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“’We typically don’t get more than one (pistol permit request) a day, but we probably have at least 12 this week,’ Mary Lavorando, an employee in the (Clinton County) clerk’s office, told the website Friday. ‘It seems like more people have been picking up applications,’ she said. ‘But it can take eight or nine weeks for approval. So it’s kind of like locking the barn door after the horse is out.’” Eight or nine weeks. What could possibly happen in that time? It’s only been nine days since two convicted murderers made a Shawshank-like escape from the Clinton Correctional Facility. Waiting for an emergency to decide you need a gun — no matter what state you live in — can be inconvenient at best, disastrous at worst. Are you ready?

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  1. That is a lesson I learned back in 92 when the LA riots happened. Though I was just a high school student at the time (and didn’t live in CA), I realized that you need to get your guns and ammo BEFORE the SHTF. It is too late to do it later.

    • And after shtf – No one can guarantee how long America will last. Keep your guns for the end of America. One thing that’s guaranteed to fold before America does, is any ghost of a footing for gun-grabbers to claim any form of authority.

      • I believe that’s when a lot of gun grabbers are going to try the hardest to disarm the public, but I bet a lot of formerly anti-gun folks will take up arms.

    • Yeah, I remember reading about the leftist Hollywood celebrities who were shocked! shocked! to learn that they had to wait 2 weeks to pick up a gun – AFTER their purchase was approved. That was the PRCa “cooling off” period in 1992. Have to make sure no one might get angry and shoot a rioter.

      The term “preparation” refers to getting ready BEFORE the need occurs, not after the SHTF. Of course, there ain’t no cure for stupid.

  2. How many Californians/L.A. dwellers got surprised during the Rodney King riots when they tried to go and buy a gun for protection? How many of them forgot about it after the riots petered out?

  3. Yup, nine days and hundreds of cops later, and no sign of these two guys, with helicopters and planes overhead and boats out on the water here, at the north end of Lake Champlain. Luckily the gun laws here are the opposite of the situation across the lake in the Vampire State. I’ve noticed lots of people are either OC or CC here this past week.

    The grandma involved in this caper evidently had serial romances going with both of these animals. Amazing.

      • There it is.

        No permits, no licenses, no waiting periods, no paperwork, no recalcitrant and obstructive police chiefs or sheriffs, and no problems.

        Our biggest hassle this year has been finding bulk quantities of .22LR and .22WMR.

  4. The only way to know if you’re ready for an event, is to successfully make it through the actual event.

    Am I armed? Absolutely. Am I ready? I don’t know.

  5. It’s like airsickness bags on an aircraft, they’re free, but when you really need one, you’d be willing to pay $1 Million for one but they might be hard to come-by.

    Love people hawking gold. There is only one precious metal and it comes bored and chambered in your favorite caliber. Gold makes a lousy shovel and takes a crappy edge, and, if the fan got its lips around a turd, I wouldn’t trade you a can of beans for Ft. Knox.

      • You put your $ into gold, and then attempt to prevent investors in guns from putting their foot (yes, the whole thing) in your a_ _, and taking your gold. (Full faith and credit comes in various calibers too)
        If you actually own gold, it’s a fair assumption that some of what you own has already been transacted in such a fashion. History has already spoken on this.

      • Steve,

        It appears joe is talking around the assumption of a post-apocalyptic economic meltdown. His statement in a nut-shell: You can’t eat gold. When things are that bad – a can of beans will be worth more than a gold brick, and a firearm cartridge always has it’s own functional worth.

        Such is not the case at the present moment and likely will not be. It would probably be more prudent to prepare for our present condition and our present economy – than for a post apocalyptic one. Don’t get me wrong – its a great plan to be prepared for as much as possible, but I wouldn’t spend my kid’s college/education funds on tons of prepper stuff for a SHTF apocalypse. One could buy millions of rounds of ammo with intent to sell them later as an investment.

      • Actually money is worthless. People got sick of trying to determine at any given time how many apples to trade for how many oranges so we invented money as a simplistic form of bartering. We can say today that yes, money has value, but when SHTF what the hell am I going to do with a $20 bill. Nothing!

    • I wouldn’t pay much for an air sickness bag when I could just vomit on the floor or on the person next to me. 😉 Food, OTOH, in a apocalyptic scenario could be quite valuable. As could ammo, soap and a few other things I can think of.

