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SIG SAUER suppressed .22 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Over at our Facebook page, Nick changes the profile pic at will. His latest photo [as above] shows a suppressed SIG SAUER 1911-style .22. Very handy. And speaking of hands, did you notice that the model’s wearing his watch with the dial on the inside of his wrist? That’s the style for operators operating operationally; gun guys who don’t want the bad guys to see their watch’s luminous hands in the dark. So what’s the most tacticool thing you do or own? I reckon my ever-present SureFire light qualifies. And the extra mag I carry in my front pocket. And the razor-sharp Emerson Wave knife nestled in the opposite side pocket. And the combat sights on my Wilson Combat 1911. And my recent force-on-force room clearing training. You?

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    • Have one as well. Not mounted, of course. Because it’s stupid, and funny. Says Ka-Bar. Seems legit.

      Mine’s a 3″ blade. Not that we’re measuring… except I am. Comparing.

      When I wore a watch, 20 years ago, I wore it face-in. Didn’t realize how cool I was. Nor did anyone else, for that matter.

      • Tactical watch rotation??? Please…. Just allows the bad guy to see the watch from the right side instead of the left. If you don’t want to be seen don’t wear a lighted watch. Also, if is light enough for to see where you are walking, its light enough for the bad guy to see you.

        • I’d guess that the reason for turning the watch inside the wrist is more to stop the reflection of the bezel more than worrying about the tritium illumination. These guys kind of agree, although they’re not talking specifically about watches. These guys have apparently addressed this problem:

        • Started wearing my watch that way in basic training so that the watch body would not dig into the top of my hand during pushups.

          Also I noticed that I had less damage to the watch face when it was worn in. Prior to wearing it that way I would occasionally smash the crystal. Have not smashed a crystal in 35 years.

        • Aw geez, not the watch thing again.

          Other than invading Afghanistan…
          I sit with my back to the wall, I know where the exits are, and so does my wife.

          Forget tactical, let’s be practical about what will be the most advantageous in “regular” life. How about carry a fire extinguisher, some water, a food snack (MRE for super tactcal), and a first aid kit in your car. You’re more likely to need that than your firearm. Even my step mom does that… then again, her carry gun is also bigger than mine. (insert phallic joke by anti gunner here)

      • I started wearing my watch face-in a zillion years ago in the navy so it had less chance of being smashed when running to general quarters.

        It also seemed to me that there was slightly less wrist rotation to see the face.

        And then I stopped stressing so much about the time and stopped carrying a watch.

    • I must confess that i bought a pair of mechanix just for the purpose. That sounds kinda mall ninja, but at least they aren’t the ones with the knuckle reinforcement and shit. I have a bit of a habit not paying attention to where i lay hold of AK forends. No more sling mount shaped burns for this operator.

  1. I try real hard to enjoy firearms but not come across as some mall ninja wanna-be. I love the M16A2 but detest the all whiz bang qizmo gear of the M4.

  2. After mocking ‘chest rigs’ in comment under a post last year I went out and bought one. I awkwardly glance at it once in a while. Wore it once. Felt stupid. Will wear it again later this month for a carbine class and see how it goes.

    • you will love it if you have to un-ass it in a hurry and don’t want to have to peel molle’s off of your body-armor.

      • I’m sorry, I specifically asked for “NO avocado” on my burrito. And whats this talk of Molle Sauce? I asked for chipotle hot sauce.

    • Chest rigs are okay for moving around with, but you know what they really suck at? Inserting a partial mag back into during a tactical reload. Belt mounted Kydex mag pouches for me.

  3. Does an EOTech 512 count?

    If not, I guess:

    – Sitting in the corner of public spaces so I can see the whole scene.

    – Backing my car into a parking spot, i.e. “fancy parking”.

    • Those are habits I need to acquire, but one thing I already do is always keep my gas tank at least half full.

      • When I do the same thing, I call it “Zombie Apocalypse Level.”

