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“If I watched professional football this would give me great encouragement to stop,” Jerryboy comments underneath Dan’s post Seven NFL Players Turn in Their Guns – “It’s a Start”. “If you’re single and live alone, then you can decide whether or not to own a gun, but if you have a family, especially kids, then it is your DUTY to be armed and able to protect them.” True?

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  1. If you want to see the real underside of sports, look into the number of gang members and the rap sheets of those who are in the NFL. The League does it’s best to discourage the gang related tattoos from being televised and they also fine the players who flash gang signs after a play, but they just can’t stop it.

    There are almost as many criminals in the NFL as there are in Congress.

    • youre absolutely correct and not just the NFL either, but college football.

      vdare wrote a absolutely amazing article about college football and the double standards in which players are held to for their criminal acts…all because theyre good at playing a little ball. nevermind if you batter a lesbian at a bar…as long as youre good at football. your girlfriend too. you play ball, youre somehow exceptional LOL.

    • Lt. Dave, if there are nearly as many criminals in the NFL as there are in Congress, I’d say the NFL is doing pretty good. Congress only has 545 members, but the NFL has about 3 times as many.

  2. I can’t say it’s a duty because I respect that it’s each person’s decision on what to do. I can’t comprehend turning over your safety and the safety of your family to the government (local police), and I realize that some people don’t feel the way I do.

    What bothers me most is that many of the people I know who do not carry – who refuse to carry – are blinded by misguided media reports. They say that concealed carriers never stop a crime or never defend themselves or their families. And I know where they get that idea from because we spent all month hearing about Jordan Davis and Jovan Belcher but nothing about anyone defending themselves whatsoever.

    Yesterday I found this Defensive Gun Use report while out on the web and I think it’s a must read for any gun owner as well as anyone debating whether they should be armed:

    • Robert and Dan, repost that link!

      Devin McLean is black! I did not know that. No wonder the regular media won’t cover that story. It might give people of color the idea the NRA is not the KKK.

  3. I think so, since the Supreme Court has ruled multiple times dating back to 1951 that the “government” and the police have no statutory duty to protect you, and that they cannot be held civilly liable for failing to do so.

  4. I don’t think it’s a duty because we all know people who should not own a gun. There are people with short fuses or who are so irresponsible that they are a danger to themselves and their family if they have a gun (I’m thinking of my idiot brother in law) I do believe that every even tempered responsible person should own one though.

  5. I can’t tell others how to live, I’ll leave that to the grabbers. But yes, I feel it’s the duty of every able adult to have arms available to them to protect themselves and those under their care.

    I preferr to let the police handle the bad people in our society but I recognise that the police can’t be everywhere at once. So I own a gun and as each of my children have reached adulthood I have encouraged them to own guns as well.

    I tell people that even if you don’t like guns, every home in America should at least have a shotgun. You don’t balk at fire extinguishers or earth quake insurance or a first aid kit. A gun is the same as these.

  6. I wouldn’t say it is a duty. Plenty of parents aren’t responsible enough to safely own a firearm. Those people would just be putting their families in danger by being armed.

      • I prefer the above description. A duty implies that we all MUST own guns to protect our families. I would never go that far. “Individual responcibility” fits better. There are folks whose religions prohibit the taking of a human life under ANY circumstances, and I am certainly in no position to tell them that they are wrong. So I disagree that it is a duty, but we should have the option of aquiring a firearm if we choose to do so, for self defense, and for defense of our country without the local, state or federal gubmint regulating the crap out of it..

    • As I replied yesterday: Bestowing on each of us a “duty” to own and be proficient in firearms is BS and reeks of the same authoritative directives that I see issued daily from the Ruling Class politicians of this country. No better. As long as I am lawful, I can do whatever the freak I please. I choose to own and be proficient in firearms, not because it is an Internet “duty”.

      Nice topic, by the way.

  7. To an extent. I would say that your protection is your responsibility and yours alone. Whether you like the idea of having to shoot a home invader or not, no one but you is responsible for your well being. So if you fail your responsibility, then the only one you’re hurting is yourself.

    Unless you have a family that’s relying on you for protection. In which case, yes. You would have a duty to be able to provide protection and security for your family and loved ones. Call me a chauvinist or old fashioned or w/e you’d like, that’s what I believe.

    However, does that mean I think we should laws enforcing that; my personal beliefs? Absolutely not.

  8. Yes, IMHYDAO, it is my duty, but it is one of which I chose to assume the mantle.
    I don’t know that I can dictate that someone protect their own, but I can encourage it and try to be a good example.

