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Ever since now-President Obama’s condescending remark about bitter Americans clinging to their guns and religion – and maybe before – Americans have been proudly and loudly linking their love of God with their love of firearms. Where and when better to do that than in a Christmas card? Do you send out firearms-themed Christmas cards? If not, is it because you don’t want to scare the gun muggles, a desire to maintain OPSEC or the simple idea that it’s a bad taste move during the season of peace and joy and good will toward men? One more thing: how do you feel about someone shooting and blowing up a Christmas tree?

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  1. 1. Nope, I make no mention of firearms in Christmas Cards. My family would be OK with them, but my wife’s family is a mixed bag and I would rather they not know anything.

    2. Shooting and blowing things up is always fun. Why not enjoy a Christmas tree? They’re going to be tossed out after Christmas anyway.

  2. Don’t have any issues with blowing up a Xmas tree (it’s Christmas and trees have nothing to do with how I celebrate Christmas). As to the firearm themed cards, didn’t know anybody made them, link anybody?

    • I have no dog in this fight, however…the Christmas tree is symbolic of the holiday for Christians just as the stars and stripes is symbolic of the 4th of July for Americans. Somehow shooting at and blowing up an Xmas tree seems about like tossing Old Glory on the barbeque on the 4th, or having rotisserie rabbit for dinner on Easter. A little bit off-putting.

  3. If I sent Christmas cards, maybe. As it is, I tend to gift ammo and magazines to family that are gun owners.

  4. I dont do the card thing but I did give my best friend’s new wife a Ruger LC9 as a wedding present. She is a very liberal, feminist and religious woman but she took the gift with a great deal of grace. I believe her when she says she cant wait to learn how to use it. For now, it has a cable lock and it is stored in her new husband’s safe.

    Yeah… I am the “crazy uncle”.

  5. I don’t send Christmas cards. My parents get one each (and often a joint one, as well), but that’s out of tradition. I don’t see the point of sending a whole basket of cards to people I don’t talk to otherwise, or only talk to once or twice a year. My nearby friends get phone calls or visits, and my location-challenged friends get phone calls.

  6. I didn’t even know this was a thing. Now that I do…nah. I think it’d be in poor taste. Most of my family is pretty deeply religious, so I tend to stick with cards on that theme.

  7. As a fervent Odinist my “christmas” cards are usually long rants about the theft of Yule by the church. Never thought to add guns to the mix….

    As far as tree shooting I’m usually too deep in the mead to be trusted around any potentially dangerous objects. There was an incident with an ax a few years ago….

  8. Call me un-American, but I don’t send Christmas cards. Hallmark will just have to get by without my financial contribution.

  9. No.
    I like guns but I don’t entirely define myself by them. I think doing so (for anything) is kind of weird. I might send one to my brother because he’s also into guns, but that’d be about it.

  10. The wife handles the card dutys, it was never a tradition in my family. So that means everyone gets a card with puppies on it.

    As somebody that sold xmas trees for 35hrs a week on top of my usual work schedule for 6 years in a row, nuke em from orbit. Hated that job. But it was mostly done as a favor and helped finance gifts. Tip your tree salesman this year! Its cold out and coffee isnt free!

  11. Last year I did custom printed cards using a photo of myself and my cat in ugly Christmas sweaters. Considering borrowing a Santa suit, strapping on the AR, the shotgun, and owb 1911 for this years cards. Think the movie Reindeer Games. Ah the joys of being a 25 year old bachelor.

  12. I don’t. don’t want to stir up any fecal matter if you know what I mean. Im an atheist too but send Christmas cards as just a nice thing to do.

  13. When I was stationed in Korea in the mid 90’s we had a great unit Christmas Card. Showed a heavily armed infantry squad coming off the DMZ in white camouflage in a snow storm. The caption was “Peace on Earth and Good Will to Men from the 2d Infantry Division”.

  14. Don’t really do cards. Should probably start. They would not be gun themed, though.

    “how do you feel about someone shooting and blowing up a Christmas tree?” Pretty jealous apparently. Awesome stuff. 🙂

  15. Of course not. Sending gun related Christmas cards puts one deeply into “gun nut” territory, and I’d prefer to stay in “it’s weird he got in to guns as a hobby, but he seems happy and not insane” land.

  16. I don’t send Christmas cards, but I did get my Christmas card from LaRue Tactical. I didn’t even order anything…this week.

  17. OK, the subject of Christmas has always been a sore one for me. I get asthma, and am highly allergic to pine trees, so blowing the shit out of one is fine by me, any time of the year. Then there’s the whole “Christmas is really Saturnalia dressed up by the Catholic Church so the Pagans will join up” deal. I think Jesus would be OK with this, he liked to associate with sinners and roisterers, and shooting anything is fun. He didn’t come here to save the good and holy. But read the Bible!!! Most people don’t, and have accepted the mistaken wisdom of others. Revelation tells clearly what is required.

    • When I was growing up, our pastor would regularly remind us that if Jesus walked the earth today, he wouldn’t likely be found in that room with us with the ladies in their nice dresses and the men in their suits and ties. He’d be downtown, with people significantly less well-dressed.

      • Every year, after my children finish Easter egg hunting, I always say, “Now children, remember, a giant pink bunny is roaming the countryside pooping chocolate eggs for y’all to eat because Jesus died on the cross for your sins…”

        I don’t mean it to poke funny at the practice of celebrating Easter, I mean it to poke fun at what it has become.

  18. nope. for several reasons. 1. the boating accident. 2. I’m not sending anything like that for prying eyes.

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