        I’ve backed into parking places since I drove a fire engine in college. For me it’s just a matter of safety, since visibility is so much better pulling out.

  4. I cannot see the word “operator” without getting a mental picture of Lily Tomlin’s character, “Ernestine.”

  5. spell things using radio talk (ie whiskey tango foxtrot)

    Night sights on all guns

    Carry a tac light

    Numerous holsters

    Memorize license plate #s

    Scan a crowd and look for tangos and exits

    Read TTAG

    Drive alternate routes to make sure not being followed

    Carry a knife

    Combat parking (ie, back into a spot)

    Keep shooting hand free of obstructions and objects

    Practice shooting w weak hand

    Practice using knife w weak hand

    Practice using baton w weak hand

      • Oh, I always kept my right hand free objects to render the proper salutes (professional and non-professional) and to enact a knife-hand when appropriate. Left hand also remains free a majority of the time for when a double-knife-hand is warranted (rarely).

  6. I have a little cheap “cat laser” duct taped to my R51. The addition of the laser doubled the guns value.

  7. I asked my siblings how we would communicate () in the event of civil unrest (a/k/a just another day in obamaland) and the “what if we ain’t got what we got” scenario hits.

    I did some planking, push ups and squats (nothing fancy) just really sick of seeing “operators” who think it’s really cool/possible to maintain a 511 muffin-top on a real operator’s op-tempo.

  8. I too wear my watch on the inside of my wrist, however not intentionally for operational operator operations. I guess I’m operating subconsciously.

    Spare mag weakside, folder strongside pocket EDC along with flashlight- Check.

    Beard?- Check, 6 years straight.

    I don’t lose sleep over those, however I did buy a a tactical vest which causes occasional consternation. Its actually kind of nice for keeping mags handy while shooting. Would I wear it at a public range? Haven’t gotten to that point yet.

  9. Reloaded my very own tacticool custom .44 Russian ammo for my S&W New Model No. 3 topbreak single action revolver (1887 vintage).

    Hey, it may not be very tactical, but it is extremely cool.

  10. I, too, wear my watch face against my wrist. It just is easier for me to glance at and I don’t scratch the face up as often. I didn’t know it was considered “tactical”.

    Tactically, I get training when I can afford the time and treasure. Try to stay away from courses that simulate a SWAT type room clearing curriculum. My odds of having to do that are slim to none. I focus more on pistol. Just took a Shivworks course. Here’s the AAR:

  11. When I was a classroom teacher I wore my watch with the dial on the inside of my wrist. It was so I could glance at it without causing a chain reaction of kids looking at their watches…didn’t know that I was an operator.

    Right now I am typing this stealthily at work, keeping situational awareness in regards to the location of my boss. That’s operator as phuc[WORD SELF MODERATED]

  12. Fanatically maintain my cover as a mild-mannered OFWG.

    What, you think a physique like this just “happens” overnight?

    The only easy day at the buffet was yesterday.

    • The only easy day at the buffet was yesterday.

      +1. I’m stealing this with no credit whatsoever other than this thank you.

  13. Tried to convert a 702 plinkster into an AR7 clone (you know, for zombies…) Put so many saddles on my shotgun you can barely lift it anymore. Took a knife fighting class (they were big in the 90s). Shaved my pits (makes me aerodynamic when I fight.)

    • As Red Green would say,”You can tell the quality of the craftsmanship by the smoothness of the duct tape.”

  14. Before going to bed, Chuck Norris checks under it to make sure I’m not there.

    I’m that operational.

    • Damn Phantom, that is just such a great line, I’m gonna steal it. And a genuine thanks for brightening up my day.

  15. I have a Forklift Operator Certification…

    If you have a forklift, I can operate the sh*t out of it!

  16. We wore our watches that way in the Marines in 1972, before there were “operators.” Is a behaviour “operational” if it predates “operators?”

  17. AR-15 in 300 BLK. with…
    9″ Noveske Barrel.
    AAC Suppressor.
    Sig Brace.
    Surefire LED Light.
    Aimpoint Micro.

