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I don’t expect ANYONE to watch three hours of the above video, not even the mothers of any of those involved. If they did, I imagine they would be Moms Demand A Good Spanking For Safety Violations. Not having sampled more than five minutes, I am reliably informed that beer drinking precedes gun handling at the five minute mark, one of the commentators points a GLOCK hither and yon at around 17 minutes in (and pulls the trigger without clearing the weapon) and another participant waves a Kel-Tek SUB2000 around “like crazy” at 50 mins in. What’s the worst safety violation you’ve ever seen?

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  1. At a public range one day, I once had a uniformed deputy sheriff hand his revolver to me (yes it was a long time ago) while exclaiming, “careful, it’s loaded”. Out of habit, I opened the cylinder to discover, much to everyone’s surprise, it was not loaded.

  2. Working in a gun store I see safety violations on a daily basis. Being muzzle swept, having guns pointed at your chest (usually with trigger being pulled), and seeing countless other safety violations is par for the course. I always point these out and the usual reaction is a vacant stare and a “well, it isn’t loaded.”

    • I hate that, and I DON”T work in a gun store. I see it when I’m at the counter at Bass Pro or Academy, some idiot with a handgun or rifle practicing their best holster draw or weapon presentation drill to impress their idiot friends, and I’m looking at the barrel of a Glock, Rem 870 or AR variant.

      I love overhearing gun counter talk. It makes me laugh out loud sometimes. I just can’t help it. My favorite so far is one guy in Academy telling his buddy “well, I shoot SEAL Team 6 standards for pistol, I run those drills every week. Don’t you? Hell, I could qualify their pistol course tomorrow if they’d let me.”

      • I love gun counter talk too. My favorite is when the sales guy tries to juice up a weapon’s appeal by telling the customer, “This (whatever) is what the (insert special operations force) use, it’s the best!”

    • On the flip side, every time my wife or myself has dropped a firearm to low ready or at the ground while an employee passes by at the gun counter, we seem to get confused looks conveying a “why are you doing that” attitude from the employee.

      • Now to me, that is a courtesy and I appreciate when customers do that as it shows me they are safety conscious. Sadly there are some folks behind the counter that probably shouldn’t be.

    • My wife is notorious for this. She’s fine when we are out plinking but in a gun store, it’s muzzle sweep and finger on the trigger galore. We’re working on it.

  3. Glock had a misfire, owner cleared it, rechambered the same round, aimed it at the dirt point blank between his feet and fired. Luckily it misfired again and he discarded the round.

  4. At a public range, I saw a guy get handed a revolver, and his first move was to point it at his face to look down the barrel. Fortunately, the three closest people to him jumped in to make sure he didn’t shoot himself. The gun turned out to be loaded by the way.

  5. It looks like a video chat amongst friends that I assume are not total idiots. They do not have to show the freaking camera that the weapon is cleared so long as they know their weapons are cleared. If I was in person I would be concerned that they show me the weapons are clear before playing with them but I’m totally fine with assuming they cleared their weapons especially since they pull their triggers and the guns don’t go bang. In my YouTube videos I’ve been careful to clear my weapons before hand, I even say I cleared them and I still get hate mail. Screw you, I don’t give a rats ass if because I didn’t clear my gun In front of you my gun must be loaded and I’m an idiot. Too many cry babies and too many people that would DQ at any range.

    • Thank you for looking at this with a level head.

      I’m one of the people in the video – the Glock was cleared beforehand and the ammo + magazine were in a separate room.

      I’ve seen a lot of subpar content on TTAG from Robert, but his inability to think critically shines through in this post.

      • For the folks at TTAG, anything to get upset about, is enough motivation to post an article. I didnt see anything wrong in the few minutes of the video that I watched. Robert criticizes the antis for saying guns are scary but then he does the exact same thing with articles like this. Lately, I come to this site just out of morbid curiosity, the comment section alone is an absolute train wreck of nonsense.

        • Howdy,

          I’m one of the other gentlemen in the video. Yes. A thousand times yes.

          Thank you.

          Also, the comments here considering the initial post could have been horrible. They haven’t been too terrible bad.

        • Yeah, I had to remove this site from my bookmarks. The comments alone are enough to give me cancer. Whenever I read comments, I imagine them coming from some guy who uses the scooter to get around walmart because walking hurts them too much.

        • And yet here you are, reading AND commenting on a “site” you removed from your bookmarks. How precious.

