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Question of the Day: Where the Hell Do Gun Springs Go?



  1. avatar Aharon says:

    “along with Puff the Magic Dragon the Springs go to Heaven every one”

  2. avatar Boris says:

    Glock perfection means no springs bouncing out to get lost

    1. avatar matt says:

      It sounds like you’ve never fully disassembled your Glock. Plenty of guns have captured guide rods.

      1. avatar Boris says:

        I know so little about Glocks I have 5 and will be pursuing a Guiness Book record with one shortly. Stay tuned.

        1. avatar matt says:

          Congrats on owning 5, being a obvious fanboi and megalomaniac. It doesnt change the fact there are half a dozen other springs in the gun that can go flying off during a complete disassembly/reassembly.

    2. avatar matt says:

      And if they are perfect, why is there a 4th generation Glock?

      1. avatar Jason says:

        It’s more perfecter.

      2. avatar Boris says:

        Because of the incessant need of the marketplace for new new new.

        Glock 3rd generation are still in full production, they were not replaced by gen 4s.

        Glocks are indeed, perfect in every way and to say otherwise is a sure sign of dementia or guntardism.

        1. avatar matt says:

          The 4th gen has features which the priors do not, therefor prior generations are not perfect. Since the 3rd generation is still in production, that indicates that the 4th generation is not perfect. If the 1st and 2nds aren’t still in production, then surely they are not perfect either.

        2. avatar Mr Bob says:

          I’ll stick with my Hi-Point.
          Simplicity, accuracy, reliability and a great price.

  3. avatar bontai Joe says:

    About 4″ after they launch out of your gun, they achieve warp speed and disappear into another dimension.

  4. avatar Tom jones says:

    Brush plug to the eye!

  5. avatar BLAMMO says:

    I think there’s a physical law or universal force that Newton failed to identify and, like gravity, is still not understood. My own personal theory is that this force affects the trajectory of small springs and coins near vending machines. Drop a coin near a vending machine and the coin will always bounce under the vending machine. Never away from the machine, where you can just pick it up.

  6. avatar Ralph says:

    Gun springs go to the same place as disposable income, extra pairs of eyeglasses and Congressional promises.

    1. avatar matt says:

      and socks

      1. avatar MDC43 says:

        Only one sock at a time though…

        1. avatar Bob says:

          Did you see that episode of Renn And Stimpy where they found a huge pile of socks on a really strange planet?

  7. avatar Mashashin says:

    When we moved my grand dad we found 3 springs behind a book shelf in his den all from his hi power all in about the same spot, he just laughed as he had lost one about every 2 years since getting the gun

  8. avatar speed racer says:

    Pennies,nickels,dimes and things….socks and quarters,gun parts and springs!!!!
    That is what the Starship Enterprise is made of!!!!
    So don’t worry about losing all this stuff, you are making a contribution to our future!!!!!!

  9. avatar Don says:

    You can easily dissassemble your 1911 bushing first without the use of a bushing wrench if you have scant more finger strength than stephan hawking, and avoid all spring launching danger…

  10. avatar John Fritz says:

    Hah! They go to the same place all of the Jesus clips went when we used to rebuild carburetors.

  11. avatar Bob says:

    They fall into eddies in the space-time continuum.

    1. avatar Bob says:

      Or WKWIIH (who knows where it is hiding).

    2. avatar Matt says:

      He is, is he?

  12. avatar Jake F. says:

    Get a cat. A friend of mine says his cat has saved him from losing springs on numerous occasions; the spring will shoot off and the cat will chase it down.

    Also on a side note you can get some hard to find spring sizes at hobby shops that carry higher end RC cars and planes. My dad had a derringer that needed the springs on the hammers replaced and we actually found a throttle control spring that seemed to be made better than the originals.

  13. avatar Dallen says:

    Three options:
    1) They never actually leave the gun. I had a spring in my AR jump loose and bury itself in the trigger assembly. Solution: Needle-nosed pliers.
    2) If you followed its flight path, then it will be in a five-foot radius of the landing zone, provided the LZ is cluttered with junk. If it isn’t you have to search a ten-foot area.
    3) If you didn’t follow its flight then you’ll realize that gun springs learned the secret of teleportation. What’s worse is they never shared it before disappearing.

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