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“A strange off-shoot of my dislike of guns in real life is that I am a fanatic for ridiculous weaponry in video games.” So writes Jef With One F at In pursuit of what he calls gun centric overkill, mono-monikered Jef names what he considers to be the ten most ridiculously over-the-top firearms in the video game universe. Classics like the ever-popular landshark gun (above) from Armed and Dangerous and the ear-assaulting dubstep gun from Saint’s Row IV made Jef’s cut. So think back to all those hours wasted in your mis-spent youth (or just last night, as the case may be). What’s your favorite video game gun?

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  1. Rumor has it the Maryland Governor used a video game to see what guns was in it to make the list of guns he wanted outlawed. If you read the law they passed it makes so little sense that I think that’s what they did.

  2. The pistol from Halo:Combat Evolved. 2x scope and twelve rounds of 12.7mm armor piercing high explosive ammo. Because when fighting an advanced conglomerate of advanced aliens who are religious fanatics out to destroy all of humanity there’s no such thing as overkill (except in killstreaks).

  3. the recent trend in video games to only use real guns makes this difficult. the needler from halo, BFG and anything that shoots plasma

    • Agreed. My first thought was the 92FS from Rainbow Six: Vegas (in combination with the riot shield for Terrorist Hunt game mode). That, because it’s what led me to pick up my own 92FS, which is what launched my whole collection and is why I’m here now.

      Also, the Barrett 82 is always badass whenever it makes an appearance. I associate that first with the long-shot mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, though it’s most fun running around with it online in the Spec Ops missions in MW2 and MW3. There was a Spec Ops mission in MW3 where you have to defend a house from a ton of enemies, including heavies. That might have been my favorite Barrett 82 moment.

      • I was going to go with the Barret from Delta Force, Land Warrior. I could hit moving targets at 1400m all day long with that thing.

        Unfortunately, that does not translate into real life.

        • Neither does the COD heavies taking 4-5 .50BMG rounds to the face to go down on Veteran, lol.

  4. 007 GoldenEye’s silenced mp5k referred to as the “D5K (Silenced)”

    That is what fueled my early love of all things HK. As a poor college kid, I’ve managed to scrap out a USPc and am eyeing a gsg 522.

    • Yes! I personally loved the Mysterious Magnum, every time you pull it out, the old west tune…

    • I remember when I first got that gun. I helped put Contreras away and the NCR MP gave me a gun. I open up the Pip-Boy and I’m like, “Holy Schinkes, Batman, it’s a Garand.” One on my best gaming moments, and I’ve been playing a long time. On normal difficulty, it is easy play the entire game with with that rifle. Get some AP ammo (available from the quartermaster at Hoover Dam in great quantities) and, well, it’s good-bye Deathclaws.

      Apparently, the name of the gun is a take on Woody Guthrie’s guitar which had “this machine kills fascists” painted on it. Sure as hell killed a lot of legionnaires, that’s for sure.

      I think whoever designed the guns for Fallout: NV and especially the “Honest Hearts” DLC, assuming they are one in the same, is an honest to God gun nut.

      • A Light Shining in Darkness is the most ridiculously OP handgun in that game. I love that I can take on the entire wasteland with an Officer’s 1911.

        It doesn’t help that the dismemberment animations fuel the fire for the .45 ACP fanatics.

        The theme for the gun is pretty darn cool too.

    • I’m with RFA, don’t do video games. But back in college (late seventies/early eighties) there was a game that I believe was called space invaders. The go to weapon when there seemed to be no hope of surviving was the “smart bomb”. It blew up all the enemy ships and left your allies alone. Now there’s a technology that gun makers should embrace….

  5. The Dragunov in Far Cry 2 is definately one of them. Boring but practical (wound one then pick of his buddies when they try to help). The 10mm pistol in Deus Ex: Human Revolution was pretty much the most useful gun in the game (though the revolver with explosive rounds was cooler).

    Also the 1911 in “Mafia:City of Lost Heaven” (can’t recommend that game enough).

    Important thing about a question like this is that it is very specific since one good/cool gun in one game isn’t as cool/good in another or isn’t present at all.