    • Extra points if you:

      – also own ammo for it.

      – have ever fired it.

      – have ever fired it outdoors.

      – have ever fired it somewhere other than a shooting range.

      • I do have ammo. A gun without ammo would be as useful as a Ducati without fuel.
        I have fired it, thousands of times. Indoors, outdoors, at ranges, and on public land where shooting is legal.

        And not only can I clean and maintain it, but I assembled it from parts.

        • Jason M – I don’t think the implication was otherwise. At least not from me. This thread actually got screwed up a little with a deleted comment…

          btw, I have the same set up… except it’s an AAC MPW pistol. And I have not yet had a chance to fire it outdoors, so you have me beat there. Ammo basically wiped me out. Have you shot any gorilla 208 gr AMAX yet by chance? I had an FTE the other day that jammed and had to ‘pogo’ it out of the chamber. I blame it on not (YET) having the SDN-6, so not enough back-pressure…. It runs supers like a champ, and even runs the Remmie subs well. Just not the Gorilla…

        • You are, without a doubt, an “Operator’s operator”, and I never should have implied otherwise, even jokingly.

          Please do not kill me.

  18. I’ve worn my watch that way since the 60’s when I was the drummer a rock band. That way I could see at a glance how long it was till the next break.

    • Hahahahahaaaa! I’m a guitarist, & that is the same reason I wore mine on the inside! When the music biz went to sheeeot I retired the watch. That is all.

  19. I sleep with a pillow under my gun.

    Seriously, I do the EDC thing (gun where legal, Chris Reeve or ESEE knife, SureFire LX2, some kind of multitool, lock pick set in my wallet). I prefer to sit in room corners, at least so I can see the door. When walking side by side with someone, I keep them to my left so my sidearm is unrestricted. I’ve perfected the art of giving a hug without letting someone feel a tuckable strong-side holster. That’s about it. I don’t even wear a watch, prefer to use my phone.

  20. I’ve been mulling over getting the stainless slide on my Ruger P95 cerakoted a darker color. Like black.
    But really, that’s just because I prefer the look.

    Also, I used a flashlight last week when a storm knocked out the power at home for a couple of hours.

  21. I think my worst offense is a Blackhawk “hydration pack.” It was issue, and I only really use it when I’m actually riding my bike (which doesn’t happen nearly often enough).

    My knife collection has a handful of items that would qualify, if they weren’t all still in the original boxes.

    I do own a bull-pup .22, and my 870 project is starting to look superficially questionable (it’ll be completely there when I finish).

  22. I have absolutely nothing mounted on my AR besides the 1x scope to keep the weight under 10 pounds fully loaded. (actually, I can’t afford a light and laser yet)

    I keep my AR between my bed and night stand leaning agaist the wall stock end up so I can grab the pistol grip and go to work.

    I conceal a Glock 19 in a home made thigh rig under my swim trunks accessed through a slit in the cargo pocket. Most of my shorts have been modified to carry this way.

    • Interesting MacGuyver holster idea, I am currently still trying to figure out how to get the board shorts carry going.

      Check out inforce lights for a great light cost effective light option for your AR, you can even get the non IR version for cheaper.

      • I have been promising you guys that my demo video is on the way. All the materials were bought at Walmart. You aren’t the first person to call me MacGuyver. Now he was an operator.

        • Please dude get on that. I’ve been looking for a way to carry my ppq (almost exactly the same size as the glock 19) and holster options, especially summertime holster options, are pretty limited.

        • Most drop leg rigs are too bulky because they are designed to be worn on the outside. I use a cheap Blackhawk slide holster with a strap to secure it to my leg. Two vertical self adhering Velcro straps connect the thigh slider to another slide holster held by an internal belt around my waist. This setup is great for the car or the public toilet because you can access the pistol while seated. On the commode, just undo the thigh strap and let the holster hang from the hip or else do your business with your pants no lower than your thighs. I won’t be demonstrating that.

