auto pistol that you will use for every day carry and for the pool, it is not good to keep chambering a round and unchambering it. Every time you chamber a round, the feed ramp of the pistol tends to push the bullet farther into the casing. Once or twice and pushing the bullet another 0.001 or 0.002 inches is not a problem. But do that 10 or 20 times and now the bullet is too far into the casing and dangerous. The best solution might be to keep one semi-auto pistol (with the chamber always empty) for pool duty and another semi-auto pistol (with a round in the chamber) for everyday carry. I know that is somewhat expensive. Then again, so is throwing away or shooting ammunition that has been chambered and unchambered two times. And given the scarcity of ammunition these days …

  23. Buddy system. One person swims while another stands guard with the gun in a fanny pack, switch off as needed. Adds a whole new meaning to the word lifeguard.

  24. As with every other carry situation, it depends. If you are having a pool party with a mix of friends and family, then plan to stay dressed and dry and be the designated gunny while running the grill. If you are going to “hang out” by the pool, meaning in swimwear but not getting in the water, then get some Thunderwear to go under those baggy trunks. If you are going to be in and out of the water, then the tastefully concealed fast access lock box is the best you can do. If you are actually in the water when a land bound attacker shows up, well, you’ll have to hope a friend/family member/guard dog covers your assets while you hustle to your piece. However, if someone gets in the water with you, then it’s time to grab that pool-side scuba divers’ bang stick and fight! If a bang stick will stop a shark in its natural element, then aquatically mobile muggers are not a problem! (How come no one else thought of that?)

  25. Ok, I think it’s fair to say we’re starting to go off the deep end with this one…

  26. Pool carry? Pool carry? I’m still struggling with shower carry and now you want me to work on pool carry.

    These are the times that try men’s souls.

  27. Look, I’m sure there are a hundred movies where super secret agent man needed to be in the water to play with his kids or romance the ladies, and so he just left his gun under a towel on the beach. Remember Daniel Craig coming out of the ocean in his first turn as Bond? I sure do. You think he was concealing a gun in those black trunks? Nuh uh. I know, I looked, very hard and several times. If it’s good enough for Bond, it’s good enough for me.

    • “Remember Daniel Craig coming out of the ocean in his first turn as Bond? I sure do. You think he was concealing a gun in those black trunks? Nuh uh. I know, I looked, very hard and several times.Remember Daniel Craig coming out of the ocean in his first turn as Bond? I sure do. You think he was concealing a gun in those black trunks? Nuh uh. I know, I looked, very hard and several times.”


        • “I know, I looked, very hard and several times.”



          Well, he is a very handsome gentleman.

      • It’s only gay if you make eye contact. And Matt readily admits he wasn’t looking at his face.

        And yes, I laughed.

  28. And what do you do with your firearms while taking a shit, or having sex?
    You know why people call 2A supporters and firearms enthusiasts brain dead?
    Because some ARE!
    Either go out and buy some common sense, or PLEASE sell your guns ASAP.

    • Why are you so vehemently opposed to people having other ideas? How does it hurt you if somebody wants to carry in/around his pool? I may think it’s silly, but it’s not my job, nor yours, to tell him he shouldn’t. Do you have a concrete reason for your overreaction, or are you just being an emotional toolbag?

      As for the answers to your questions, while taking a shit, it’s probably within arms reach, because I generally home carry. While having sex, it’s within arms reach hanging on the side of the bed in a holster. Next question?

      • No kidding Matt. Some us are serious on this subject, some of us are having a little fun. Then Ed has to try and pi$$ in the pool. Well, pi$$ off Ed. And just cause you are so interested, I have a Glock 19 and a Remy 870 within 10 feet of my bed and toilet, in a very quick access safe. Well, before I lost them in the kayaking in my pool accident.

    • Actually I have a fan in the bathroom. Then, if a home invasion occurs when I am taking a shit you can always be sure the Shit Hit The Fan.

      After that I get my gun from the bedroom.

    • If I’m taking a dump nobody, no matter what drugs they’re on, is coming within 50 feet of the bathroom. As for the sex part, yes I have sex. But it ain’t pretty. Any bad guy breaks in on that will need intensive therapy after.

      And Ed. Don’t be a douche.

      • OK, maybe I don’t have the humor gene, some of the answers are very funny. Sorry if offended anyone, maybe the gun crowd is more sensitive than I realized, but no serious insult is intended. Thankfully we still have the 1st Amendment.

          • And I also apologized, but you chose to miss that part of the answer. Read your own answer and see which of us is more aggressive in nature.
            They say that guns make a polite society, I think that’s total bullshit, there’s plenty of rude and ignorant idiots with guns.
            Some other people have also basically agreed. If you need to worry about pool carry, you may need to either look at moving, or maybe check the paranoia situation.
            You want to post in a public forum, then expect to get all kinds of answers. If you are going to be internet tough guy, get your panties in a bunch, and lash out, it makes sense that you need to carry in a pool. You obviously attract shit in your life.