      • Nonsense! TV shows and movies should show the actors clearing the weapons on film before engaging in gun fight scenes, and all such scenes should choreographed in such a way that nobody points a gun at anything, touches a trigger, or otherwise handles a firearm in what could be construed to be an unsafe manner. Otherwise, the audience wouldn’t know that they aren’t at risk of being shot through the TV screen.

  6. Drive drunk
    Forward false stories on the internet
    Move in with significant other after a few weeks

    Now if you’re asking what’s the stupidest thing I’ve seen a gun owner do with a gun, that’s a different story.

  7. An NRA instructor once swept me and 4 other people with a loaded revolver so he could do pull empty-cylinder trick on the girl in the group who kept shooting the floor.

  8. I stopped going to a certain Indoor range around here after having a loaded gun aimed at me twice and the staff shrugging it off. The idiots finger was on the trigger too. I will still shop there because You won’t have much of a choice; they have the biggest Inventory in Northern Illinois but I won’t shoot there.

  9. Red’s Indoor Range in South Austin = an experiment in applied Darwinism (or Calvinism for the religious folk among us). I am always torn because it is so close, but I always feel like I spend more time looking over my shoulder than I do shooting.

    Take a look at the louvers in the ceiling directly above the shooting stalls and ask yourself how many of the rules were broken to get all those bullet holes and splatter marks there. I’m talking about the ones right over your head/immediately in front of the firing line. The worst part is, I have heard that Red’s North is even more poorly run… I cringe when I think of that.

    Needles to say I go in the morning before traffic picks up if I go there at all.

    • One visit. That is all it took in my case. I had the misfortune to be right next to Mr. Short-guy-trying -to impress-his large girlfriend-guy. Couldn’t relax at all and left the place after 30 minutes.

  10. I treated a patient that shot his own thumb off. He was holding the muzzle while he pulled the trigger of his AR, apparently to check and see if the weapon was loaded. Turns out, yes it was.
    I treated 2 patients, one of which of which died, because he was riding in the bed of a truck, with and M249 poited at the cab, with his finger on the trigger. They hit a bump, he fired, shooting the driver and passenger. The vehicle flipped, killing the shooter and passengers in the back, as well as the passenger in the cab. The driver actually lived, but in a coma when I left him. JWT

  11. I’m assuming we’re talking gun safety.

    The worst, that is a tough call. I have been shot at while upland bird hunting several times. Saw an old farmer friend almost remove his frontal lobe trying to clear a jammed pump action. I’ve been muzzle swept quite a few times and have been guilty of muzzle sweeping on hunts.

    The worst recently was probably at a LGS/Range. There are two counters, one of which runs parallel to the shooting lanes. While shooting with my family I looked back and was peering down the barrel of a Super Redhawk or similar sized DA revolver. The clerk was at the counter reviewing safety practices and trigger pull with a new owner. I quietly requested that he not point the pistol at us. Especially since I had seen him break more than one of the cardinal rules. His reply, “Well its not loaded.” to which I said, “We don’t know that.” He did, in the end, stop muzzling us. In the shops defense I mentioned it to another clerk and he now sweeps up the range, and stocks ammunition. I haven’t seen him behind the counter or handling arms since.

  12. I used to go to a free unsupervised public range where a lot of yahoos hung out. The last time I went there was a group of 4 yahoos drinking beer and muzzling everyone. All the lanes were full so I was sitting in my truck directly in the opposite direction where muzzles should be pointed and one of them muzzled me so I left. I’m not sure which was worse, those 4 or everyone else there who didn’t seem to notice (or care). Another time there I was at one end of the range and someone on the other end fired a shot when I was downrange. Nowhere near toward me, but still. I joined the Izaak Walton League where it’s unsupervised but I haven’t run into any unsafe shooters so far. Something about a free range brings out the riffraff.

  13. At a public rifle range in Ohio some four decades ago, a young man picked up his infant daughter and started down range accompanied by his wife and two other children. He did not say a word. When I spotted him I grounded my rifle and made sure the others in my group did the same. Others on the firing line continued firing while he and his family examined their target at the 50 yard line. That was the first and only time I visited that range.

  14. While at a Maine State Police firearms qual, a female, who was having trouble handling her 870, dropped the shotgun to her hip and did a 180 to talk to the instructor, flagging myself and the entire right side of the line, finger on trigger. A few of us yelled at her and her response was an eye roll and “we did it at Andover (criminal justice school) all the time. It’s not even loaded” the instructor took the shotgun sighted in down range and touched a round off. She did not make to the end of the week.