        • Are you kidding? Clearly you either never watched MacGyver or don’t remember anything past the first season. The character was an anti-gun environmentalist hippy. So not operator.

  23. I don’t need to wear a watch – the time is displayed in my retinal HUD, whenever i think about it, next to the threat level indicator.

  24. My AR’s free float tube is only 1/2″ shorter than the barrel (not counting the flash hider) so I could try out that MagPul patented straight arm carbine technique. Can’t say I’m in love with it.

  25. Gee, I’ve been wearing my watch “inside” since I was a teenager after smashing the faces off a couple of watches while working on the farm. I’ve worn a beard for over 40 years. I have a 15 year old Swiss Army knife in my pocket at all times next to my Mini-Mag lite. I have an umbrella in the car, and I too have perfected the OFWG disguise to the point that I am absolutely undetectable as being any kind of ninja operator secret agent assassin guy. I do have a sword cane that I use 99.9999999% of the time as a cane, but only on days were my operator’s operational knees aren’t operating so good.

  26. Im a 69 year old female doing my best to implement all the methods Ive learned for self defense. I lock the door to the bedroom. I lock the bathroom door and take in several weapons and a phone, keep radio turned off so I can listen for any odd noises. I carry everywhere. I practice every week. Theres a gun in every room plus other things. I carry an eye-gouging flashlight in pocket, a Kershaw knife in the other. Theres a taser hidden in the car. Theres a long screwdriver hidden in my car. i guess this isnt ‘normal’ according to my friends. What do you think?

    • I think “several weapons and a phone” might be overkill, unless you have a very dangerous bathroom.

      • Most accidents happen in the bathroom. And as an old-timer myself, I can assure you that there are no pleasant surprises in the bathroom.

    • you sound surprisingly like my grandpa, may he rest in peace.

      You might also consider a home security system. alarms prevent about 75% of break-ins, and they give you warning if someone does break-in while you are home.

  27. I have really been debating on getting one of those Emerson Knives with the wave on it, that or a CRKT Hissatsu folder.

    I just like wearing camo, have since I was young enough to go hunting with my dad and he gave me some for the first time.

    Fast forward to 2014, I still almost always have a camo hat of some kind on and :shifty eyes: sometimes it is a multi cam hat 😡 I really like ATACS too haha

    • Waves are nice. I wasn’t impressed with Emerson’s fit and finish for the price; machining marks, slight warping in the steel, lock play. I’d recommend one of the newer model Zero Tolerance knives designed by Emerson, if you decide to go with a waved blade.

  28. I don’t tacticool. I got OFWG thing going. I also have an old man grey mustache( to cover up the lip wrinkles). Oh wait…I got tactical pants on to hold guns, knives & pepper blasters. Damn-I guess I’m tacticool.

  29. An arsenal of unregistered Assault Super Soakers and an unreasonable and unnecessary large cache of Nerf Gun darts.

  30. Amateurs.

    I perfected the ability to fall asleep anywhere and at any time.

    This is the true mark of a Operator.

  31. I don’t wear a watch. I can tell the time by the suns position or the constellations at night.
    If I need a silencer, I use a blow gun with 168 grain match kings.
    If I need a machine gun, I just hold two AR-15’s and alternate fire them to achieve 1,000 rounds per minute.
    I don’t always drink beer, but when I do….

  32. Through high school and college I worked grocery stores throwing stock. Only way to not rip your watch off putting things on shelves was to wear it on the inside of my wrist. Habit just stuck with me and works well in an office environment where I rest my watch on my mouse. Now for being operator operational, I bought a drop leg rig for my officer’s 45 that I wore exactly ONCE for a range day/bbq on my farm. Biggest PITA and now that rig is in an ammo can with other stuff I pass out to friends when they visit.

  33. Brosephs and Hoesephs, I am so tacticool it would just make your heads explode.

    No one can match my tacticool style son.

