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Last night’s Republican debate started off like so many preceding it. ABC’s “moderators” spread copious quantities of political chum in the water and invited the candidates to rip each other to pieces. Texas Senator Ted Cruz ignored the temptation, while NJ Governor Christie went into a Rubio feeding frenzy. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush suddenly woke-up and took a bite or five out of former bankrupt Donald Trump, who told Jeb! to STFU. Eventually things settled down, allowing Rubio to find his feet, Cruz to find his baleful head-nod, Jeb! to find he was alive, Christie to find his to-the-camera hypnotic stare, Trump to find he’s his own worst enemy, Carson to find [more of his] Xanax and Kasich to find a reason to live. Nobody mentioned gun rights. Without lashing out, at this point in the proceedings, who do you fancy for President?

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      • We finally get a candidate who is willing to stand up to the progressives that have infiltrated our congress and the executive branch of OUR government on both sides of the isles and someone who does what he told his voters he would do and people are throwing him out . Someone who will restore states power , citizens rights , congressional powers , constitutional law , reverse executive orders , rebuild our military , dissolve the Department of Education ( Common Core ) , dissolve the EPA , simplify the tax structure eliminating the IRS , reversing Affordable Care Act , restructuring the way insurance companies do business easing the restrictions on peoples ability to acquire policies making the insurance markets competitive and thereby reducing healthcare cost , reversing regulations across the board on industries , restructuring the corporate tax codes to make America competitive , and PROTECTING OUR 2ND AMMENDMENT RIGHTS by appointing a constitutional judge(s) to the Supreme Court .
        If ANY other candidate running for the President is chosen , WE WILL GET ANOTHER PROGRESIVE ON THE SUPREME COURT . Rubio , Bush , either of the governors , Clinton , Sanders , or any of the lesser all mean we lose our 2nd Amendment rights as soon as we lose the next pro 2nd amendment Supreme Court Justice currently protecting us .
        We must get Cruz in .
        Forget the border , forget the economy , cost of fuel , and all the other stuff . It’ll ALL mean nothing if we do not control who gets on that Supreme Court .
        Ted Cruz only .

    • Just remember, the next prez is probably going to appoint 3-4 supreme court members who will then vote on your 2ndA rights.

      That realization should help clear your thoughts.

      Also the Hildebeast has already floated the idea of appointing BHO.

      • I think John Roberts blew the “We need the GOP because of Conservative justices” bit out the window. Quite frankly I don’t care what opinion they have any longer or what they put on a piece of paper.

        • With a Democrat president, we are guaranteed to get someone who is as or more hostile to the Second Amendment in particular and the constitution in general as Kagan or Sotomayor. As mentioned above Clinton suggested “constitutional scholar” Obama for next Supreme court justice.

          Think about it this way: Even if the nominee isn’t your guy, at least we can prevent a Democrat from being elected. We move the Overton Window and try again in four years. If we elect a Democrat, there might not BE a country in four years. (See: Pentagon orders commanders to prioritize climate change in all military actions )

      • Trump has said he would nominate his sister , a liberal progressive .
        Bush has said he believes a moderate would be a good choice ( interpretation , progressive )
        ONLY CRUZ has expressed his intentions of nominating a strong constitutional conservative who interprets the constitution in originalism terms and NOT LIVING .

    • Can’t disagree with this, though Cruz is at the top of my list, Christie and Bush seem to be RINOs and Kasich just admitted he should be running as a Democrat.

      In the primary, I get to vote for who I want; In the general election I have to vote for whatever is left. Last presidential election I had to vote for Obamalight (The close pin on my nose got me strange looks at the poling station, but I don’t think they dared ask).

      • Kasich has gone Rino/demtard. Rubio is not the choice of the Rino establishment but they have decided they can “negotiate” (get along with) Trump. That’s all you need to know about any of them

        As I I’m in Iowa I’ve already had the opportunity to chose/vote. The Rep Caucus went as I expected the Trumpsters were largely mythical (thanks for play media). The Conservatives and Evangelicals showed up for the first time since 2000. So Cruz won. You’re welcome

        If the Eastern GOP RINOs succeed in AGAIN nominating RINO for Pres the Conservatives and Evangelicals, nationwide, will stay home in the bunker again. Whatever turd the demtards run (my bet is Crazy Uncle Joe) will win. Then it’s all downhill and irrecoverable (or unrecoverable/all over)

    • How forward thinking of you! The chimp in “Bedtime for Bonzo” was named Peggy, and thus would be competing with Ms. Clinton for the honor of being the first woman president. Unfortunately, Peggy died in a zoo fire two weeks after the premiere of the movie (or so Wikipedia says….not always the most trustworthy source.)

  1. Still leaning toward’s Cruz, though his campaign is starting to seem like deja vu… in the end they’re all human (except Trump, where are the MIB when you need them?).

  2. Asking which politician I prefer is kinda like asking what kind of infection I like best. I’m a strict libertarian, even Rand was too R for me.

    • If you listen to him closely , Cruz is closer to the Libertarian points than Rand was , the only sticking point is on the military and I like what he says about doing what needs to be done to eliminate our enemies and then getting the hades out , I wish he would go one step farther and say he wouldn’t even go in the first place but these nut jobs are murdering women and children and Christians and whoever doesn’t agree with their radical views of Islam , at will and they are threatening to bring it here and in fact already have , so I’ll give him a pass there .
      I too have grown quite Libertarian as time moves forward and CRUZ HAS MY VOTE .

  3. I have been a Cruz guy from the beginning. I am not saying I am a fan boy, but given my options, I feel is is the best to be in the Whitehouse and nominate SCOTUS justices.