  15. Any speech Feinstein gives…

    Sorry, the Tracy thing had my thoughts such on politics.

    The 4 rules violations at gun stores are probably it. I’ve been pretty fortunate. I’ve heard from friends stories of taking noobs shooting only to have then keep firing after subverting had started walking down range, but I’ve never seen such behavior in person.

  16. My dad racking the slide to his GLOCK 17 with his finger on the trigger. Not once. Twice. Until I said “dad, wtf are you doing?!”

  17. There was a new indoor pistol range in town that had been open for awhile, so I went over there and finally checked it out. Brought two pistols and a few boxes of ammo. This place was a second location to the original range which I frequented, it was a great place to go. They rented out pistols, AR’s chambered in pistol rounds and even rented a few full-auto subs, my favorite being the full-auto H&K MP5. A blast to shoot!

    I was the only person in the range, and I’m about 30 minutes in to my session and three out of the four teens that were running the place that Saturday came into the range with an MP5 and a few boxes of Wolf Ammo. They were just spraying the range with 9mm full auto blasts, and then bringing the weapon out of the stall, handing it off to the next guy.

    I noticed the kid sweeping my legs with the thing while he was showing it to his ass-clown buddy, outside of the stall. I just death-glared the stupid kid and made a forceful but helpful suggestion as I left that he “might want to be smart enough to keep that thing pointed downrange.” I was never so certain that I was going to be hit with an ND in my life.

    So I’m packing up my bag to leave to get the F out of there and as I step back to secure my range bag off the floor and turn towards the door I feel a slap and a burning sensation on the right side of my neck: the freaking idiot firing the MP5 had backed a good three feet out of the stall and was just spraying brass down the walkway towards me.

    I’ve never been so livid at a range before. I asked for the manager on duty, who was also a teen. When I checked with the original owner and told him the story, I found out that it was managed by his brother, who apparently hired his kid and his kid’s friends to work it on weekends. Never been back. Strangely enough, the place wound up closing. Geez, I wonder why?

  18. Ex-gf fired her first ever round out of a (rented) Glock 17, squealed with excitement as she turned around to smile at me, all while pointing the pistol at my chest with finger on the trigger. It was strange, because up until that moment I thought our relationship was going well.

  19. The dumbest thing I ever did was hand a new shooter (that was doing quite well with the .22LR & 9mm handguns while correctly following all the range rules up to that point) my 1911 with a full magazine. The kick was too much and it scared her. She turned around with the gun, finger on the trigger, and swept the guy at the table next to me (as well as half the people on the line at the range) before I could correct the situation. Ever since, I only load 1 round at a time when teaching a new shooter. That was over 10 years ago, but thinking about it still makes my stomach turn.

  20. Watched my friends dad shoot his transmission with a .300 Wby Mag. We were sitting in a safari rack, Nilgai hunting, while he drove us around the ranch. He was going to back me up on a nice bull, when all of a sudden, BOOM!!! Luckily the only damage was to the truck, and his pride.

  21. Two, although from the same individual a lawyer no less. A group had gathered at our home which is pretty rural. After an evening of drinking sometime after midnight some of us elected to walk to the end of our driveway about 125 yds from the house and overlooking a field with a woodlot beyond. After a peaceful and pleasant couple of seconds under a beautiful sky I literally hear,’ Hey watch THIS!’ where upon Bozo levels a Berretta 9 mm across the road and empties the clip. He had a tracer as the last round so he would ‘know when he was empty’. When I regained the ability to speak it sort of went along the lines of ‘WTF do you imagine you’re doing and on my property you idiot.’ The nitwit in question assured there would be no damage as he had done lots of times and in the event I was nervous or something I could always check the paper the next day. I told him I really wasn’t accustomed to checking the local media for collateral damage after I went shooting or hunting and he maybe ought GTFO while he had the chance.

    I happened to be shooting upland birds at an organization where Bozo belonged. It was mid day and most people had taken a break to have sandwich by the truck and Bozo purloined my partner and living in a small community I acquiesced and joined them to see Bozo’s new dog. A fully grown though still puppy like bitch of mixed European backround she was close to perfect. The first time she heard a shotgun fired she understood her entire reason for being and performed it joyously without training or very much even in the way of command, fortunately for Bozo. All with a delightful personality and super soft mouth on the birds. How even could Bozo up-screw this you may well wonder. We go down to a pond where he throws her favorite toy far into the water. The dog gamely and without reservation went for it. As she got about 5 yds away what shows up but the infamous Berretta and he begins rapid firing at her toy, over her head.