    • Ah deus ex… That pistol carried me through the game with the armor piercing upgrade and careful headshots.

      • Yeah, I remember loading the game and losing about a hour of progress due to accidentally having put my only silencer on the AR (I thought the AR was better, I was wrong). Seriously, the 10mm together with the Typhoon were all the weapons you needed, Still, I insisted on carrying the heavy rifle together with a 400 rounds (200 in the gun and 200 spare).

        Never got to use it since I am a stealth guy?

  6. My favorite is the laptop smart gun in Perfect Dark for N64.

    Maybe the XR-20 Farsight too. God that was a good game.

    • Buggy as Hell though. Detracted as a Goldeneye reboot all too often too.

      I was partial to the Falcon 2 though. Blue tint and dumb accurate. Only handgun in the game and first in any game ever that was good for head shot mag dumps. Silenced it fueled my lust for cans. Unfortunately it doesn’t do like that in real life….

  7. I grew up on the Mechwarrior franchise. I think my favorite for having fun was equipping dual Gauss Rifles, something about the super-long range capability spoke to me.

    In Halo, the Battle Rifle and Covenant Carbine were my favorite. That and the Warthog that had the cannon on it (not the more common machine-gun variant).

  8. P90 in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Spray n Pray Baby, you’ve got 50 rounds to blow before reloading.

    • That’s pretty awesome. Thanks for the video. I’m not sure I want to think too much about the trigger on that one. :-/

  9. I had a “Doom” mod (yes, I’m that old), that made that bazooka launch chickens. It was great in deathmatches to see chickens being launched all over the screen.

  10. Some of the elemental weapons in Borderlands are fun. Two of my favorites were a shotgun with corrosive damage (and an EOTech-like scope) and an SMG with fire damage. Also, the Jakobs rapid-fire revolvers are a good time. The names are dumb and inconsequential since all the weapons are randomly generated.

  11. The planet destroyer from Master of Orion.

    While we’re here … I couldn’t help thinking about Jef’s attitude.

    Video game guns are big, flashy, so over-the top they’re not really scary, quiet (relative to the real thing) and you never have to clean or maintain them.

    Real guns can be noisy, messy, can break, require care and attention, and the ammo is distinctly not free. They can be rewarding and satisfying to master, but that can take a lot of time, effort, and a willingness to admit you’re doing something wrong.

    In short, it’s a lot like the difference between an adolescent’s fantasizing about having a supermodel girlfriend with all the perks, and being disappointed that his real girlfriend (if he can get one) isn’t that.

    • It might be interesting to introduce a few real-world elements like bullet drop, magazines that don’t automatically top off when you reload and the occasional jam or malfunction to clear, but I don’t trust game developers to do that in a way that wouldn’t become super-annoying. It might work in a survival horror genre or zombie game, but most likely it would just get you killed at in opportune times and would be overused to the point of ruining the game balance / fun.

      • If you want more accurate ballistics, try the ARMA (or the older Operation:Flashpoint) series, which also includes realistic tactical reloads. And I know America’s Army has malfunctions to clear- and then modders decided to make things more realistic, even. There are others- I think TV Tropes lists a lot on their Fackler’s Scale of FPS Realism page.

        Many survival/horror/RPG games with guns have some sort of wear mechanic for firearms, so you need to keep them up.

        • America’s Army 1 and 2 had jams to be cleared. AA3 and AA:PG (the current version which is not developed by the Army) do not.

          AA3 was the only version that had a “tactical reload” option where you dumped (and lost) a mag on reload. Not terribly useful, since if you had to reload under enough stress that the extra second mattered, you blew it somewhere leading up to that point. I BELIEVE that America’s Army: Proving Grounds has the functionality built into the game but the key has to be bound via an ini file and not through the GUI.

          As far as I can remember as well, ALL of the America’s Army games kept a count of rounds in all of your mags. I used to play competitively (AA1 and and coming back to your last mag that only had a half dozen rounds in it always spoiled your day.

          Greatest “tactical” shooter series ever. I just wish the development team paid more attention to the alpha/beta testers from the competition community when AA3 was in development, it died such an agonizing death…

        • Matt, on the off chance you see this try ARMA 3. Magazines are independent, meaning you keep them when reloading but each one has it’s own capacity. Tactical reloads can leave you with a bunch of half empty mags… Either way it’s the best mil sim game right now.