      • Brings up an interesting scenario – After Cruz term limits out (eight years), can he negotiate with a SCOTUS justice to retire and as his final act as president nominate himself to the Supreme Court?

        • Having a President get on SCOTUS is pretty rare but it has happened before, I think it was Arthur who had 2 terms and was appointed to SCOTUS.

      • You know I have been torn between Cruz and Trump.

        I like Cruz because he seems to actually know our Constitution and the Law and comes across as a true Statesman.

        I like Trump because he is beholden to no one.

        When I consider the fact that the next President will nominate Supreme Court Justices, that tips the balance to Cruz for me as well. If he doesn’t get the nomination, then I hope the next President nominates Cruz.

        • Trump being beholden to no one is part of the problem. So-called special interests aside, Trump seems not to understand that a president governs with the consent of the governed. Trump seems to think he’s running for owner/CEO of the U.S. and that once in, he’s in and that’s that.

          He would find, and be forever frustrated by the fact, that deal making in the private sector is entirely different from deal making in government. In the private sector, worst case scenario is that nobody can reach agreement and everyone parts ways to go work on something else. In government, nobody’s leaving. Nobody’s walking away. Everyone has some permanent power. Congress isn’t going away.

          The issues at hand are problems that must be solved, or else they fester and we play the blame game. In the private sector, the problems exist more in terms of opportunities that could be seized or else forfeited. Even if forfeited, the parties can still each go find some new opportunities to capitalize on. Can’t agree on a deal to build a resort? Fine. It won’t get built, but some other project someplace else will. In government: can’t agree on the budget? Too bad. You can’t just walk away from the problem.

          Trump if far too much of a my way or the highway type, mixed in with an unhealthy dose of take my ball and go home mentality. The last few months of his Trumper tantrums has been more than enough. I don’t want to endure four years of his B.S. and nothing getting done. The crossroads the country is at is too important a time to play reality T.V. games.

    • Cruz, I’ve wanted him to be president since before he announced he was even running for president. He has bigger b***s than any R politician in a couple decades.

    • Yup. IMO, Cruz is the least-bad option, by a significant margin.

      ¡Jeb!, Rubio, and Trump are all going to be making deals with the establishment types who have been selling us down the river since Reagan left office.

      What does it take to get them to understand that running as Democrat-lite does not win elections?

    • Paul and Cruz are the only ones I remember mentioning the 2nd amendment during a debate and it wasn’t an answer to a gun question specifically.
      Trump has mentioned his carry permit. Can’t remember where.
      Christie only brings it up at town halls when a patriot calls him out on his pro government anti freedom stance.
      If Christie were in the top three you would have Cruz or hopefully Trump call him out on NJ gun laws.
      Only Trump could out bully the bully.
      Why do governors take credit for pro life laws in blue states but shed the blame for draconian gun laws?
      F**k Chris Christie!

  4. Registered Republican so I could do my part to stop Trump. Caucused for Ted. Trump’s probably the only one might decline to vote for in November.

      • Then thanks for nuthin’. It’s that sort of foolish attitude that can hand the election to the damned democrats again.

      • So you’re in favor of Hillary’s 3 or 4 supreme court nominees?

        BTW, she’s already floated the idea of BHO being a good choice.

      • If Trump gets the Nomination , I couldn’t go against my gut and vote for him either , he is scarier than Clinton , Sanders or Obama . He is a true Narcissistic egomaniac and a spoiled little rich boy that says whatever he thinks he needs to say to get a vote and no one really knows what he would do when gets behind the most powerful desk in the world . He has a terrible history in respecting women . He has a poor history in supporting the 2nd A , He used to support , until VERY recently , partial birth abortions , he has stepped on the constitution with his eminent domain actions , he is already the biggest deal maker to ever run for the position and has admitted publically on two national debates that he has no problem bribing people to get what he wants and last but definitely not least , he has said in a public interview that he does not believe he has ever done ANYTHING that would require forgiveness from God and yet calls himself a Christian . This statement is not compatible with Christianity , PEROID .

  5. Ted Cruz is a better constitutionalist than the others. We need to get over the pen & phone crap with any party in charge. I know a lot people want Trump to come and burn their (Democrats) little huts down, We need to do it legal and better.

  6. Why would anyone want a “president” at all? They have a wonderful plan for your life and property, whoever they are.

    Govern yourself, and leave everyone else alone to do the same.

    • Nice sentiment, but the system isn’t going away any time soon.

      One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics, is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. Smart, conservative people keep staying home and the wrong people keep getting elected.

    • MamaLiberty,

      I agree with your sentiment. Unfortunately, there is abundant evil in the world …which means evil people will band together to take your life, liberty, and property if unopposed. Government, as awful as it is, is supposed to stand opposed to the ambitions of evil people. If we fail to vote “good” people into government, then evil people will move in and use their government office to take your life, liberty, and property.

      Like it or not, in the real world, you need a LOT of like minded people to work together to stop evil. Otherwise, modern day Viking raiding parties will turn people’s lives upside down. Until you find a way for your entire community to cooperate to repel today’s version of Vikings, government is the next best thing.

  7. Cruz.

    Rubio and Carson would be tolerable.

    Trump would be a disaster. Clinton and Sanders would be disasters as well.

  8. I’m going to play the anyone but Hillary game in 2016. If Bernie became a Republican overnight and it was him or Hillary I’d vote for him. That being said I’m thankful that will likely not be an option. If I have to I’m writing in Colion Noir. He’ll probably still get more votes than Omalley did.