    No, no pick you jaw up off’n that keyboard there’s MORE! We suddenly became aware that there were people on the other side of the pond. This was due to the shear volume of threatening obscenity wafting from the opposite treeline, you know in response to all the hot lead skipping off the water at them. This was in and of itself fortunate since he ceased firing on his own dog momentarily and yelled back at the other members with some sadly misplaced rover boy humor. My partner and I left but still were able to see him ventilate his spare tire and cooler behind us when he got back to his vehicle. He yelled the results to us, seemingly proud and unbowed announcing, ‘At least I got ’em both with one shot!’. No where in 4 continents have I seen anybody as wantonly and egregiously stupid or more prime for a Darwin Award.

    • Should have visited the people on the other side of the water and told them I.M. Dumbass, Esquire, was the one who shot at them.

  22. Using 8mm Mauser in a .30-06 rifle. The first time was someone who was caught short and asked someone for “2 rounds for a SAFN”. The rifle was approved for use in competition in .30-06 & 8mm (and also made in 7mm & 7.65mm, and Argentina converted theirs to 7.62 as well). The person’s rifle was .30-06 and the 2 rounds were 8mm. Result, one destroyed SAFN.

    The second time was when I went with a group I was about to go hunting with to the Silverdale range for a rifle check. Silverdale has a reputation as Fudd central, where you will find the Fudds Fudds. They have very overbearing range rules on one hand and are shockingly lax on the other. I was using a M48 Mauser fitted with a Leupold scout scope in 8mm. The person in the next bay (of Middle Eastern ethnicity) grabs a round off my bench. I could see him using a .30-06 rifle.

    “I told him that he shouldn’t do that”.

    He then got aggressive saying back “What are you going to do about it?”.

    I said “I will stand over there and watch your gun blow up. You have a .30-06 and I’m using 8×57. The excessive headspace and bigger bullet should be spectacular.” Even the range officers told him he should put the round back.

    But when it came time to leave the range, I asked one of the range officers to clear my rifle before I left the bench. He asked “Why would you want me to do that?” I replied “to make sure my chamber and magazine are clear.” He reluctantly cleared the rifle.

    But this range has some very funny rules. They explicitly ban .338 Papua Magnum, but will allow 8mm Remington Magnum, 405 Chey Tac, and other similar cartridges. And they have a rule of only allowing ONE cartridge to be loaded into the magazine at a time. Loading more has five or more range officers standing over you to make sure you don’t do rapid fire. This defeats the purpose of going to a range to check your rifle is functioning properly. I don’t want to find out my rifle doesn’t feed from one side of the magazine when 300 lbs of angry pork wants to turn my leg into lunch. I will admit to using the size 11s on feral pigs several times when things got too close for comfort, but that us another story.

  23. My wife and I were at a locally infamous indoor pistol range here in Cleveland. It was early enough in the day that we were the only ones there. After 30 minutes or so, an “instructor” and two students show up and occupy the stall next to ours. I heard the following conversation:

    Instructor: OK, now load the gun.

    Student: OK, done. How do I know I have the right bullets in it?

    Instructor: You’ll find out when you shoot it.

    Me (to my wife): We’re leaving. now.

  24. One of my (older) brothers simply cannot understand why I get upset when the first thing he does with ANY firearm, ANYWHERE he sees it, is pick it up, finger on the trigger, and squeeze! At home, LGS, range, it doesn’t matter; I’m surprised he’s lived as long as he has and not shot himself or anyone else. And because I’m his little brother, nothing I say applies to him and it’s almost as if because he heard it first from me, anyone else who tells him the same thing doesn’t know what they’re talking about.
    And before anyone says anything; no, I Don’t shoot with him anymore. We (myself, his wife, his mostly grown kids and our other brothers) don’t even discuss firearms with him anymore. We all feel safer that way.

  25. While getting ready to testify at Hill St. Court in Los Angeles for a traffic ticket (I don’t recall, but probably in Div 70), I saw a deputy with a box on the table. It contained a new Streamlight TLR of some sort. While court was in session, I saw the deputy open the box, remove his pistol from the holster, and attach the streamlight to his loaded S&W M&P pistol. The courtroom contained about 20 people at the time.