  9. NO.

    The right to keep and bear arms is not the same as a duty to do so. There are millions of people who have the right-but definitely not the maturity-to keep and bear arms. I find it ironic that to own and carry a firearm requires a background check , yet the socially impactful acts of getting married and punching out kids involves no government oversight. A single criminal with a gun is bad news, but a criminal raising a litter of new goblins equals a socioeconomic tragedy waiting to happen.

    • “but a criminal raising a litter of new goblins equals a socioeconomic tragedy waiting to happen”

      You must know some of my mutant neighbors!

  10. Since the militia is every able bodied male, age 17-45, then I would say that this group has an actual duty to own. Those who are not in this category, please feel free to own as well since if there ever was a time when the whole of the militia were needed, I bet the agen and gender restrictions would be lifted. 😉

  11. Since the militia is every able bodied male, age 17-45, then I would say that this group has an actual duty to own. Those who are not in this category, please feel free to own as well, since if there ever was a time when the whole of the militia were needed, I bet the agen and gender restrictions would be lifted. 😉

  12. It is your duty to protect your family but it is your choice if you want to use a firearm or carry a mobile phone. I choose both, personally, as well as other means to protect the ones I love.

  13. More and more I am coming to the belief that this should be considered by society as a duty. Just as with other duties such as the duty to serve the country in a time of war there are exceptions. Think conscientious objectors. The same exception would apply for this duty to protect yourself, your family and your community. The problem is that the objectors continually try to portray this duty as anything but (a duty), to portray it as a criminal oddity not something to be thought of as good and virtuous. Further they don’t have the courage of their convictions. They won’t protect themselves but insist that others do it for them and insist that we do the same. All I can say is, shame on them.

  14. I feel it’s your duty to protect your family, but the means you choose to do so are up to you, but I’ll personally choose a gun every time. Not everyone feels comfortable handling or even being around guns, I respect that, and I would encourage them not to own guns… get a big dog, like a German Shepard, and a Louisville slugger . But to the responsible folks who own guns, and know them well, you have no excuses, you should be armed.

  15. No. If the U.S. government did require it, adults should be issued FN SCAR-16s for females and FN SCAR 17s for males…maybe someone could get some legislation pushed through? 😉

  16. Until I had kids I NEVER even considered getting my carry license. However, once my children showed up, the fatherly instincts began pushing my mind toward ways in which I could protect my family should the need arise. I personally feel like I have a duty to carry.

  17. The statists can arbitrarily assign moral regulations on society whenever they want. Why can’t we? I say yes, as human beings, it is our duty to defend our lives, the lives of our family and the lives of our fellow citizens. It is your moral and constitutional duty to be armed.

  18. It’s a Right and a right to choose what means you defend yourself and your family with, or to choose to have no means to defend self and family. The Right and the choice are not mutually exclusive.

    I do see the points made about those who are qualified to be in the Militia perhaps having a “duty” to own a gun to satisfy that duty to Country.

  19. Yes, I have a moral duty to carry for my personal safety and that of my family. That’s all the reason I need.

  20. The link in the story to the old story: “Seven NFL Players Turn in Their Guns – “It’s a Start”.

    Takes the user to a WordPress login because it is linking to an admin page.

  21. I lost my interest in football when I was in high school. Over the years I have seen nothing to justify idealizing any sports person here. One player killed himself and his GF…Well how often does that happen because they where drunk or stoned and drove there car into a wall a 100 mph or off a cliff.. It is ridiculous as to the fact there is still arguments on guns… In the USA everyone has the right to say what they wish, gather on mass and talk about stuff, own guns and protect themselves, and the right to not allow any person or government to take their born rights AWAY!!! Anti and Pro gun people want the same thing just see different ways to get it… I admit my rights are only a good and far until they reach yours. So, who is right? really who gives a rat’s arse, people are scared fine do what you wish but leave the rest of the BLOODY WORLD ALONE!!! This is stupid, a waist of time and energy for people to be on this topic still… Fix the government, fix the budget, help the homeless and unemployed / under employed, Stop sending money out of country to help them…We cant help ourselves yet… Why don’t we start there, with the major problems that will help or kill more Americans each year then a tool that is scary, just get over yourself s and grow the F*** UP!!!

  22. Good question. IMO, I think it is a parent’s duty to protect their children and that statement can be applied to many areas of life. Yet, I won’t go so far as to say that it is a parent’s duty to also own arms. Personally, I think that parents who do not have a plan and tools to physically protect their kids are irresponsible naive idiots.

  23. I spent most of my life relying on others to protect me and my family. Finally at age 61 I made the decision to not only be routinely armed but learn how to be armed responsibly. I believe relying on others to protect yourself and your family is a mindset promulgated by an ever increasing liberal society with no regard to the growing lawlessness and ever increasing mentality that the successful should share with those who have less, normally brought about by their own lack of work ethics and personal pride. My wife also carries now as do most of my family. Call it whatyou will; duty, enlightenment, accepting responsibility or whatever. My family comes first not yours.