    ED:Hillary for prison 2016. She can run a ticket with Holder as well.

  9. None of the above.
    But of the lesser evils, Cruz. Only because hes a strict Constitutionalist. Might be helpful to our side a bit.
    Trump is a bag of wind saying what the people are wanting to hear. Realistically if he does get in. It will be Bush twos people all over again to run the government.
    I really like Rubio and think he will do ok when he grows up. He needs to wait till his voice gets deeper. Also to gets some ballz about immigration. We have to shut down the anyone walking in bit to a large degree.
    The rest. I stand as good a chance of being elected.

  10. Anyone least likely to restrict liberty, freedom, and my constitutionally protected rights….and that statement goes for both political parties.

      • NO. Pay attention. The Easten GOP RINOs got a RINO nominated again. All part of the idiotic “chase the mythical undecided and Mexicans” strategy. So the Conservatives and Evengelicals (GOP core/base) stayed home.

        The GOP establishment just can’t get away from their clubhouse delusions. YOU CAN’T WIN WITHOUT YOUR BASE, and ILLEGALS WILL ALL VOTE DEMTARD (multiple timed.

  11. Short answer: Anyone who is running against Hillary or Bernie.

    There is a site, “ You take a survey on various issues and pick a position on each one and also rate how important it is to you. I don’t put too much stock in it, but it’s interesting When I took it about 6 months ago, it came up with Rick Santorum, who I really don’t know much about and he doesn’t seem to be in that race anymore. I just took it again. It has Trump and Cruz tied for me at 91%. Hillary was down at 41% and Bernie was at 20%. I knew he was bad, I didn’t know he was twice as bad as Hillary!

    Anyhow, this time around, I agree with the survey, where I didn’t the first time. I think a Trump/Cruz ticket would be pretty powerful and the right direction for the POTG. Trump is a bit of a clown, but no more than Bill Clinton or Bush Jr. was. And I like that he’s a political outsider. Despite the poll, I am pretty much a single issue voter for gun rights. It doesn’t mean I don’t care about other issues, it means that’s my litmus test. I think gun rights are the hardest thing to truly support. If someone supports that, they are more likely to be right on other issues.

  12. Cruz to actually follow through on Trump’s 2A platform.
    Supreme Court judge appointments are the real issue.
    In the long run, all other issues are secondary.

    • Yeah, Cruz would be great on SCOTUS! But if he’s president, I’ll bet he knows who to nominate. And I think the next pres. will have multiple opportunities.

  13. No one, considering I’m JUST shy of being able to vote, but I’d like to say this…

    Whoever wins, the amount of butt-hurt WILL be HUGE, i can guarantee that.

  14. Clearly, my knee-jerk response to that question is, “ABC”, or “anybody but Clinton”. The only position she’s in a prime position for is jail-time in a Federal prison. But I’m concerned her financial position may isolate her from actions by the FBI or other Federal agency before the election in November.
    The Republican candidates were obviously distracted from the issues with their “feeding frenzy” of last night, and that is sad.
    It has essentially boiled down to a one-issue vote…are we willing to give up our Second Amendment rights, and then lose the rest of them like dominoes, or are we willing to fight for our Republic and the principles on which it is based?
    If we can unify the gun owners of this wonderful country to get off their collective bottoms and vote on Election Day, we stand a good chance of maintaining our Rights. If they don’t vote in favor of the Constitution, you can kiss this country good-bye very soon.

    • I actually campaigned for the Libertarian Party at one time and sadly it is going nowhere. I sometimes vote Libertarian if the Republican Candidate is far ahead; otherwise you are voting for a Donkeycrap.

    • That’s the guy. I met him during his last campaign (and Judge Jim Gray) and he’s a great guy. Not a great public speaker, but smart and principled.

    • Yep. The idea that Cruz is a defender of the constitution doesn’t square with his actual votes. Not only voted for the USA Freedom act, he helped write it.
      I wonder what part of “no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause” isn’t clear to him? Or why he’d show any more respect for “shall not be infringed”?

    • Since my vote for President counts for nothing except to make a statement (I live in WA state; our electoral votes always go D, no matter what I ask for), I generally vote Libertarian. If I lived in a swing state things might be different.

    • Gary Johnson really is in there to HURT CRUZ ONLY . He could not possibly get the presidency and the progressives know Cruz is a real threat to their PROGRESS and Johnson is just one of their ploys because they have seen that Cruz is pulling a lot of Libertarians into his camp with his constitutional stance .
      The progressives will use Johnson , Carson , Trump , the Main Stream Media , dirty tricks allegations , Cruz’s face , so help me God , I saw that on AOL this morning , Cruz’s face . Eventually , if all their little tricks aren’t working and Cruz is still winning the votes of Constitutional Americans , they will even use assignation to keep him from the White House .
      Please pray for Ted Cruz and vote for him .

  15. I favor Cruz, but I’d be happy with any Republican not named Christie or Kasich. The smell of RINO sh!t is just too pungent with those two.

  16. Anyone enthusiastically backing anyone currently running for the presidential nomination of the two big companies masquerading as political parties should be put on a 72 hour psych hold starting the Monday before the election.

  17. I was hoping hildabeast would be elected. The sooner the system collapses, the sooner I can be rid of it. I thought about quitting my job, working for cash, and getting paid by the government because they thought I didn’t have an equal opportunity. I can always bury my guns in an underground burial tube while hildabeast bans guns and smugly acknowledges her perceived victory while the middleclass continues working hard carrying the rest of us. Eventually when the work horse dies and nothing more can be whipped out of it, we can start over and I can dig my guns back up.

