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Later today, an Iraq War vet and I will be casing a large Victorian house, looking for the easiest way to break in. This is only a test. I repeat, this is only a test. A dry run for a new security business (separate from TTAG). Our goal: to create a total security package. Our final recommendations will include an alarm system, lighting, external (doors, windows) and internal modifications (safe room). We will also write a home defense plan based on the house’s physical layout, the number of family members and their probable location at any given time. We’ll factor in the owner’s firearm preferences and ability. The final plan will advise the homeowner which weapons to use, where and how to store them, and how to use them in various scenarios. (If implemented, we’ll train the homeowner in firearms defense with both live fire at the range and snap caps in their own home.) Question: do you have a complete home defense plan based on your specific circumstances? Do you practice it with your family?

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  1. As a matter of fact we do! My wife was amazed as to how fast things can go sour. I figured how long it would take me to kick down the front door, or smash the back door. I’m a big guy (6’3″, 320 lbs) who plays 4 hours of racquetball and 4 hours of weight lifting per week. I’m in pretty good shape and could easily bash in most doors within 3 to 4 seconds. We used this as a starting point.

    We went over what to do and how to handle the situation, depending on where she and my daughter are in the house at the time of “attack”. She is not a firearms expert, but she can confidentally handle a gun. I keep it simple for her, a SIG P220 Elite loaded with Speer Gold Dots. If I’m home and a SHTF situation occurs, I would resort to my Mossberg 590A1 loaded up with 4 rounds of #4 buckshot, followed by 4 rounds of 00-buckshot. I keep six 1-oz slugs in a TacStar saddle holder on the side of the Mossy as well. I’m not a “paranoid” freak, but I also keep a spare PMAG loaded with twenty eight 72-gr 5.56NATO JHPs. I can easily access my LWRC M6A2 if necessary (lets hope it never gets to that point, or any point for that matter!).

    Doing these drills, we also went over what to do in case of a fire, emergency (weather related), etc. We actually ended up discovering that we needed some improvements. We already had a security system, but did some modifications to it. Mainly, we went with wireless arming/disarming/panic remotes, added a keypad upstairs, changed our motion detectors for an advanced technology glass break sensor, and added a backup cell-phone dialer. We also will add a security door for the front and back of the house, and will get the downstairs glass windows “security laminated” when the weather cools down.

    I told my wife and I will teach my kids when they get older that the best way to win a battle is to not get into one. The guns are an absolute last resort. It is best to keep people out of the house than it is to defend yourself while inside. We check our security and fire alarm system (both are tied together) monthly and have reliable neighbors that know our emergency contacts if anything is ever needed.

    Two years ago my wife thought I was “crazy” for packing heat. My how time has changed her views on firearms, security, and general preparedness. I am slowly teaching her what to pay attention to and what to focus on in general situations (pumping gas at night for example). I have taken, and continue to take additional training courses (Low Light, home defense, etc) and teach my wife anything I think she would benefit from.

    I was always taught that in a SHTF situation, you will resort to your lowest level of training. If you have ZERO training, how do you think you are going to handle a potentially life-or-death situation?


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