    • Oh yeah! I played through the first one almost exclusively with the taser! Actually that taser would prob be one of my favourite “guns”

  12. I don’t know, I almost never play games that are not super-realistic military games, like Medal of Honour: Warfighter, so I really couldn’t say. To be honest, any game with sort of fantasy elements, especially weapons-wise, annoys me. Unrealism is really annoying.

  13. Honorable mention: Rock-It launcher from Fallout 3.

    You built it out of trash, and it shot teddy bears for ludicrous damage.

    • How did you get the video player to show on TTAG? When I posted the URL to a video, it just shows the link (see my above post).

    • PS. I want this gun!

      Think about how embarrassing it would be for criminals to tell their buddies “He shot me with a Teddy Bear.. it really hurt! It’s not joke, man!” Any criminal shot with this would be the laughing stock around his buddies and the police office for weeks. πŸ™‚

      …it also reminds me of the guy on youtube who packs shotgun shells with crayons. I think it would be equally enjoyable to shoot a criminal with that.

    • I hoarded orange road cones and lawn gnomes as ammo for the Rock-It launcher. Getting critical head-shots on Super Mutants was hilarious when done with a lawn gnome!

    • Any version of the RYNO works for me.

      (For those curious: RYNO is an acronym that stands for Rip Ya a New One. There’s been one in every R&C game and it’s always difficult to obtain and ludicrously overpowered)

  14. My favorite weapon is from the game Unreal Tournament and it would be the Redeemer … which is a shoulder fired, remote guided, small nuclear missile. A close second is the sniper rifle from that game with a variable magnification scope (3x to 12x I believe). In third place is the minigun gatling style machine gun.

    When it comes to “fun factor”, the Unreal Tournament GES Biorifle was a hoot — it shoots football-sized green blobs of biohazard goo that sticks to surfaces and then blows up second later — killing anything in the ensuing toxic cloud.

  15. Either the Fat Man from the Fallout games, or the M60 from the first installment of Battlefield Vietnam, because it was so unrealistically ridiculous, its rate of fire was like an MG42 and you could hip shoot it was accurately as you could aim it laying prone, obviously after the first update they corrected that, and from then on it functioned much more like a real M60, but man was the first one unrealistically fun.

  16. Hmm… hard to say. There’s just so many cool weapons out there….

    Probably going to have to go with a Gating Laser from the Fallout series.

  17. How has no one mentioned the Scarab Gun from Halo2? The one you have to glitch the load screen in the tunnel to get…

  18. The SRS-99 AM Series from Halo. It fires 14.5×114 (I think that’s the measurement) Armor piercing, fin stabilized, discarding sabot rounds that totally RIP through everything. Based off the Denel NTW-14.5

  19. Lightning’s gun blade from Final Fantasy XIII. I Was gonna say Squall’s from FFVIII, but that wasn’t a gun.

    • I like using the Anti-Titan charge rifle on other pilots like a sniper rifle. One shot, One kill. But the Spitfire LMG with a burn card does pretty well too.

  20. OOOH. OR the M45/M90 Shotgun series from the same games. 8 gauge magnum shells generally kill anything. A very close third is the BR55/85HB SR battle rifle using 9.5x40mm rounds.

  21. Either the nail gun from Quake or the flak cannon from Unreal Tournament. As far as real guns go, the SIG 552 Commando (“Krieg” in the retail version) from Counterstrike

  22. I’d vote for the Alien Blaster from Fallout 2. Something about having to use an elbow ligament as a trigger makes it hilarious.

  23. Hitman had a cheat code that enabled a grenade effect. So a single shot from a silenced 9mm killed a room of bad guys.


    Or dragons breath from COD BO1.

  24. Photon man from age of empires. 1 man wiping-out entire civilizations on his own.

    Rcp90 from goldeneye, cause it shot through the temple doors. Useful tactic when peeking at your opponents’ screens.

