Question of the Day: Are “Race Hustlers” Putting Police Lives in Danger?

Earlier this week, two police officers were shot in Ferguson, Missouri during a protest outside the police station. Reacting to the crime on MSNBC, Reverend Al Sharpton said no one in his organization would “condone” shooting policemen. Mark Finkelstein at called that “…awfully weak sauce. How about condemning it?” Is he splitting hairs? Or are the people claiming that racist killers are on the loose – organizers and protestors who were wrong in the Trayvon Martin case and wrong in the Michael Brown case – fanning the flames of racial hatred, making it more dangerous for law enforcement?


  1. avatar 2A PA says:

    Is the Pope Catholic?

    1. avatar DrVino says:

      Not this one. He’s a Marxist.
      Now, JP2…… He was Catholic.

      1. avatar Mr Pierogie says:

        Does he wear a funny hat?

    2. avatar JasonM says:

      Does the Pope sh!t on a bear?

      …wait, did I get that right…

      1. avatar Geoff PR says:

        Careful, JasonM.

        The only thing this blog has more of other than lawyers is Bears.

        Or cops. Some cops are Bears…

        1. avatar pyratemime says:

          Wait, when did TTAG start catering to large extremely hairy men?

  2. avatar AllAmerican says:

    It’s making it more dangerous for everyone.

    1. avatar ready,fire,aim says:

      roger that…..

    2. avatar Hannibal says:


  3. avatar JWM says:

    These shitebirds are making it more dangerous for the cops. But they’re making it way more dangerous for the folks they claim to serve. Nervous, edgy cops approaching nervous edgy people of color will end in violence. And the cops win more of these confrontations than they lose.

    But sharpton and the like know this. They get to wave more bloody shirts and get more money from their duped followers.

    1. avatar Davis Thompson says:

      Nailed it.

    2. avatar John P says:

      I find it amazing that a term that went out of style to the point of being offensive before I was born – “colored” – has made a comeback.

    3. avatar foo dog says:

      + 1000.

    4. avatar NYC2AZ says:

      Nailed it! The question I always put forth when it comes to Sharpton, Jackson, et al is, “Where would these guys be if true racial equality was achieved?”

      1. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:

        Unemployed And IRRELEVANT……

      2. avatar Resident CT says:

        Perhaps that is why they appear to be fanning the fires of hate. I cannot see how they are in the least surprised that their exploitation of tragedy would result in more violence, but of course it should be plain to see that they feed off it. The revival of racism by these people is evil and profoundly disappointing, but what would you expect from someone that was a FBI snitch for profit that likely sold out the Civil Rights Movement even then.

        When I read that the officers had been shot in the face and shoulder, it was deja vu to the 80’s when Handgun Control Inc basically got some officers killed. HCI had been pushing a ban on what they coined “Cop Killer Bullets”. It was ammunition that had been developed by several law enforcement officers to get better penetration on car doors and windshield, was sold to law enforcement only and never used on any officers.

        What the campaign was designed to do was put a ban on ammunition to creep more gun control. What it ended up doing was educating real criminals that police wore body armor, and encourage them to shoot for the head.

    5. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

      Took the words off my keyboard.

    6. avatar Sexual Tyrannosaurus says:

      Nice try. Bad laws, officer safety fanaticism and total ignorance on conflict resolution are making policing more dangerous by deliberately inciting violence responses.

      But naturally law-and-order fascists look for scapegoats instead of blaming their Schutzstaffel heroes.

  4. avatar Davis Thompson says:

    There is absolutely no question that the media has been beyond irresponsible in the Martin and Brown cases. Sharpton and his ilk as well. But the worst of all them are the President and the Attorney General who are supposed to be the adults in the room, but seem more interested in fanning the flames and pushing untrue and irresponsible narratives than actually preserving order.

    1. avatar juliesa says:

      Yes, they could have stepped in and calmed the situations, but that didn’t suit their electoral goals. In the end this hurts black people the most.

    2. avatar Accur81 says:

      Obama and Holder need the distraction from their failed policies and criminal activity. Obama needs to take a break from not balancing the budget, failing to defend the border, horrible hostage negotiation, stumping for gun control, apologizing for the US, the train wreck of Obamacare, and multiple rounds of golf. Holder needs to “investigate” if civil rights of a black man were violated. Both are scum.

  5. avatar MarkPA says:

    All of us need to ask ourselves: Who will suffer if inner-city precincts become no-go zones for police? There are first-order; second-order and tertiary-order consequences. The first-order consequences – lawlessness in the inner-city – are easily predictable with some sense of reliability. The second-order and tertiary-order consequences are less reliably predicted. Whatever the consequences, they are all unequivocally bad for everyone.
    Reforming some bad behavior by some cops is a matter separate and distinct from pitting society against the police and vice versa.

  6. avatar Another Robert says:

    Do ursine mammals defecate in sylvan environs?

    1. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:


  7. avatar paulWTAMU says:

    Isn’t this the same website were people regularly bemoan police overreach and militarization? And talk about how no knock raids and strong arm tactics are inviting police fatalities?

    I mean, it’s OK when people here do it but when other people stir up anger about fucked up situations it’s not OK?

    If you think being pissed at the mess in Fergerson is wrong, and that protesting it and being angry about it is wrong, then I hope you’ve never bitched and moaned about police or policing trends.

    1. avatar The Believer says:

      What mess?

      The only mess is that the shopkeeper, or a previous victim of the violent thug, did not put him down before the police officer reluctantly had to (after being attacked by him in his second (known) life-threatening assault of the night).