  18. Trump. I don’t particularly care if he isn’t a traditional conservative, he’s a nationalist. America needs to put itself first again, instead of attempting to maintain a global empire and bleeding ourselves dry in the process.

    • ………………….and he has promised to nominate his sister to the Supreme Court . Do a quick google search on Trumps sister and then get back with me on the I don’t care crap .
      If you are reading this and commenting here on TTAG you probably have a firearm and want to protect your right to keep it and if you do then you better steer clear of ‘ The Don ‘.
      He is not your friend .
      Are you willing to loose your rights to self preserve over a paycheck increase ?

  19. I’d vote for Cruz or Trump, if for no other reason than, both D’s and R’s hate them…

    If the statists hate you, then you’re OK in my book.

      • Every politician has been bought by someone… By the “statists” I mean the establishment R’s and D’s in DC (i.e., the Communist Lite – D’s and the Socialist Lite – R’s.)

        The banks/bankers don’t give two f*cks who is at the helm of the Executive branch, so long as the Fed can continue to control the currency – just ask Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

      • If your spouse works for a brokerage firm , or a bank , or an insurance company , you aren’t qualified ?
        Did you camp out in a tent and poop on the park benches during Occupy Wall Street ?
        What does it matter where his wife works ?
        Would it bother you if she was employed by Planned Parenthood ?
        What about if she was a spoiled little rich girl who got rich by marrying a billionaire three times her age ?
        Jeez , I heard Ted Cruz pee peed on a toilet seat the other day without lifting the lid . WHOOGH !

  20. I have long thought that every ballot should include “None of the Above” as an option. Should None of the Above get the most votes, hold the election over again with none of the original candidates eligible. It would be especially applicable to the upcoming presidential election since the choices are between incompetent and destructive. The best choice would be a candidate who encouraged Congress to tighten limits on presidential authority but I don’t see any candidate with this in his or her platform.

      • Unfortunately, “don’t mark the ballot” or “stay home” is the equivalent of voting “any of the above…and I’ll let everyone else make the choice.”

        • If you lean towards one party or the other, but stay home and do not vote, you have just cast your vote for the party you dislike the most. “Not to speak IS to speak. Not to stand up IS to stand up.”

          In previous elections where I was not happy with the option presented by the RINOs I consoled myself with the thought that my vote specifically cancelled out the vote cast by Nancy Pelosi or Diane Feinstein or Harry Reid. Small comfort, but something, at least.

      • Not really. Either of those just turns your fate over to everyone else. The problem with the traditional ballot is that there is no way to prevent a bad candidate from winning simply because the alternatives are even worse. We need a way to accomplish that. As it is, we only get to choose between alternatives foisted on us by the extreme elements in the Republican and Democratic parties. Candidates from the minor parties split the vote ensuring the defeat of the major party candidate more closely aligned with their goals.

    • Trump doesn’t specifically list encouraging Congress to limit Presidential power in his platform, but Congress would be remiss not to interpret his election as a fairly strong encouragement to do so.

  21. I watched the republican slug fest last night. Can’t stand Trump. He gets hit, turns red, and starts yelling. Cruz is enamored with taking the question, twisting it, and asking himself a different question. Very annoying. Ex: Why should we paint the walls white?
    Cruz: There are 2 parts to that question. First, why did we elect a black Muslim president and second, all lives matter.
    I was/have been very impressed with Christie. The guy is a puncher and a fighter and he makes sense. Rubio is out of his league. If the NC were held tomorrow, I’d vote Christie. He’s come a long way on gun rights and doesn’t mess around.

    • If I’m running to be the most powerful elected official in the known universe, I’m not going to answer some mouth-breathing journalist’s question like a little schoolboy answering his teacher. I’m going to get my message out and say what I want people to hear, and if it happens to satisfy the moderator then that’s a bonus.

    • The very essence of good debate strategy is to make your point, not get sucked in by someone else’s attempts to distract you. See John Kasitch. Who the hell let this guy into the room?

    • I really hope Christie is not elected. HE is definitely not a supporter of the 2nd Amendment. And worse, for me, he looks and acts a lot like my previous boss; a bully and a total ass. I would hate to have to see his mug on the TV periodically throughout (at least) 4 years.

  22. Another election cycle where I can’t stand any of the candidates. I believe that religion and politics should be absolutely seperate. I am 100% pro gun and I support planned parenthood. I think The affordable care act should be repealed and that if you want welfare then you need to pass a drug test. I live on the Texas/Mexico border and absolutely respect our Hispanic brothers but think immigration needs to be stricter. I’m politically screwed.

    • You support Planned Parenthood? Heeey……..that’s great…….

      Only, how about you “support” them with your own money? Why must your so-called support translate into wrenching money out of my pocket via Democrats and the IRS and funneling it as corporate welfare to abortion factories?

        • You are correct sir , but I believe what your challenger was implying to you was you seem be in favor of making he and I support them too , with our taxes , this is the rub . It becomes an issue of government forcing it’s position on my religious stance to honor all life and my religious scripture tells me that God knows a human embryo while it is in it’s mothers womb and it therefore is a living person at conception .
          I honor your position to believe any way you please Mattb .

  23. “at this point in the proceedings, who do you fancy for President?”

    Not being a Brit, I don’t fancy any of them.

    I like:

    Trump for moving the Overton window and making a number of “we don’t talk about that” issues fair game for discussion, and for punching back at the media and not taking crap off of them (and for showing the other candidates and the public that it can be done).

