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“The good news — you needed some, right? — is that the gun-safety advocates are not worn out. ‘Every great social change movement had moments where you had to convince yourself not to give up,’ said Senator Murphy.” Um, that’s not what I’d call good news. But I’m not Gail Collins, New York Times columnist and staunch defender of the government’s right to disarm the citizenry. A woman who waits for the blessed day when . . .

. . . we’ll get a new president who doesn’t believe the only answer to mass shootings in public schools is an occasional tweet about thoughts and prayers.

Why is it that progressives and swampy conservatives don’t understand the whole point of our system of government?

Simply put, our three-part system’s designed to stop the government from doing sh*t. Hello? The Constitution isn’t a document of do’s and don’ts. It’s a document of don’ts with one — count it one — do. The Executive is instructed to defend our borders. That’s it. That’s your lot mate.

Gridlock on guns on the federal level? Absent gun rights restoration, I’ll take it!

So for me the very best news on guns continues to be the simple fact that Hillary Clinton didn’t become President of the United States, with all the anti-gun animus she would have unleashed upon The People of the Gun (including installing an anti-gun rights Supreme Court judge).

Then again, why so serious? My Wilson Combat EDC X9 has landed at Sportsman’s Finest. She’s been de-scuffified and equipped with a new front night sight, waiting to be reunited her with her one true love. Now that’s what I call kinky good news!

What’s your good news on guns?

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  1. 2 more weeks and I’ll have my Ruger Security 9 out of lay away along with the wife’s SCCY CPX-2. Then I can put a Marlin 1895 guide gun in 45-70 govt. on lay away and pay it off before the overtime dries up.

    • People around here (my work associates, some friends) think I’m crazy for all of my layaway purchases. If there’s a good deal at pawn, or a used gun somewhere, I’ll throw $80 at it, and then pay the rest when I have it, or incrementally if need be. There’s no reason to have thousands in debt when you don’t need to have any debt at all. The pawn shops around here do indefinite layaway, so there’s no time limit. $1/month will hold my purchases if I can’t do more. The store manager happens to be a buddy, so I get hooked up occasionally.

      • I’m goin through Crud’s err Bud’s for my two. I got outta doing Pawn guns after the last 2 I bought (a Mini 14 and a Winchester 94) ended up having some issues…. Mini had a bad mag and was obviously never inspected or cleaned and the Winchester turned out to be stolen.

        I found out about the Winchester when I was thinking about doing a private buy on a Marlin 95 in 45-70. I heard about so I went and checked it out. I figured I’d see if it were anywhere near accurate so I typed in the Winchester’s serial, imagine my surprise when it came back stolen. I went to the Sheriff and explained to the poor guy runnin the desk what was goin on well he checked the number for me and yes it was indeed stolen. I handed him the paperwork I had from the pawn shop and let him handle it from there. After all that, I decided that I’m done doin Pawn purchases I’ll go to Whitaker’s, get online, or take a trip to another town to get the guns I want from now on.

  2. That (so far) all the ‘gun control’ bills promoted by the Dem’ successor to our late ‘carpetbagger’ governor, have been defeated by our state senate. We’ll see about the rest on Tuesday!

    Happy Motoring, Mark

    • Yeah McAuliffe was definitely a carpetbagger and Northam is a scalawag! Neither Virginia and its history!

  3. I live in Washington State (the state that is trying to out California the original California), there is never any good news about guns here at the local level.

    • I’m up here myself, so I know the feeling. But so far there’s little motion on the bigger plans the leftist scum up in Olympia are pushing in terms of chewing on our gun rights.

      • The good news in all this is that the totalitarian House of (D) has only a single-vote majority in the legislative chamber, so — assuming the Republicans have spines and some of the Democrats haven’t gone full progtard (or at least need to get re-elected by a relatively conservative district) — most of their anti-gun garbage laws will probably die.

        At least that’s what I keep telling myself…

  4. I started archery this week. So far there’s no permits required for a bow in CA.

    Hopefully they won’t limit the number of arrows our quivers hold.

    • I’m more than a little surprised it doesn’t fall under the generic “weapons” regulations.

      What about crossbows?

      (I’m picturing the full-auto crossbow from Van Hellsing…)

  5. Just ordered a PSA gen2 AR10 complete lower. Its been taking to long to get rid of the cases of 308 I’ve stockpiled. Only had a Remington hunting rifle in 308. Four shots at a time wasn’t burning through it fast enough.

  6. Started assembly on my lower receiver for my 458 socom build. Waiting for some decent weather so I can get more work hours so I have the money to finish it.

    • My Walmart over here in kane county had tons of ammo at good prices including 10,000-15,000 assorted rounds of 22lr. I got 1100 rounds of 22lr for under $.04 a round today. I’d say that’s good news. They’ve had plentiful 22lr every time I’ve gone in there for the last 3 months and it seems like they’re just getting more brands every couple of weeks.

      • I saw some .22lr for just over $.04 per round, but it was Federal, which my .22lr handgun doesn’t seem to like.

    • Illinois closes FOID card program.
      Illinois allows Suppressor ownership.
      Chicago elects a republican mayor.

      I can dream for good news. Yes?

  7. A couple of years ago, I picked up an ammo can full of 22-250 brass and bullets on a horse trade. Not having a rifle in that caliber, I’ve kept an ear out for one.
    Connections finally paid off.
    I picked up a Winchester XTR 22-250 in a Boyd’s thumb hole stock with a couple hundred once fired rounds and dies. All for the asking price of $500.00
    No permission slip, no background check. Gonna go shoot it today.
    Now THATS the good news on guns.

  8. You’re kidding right? I live in California. There is never (never I say!) good news concerning guns here. The only light at the end of the tunnel, I’m 1 day closer to retirement in 3 years.