  6. This case and the NJ case of Carol Browne look like perfect cases to advance the “discussion”.

    Look, Mr. & Mrs. Average. You may feel you are safe today. But situations can change suddenly. Consider Ferguson, Baltimore, Clinton County New York, or all of NJ. If – suddenly – your assessment of danger should surge you might reach a different conclusion. You ought to at least consider doing what you can – in advance – to be prepared.

    In some of the most restrictive precincts being prepared might mean merely applying for a FOID so that you are then eligible to buy a gun on the day you decide you need one.

    In some cases – e.g., NJ where a pistol purchase permit is required or in CA where a cooling-off period applies – you would need to make a purchase decision long before you can anticipate a need.

    Keep an eye out for a gun-safety course that you could take when it’s convenient rather than when you are desperate.

    We should be encouraging people to think about planning ahead; not reacting irrationally and in desperation after a threat becomes manifest. We don’t need to be crying out: “You gotta buy a Glock RIGHT NOW!!!” Not at all; you ought to start thinking about what you can do to enhance your security before you are compelled to do so by changing circumstances.

    Assume that such efforts don’t lead to anyone actually buying a gun; none-the-less, a lot of people might start to think about individual responsibility for self-defense and become less hostile to those of us who are prepared to defend our homes – and their neighborhoods.

  7. Back when we still had a national “waiting period” for handguns, some bad guys decided the big houses in north Dallas would make easy pickings; they would accost the businessmen and/or their wives in the driveways as the homeowners left their cars to go inside. Sales of 18″-barrelled, pistol-grip shotguns skyrocketed. Robberies petered out.

  8. As a resident of the location between the escape point and the home town of the cop Killer, I assure you I am ready.

    And thanks to our legislators, I will be going to battle with only 7 rounds in my gun, because how could I possibly need more than that to kill a deer?

  9. It took me nine months to get my NY pistol permit. eight to nine weeks to get a NY permit doesn’t seem likely.

      • Let me say this one more time: NY STATE is not the same as NY City. Except for a few isolated counties, getting a permit in NY is not that hard; it just takes a long time.

        The prison is in the northern most part of NYS while NYC is the southern most part; a good 300 or more miles away. I doubt anyone up there has as problem getting a permit or already has a rifle or shotgun.

    • 8 to 9 months? Lucky….
      Mine took 15 months from the time I tried to schedule my appointment with the local PD, and 12 to 13 from the time I actually met with them.

  10. It must be different up in the North country. In my county it takes minimum of six months. And that was fast according to the sheriff deputy that interviewed me.

    • Y’all probably know this, but for some others reading this that might not know, in NM, I can buy a pistol or rifle out of the news paper from a private seller without a back ground check.

      I can go into a gun store and buy a pistol and walk out with it on my belt after a NICS check and no requirement for a permit to OC it.

  11. These people live under the Cuomo regime and the Empire State Police Schutzstaffel, and they wait until now to protect themselves?

  12. If these guys are smart (and right now I have no reason to believe otherwise) they are as far away from New York as they could possibly move and still going. We won’t see these guys for at least 20 years, when they publish their best selling novels.

  13. Weeks to get a ccw? It takes a year from the time you mail in the application , references, and photos in my county. They must have the shortest wait time in NYS.

      • Ridiculous enough that some Connecticut and Maryland Congressmen want to impose it on the whole country. Oh, did I mention they are Dems?

  14. Permits in NYS vary by county and city. NYC no way unless you got connections . My county gives full carry permits , no classes to take, no interviews but the wait can be months . Other small counties can and do knock them out in weeks. Fast for NY. Btw some in Monroe county have just got them in 3 months instead of the 6-12 ,as road deputes have been given some apps. To move things along.

    Everyone seems to go just on their area and experience .

    There is no shortage of long guns up there and handguns as well. Who your seeing on the news id bet are non gun owners who finally saw the light and some fuds whose bolt action 30.06 is a bit bulky for a trip to the store . Although short barreled 30-30s have always been a favorite around there and quite handy for home defense .

    • 5 months for initial permit in putnam county, NY for in the home and to the range.. no CC
      9 months later CC approved after hearing with Judge( very pro gun rights) and DA.
      Utah 60 days
      Connecticut 60 days
      Florida 45 days
      Pennsylvania in person, on the spot.
      All of these and I still fear to tread in NJ, MA, MD, and RI Oy.

      • For me:
        TX was 1.5 months, but that included sending additional documentation by mail due to an incomplete application
        CT was 3 months
        Still waiting on NY

  15. Am I the only one who had no idea what state this was about until halfway through the comments? “Clinton County” could be anywhere.