    I have $1500+ into my S&W M&P 15-22, it is more cool than most peoples ARs. Because I am tacticooler than you, son.

  34. @Samson, is Samson the name, or is it just Sam and all sentences are punctuated by “son”? Hoesephs made me chuckle.

    • Samson is a loooooooong-time nickname that many people believe is my actual name, however i do use the word “son” a lot when joking with friends, the way you put it made me laugh out loud, I had never thought of it that way but it cracked me up!!!

  35. I wrote custom image processing software that measures shot time and placement using a webcam and a Laserlyte training laser. My holster drills today started face down on the ground with my hands on my head as if I were a Radio Shack employee.
    BTW it takes me at least 3.5 seconds to draw and fire a concealed gun from a prone position without practice… For all you armchair generals, that’s plenty of time for the BG to shoot you after you start wiggling, so draw before you’re down on the ground.

    • I would love to hear more about that, please. I use a SIRT pistol quite a bit, and have briefly looked into using a webcam to integrate my training with a computer.

      • You can purchase something like this on the market. Google L.A.S.R. or “Light Activated Shot Reporter”. I have absolutely no affiliation with that product, but when I saw it in action at a gun show, I fell in love with the idea. I’m too much of a cheapskate to purchase it, so instead of shelling out $120, I spent many weekends hammering out my own software from scratch.

        TTAG: I might be willing to share my (moderately crappy) software if you are looking for a laser shot timer you can customize for future investigative scenarios. Perhaps we could start by running a scenario based on the Radio Shack video to see which potential responses might actually work and with what type of gear (pocket pistol vs IWB vs OWB vs ankle holster vs shoulder harness… and maybe even throw in a little Mexican Carry to boot). Personally, I’d love to see the data that comes out of a study (or series of studies) like that. Any takers?

      • Since this isn’t the best forum to talk about it, can someone at TTAG please send my email address to jdb so we can discuss laser training software further?

      • Count me in. I’m a software engineer by trade and just recently started in on computer vision software. Much interest.

        • ok, let’s talk.
          send an email to
          AndrewInTX [at] mailismagic
          I’ll reply from a gmail account.

        • Ok, let’s talk. I wouldn’t dare leave my email on here in public, but check the inbox with my handle (no spaces) at Mailinator. The subject you are looking for is “TTAG”.

          (This sure would be easier if a TTAG sysadmin who can see both our email addresses could help connect us… hint hint)

        • eh… forget it. Now i remember why I stopped posting on TTAG. I get errors and repost only to find all versions of my comments appear later. The comment code on here is pretty flaky. If you want to track laser training shots with a webcam, I use openCV in Python. LASR uses C#, and their code started with Microsoft example code for tracking a laser pointer and using it to control a mouse.

  36. Battle belt. It holds 4 AR mags, 2 pistol mags, flashlight, multi-tool, a small pouch for earplugs and other small items, and has a modular drop-leg holster platform for Safariland ALS holsters and a drop pouch in the back. I doubt I’ll ever be in a battle, but it’s great for classes. Yeah, Barbies for men, I know.

  37. I own two Chris Reeve Sebenzas
    I own a single point sling (barely used)
    I have a beard
    My belt has a kydex reinforcement
    I have an AR chambered in .223 Wylde
    I own a load bearing vest
    All my ARs have long keymod handguards
    I have a compensator on my AR
    My camelback tube has the insulation around it

    • I do that too, not because I am a douche but because my sunglasses are prescription (can’t see without ’em) + it’s summer so screw it, sunglasses time all the way baby!

  38. Equipment
    QD sling attach on my Battle Mug. Also a pistol bayonet.
    Swords on the wall in my hallway.
    Full gym in my formal dining room (chandelier above my leg press).

    Took anti-gunners to a gun show.
    Taught Russians to shoot an AK.
    Scuba diving in underwater caves in Mexico
    23-story rappel from hotel in downtown Phoenix
    Mile High Club in COD: Modern Warfare

    • Thought of a few more (these are all true, btw):

      My KSG has a laser, EOTech and BUIS w/ tritium.
      I own optics I don’t have guns for.
      Also, mounts I don’t have optics for.
      And have bought ammo I had no firearms for.