    By the time I thought about saying something, which would certainly have caused a disturbance, the pistol and fresh rail light were back in the holster. Sheriffs do some incredibly irresponsible things.

  26. Saw 3 yahoos walk onto a hot range at Knob Creek to set up their targets. The shooting house was full and the collective rate of fire was phenomenal. Damned lucky they didn’t get killed. Fortunately the people on the line were observant and stopped firing immediately.

  27. My group was waiting our turn to use an automatic clay thrower While we were waiting one guy from the group in front of us started handling his shotgun and discharged into the dirt. He was a couple inches from shooting his foot off.

  28. A first timer given a Colt python who went onto one hand shoot the thing without locking the elbow. Yeah that’s right recoiled right into the forehead.

  29. Serious answer: an unnamed kid, and myself.

    It was at the range; a kid with a Mosin commented on mine. I cleared mine, but wasn’t watching him; never AssUMe anything.

    We handed our rifles to one another, pointed straight up with hands at the midpoint – nowhere near the triggers – and (in my case) the bolt drawn back.

    As he handed his to me, his horribly worn sear let the bolt do its thing and BOOM.

    When it’s at eye level and a foot away with milsurp ammo, the boom merits capitalization.

    It was quite some time before my ears stopped ringing and I could see anything apart from red, and I’m now just a tidge more conscientious about checking others’ arms from a distance before I touch ‘em.

  30. I got one. Last Christmas I wanted to see an old antique my grandpappy left us that my mom has stashed away in the attic. She brought it downstairs and I turned around and nearly dumped my eggnog on me – she was like Elmer Fudd and pointing the business end of a Springfield 1898 at my head.

    ‘WTF MA!!!!!!’

  31. Forty-two years ago my grandfather took my cousin and I hunting pheasant and quail on a large game reserve in Florida. We had a guide/beater, a good pointing dog, and a flushing/retrieving dog. The guide drove us out in an old four-door Rover. We disembarked, walking three abreast ahead of the parked Rover, Grandpa in the middle. Very quickly some quail were rousted. One of them flew straight towards us. Grandpa called the bird, swung on it as it passed over and then behind us, and pulled the trigger when he though he had a bead on it: The shot blew out the Rover’s windshield on the driver’s side. My father had warned me against hunting with his ex-wife’s “reckless” father. I thought he just held a grudge. Nope.

  32. The stupidest thing I’ve ever seen somebody do with a firearm was my own fault. Two years ago there was a string of burglaries and one attempted kidnapping in my hometown. I was watching the house for three or four days alone and decided to keep grandpa’s Marlin with a fully loaded tube magazine at my side at all times. Parents arrive home and I lock up my cabinet with the Marlin inside.

    A good friend and I later decided to throw a small party at my house. I didn’t drink that night, and when the topic of guns came up I offered to show a couple of mutual buddies my collection. One of them says ” Do you have any cowboy stuff?” I grab the Marlin and just hand it to him. He carefully points it towards the wall, away from everybody, and quickly racks the lever like he’d seen in the movies. “This thing is fucking awesome,” he says with a grin, and racks it a second time.

    My heart nearly stopped when the live .35 Remington round hit the floor, because I realized that this kid was holding my pre-safety Marlin 336 with a round in the chamber. The nail of his trigger finger rested on the edge of the trigger guard and I nearly screamed. This kid immediately thought he’d done something wrong and handed me the rifle, barrel pointed in a safe direction and his finger well away from the trigger guard. I unloaded it and then checked the chamber four times before putting the live rounds in my pocket and returning the gun to him so he could safely rack the lever some more because he thought it was cool. Every other gun that came out of the cabinet that night was checked at least three times. I even taught them the four rules which we practiced together in an educational moment. They absolutely loved it, having never held real firearms before, and were both proud of me for taking control of a dangerous situation so professionaly.

    I’ve often been told it’s the negligent discharges that could have happened but didn’t which frighten you the most. Since that incident I’ve instinctually checked the chamber and mag of every single firearm I am handed twice, and if I don’t know how to operate the firearm, I ask.

