Question of the Day: Do You Shoot With One Eye Closed?

To be fair, it looks like Glock Team member Randi Rogers is squinting her non-dominant eye. Which is better than closing it entirely—IF we’re talking about “proper” self-defense shooting. This snap hails from the 2010 USPSA Georgia State Championship, where Ms. Rogers placed in the top five overall in five stages and won the Ladies Production championship. “Georgia State was a great way to continue the practical shooting portion of the shooting season,” Rogers said. “The match had a great mixture of target placement including moving targets, tight leans and partially obscured targets.” Partially obscured because she was squinting? I kid. So, do you keep both eyes open, squint one, or close one when you shoot?


  1. avatar DonW says:

    When I must take a precise shot, I close one eye. When I'm shooting defensively (in a training class as I've not had to defend my self for real) I don't know because it is over so fast. You are startled, you react by moving, drawing the gun and firing 3-4 rounds getting combat accurate hits. Handgun shooters who are right handed but left eye dominant and who (like me) never really new and thus shoot with the right eye, "may" close/squint the left to make the right focus better.

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