    Cruz for Constitutional issues and his combativeness with both the establishments in Congress and with Obama. I think Cruz would make the best President out of the bunch.

    Immigration, gun rights, and economics are the three main and practically only factors that matter this election. And on immigration, specifically closing the borders and banning Muslim immigration and “migrants.” South of the Border to a lesser extent because of the “Blueing effect.”

    We get a handle on those, now, or in a few more election cycles, it won’t matter. Even leaving out the terrorism risks from increased Muslim immigration (see Europe), if the Dems keep importing more socialist/Left leaning voters, more and more large urban areas are going to go blue. And we’ve seen in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and elsewhere that in the less populous states, once the major cities go blue, the state effectively goes Dem.

    Academic to some extent: in both of my home states, the one of my birth and the one where I live now, you have to go back to the 1960s to see a Dem getting the electoral votes in either state. Texas and Oklahoma are about 99% certain to go to whomever the Republican candidate is, no matter what my vote, or even if I sit things out. I don’t see any of the likely Democrat nominees getting those electoral votes.

  24. Off topic: Can’t anyone affiliated with the NRA smile? Wayne, Dana — the Happy Warrior persona is a better approach than a scolding one.

  25. I liked Rand Paul best…but that didn’t work out too well. I’d be all over a Cruz presidency with a Trump VP. Not a bad second choice.

  26. I calling a Hillary win for 2016 and it’s due to Trump. Either Trump gets the nomination, alienates the moderates, and Hillary wins, or Trump doesn’t get the GOP nomination, runs as an independent stealing votes from the GOP nomination, and Hillary wins. Unless he drops out completely, we’re screwed for four years.

    I like Cruz, but Rubio is the best chance the GOP has.

    • The “Rube”, huh…

      Christie Cream has been talking trash and wiping the floor with Ol’ Rubbie.

      I cannot take someone seriously who let’s Christie get over on him…

      Well, unless Christie was rolling down hill, then you couldn’t stop it.

  27. Cruz is my top pick and did mention the 2A as one of the things Obama illegally used EOs on, he’s also the only one up there I’d trust with most of our Constitutional rights and I think he’d be a good pres, particularily if we were able to elect some other outsiders to Congress. I’d vote for any of the others just to avoid the criminal and the communist but I’d vote for Trump last, you can’t say “I’m a gun guy”, “I’m a this guy, a that guy, a whatever you want me to be guy” and have me believe you are saying anything other than what you think we want to hear. The pseudo endorsement from Jimmy Carter for Trump just shows that the other side knows what he is, a liberal who got sick of the likes of Obama, not a Constitutionalist.

    • What does the job pay? Are there opportunities for advancement? What’s the vacation policy for non-golfers? Do I have to marry an ugly skank? Can I hang out with the Secret Service in Colombia?

    • You vote your proxy to the Electoral College that in turn votes for the President and Vice President. There are valid historical reasons for this, mostly having to do with limiting the power of populous states to have undue influence on national elections through strict democratic (that is, 50% plus one vote) process, which the Founding Fathers abhorred.

      It is in many ways a confusing system and you would do well to at least check out the Wikipedia entry on the subject before decrying it outright.

      • It is also designed in the hope of keeping a populist nutter out of the office. Though that hasn’t happened with actual idiots, so the effectiveness may not have been as envisioned.

        Sorta like the 2A, it’s the final check-and-balance.

  28. I’ll be voting for the one who’s actually had a solid hand at protecting 2a rights. I’m sure we’re all familiar with D.C v. Heller, but I didn’t realize until recently he had a hand in that case. Voting Cruz.

  29. Two issues: Immigration enforcement and 2A. Whoever comes out on top on those issues gets my vote. Right now, Cruz. Trump talks a good game, but I don’t believe he is electable as president. On the other hand, if Cruz wins the nomination he should definitely ask Donald if he wants to be VP or a cabinet post where he can be Cruz’s attack dog. I like that idea.

  30. Don’t like much the offerings of the perennial 2-party system, but since there is no third party worth a damn, Cruz will have to do (for now).

    It’s like cell phone companies. They ALL suck, so you just have to select the one that appears less sucky to you.

  31. Anyone other than Cruz or Rubio and I’m voting for Johnson again.

    Jeb! is a big-government establishment get.
    Jersey the Hutt is an anti-gun big government ex DEA blob.
    Trump is an animated hairpiece who thinks that the world is a reality show.
    Kasich would probably make a good secretary of somethingorother, but is far too willing to work with the enemy.

    Ideally I’d like to see the Rubio and Cruz camps cut a deal where Cruz supports Rubio and Cruz get’s nominated to fill the next vacancy on the Supreme Court.

  32. Ideally, digging up Jefferson would do it. Even in death, he is a hundred times better than the current crop of beholden clowns.

    More realistically, I’d feel safest about my guns and SC nominees with Cruz. He’s the most reliably “conservative.” As well as by far the sharpest of the bunch, being pretty consistently able to make a logical deduction and all, instead of just hand waving and appealing to today’s set of widely held superstitions.

    I would feel safer from the Hildebeast in the general, with Rubio on top of the ticket. For all of Cruz’ positives, he doesn’t exactly come across as Mr. Sympathetic. And, as is often the case with bright people, he seems a bit aspie from time to time.

  33. Look, Cruz is great, I understand that. But will his election call into a constitutional question whether he may not be seated?

    • There is no Constitutional question. This is all attempts by his opponents, on both sides, to muddy the waters and confuse low-information voters.

      Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. That is a fact. It is also a fact that his mother was and is an American citizen. According to all legal precedent that makes Cruz a natural born American unless or until he renounces his citizenship. The fact that Canadian law recognizes dual citizenship has no bearing on the facts of the matter, since American law does not.

      Further, if according to current interpretation of law by SCOTUS any anchor baby born of entirely foreign illegal immigrant parents even a few feet inside the American border is a “natural born American” and eligible to run for president, how can it possibly be true that a baby born of an American parent who happens to be outside the borders of the country at the time of birth is not considered a “natural born American”?

    • That’s really just silliness. He was born to an American citizen mother. Where that took place is entirely irrelevant. Americans give birth to American citizen babies all over this world every single day. It’s only Trump and a few other carnival barkers making noise about this. Purposefully muddying the waters like Trump’s done should disqualify him from ever playing the “I’m not a politician” card ever again. He may not have ever held office, but he’s an obfuscation spewer like any other.

      • Are y’all’s interpretation is Jus sanguinus over Jus soli? You know Jus soli is a distinctively more American doctrine right? I don’t think you’ve though this through.

      • Maybe.
        The problem is neither the constitution nor the courts have defined “Natural Born”, thus it’s been left to Congress.
        When Cruz was born, the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 governed citizenship for the foreign-born.
        Section 301(a)(7) requires that the Parent holding US Citizenship, in this case Cruz’ mother, be resident in the United States for at least 10 years before giving birth, 5 of which must be after age 14. If that requirement is met, the child is considered a US citizen. Otherwise not.
        Unless Mrs Cruz can verify her residency, the issue is very much alive.

        • Trump has said , several times , once from a direct question , during a debate , that he will not run as an independent and still , after he begins loosing more states , he will use the unconstitutionality to run for president crap as his excuse to run independent .
          Trump is a total ruse , used by the progressives to hurt Cruz and he actually started to believe he stood a chance to get the nod . The progressives will pull out all the stops to crush Cruz including this headline ;
          Cruz has a smirky face and is unqualified to run with a smirky face .

  34. Trump. The others are all dependent on, and influenced by, donor money and the DC political elites. In one way or another—and although I like him, I include Cruz in this— they’ve shown themselves to be obedient to the kind of establishment RINO politics that accommodates progressivism. Trump is a bomb thrower, an apostate who knows all too well the kinds of people and politics he now opposes. This is why he has terrified the RINO establishment . . . and electrified the American public. In Trump, the DC political class can see its own demise. I’m definitely for that.

    • If there is any justification for limitations on campaign finance donations, Trump is it. Any candidate for national office should be limited to donating to his own campaign exactly to the extent that any other individual is limited in donating to his/her campaign. How is it rational that one candidate with personal resources of billions of dollars can enter a race and finance it to his heart’s content out of personal funds while all of his opponents have to rely on severely limited donations from outside sources?

      Given this policy you will eventually wind up with elections where the candidates will be Bloomberg v Trump or some other combination of power-hungry wannabees who are willing and able to out-spend any opposition in order to clinch the nomination and election.

  35. About Dana Loesch. I find her claim of political independence to be a bit less than creditable and, given the kind of guy she works for, a little creepy . She works for Glenn Beck, a loose cannon loon if ever there was one. Having been around a few people like him, I can say with some confidence that you don’t work for a guy like that unless you’re willing to follow his lead. Period. I don’t listen to him much any more but, as with the Fox News fight with Trump, if the boss looks one way you better make damn sure you’re looking that way too. This is especially true of the broadcasting biz where people like Dana Loesch may be celebrities to the public but to management they’re just “talent”. In broadcasting, “talent” can always be replaced with the next pretty face waiting in the wings. And there’s always somebody waiting to take your job. Glenn Beck likes Cruz so everyone working for him had better like Cruz or at least say nice things about him. Fox News likes Rubio, so the talking headbots there are careful to keep their minds right and say nice things about Rubio. It’s just the way the business works.

    • The fact of the matter is that in any media source the position of editorial commentator will to some degree mirror the opinions of the owner of the media source. Occasionally they will allow opposing opinions, within reason. Dana presents her opinions, as she has stated, and sells those opinions on different media platforms that at least to some degree like and agree with her opinions and her presentation of those opinions. When and if this is no longer true I strongly suspect they will terminate their association with her, as is their right.

      While I too have my reservations about Mr. Beck he at least seems sincere in his efforts to educate the public and present good conservative values and opinions, of which Dana Leosch is one. Whatever you think of Glenn Beck personally, his editorial stance is, “The truth has NO agenda.” So long as he abides by that and Dana does not appear to be selling out just to get more air time or column inches, I support her.

      • “Whatever you think of Glenn Beck personally, his editorial stance is, “The truth has NO agenda.”

        Alas, there is an increasingly visible disconnect between the good Mr. Beck’s avowed intentions and his actual behavior. The guy’s tendency to disappear down any available rabbit-hole belies his interest in finding truth. It’s the dark depths of the hole itself that attracts him, often to the exclusion of truth. And when you can’t tell the difference between one and the other, you’re in deep trouble.