  24. Maybe we can consider what Paul told Timothy:”But if anyone does not provide for his own,and especially for those of his own household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” I Timothy 5:8
    I have a duty to teach my kids how to swim, cross the street,be safe around strangers, drive,etc. and defend themselves . Until they’re old enough to do it on their own, it’s my duty to keep them, my wife, and myself safe. Logically, that includes the discipline of arms.

  25. As a husband and father it is my duty to provide adequate defense to my family. This is not a legal requirement – it’s a moral obligation. The tool I use to provide said defense is an individual choice. Fortunately, my state (CA) has not yet banned using a firearm to provide the necessary defense. Others may choose different tools – bat, knife, 911. That is there choice, and I will not pass judgment on them for their choices, regardless of how I feel about their effectiveness compared to a good old fashioned shooting iron. I will not judge and I will not make the choice for you. All I ask in return is the same consideration. You are free to choose not to own or use a gun. Do not take it upon yourself to decide that I should not be allowed to own and use a gun in defense of me and my family because you choose not to. Can you hear me Sarah Brady?

  26. It’s my right to have a gun, but not my duty. I choose to exercise that right, but what you choose to do is up to you. There’s no difference in kind between the “you can’t have a gun” crowd and the “you must have a gun” crowd. None.

  27. Yes, I have duty to be armed and defend my family and country. Beyond my duty, I feel I should defend the defendless as well, but that’s not a requirement.

  28. About a year ago, a close friend got me into the gun hobby, and shortly thereafter I realized that part of gun ownership is not about fun. At first I had a small in-wall safe in my bedroom closet for my firearms, and as the collection grew, I bought a larger gun safe for the garage.

    After bolting the safe to the floor, and loading the safe, I realized that I needed to keep one firearm in the upstairs safe – just in case. I then realized that I needed some way to respond to an intruder. That’s when the gravity of gun ownership actually hit me.

    My wife and kids know what to do in the event of an intruder. Wife secures the kids in their rooms, and calls 911. I get armed in a hurry and clear the house.

    Personal protection aside – every able-bodied person in this country should be required to learn how to safely operate and shoot a rifle.

  29. My thoughts exactly. When I was single, I did not feel that I needed a gun; now that I am married, it is absolutely my duty (not legally, just morally). It will be even more true when I have kids.

  30. I have a duty to be armed.

    Although I do not have Children, and I probably will never, I have a wife who deserves to feel safe in her own home, car, and life.

  31. I think it is the duty of most people to be armed. A few people should not be armed due to maturity, mental or physical limitations. The rest, tool up!

    If even 1 out of 4 adults were armed, I am pretty confident the violent crime rate would be about nil … just like it is at gun ranges and police stations. And a violent crime rate of zero is a really good thing for all of society. But that won’t happen until people realize it is their duty to be armed.

  32. Duty, like honor, is something that we all must come to our own terms with. In the parable of the good Samaritan, we can see that there is something in human nature that is beyond our own vital self interest, and at the same time, vital to our souls.

    In Neil Young’s song “Ohio”, there’s a line that goes “how can you run when you know?”. Well, how CAN you run when you know? In another of his songs, “Find the Cost of Freedom”, as simple a song as there ever was, the lyrics are;

    Find the cost of freedom
    Buried in the ground,
    Mother Earth will swallow you,
    Lay your body down

    I would say that, yes, one does indeed have a duty to do everything that they can to preserve and better our humanity, our essence, our legacy; that our selflessness, wisdom and sacrifice will inspire those that follow.

    • Addendum;

      I am a sinner, I am fallible, I am selfish and I am weak. However, I am fortunate to hold certain ideals near to my heart. Though I may not live up to those ideals in every instance, possessing them gives me a strength, a fortitude, a desire and a direction that I might not otherwise have. I am deeply thankful for that and to those who instilled it in me.

  33. Unless you KNOW you cannot or should not handle them, you must have guns at home (to protect the Republic from within and without as well as your fellow countryman….not to mention you and yours). Carrying is a tougher call.

  34. In law, a duty is a legal obligation owed to others. There is no legal duty owed to others to bear arms, any more than the police owe you a duty to respond to the commission of a crime. There is however a right to defend oneself and one’s family, a right that in many circumstances supercedes the duty owned not to intentionally harm others. Whether or not one owes a moral obligation to protect kith and kin is a question for each to decide according to his or her own beliefs, a moral question that is not and should never be the subject of any law. Without choice, there is no freedom of thought, no freedom of belief, the very foundations of our country. There are many religions that, as a matter of moral dogma, refuse to take up arms against their fellow man; I for one will not tell them that they must violate their most sincerely held beliefs.

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