      Taught my 60yo mom to rappel.
      When I catch scorpions in my house I keep them as pets.
      Flew out of state for a wedding, brought 5 guns.
      Shot Tannerite w/ 50BMG.

      Also, I once took a picture with my passport, my 92FS and $10,000 cash in a safety deposit box. Granted, it was the safety deposit box that came with the collector’s edition of GTA IV, but that still counts.

    • Lol. Make sure you also refer to shooting bad guys as “servicing” them. It only sounds gay until you hear Paul Howe say it.

  39. I have a custom kydex carrier for spare sheets of kydex… Just in case I need to make a holster when I’m out on the town.

  40. I feel more tacticool just reading these responses, thanks guys and gals!

    I’ll take the Fifth on my own tactics and equipment.

  41. The least operator thing I have is a firm grasp on the difference between the words “use” and “utilize”.

  42. I have ten turtlenecks, five in black and five in a slightly darker black. I didn’t invent the turtleneck, but I was the first to realize it’s tactical potential.

  43. I used the knifehand to tell my son to quit playing call of duty and go outside… so I could play call of duty…

  44. Camouflage drop leg holster for a 9mm at a garage sale for $5. Half full of sand. From the looks of other items at the sale I think he was a helicopter pilot. It hangs in my garage because I do not have the guts to wear it. Is a Zastava 9mm operational?

    Other garage sale item — $2 handcuff case. That do wear. Cellphone fits fine.

  45. I separate my saved .223 from 5.56 brass because I know the difference even though I don’t reload.

  46. If I meet for a trade (Armslist rocks!) I like to arrive early at the public meeting place to “park tactically” which allows me to control the scene. Never had an issue, met lots of cool folks so far…

  47. The absolute most operational operator operating thing I do is to be invisible. I can walk into any business, and the staff will always wait on the people that came in behind me, and the ones that came in after them, because I am invisible. After many years of trying to learn to control this, I have discovered if I do something like, say… trying to alleviate an annoying itch in the nether region, that I suddenly become ultra-hyper-visible and everyone sees nothing BUT me & my socially unacceptable scratching. Of course, at that point they usually ask me to leave the store. But for 15 glorious seconds I can be seen!

    I’m still trying to turn this into some kind of useful superpower…

  48. I carry an all black 1911 to the dog park to socialize my tacticool german shepherd.
    Have a beard and wear oakley sunglasses and have a love of camouflage ball caps.
    Chest rig is ready stocked with 5 ar mags and I take it on trips that are over 150 miles from home.
    Unfortunately my tacticool OD G-Shock is worn face out…

    • Yes, but can you tell the difference between a German Shepherd, a Belgian Shepherd, and a Dutch Shepherd?

      • I cannot, HOWEVER I was thinking of training my GSD to respond to military handlers commands and get him a vest with a camera…oh and having his teeth replaced with titanium so they dont break off on the bones of the many tangos he takes down.

      • I used to have one of those tactical wristbands…made out of nylon. It worked ok but the velcro started filling up with junk and then the loop side began to get stringy. Ultimately lost it tubing at the lake.

    • Operators ARE hipsters, they both have those douchy “want to have a beard but I can’t grow a real beard” – “beards” and they both wear scarves that are not that good looking on a white/black guy (Together with “special” NSA relationships they do also look good with some colors we white/black people can’t really weark).

      • Good Lord…. to be honest, I only put the holster on a couple of times then got tired of it hanging on everything when working in my fields, so in the closet it went and stayed in favor of a regular kydex OWB. Regarding a beard… too lazy to shave and when I do it’s when my Wife starts commenting on it or it gets itchy.

  49. I sport no Skin Graphics and am not a ‘Gamer’ therefor I have no standing in the Operator Knitting Circle and my gear is deemed Op-Less