        • Garrison ,
          I have to take exception here with your comments regarding GB .
          The rabbit holes Glenn finds himself climbing into are usually already occupied by myself .
          You see , I have been a Prepper , government conspiracy , New World Order hater , since 1977 , when I began my new journey with JC and started reading different materials . I gave my life to JC when I was only eleven years old but succumbed to the many temptations of life several times along the journey , my pilgrims pride journey . I dabbled in alcohol and drugs , sex and porn and all manner of vice during those 38 years . I became a true prepper in 1988 when I purchased my farm . I’ve studied the Federalist papers , the constitution and re-immersed myself into history studies , I studied biblical hermeneutics and the pillars of most of the other major religions . I have been where Beck finds himself today and believe his journey is completely legitimate and parallels me almost 100% . I even studied Gandhi and MLK as he is doing . I have gone much deeper than he appears to have and I believe we are living in the final days spoken of in the Judeo-Christian scriptures and also believe if Americans turn back the progressive Luciferian agenda , God will acknowledge our prayers .
          I support Glenn all the way and knew before he knew , he would support Ted Cruz .
          I’m seriously no crazy .
          My life was turned completely over to JC in 2007 when I lost my daughter .
          God bless .

  36. TED CRUZ by a mile. The only one I could vote for without holding my nose. The only politician I have EVER given $ to(in 60+ years). No dumbocrat ever. No Christie. Bragging about his awful state. Rubio is Ted lite. Not horrible. Trump but I don’t trust him at all. Bush grudgingly. Kasich(Garry Shandling look-alike) I’d have to hold my nose. He seems a LOT like Mitt. Carson-nope. Beyond clueless. Concentrate on doctoring. But TED embodies damn near everything I believe-gun rights,conservative,unapologetic Christian, pro-baby,actually fought for my 2A rights and intelligent. Oh yeah he also pizzes off the RINO’s and infuriates the heathen…

  37. Dear Robert Farago,

    If you started over 130 businesses and 5 went bankrupt (the businesses, not you), does that make you a successful businessmen or bankrupt businessmen?

    • Success in business is measured by the final outcome, not the stumbles along the path. Trump is a shrewd businessman and along that route has used the legally and Constitutionally provided for bankruptcy laws to his and his stockholders advantage resulting in a profitable organization and a personal fortune without breaking any laws (so far as we know).

      I vote for Trump to keep doing exactly what he is good at and get out of politics. If by some chance he wins the nomination I will reluctantly vote for him. Given my choice I will support and vote for Cruz.

  38. Out of the viable candidates….Cruz.
    Jimmy Carter endorsed Trump because he is malleable. Says it all.
    Cruz is not quite as malleable.
    I actually give Bolshevik Bernie more credibility than Hitlery.

    • I wouldn’t give grandpa Bern anything with the word “credit” in it…

      He’ll likely max it out buying hipsters “free” sh*t, and then, send you the bill – that’s if he can find his keys.

        • Dr. Paul is the man!

          I have to imagine Paul realizes the Bern cannot do half the sh*t he calms, not without the full support of congress, which isn’t likely. Don’t tell Bernie supporters, but the Pres. cannot just turn the tax structure and college tuition system upside with the stroke of a pen.

          But, Hillary, on the other hand, is powerful enough, mean enough, and experienced enough to twist some tits in Congress to make sh*t happen.

          This is all my opinion, of course.

  39. Cruz now that Paul is out of the race. Still it’s anyone but Hillary. Like, I’d even vote for Bernie if it was between the 2 of them somehow. They are both socialists, one is just honest about it.

    • Bernie believes in the Marxist/Socialist idealogy of no social classes… So does Hillary.

      The only difference is Hillary is smart enough to realize there has always been and always will be a ruling class, and she wants to be atop it.

      Now, the only question is does that say more about Hillary or Bernie…

    • They are both socialists, one is just honest about it.
      True, although Bolshevik Bernie actually was on a Kommie Kibbutz in Israel.

  40. Who really cares? We owe the Feds 2.2 trillion in treasury bonds, which is an independent gov’t agency, while paying millions a day on interest alone. We have people clapping at a half-a-trillion deficit. No R is willing to cut spending on Defense that would give Dems no chance at bargaining for more entitlements since Rand jumped out. No R is willing to admit that either we are all in against Syria and ISIS or there’s no point of going in at all. Shit hasn’t changed since Teddy and Willson’s change everything about America and giving the gov’t the ability to grow exponentially due to their administrations’ decision. We have a Federal standing active army consisting of over a million troops, with no real militia beside Texas SDF since the Federalization of the Guards. The time for change has long past. Nothing you vote for will defy that. It’s now about how long until shit stack so high, it’s hitting the fan.

  41. Rand Paul. Sadly, he dropped out, so we now have nothing but big government, anti-freedom scum from the left and right running.

  42. Ted Cruz for POTUS and Carson for VP. Bernie Sanders for the Rhode Island State Retired Bingo Association. Hillary for prison 2016.

  43. Don’t think we have a choice. Nobody that might have qualifications is crazy enough to want the job. Still think Hillary has the edge, with all agencies running interference for her. Bernie supposedly has the “youth” vote. How cool could it be to have democratic socialist government? The so called “republicans” are lining up to throw the vote, just as they did for Obama. Obama is the set up, the next “president” will be the dunk. Bernie or Hillary, rule by a socialist/communist personal agenda, The Constitution be damned. Hope I’m wrong, but still think Hillary, elected by the same ones that elected Obama, twice. Bernie would not be any consolation. There is no “Democratic” party any longer, that’s just a label used by socialists to cover their butts. Don’t see “Republican” party surviving much past the next election. We have been voting ourselves into this corner for decades, backed by indoctrination instead of education. Who would I vote for? I claim the right to a secret ballot. Nobody needs to know, but me. Don’t think I’ll be voting for a socialist/communist, party or individual.

  44. Cthulu / SMOD ’16

    Why settle for the lesser evil?

    Seriously, a resurgent US Democratic party, behind any of the two time carpet-bagger still on her mission from god, the angry socialist who makes angry socialists look uncommitted, and “Uncle Joe” would, perhaps, be a slightly lesser evil than The Whisperer In The Dark, but not by much. At least we can hope to be put out of our misery by SMOD, whatever transpires before.