  9. I’m really happy that the Pandora’s Box of file sharing, 3D printing, cnc machines and unfinished components are starting to saturate the self-defense-conscious masses. As for my particular legal predicament, I’m happy that I can possess black powder. I’ve made my peace.

  10. The last good news we got at the state level was auto/gravity knives being legalized. I still don’t have one. Never have had a desire for one, but if I do, I can carry it around.

    Still waiting on two things: Ruger 10/22 Takedowns in 22mag/17hmr.

    A magpul takedown stock for the new Ruger PC9’s, and/or some caliber swaps and other magwells. The second option will probably happen before the 22mag.

    • Rocky Mountain Knife Company in Estes Park. I know the guys who work there.

      They’ve got a good selection of auto knives and if we go in and chat them up for 20 minutes they’ll take $50-$150 off the price on the tag. Bring your other knives/blades and they’ll make them shaving sharp for $3/each with a guarantee (if they fuck up they’ll get you a brand new knife of that make/model or comparable for free) on the work or, more likely when I start making fun of the one guy for color coding his guns, do it for free.

      Last time I was there I happened to be looking at OTF knives they offered me one of the $300+ MicroTech UltraTech knives for $150. Unfortunately that was before they were legal unless you were active duty mil or LEO. (Back then retirees didn’t count.)

      No matter what you do, great prices and if you chat them up they’ll drop the price pretty significantly if you’re nice to them.

  11. The last good news on guns that I’ve gotten?

    Pretty much that most of what I’ve been looking at acquiring over the next year or so has come down in price rather nicely in my area.

    Oh, and the owner of my LGS just tossed me a bunch of 416 Rigby for my dad! That was nice of him.

  12. I’ve finally got my reloading bench up and running.

    I’m well on my way to becoming an LTC instructor here in Texas. If a contingency fee case I’ve signed works out well, I’ll get it done this year. My FFL says he netted about $800 in four hours teaching a class, so that will help me buy more guns.

    I got a M&P 2.0 Compact for a really good price. I’m going on a hog hunting trip. The land owner hates them.

    I’m going to the NRA convention with my dad, uncle, and maybe brother. That should be cool because my dad and uncle don’t live within driving distance, so I don’t see either of them much.

    Maybe we can get some good news out of capitol hill, but I doubt that.

      • I went with the Hornady Classic Kit (single stage). I went with single stage because I didn’t want to invest in a progressive press in case I hated reloading, and I read that it was best to learn on a single stage.

        I have my grandfather’s RCBS single stage press, but can’t assemble it. There is a metal pin/rod that clearly holds it together, but doesn’t fit in the hole. I haven’t really messed with it. I’ll probably get around to it eventually.

        I also have my grandfather’s dies for 30 carbine, .357 magnum, .38 special, .45, and .38/.45 Clerke, which I had never even heard of before. He had a ton of brass and bullets for most everything. I have his M1 carbine, but it needs serious work. My grandmother put it in her garage under the dryer vent. My uncles have his other guns, so now I must acquire guns for the other calibers, obviously.

        • Nice. I use a single stage RCBS. I like it. The multi-stage presses always get slightly off center for me and end up needing to be tinkered with to get back into alignment.

          This way I just do a run of one step all at the same time. That works better for me. Good luck with your reloading.

        • RCBS (and most every other press mfr) will make that press work right again. If you call customer service and tell them about that pin you’ll likely have the right one in the mail in short order no charge.

          You can put out a respectable amount of ammo loading single stage batching the components as strych9 points out. For me I started with a used RCBS Powder Pro but realized weighing out each charge was the bottleneck in the process. I went and got a Lyman Gen6 that can drop another load each time you return the pan to the scale. Easy to keep up with my habit now.

          • Thanks Ansel.

            I can get consistent enough powder throws for my purposes so far (I’ve only loaded plinking ammo so far).

            With getting the bench up and operational, it took me all weekend to load 50 rounds. The next weekend, with the bench and dies all set up, it took me a couple of hours to do 200 rounds. That’s counting the time it took to get my 6 year old nephew involved in every step, except the powder drop, and cook the both of us supper. My nephew worked the press each step of the process for a round. I stopped, went and got him (from somewhere else around the house), and explained what we were doing, then he did it.

            I just haven’t gotten around to dealing with the RCBS press yet. It’s been 40 or 50 years since anyone used it; I’m not in a hurry.

  13. Just have to comment on sen murphy’s comment

    ‘Every great social change movement had moments where you had to convince yourself not to give up,’ said Senator Murphy.”

    As Mark Twain said “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt.”

  14. Kel-Tec has apparently increased production on the Sub 2000, meaning that it’s now possible to actually purchase one. Even better, the 2nd generation Sub 2000 is improved over the 1st generation version.

  15. The good news is that more people are aware of how F’d up the POS communist (D) have been, how important it is to trip them up, and how much closer we are to being drop of the hat ready to F each other up over communism.

  16. I stopped at Academy Sports after church today and walked out with a 9mm Smith Shield. We lost our hunting lease on a property in Upper Michigan because the land was sold (bad news) but the camp treasurer sent me a refund for my part of the expenses. So I had some money in the safe and I’d been looking for a single stack carry pistol that wouldn’t be too abusive for this arthritic old man to shoot. Now the good news is that we’ve got a place to hunt lined up for next year and through the kindness of some good friends it won’t cost us anything beyond food, fuel, and a drop or two of the good stuff.

  17. I got the deal of the century Savage bvssS 12 in 223 with luepold LR 8×25 for $350 but wait there is more Rem 40x in 308 with luepold LR 8×25 for $400. Very low round count can’t wait shoot them.

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