    • I recognized the two mugshots immediately so I knew what the story was about. If you have not seen those mugshots, it is not at all obvious what this story is about.

      • Got to thinking last night after seeing the picture again, of the gal who was arrested for helping the convicts. She is in some really deep doo-doo!
        Her husband has got to be pissed at her, for planning to make off with these dudes, The two dudes have got to be really pissed for her not only changing her mind at the last minute, but for ratting them out. If she goes to jail for her deeds, her life won’t be worth diddly crap, not only for her deeds, but because she was a guard, or some kind of prison official, and you know what inmates think of them!

  16. I took my cc class in Missouri in Feb 2015 and the Jackson Co. Sheriff won’t see me until Aug 2015. This is par for the course in this county. Most counties around me are same day service. Jackson claims that the waiting period is due to the sheer volume of applicants to employees. However, many years have passed since we changed the law from the DMV processing the CCW to the Sheriff, and still the “bugs” aren’t worked out. I’m sure it’s not politics and purposeful, right.

    • Was around 2-3 weeks here in rural MO for CCW, no appointment needed, just walk into sheriff’s department. Fingerprinting folks said they do a couple dozen a week, quite a few for a small county!

      • I just renewed in Greene County MO. I had to make an appointment with the sheriff’s dept and it was a month out. Once I got in, 10 minutes and $50 later and I had my renewal card. Even if my legislator gets his Constitutional Carry bill pushed through and passed by both houses, our wonderful Democrat Governor will veto it, hoping that they can’t get the requisite number of reps and senators to override the veto. Eric Burlison keep pushing Constitutional Carry, and hopefully one of the days MO will join the few enlightened states.

  17. Part of the reason I got my Florida CWFL was because it acts as an “express” card for the holder. Florida counties have waiting periods of varying length for handgun purchases, usually from 3-5 days, if you do not have a CWFL. If you have one, you can leave with your purchase after the NICS check clears right then and there.

    However, there is a processing time for CWFL. 30-90 days depending on how the winds are blowing. I tell everyone I know, regardless of their interest level in firearms, to get one ASAP.

    It simplifies things enormously.

    • I got my Florida permit in 17 days — and that included the time it took for my document package to go via US Mail from MA to FL, and the time it took for the postman to deliver my FL permit to my home in MA.

      • Wow! Mine took about 5 weeks. My GF is on 2 months and counting…

        Maybe non-resident permits are in a different queue or something…was yours a non-resident permit?

        • I can only speak from personal experience as a Florida resident. I got my first CWFL in ’99 when the FL Department of State was administering the process. I called Tallahassee, and they sent me the application packet by mail. I had to fill it out, have it notarized, take the 10-card to the Sheriff’s office to be fingerprinted, and submit 2 passport sided photographs.

          I sent the notarized application, the photos, the 10-card, a copy of my NRA Pistol Safety Course certificate, and a money order for $119.00, and had the license about a month later, with Katherine Harris’ signature on the back.

          Unfortunately, I let the license lapse, so back in ’07 I got to do it again. This time the Department of Agriculture was in charge of the process. The Sheriff’s Dept now was using the Live Scan electronic fingerprinting system, so my prints were sent to Tallahassee electronically. Training certificate was still valid, and the price was the same. New license in about the same time( I wasn’t really watching the calendar, and FL has had unlicensed car carry forever).

          Since then, Adam Putnam, the Commissioner of Agriculture, (and odds on favorite to be the next FL governor) has done a fantastic job with the program. We now have service centers in all of the larger metro areas, Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Meyers, Miami, etc. I got to try that out back in December of 2012.

          I received my renewal application automatically in the mail about 6 months before it expired. I took the application, my DL, my old CWFL, and a check for $60.00 to the Tampa office, sat down at the desk, looking at a webcam, the dude hit a bunch of keys, and my new license was spat out of the printer… In addition, the application is valid for six months after the license expires, so if you’re a procrastinator, you still have time, but they ding you for an extra $15.00 late fee. New licenses are for 6 years, as opposed to 5.

          New license applicants can use the service centers as well, and they do the fingerprinting, photographing, and notarizing right there, along with the background check. I’m not sure if the use the FDLE database, or FBI, possibly both. I don’t know anyone personally who’s applied for the first time using the new setup, so I’m going by what the state website says. I’m not sure how it applies to out of state applicants.

          All in all, it’s a quantum leap forward from where it was when I first applied.