      • Your apology was qualified, not sincere. Big difference. And don’t shift the blame over to me. I’m not the bad guy here.

  29. OK you guys this is a defensive minded blog after all so lets cut the dude some slack. I can see needing to carry in a pool if for no other reason than not having a place to put your gun. For example hanging out with friends and you’re invited to go swimming unexpectedly, no car, no lock box, etc. I go camping and kayaking all the time that involves swimming and getting wet with my Beretta Nano. I keep it in a heavy duty zip lock bag in a cargo pocket with more ammo in a dry box in case the bag fails. You can’t wear thin shorts but you still have your gun. A Taurus TCP 738 would be even easier to carry like that.

  30. NAA 22WMR revolver, sealed in a foodsaver bag with two cuts so it can be torn open easily. I keep it in a pocket on the swim trunks.

  31. Taking this completely seriously while also smiling. The factors I see are restricting access to the weapon while being able to access the weapon. . . plus the maintenance issues surrounding a pool environment (heat, water, chemicals).
    First I would say the pistol safe recommended above is ideal, it restricts access while not being onerous in the even the weapon is needed, I see no reason why one cannot be mounted or placed in such a manner as to allow easy access.
    Personally, in the absence of children and morons I’d place my pistol in the folds of a towel and leave it there.
    If on body carry is required any pistol choice is going to take a beating from repetitive dunking’s however some are better suited to it than others. In fact, (prepare for flame) this might be that rare time that a Glock is in it’s element.
    As for concealed on body carry in a pool environment I’d recommend a kydex holster attached to the interior of a pocket on something like cargo shorts (I’ve no idea what ‘board shorts’ are.). As for the ammunition, any quality ammo will typically withstand considerable exposure to submersion and remain reliable, however I would rotate my carry ammo to practice ammo after each day at the pool (which can be expensive). Another option is to varnish the ammo, which is just what it sounds like, literally coating in in something like spray on clear coat. Yes, this will foul the piece, if you shot thousands of rounds of it, but a single magazine should present no problem in any center fire cartridge.
    While I’ve never carried in a swimming pool (or other chlorinated water) I have experience with exposing both weapons and ammo to very wet environments to include repetitive submersion without significant damage to the weapons (providing prompt cleaning and oiling ASAP following submersion (later that evening should suffice), nor any failure to fire from waterlogged ammunition in several common brands.
    To give an idea, I once fired an AMT backup in .380 that had been, along with it’s ammo, submerged in a toilet tank (chlorinated water) for more than 3 days. The pistol and ammo functioned flawlessly.
    Just another thought, I once saw a .357 that had been stored loaded in a freezer for months taken out and fired, the result was the same, all 6 rounds fired with no apparent adverse effect on the weapon or cartridge performance.
    Hope this helps.

  32. For Ed: 1. I generally place in on the floor between my feet to avoid it falling from the holster while my pants are down. 2. Typically on the night stand, or else, when I was younger, under my shirt on the floor so as to avoid causing alarm.
    There is nothing insane about keeping ones weapon near.

  33. You don’t need to carry the gun in the pool, your armed security detail can… oh wait, that’s right we’re not Bloomberg…

  34. To anyone thinking this is a ridiculous question consider the possibility of working as a lifeguard, or as a professional athlete.

  35. Ask the guy in the Calvin Klein ad at right. I’m not sure if he’s carrying.

    Dan, Dan. You KNEW this would stir up trouble, didn’t you?

  36. Simple, I assign rooftop sniper duty to my hot bikini clad wife while I sip a cold one poolside in perfect safety.

    Oh wait! Just checked with wife and was told……

    But if you do see pigs flying you might give it a try.

  37. I agree with many that it may be an overkill to pool carry but to each it’s own. I have an idea for you , if you feel you need to pool carry. Get a naa pistol and a water proof wallet bag. I use the wallet bag then I go out on boat and never had a problem.

  38. Dive knife on ankle or waste,
    Small pistol in otter box, locked, poolside,
    with the key worn as a pendant.

    Although, it occurs to me that a liberator pistol would be ideal for this.
    It has only three metallic components, the firing pin, which is
    easily replaced, the ammunition, also easily replaced, and which can be sealed
    against the water with nail polish around the case mouth and over the primer,
    and the metallic ‘ballast’ which is both sealed and whose corrosion
    would not effect function. the whole weapon is easily replaced, as well.
    If the weapon were safe and reliable, it could find a niche in and around marine
    environments, sparing better, more expensive weapons exposure to the

  39. If you live in a neighborhood where the probability of an attacker coming after you and your family during a pool party is more than negligible, everyone there is probably packing anyway. Why hide it?

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