    In a slightly less unlikely fantasy, I’d like to see an “outsider” R candidate grab so much of the party, that the “establishment” has to suck it up and kick in, just for a chance to ride in the jump seat. “You got to go along, to get along.” “No, *you* got to go along, or there’ll be no going to get.”

    Maybe Cruz, by default. Then we’ll see what he’s really about, as is the case for them all.

    I am not hopeful on any count. Against the strident vacuousness of the ’08 campaign, then the massive negatives and polarization in ’12, they … lost. Given two (2) “wave elections” in off-years despite the opposite national-level current, they didn’t get the hint. You go where the votes are.

    Seriously, if a national party can’t groom, cultivate, and eventually support national candidates, what good are they?

    They aren’t called “The Stupid Party” for nothing.

  45. It is interesting how so many so called second amendment supporters don’t support Senator Cruz. I vote for Cruz.

    • Really? I’m encouraged by the overwhelming Cruz as 1st choice sentiment. I guess some of the usual trolls are busy watching Super Bowl commercials. And the vile anti-Christians…Cruz is so obvious it must be painful. Especially for the(few) who put forth ole’ Bernie as “pro-gun”.

    • Don’t trust him, that’s why. He says the right things, but doesn’t do the right things. For example: Cruz had a choice between respecting the 4th amendment and government convenience…and he sided with government convenience. Why should I trust him to be different with the 2’nd amendment?
      The moment it’s convenient for the government, is he going to sell us out again? I’d be a whole lot more inclined to believe a “No” answer if it hadn’t happened once already.

  46. Either Dem would be bad news for gun rights. Gun control is in their DNA and their party platform.

    A few Rs seem to favor “society” (whatever that means) over individual rights. Any R would be an upgrade over HRC but someone like Christie or perhaps Kasich may be tempted to infringe the first time he met with a crying parent. I am not sure about Trump. He has been on the other side in the past. But I am open to being convinced if he decides to make an effort. Carson hasn’t been strong on 2A yet.

    Cruz and Rubio seem like strong traditionalists on 2A.

  47. How about Gary Johnson? Yeah, I didn’t know he was running again. He seems FAR better than any of the Globalist PUPPETS (probably including trump) that we are shown by the media.

  48. How would it feel to have Trump for President because he can be the total A&& he is famous for and probably get this country back on a decent business track and Cruz for VP to keep him in line with the Constitution? Provided that Trump would accept the guidance that Cruz can provide would it not give us the probability of a 16 year hiatus from the criminal enterprise the Clintons have given us?

    My vote for Prez would depend upon the choice for VP

    • but you don’t worry that cruz’s wife is a member of the CFR and on the task force to put the USA into the North American Union (precursor to a one-world-government) and his wife is also an employee of the Satanic Goldman Sachs?
      Or you’re not worried that cruz hid his million dollar loan, that showing how (dis)honest he is?
      I think cruz is a Trojan Horse. I don’t think he’s constitutionally eligible and if he did win, he could tell the people that the constitution is obviously out-of-date in regard to eligibility and probably a lot more (and then they might finally admit that o’bama was similarly not eligible)?

    • I like Cruz – Fiorina , and Cruz – Carson , but Cruz and someone is fine as long as the progressives don’t pull a Reagan – Bush at the convention , like they did in 80 .
      Reagan had Baker on his #1 list for VP then suddenly , out comes populist Reagan with big daddy progressive , One World Order man himself , Bush .
      then ………………..we got Hinkley and Progressivism crammed down our gullets . Rest is history .

  49. Given the likely choices being “Oh shit!” and “Hell, No!” I’ll have to go with “Oh, shit!” but I won’t be happy about it.

  50. It’s not just that Ted Cruz looks reptilian, you also have to look at his actions and choices. When Cruz was attorney general of the great state of Texas, he argued up to the Supreme Court that a man who shoplifted a calculator who was mistakenly categorized resulting in a 16 year jail term, should serve his entire sentence over a calculator. The justices asked Cruz
    “Is there some rule that you can’t confess error in your state?” His campaign manager, Jeff Roe, has a long documented history or not only playing low ball, but to lie cheat and steal to get ahead. Look at the “troubling” things from Iowa from the false rumors about Carson to the Republican Secretary of State of Iowa charging that the Cruz campaign knowingly deceived voters with the election warning flier they sent. If it smells like a rat, it is a rat. Just look at it’s eyes.

  51. I would prefer the 50% of Cruz that is anti-big government/pro-Liberty along with the 50% of Elizabeth Warren that is anti-big corporation. I’m very pro-individual rights and both big government and big corporations walk all over individual rights.

    If he is still around when it is my chance to vote in the primary, I’ll vote for Cruz but I think Rubio is going to win the primary and the Presidency.

  52. Just because Cruz “knows the Constitution” better than anyone else running doesn’t mean he’s going to do what’s in America’s best interest. His Goldman Sachs wife and their $500k “loan” to him will see about that.

  53. Trump by default. No more Bushes or Clintons. Cruz and Rubio are a couple of Cubans two boats short of deportation. Remember the Mariel boatlift when Castro crapped all over our shores? Kasich and Fiorina, you”ve got to be kidding. Krispy Creme Crispy Christie presides over a state that has a lousy credit rating and is as ugly as sin. Ever been to Bayonne? Cruz reeks of insincerity; he and his wife are on the take from Goldman, Sachs and the rest of the fat cats.


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