      • I mailed my non-resident application to Florida a week before Christmas, not expecting to get my card until April considering the time of year.
        It was issued January 4th, another 17 day process period — over the holidays.

  18. Am I ready in the event two convicted murderers escape from jail near my home? I would like to think so.

    Then again, all the readiness in the world is useless if the escapees ambush me and incapacitate me before I see it coming. In that scenario it helps to move about in groups.

  19. As someone above said:

    Am I armed? Sure I am.

    Am I ready? Hope so.

    In the case of these guys, I’m sure they are long gone by now. Only in the movies do you see escaped cons looking to commit more crimes just for the hell of it. Escapees usually just keep running and only commit crimes as a matter of survival. I’m sure they are in Vermont or beyond by now.

    But don’t let that stop you from letting your guard down. The law could be closing in on the guys and they could pick your house as a hiding place. SAFE Act be damned, arm yourself and be careful.

  20. I remember about 5 years ago on a family road trip out west that included Yellowstone. I didn’t have my gun with me. Two things made me want to go to a gun store and tool up. 1) A prison break with the escapees suspected of hiding out in the area we were in. 2) A couple of grizzley bear attacks on campers (Did I mention we were camping?). I had to put that thought out of my mind since I was an out of stater. I guess maybe I could have bought a gun, had it shipped to an FFL back home for all the good it would do me.
    So the question is, why are all these infringements not considered in conflict with our constitution? Sometimes a right delayed is a little more than a right denied. Sometimes it’s a death sentence.

    • “So the question is, why are all these infringements not considered in conflict with our constitution?”

      All of the infringements are in conflict with the U.S. Constitution. The main problems:
      (1) Many judges violate their professional/ethical standards and oath of office to fabricate decisions upholding said infringements.
      (2) No one has bothered to bring suit on most of the infringements … either because they cannot afford it or they are afraid of losing the judgement because of the bad judges that I listed in (1) above.
      (3) Politicians are all too happy to make laws which violate the U.S. Constitution if it gets them enough votes to stay in office.

  21. A mentally stable non-felon 21 or over can walk in and buy a handgun in Virginia in about 10 minutes. You can open carry immediately but it takes about 2 weeks for a concealed permit. I “might” be prepared.

    • Funny, our state law says the permit has to be issued in 30 days. City police can and will do that. In the county, not so much. When I applied, in the county, and it went over 30 days I called and the person in charge of that said they don’t have enough people so sorry but no can do. When I called the City Cops and asked their opinion they said it is illegal to do that and they really should just issue the permit if they don’t have time to process it. But, of course, no one with money has pushed them on this point so it just continues.

  22. You’re right Silver , my wife and I who have carry permits , safes full of handguns, long guns , thousands of rounds of ammo , our own range. Along with two high paying jobs a house that’s paid off a couple hundred of acres of farmland we own free no clear should walk away.

    We should leave our families behind as well , because the gun laws suck.

    • That’s a nice gilded cage you have. I prefer freedom.

      But I understand freedom’s not for everyone. Your masters have allowed you to have all those nice things, so being one of the favored serfs obviously sits well with you. To paraphrase old Ben, may your chains sit lightly.

  23. Silly boys and girls. You do not need guns in a country where the police are legally obligated to protect you. mmmmffff, hmmmff, giggle, snicker, bwaahhaaaa.

  24. So if “…So it’s kind of like locking the barn door after the horse is out.’” does that mean those applications will be denied ? And what about next time psycho killers escape? Or is that viewed as “never going to happen” so they won’t be approving permits in case of that either?

    Remember citizen, all you need is the police. We are always watching to keep you always safe! Nothing to hide = Nothing to fear! Daily gruel allowances increased for every wrong thinker turned in to your local safe thinking commisariat. Don’t forget to opt into our frequent informer program; so that when we come for you; it can be over sooner! With less hassle for you, less work for us!

  25. Ready? In Wisconsin.
    Walk in, walk out with a rifle and now just passed, handgun.
    Open carry once I open the box and holster package out in the car.
    For me (some time ago), CCW application in on Tuesday, plastic in my mail box on Friday.
    But I don’t need a gun store if an emergency occurs, I have a gun closet (lockable).

  26. The wait time for a pistol permit in Clinton County is 6 to 8 months, not weeks, and that is for a sporting permit that can only be used for hunting, you can have your pistol in your car if it is unloaded and you are traveling to a range during business hours. Clinton County does not issue concealed permits.

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