Dane USMC pocket dump (courtesy everydaycarry.com)
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That be the everdaycarry.com load out of one Dane USMC. As the great state of California sees fit not to “allow” the law-abiding American to exercise his natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, the bartender Marine has opted for a TASER Pulse and a blade. We’re more than familiar with the Pulse . . .

It’s not a bad choice for non-ballistic self-defense. (Click here for a few of our posts.) The ECT device delivers a thirty second charge to a bad guy, giving you more than enough time to get out of Dodge. Once you do, send TASER a police report and they’ll send you a new one gratis.

That’s assuming there’s one bad guy, you score a hit and he or she isn’t wearing a motorcycle jacket.

I wrote a SHOT Show post on the new Mace Pepper Gun 2.0. Which weapon would you carry if you lived in California and couldn’t convince the government to “allow” you to pack heat?

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  1. A simple solution and answer to this problem and question…….Do Not Live in Kommiefornia! If you already live there, move to a free State…..immediately!

    • My family won’t do it. They won’t live in a state without a sizable Asian presence, and the only other states besides CA that have that are Hawaii and New York, other leftist hellholes.

      Racial loyalty trumps a declining standard of living…

    • Yeah, Move Immediately; If I quit I’m paying for my own moving expenses, I calculated MY Minimum moving cost for EVERYTHING is $10,000) My family (husband and wife and kid(s)) look for 2 new jobs in another state, (Assumed we get hired) Find a house in another state (could be up to 6 months), find a school district for our kid(s), Put my house on the market (could be 6+ months before closing) Pack all of our belongings, file Change of address forms, shut the utilities off, rent a U-haul truck, load it pay up to $1,000+ for gas depending what state we’re going to, most family’s have 2 vehicles, wife drives one (paying for more gas) -tow the other with U-haul truck, turn utilities On at new house (electric, water,gas, internet,cable garbage), Unpack our stuff, get new drivers licenses, bank/credit cards, new phone numbers/contract, register our cars in the new state, Insurance, New Pistol license, find a new church, Enroll kids in school. Leaving family and friends; Iv’e thought this through, Moving Isn’t always an option. Stop spouting off stupid crap that doesn’t help anyone and just sounds stupid.

      • Uh-Huh..

        I have family members who’ve done all that and more just to get out of that hell hole State. It all comes down to how much your willing to put up with…..or not put up with as the case may be.

      • Uh-Huh,

        It *IS* difficult to pull up stakes and relocate.

        I must wait until retirement (coming soon!) for all the stars to align, locate a target area, fly out and investigate property, ready our home for sale, coordinate the relocation, and then do it.

        While working, I am not financially able to fund the move. When I retire, I will not be financially able to live here, so we HAVE to sell and move.

        We’ve just started the process. Hopefully, by year end, all that California is going to see of me is my tail lights.

        Hang in, protect your family, be aware of what Sacramento is doing, and start making plans. Leaving the state can be done…but it takes a lot of planning, and, more importantly, timing. That’s the main reason I’ve had to wait so long.

    • We need to stop giving up on California, the standard 2A response is “move”. Cali is not expendable, we need more pro2A voices there, not less!

      Take the state back, abide by the rules in the interim, but never give up. We need to fight the battles in L.A. rather than risk fighting them at home in our free states.

      • Something a lot of folks on the political right forget is that there are more conservatives (I use the term loosely) in California than in Texas. Tens of millions of people don’t want to leave home and concede the loss.

    • “What if your rapist gets hurt?”

      It’s California. You’ll likely be fully liable for his-her-zee’s medical bills, psychiatrist bills, life-coach bills, physical therapy bills…

      What did I miss?

      • “What did I miss?”

        Service dog and handicap tags because they will be too emotional to walk all the way across a parking lot, that’s where they got hurt engaging in their “hobby.”

  2. “As the great state of California sees fit not to “allow” the law-abiding American to exercise his natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms,”
    Not to ruin your fun, and I understand why you word it that way, but I would just like to point out that in many parts of Commiefornia it is actually quite easy to get a ccw. If anything, he just lives in the wrong county, not necessarily the wrong state (although there is certainly much wrong with the state as well). At one point in my county there was a nearly 6 month wait to get your permit after you finished the paperwork because they had so many applicants, and I have not heard of anyone being denied.

  3. If I lived in Commiefornia, I’d carry a real gun and sell narcotics. If I got arrested they’d just send me back out anyway.

    • 1. Adopt an Hispanic surname. It’s a federally protected minority group that you can join at will.
      2. No Habla Ingles when arrested.

      They have to turn you loose, otherwise the feds might try to deport you.

  4. Well…I just bought the Pepper Spray 2.0, so I guess I’m gonna carry it. That, and a Kershaw Link.

      • …she doesn’t know yet. But I won’t be surprised if she’s not interested. She carries a typical canister of pepper spray in her purse.

        Getting her to remove the rose-colored glasses has been a major effort.

  5. commiefornia is still better than australia. here even carrying a sharpened stick will get you charged. only one state here even allows pepper spray and it is the worst state as far as guns go. there you can carry it but if you use it and they deem that the threat to your life was not severe enough you will still get charged almost as if you shot them. this and many other things is why i would love to move to the US permanently. i would certainly hope i never had to use a gun or anything else for that matter for self defense but it would be nice to be able to have the means to do so if needed. hell here the cops hardly even train with their sidearms and even if we had to do a course that was 10 times the level of training they go through to carry on the job it would still leave you less trained than most licensed pistol shoooters here in australia today.

  6. I am surprised that it is legal to carry a Taser in California especially since it is illegal to carry a Taser in some states.

  7. I’ve always wondered what would happen with a taser someone simply sewed metal mesh into their jacket. Would it short out the electrodes since the metal mesh would be much more conductive than your body?

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