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  1. All I see is a blue screen where there’s supposed to be a video. I don’t know if I can make an opinion on no iformation, I’m not an anti gunner after all.

  2. Well, I’m renting one from them in Virginia in about a month. If I find a heater (other than the factory-installed one) I’ll report back.

  3. I was recently a Victim of Motor Vehicle Violence err, I mean I was in an automobile accident and the insurance company set me up with Enterprise. I requested a full size pickup and Enterprise only had something that Papa Smurf could drive. Enterprise was very accommodating and was able to get me a Suburban early the next day, and even paid for the fuel. That is good service. If I ever fall victim to the violence of being rear ended in an automobile and I get an Enterprise vehicle again, I’ll make sure to check for freebies under the seat.

  4. Nearly every experience I’ve had with Enterprise has been negative. Worse was when I rented a Metro Geo, literally drove 4 blocks to my driveway. Returned the car 2 days later after it sitting there. Guy went to check it and said “you can wait here” then came back and said the hood had been keyed up….It wasn’t when it was sitting 10 minutes earlier in my driveway. But how could I argue. It was on his lot. Cost me 200 dollars. I figure that they were making money on the side somehow by their guys keying the hoods. Never do business with them.

    • Years and years ago, my parents rented from Enterprise without getting the insurance thingie. When they returned the car, the people behind the counter claimed that one of the brackets holding the bumper on had been broken, and it was my parents’ fault to the tune of a few hundred bucks, a few hundred bucks that would have been covered by the insurance option. My dad checked it, and it was a piece that loosened (but didn’t break) over time with use, i.e. wear and tear. It was only when my parents were dialing a lawyer that the Enterprise people dropped it. Maybe it was just that franchise trying to pull some BS, but it definitely gave the whole company a black eye in my mind.

  5. I’ve often rented from Enterprise and they have the nicest people and service of all the big name companies; they really bend over backwards to make sure you are happy.

  6. Many years ago, I left a loaded S&W .357 under the front seat of an Enterprise rental car after a family vacation.

    Remembered an hour later, called them up.

    They found it and put it in safe keeping. I walked back in and talked to the manager about it and got it back.

    All very professional (except me for leaving it.)

    Everyone stared at me while I was there though. I was the center of attention.

  7. Patronizing Enterprise aside, I’m really intrigued: two guns in two cars on the same day at the same lot. WTH? Could be an interesting back story here.

  8. If this woman had her child in the car, and got out of the car to do whatever it was she was doing, here child is a 1 year old. Why in the world was he not still strapped into a car seat? And if you’re renting a car, why in the world did you not verify that the car was clean and empty? I’m gonna place blame on Enterprise for this too, but holy crow woman, place some blame on yourself for being irresponsible yourself as well.

    • I have kids, to me her story is reasonable, yes she should have checked but, so should have the company. Besides, whatever reason she was in a rental car for that day, and getting her kid situated in the car, I’m sure the last thing on her mind, before pulling out the parking lot, was there might be a gun in the center consul. Just glad her son is safe and one dummy is short a gun he wasn’t responsible with in the first place….just wish I would have found it.

    • That is what I was thinking. Why would your kid be free playing in the car? Also, it’s still warm enough that it isn’t healthy to leave a kid in a car during the day time for a period of time. She should be ashamed of herself.

      This makes me want to go rent a car. If I found a gun, I would want to make sure it’s legal and if it were, I’d want to keep it. I don’t want to own a gun that committed a crime because nothing would be worse than finding a gun and later finding out it was involved in a crime since you would become the prime suspect.

      • The cops would never believe your story if you kept it and it was “hot” so to speak. “Well, you see officer, I rented this car right? And the gun was just there, in the glove compartment. And I was like, well how often do you get a free gun?”

        How would you go about checking if a gun was used in a crime? Kinda hard to really make sure, short of turning it over to the cops for ballistics.

    • (Gotta restart this, forgot a couple of required fields and lost my original response completely.)

      Most States, if not all, MANDATE a small child MUST be in a car seat, not a booster seat or the car’s seat belts alone. I think some States even have issues with leaving a child unattended in a vehicle too. Notice how momma left the son in the car “for a second.” I somehow think it was much longer than “just a second.”

      Momma is guilty of failing to keep her child securely and safely seated in the car (and thus able to poke around looking for something to play with in a “new” (to him) vehicle.) Enterprise, at least that location, is guilty of not checking out the vehicle(s) more closely for anything that doesn’t belong.

      It is MY judgment, BOTH are guilty of the boy getting a hold of the gun.

  9. I’m a Platinum level customer with Enterprise and I think it’s a great outfit. Still, I’m pissed off at the company. I’ve rented Enterprise cars many dozens of times and didn’t get so much as a box of cartridges. This woman rented once and got a whole gun. Not fair.

  10. I used to spend 2-3 weeks a month in rental cars, and all Budget ever gave me was upgrades and a set of golf clubs.

  11. Afree gun sounds great. But what if it’s hot or has a body on it? That’s a reach but in this messed up world it’s possible.

  12. I’ve rented from Enterprise and it has always been a good experience. Had one rental for 2 weeks, no problems. Rented a mini-van for 24 hours to get the family plus luggage to the airport, no problems. I’m not sure I’d want to find a gun, because I’d worry it was a murder weapon.

  13. Rented from them unlimited mileage wasn’t unlimited. I rent from Avis now haven’t found any presents in the glove box yet though.

  14. 3 simple rules for your, and all children in the event they find a gun.

    1. Don’t touch!
    2. Get away!
    3. Find an adult!

    I’m glad this story didn’t have a tragic ending. I look forward to teaching my son the second I can.

  15. A previous job had me hopping around the entire U.S. and I put a LOT of miles on rental cars.

    You WOULD NOT BELIEVE the things I’ve found in rental cars, some of which would have gotten me in some serious hot water had it happened during a traffic stop.

    Additionally I’ve found serious mechanical items as well (including one that would most likely have stranded me well out in the stick in North Dakota during December in -20 weather. (a LOT more dangerous than finding a firearm).

    Bottom line be it Enterprise or anyone else, cowboy up, check the damned car yourself and don’t just take their word for it. (and ALWAYS check the tire pressure yourself!)

  16. The fact the guns were found in three different cars that day does not suggest to me an accident. It suggests to me that someone in the retnal agency was using the cars to hide or traffic illegal guns.

  17. I’ve used Enterprise several times. Basically good to me. The last time was on my insurance as one of Bambi’s cousins and my car had an encounter. I wanted a mid size and got and SUV and after a few days a smaller SUV.

    Note: If you rent a car ask how much per day after all taxes.

  18. “The bottom line is that my one year old… was left in a running car… unattended… in the middle of the day… which he could have knocked into drive… anything… and I could be burying my son, you know.”



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