  33. Maybe not the stupidest I’ve ever seen, but the one that comes to mind is once when hunting rabbits one of the guys with me slings his rifle up over his shoulder, finger still on the trigger. Inevitably, he inadvertently popped off a round.
    What made it especially bad was that we were in a canyon barely thirty yards wide, and the walls ran pretty vertical up to the rim rock sixty to eighty feet above. That’s how I learned that the real old Westerns actually have the sound of a ricochet right.

    Quite unintentionally, he flushed three rabbits, which darted down the canyon. I got one, and my other buddy got one. Mister Casual-About-Trigger-Finger, having just fired, didn’t.

    We didn’t share.

  34. BTW, the comments about voting Democratic are sad. I voted for a Democrat this last election because the Republican was so ignorant I think he would have reduced the political IQ in the state by ten points if elected. I also voted for a Democrat several elections ago because he was a Blue Steel Democrat who favored open carry for all but felons and the Republican, while opposing a national or state registry, saw no problem with the local sheriff knowing where all the guns in the county were.

  35. It’s a toss up between the one time some gang-banger wannabe who pointed a gun at his own face immediately after being handed it by the gun counter guy who should have known better and the ancient looking Canadian woman who obviously didn’t know how to shoot a handgun walking towards me with a Mauser 1910 pointed at me, finger on the trigger that had a double feed she needed help clearing.

  36. Worst? Firing while people were down range. Saw this twice, Once at Ft Sill, once at Ft Hood. Both offenders were officers. First one Sargent Major jumped young Captain’s a$$, second time Staff Sargent calmly removed the weapon from the Major’s hand and asked him, politely, to leave the firing line.

    Over the years I have seen all manner of stupid things done with firearms, those 2 always stand out.

  37. My dad was a pathetic sot. One night he blew a giant hole thru the wall of our Chicago apartment with a 12 gauge. My sister and I (ages 3 and 6) lay terrified in our beds down the hall. The drunken a-hole never even came to check on us, never spoke to us about what happened afterward.

    Another very stupid ND was committed by Republican Bob Barr. Google it.

  38. At the range with my wife, she’s shooting the Ruger GP100 .357 and gets a squib load and cocks the hammer to shoot the next round. I run up from behind her screaming “NO, NO, NO!!!” we unload the GP, checked the barrel and sure enough a bullet is lodged in the barrel.

    Borrowing a 10/22 from my brother and he takes the mag out and checks the chamber, only he doesn’t see the chambered round which still doesn’t eject with a drawback of the bolt. He points it a the ceiling and I say “no” so he points it at his bed and squeezes the trigger and puts a round through his mattress. I asked how long he had stored the rifle with a round in the chamber and he said he thought a couple of years….hence the round sticking in the chamber.

  39. I could go on and on about the times I’ve been muzzle swept but 2 stories really come to mind.

    Once while target shooting on family land with a mosin nagant I heard the sound of ATVs in the woods behind my shooting area and decided it was best to pack up and move to another field where I knew nobody would be. As I’m leaving about 5 people on fourwheelers pull up. Turns out my aunt and uncle had brought some of their friends out to go trail riding. I was sitting on my fourwheeler chatting with them for a few minutes and had the rifle in a gun rack behind me. At one point one of their friends got off his fourwheeler and walked around behind me but I was distracted by the conversation and didn’t realize what he was doing. I turned around and this clown who I’d never met had taken my rifle out of the gun rack and was looking at it with the barrel pointed right at my back. Those of you who own a mosin know that the safety is basically useless so it’s a good thing the rifle was empty because he fumbling around with the bolt. I jumped about 10 feet high and let out a string of profanities. He promptly put the rifle down and walked away. Not only was he an idiot there’s got to be a rule somewhere about picking up another man’s rifle without asking especially when you don’t even know them.

    The second story is just gun counter talk. Our local walmart has a particular salesman who is absolutely clueless when it come to firearms (gee imagine that). I was buying some shotgun slugs one day and asked if my shotgun had a smooth barrel and I said yes. He proceeded to tell me that you can only shoot Sabbot slugs out of a smooth barrel and the Remington foster style slugs I was trying to buy would ruin my barrel. He refused to believe me when I corrected him and told him I’ve been hunting with these slugs for years. To this day he tells me the same thing every single time I buy a box. On another occasion I was walking past the counter and a lady was looking at rifle. This same salesman takes a DPMS ar-15 out of the case and says “this is what you really need”. The lady says woah what’s that? He replies “it’s a machine gun like the army uses”. I was speechless. I’m not sure where wally world finds these people but apparently the only requirement for that job is breathing.


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