  8. avatar mike oregon says:

    Yes, profit and politics have trumped truth and personal responsibility, now ask me a tough one.

  9. avatar TheBear says:

    The irony of disparaging one of the most macho, iconic phrases every uttered in one of the most macho, iconic movies ever made by way of homosexual innuendo is fucking rich.

  10. avatar PeterK says:

    The agitation doesn’t help, but I don’t think they are responsible.

  11. avatar juliesa says:

    Yes. Plus, over time the race baiting only causes more young black men to die and more black neighborhoods to be destroyed. This is being done for crass political reasons: to gin up the black vote in election years–St Skittles in 2012, and the Gentle Giant in 2014.

    It’s pure evil on a stick.

  12. avatar Ralph says:

    This situation is easily rectified — let the denizens of the Fergusons of the US do their own policing. No more cops means no more complaints, no more race-based confrontations, no more race baiters, no more race-obsessed Attorney Generals, no more conflict, and everybody will be happy happy happy.

    Of course, sooner or later the whole damn town will burn to the ground because firefighters might be somewhat reluctant to fight fires in a war zone. But really, who cares?

    1. avatar Chrispy says:

      Ferguson already did… funny though I haven’t lost any sleep over it.

    2. avatar MamaLiberty says:

      People who were armed and ready/willing to defend their property and neighbors would have no problem also protecting the firemen, or any other service they actually wanted. It’s the combination of unarmed, helpless, entitlement minded people who present any perceived “need” for police forces.

      But, as Chrispy said: I don’t lose any sleep over what goes on in Ferguson. I’m ready to work with the folks who live here to defend our community, and have a lot of company.

      Those armed and willing residents would also have to reject the blandisments of the race baiters as well.

    3. avatar Hannibal says:

      I like the idea but that kind of chaos spreads like contagion unless you pen it up.

    4. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “This situation is easily rectified — let the denizens of the Fergusons of the US do their own policing.”

      IOW, let Ferguson be like the European cities with their Islamic-Sharia law enforcement no-go zones?

      Hm, transfer all LE MRAPS to the fire department and let ’em have at it?

      It’s a thought…

    5. avatar Sexual Tyrannosaurus says:

      As part of the deal will the government stop collecting taxes, enforcing their drug war and stop civil forfeiture in Ferguson? Sounds like a win for the town.

  13. avatar Alan Longnecker says:

    How does “does not condone” reconcile with “What do we want? Dead cops!”?

  14. avatar David N says:

    How about a restraining order on the press who continually misrepresent the facts and fan the flames of racial issues.

  15. avatar Preston B. says:

    Some people are, but most people are not. It shouldn’t be made about race, even if it is, it should be about police brutality when the case arises.

    These people are quick when it’s a black person, but, where are they when it’s not a black person?

  16. avatar Gman says:

    As my children grew up, I introduced them to the Rules of Engagement.
    First Rule of Engagement – Watch out for the other hand.
    In every one of these incidents, as with life in general, one should always look around to see what the other hand is doing. Who benefits from it. Follow the money. Who loses? What’s the end game? The hate hustlers play the game well and are very practiced. Are they putting police lives in danger, perhaps. But rest assured they don’t give a damn as long as it benefits them.

  17. avatar tdiinva says:

    The Democrats use the gangs to control the population. The Reason crowd things gang members would be honest citizens if only drugs were legalized. Of course the Race Hustler-Faux Libertarian crowd wants to delegitimize the police and put their lives in danger.

    Next question.

    1. avatar MamaLiberty says:

      Apples and carburators again here. No, gang members wouldn’t honest citizens if the war on drugs ended. They’d just not have quite the incentive to do business, perhaps. The drugs don’t cause the violence, any more than guns do. They are inanimate things that can be used for good or bad or a million things in between that are nobody else’s business.

      The cure for gangs is self responsibility in the adults around them, and serious self defense. If the gang memebers want to continue to kill each other off, maybe everyone ought to leave them alone to do so… should end the problem eventually simply by attrition.

    2. avatar LC says:

      “The Reason crowd things gang members would be honest citizens if only drugs were legalized”


      To argue such would demonstrate a complete illiteracy in commonly known economics concepts.

      If you legalize drugs, gang members lose power in the same manner that al capone-type gangsters lost power following the end of alcohol prohibition. The cartels in mexico would lose financial incentive to smuggle into the US as well.

      What isn’t economically viable is the drug war. It is also offensive to liberty itself as it gives government the power to conduct violence on behalf of enforcing morality. No thanks.

      Next question.

  18. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    YES…next question.

    1. avatar Red in Texas says:

      Tune in tomorrow…………..

  19. avatar Rick K says:

    The low information voters out there seem to put way too much faith in whatever comes out of certain…um… “leader’s” mouths. They are getting a steady diet of incendiary rhetoric and eventually they will act out. The result is very dangerous to law enforcement and society at large.

    I used to work with a chap who was not very smart, but managed to say one of the most profound statement I’ve ever heard….”Don’t start no sh!t. Won’t be no sh!t”

  20. avatar Roymond says:

    The way police act with all the no-knock raids against non-violent individuals, there should be no surprise that some people think they should all be shot.

  21. avatar God says:

    Ammosexuals universally agree that negroes don’t deserve the Freedom of Speech that the Constitution gave God-fearing white gun owners. It’s that simple.

    1. avatar NYC2AZ says:

      Grade A derp from god. Seems legit.

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