  25. Just about any weapon in Team Fortress 2…my personal favorite is the Mackereal!

    The “Ranger” from Call of Juarez…

    A lot of cool ones in the Fallout series too…:)

  26. My main video game experience is with the last 3 Call of Duty titles (MW3, BO2, and Ghosts), thus my limited base to work from.

    BO2: the M27 shoots so flat it’s absurd. The pistols are also fun.

    Ghosts: the M27 IAR (LMG) is great for pinning people down and is basically a laser beam of damage (like BO2’s M27 assault rifle). With that said, the Honey Badger is the best all-around gun IMHO.

    • I quit supporting the CoD franchise when MW2 became so hack/cheat riddled in multiplayer that it wasn’t even funny. Seems every one after that was riddled with cheaters.

  27. My favorite gun in a game was probably the AN94 from Battlefield Bad Company 2. Being able to shoot in 2 round burst or 2 round burst followed by the slow automatic fire (perfectly replicated, as near as I can tell, from the real gun) was just a joy to shoot and would drop most enemies easily. I was really looking forward to owning an AK107 or AK108 as I figured that’d be as close to an AN94 as an American would get any time soon.

    For a fictional gun I always loved the rifle the Combine used in Half-Life 2. I’m annoyed you could carry so few rounds for it when the magazines were shown to be pretty small. The sound of each shot just oozed power and every round did a good bit of damage.

    I feel really sad anytime I read something from some self-hating gun lover. Someone who loves guns, but feels that they should hate them; so they have to say how much they hate guns in real life while they’re drooling over guns in virtual spaces. The reason I feel sad is because I always see them as someone who could totally be a gun nut if they were raised in such a way as to not pointlessly hate inanimate objects.

    • The AN-94 in Black Ops 2 is a great gun also – has that same quicker rate for the first two rounds, plus deals a ton of damage.

  28. The STALKER games had some interesting guns, and applying some mods made it better. The games also had good wear modelling to keep you from using good guns too long. Worn out guns would often malfunction.

    In Shadow of Chernobyl, Strelok’s fast-firing AK74 was a good early bonus.

    In Call of Pripyat, finding Strelok’s SIG was a key to progressing to the final stage.

    • I am now, and always have been, your friend. Stalker has hands-down some of the best gun play AND game play ever. I just wish it were on consoles and had co-op. Strelok’s SGI-5k is the only rifle you really need: accurate, decent damage, nice ammo cap, light weight (crucial!) — all you need is to pair it with your back-up weapon of choice (street sweeper shotgun for those damn bloodsuckers) and you’re golden!

    • Came here to post STALKER as well. As per CoP I was always more of a heavy weapons guy. Exoskeleton, Striker shotgun, the .45 ACP MP5 variant, and Groza. Usually if I had room Zulu’s PKM.

      Now what was really fun fully upgrading the over and under shotgun, then loading it with slugs and using it like a sniper rifle.

  29. The Needler from Halo. Dump a clip full of pink crystalline shards into them and then watch them ragdoll across the landscape in pink explosions.

  30. So I’ll go ahead and date myself on shooters, but I’d have to say the Stormhammer (disk launcher) from Starsiege: Tribes (and every successive iteration of the franchise.) Simple enough to be effective for any random newb who picked it up, but absolutely devastating in the hands of a player who really understood the mechanics of the game.

    I miss Tribes. πŸ™

  31. Top five video game guns:

    5. Lancer from Gears of War.
    4. The Brute shot from Halo. Because a grenade launcher and a knife make such a logical pairing.
    3. Those bladed Jakobs revolvers from the Borderlands franchise.
    2. The MP 412 Rex from Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3.
    1. Dual wielded G18’s in Call of Duty MW2. Totally impractical in real life, but a devastating close range weapon in the game.

  32. As plain as it sounds, I always liked the MP7A1 from BF3. With the EoTech and suppressor I picked people off for days. Especially with the Glock 18 as a secondary.

  33. I liked the M14EBR in MGS4.

    Also, any 1911 with a suppressor.

    BTW, the Fallout games require you to maintain and repair your firearms as you use them and have different types of realistic ammo (FMJ, hollow points, AP rounds, etc.).

  34. I don’t like the unrealistic unbelievable stuff. Just battle rifles and machine guns. I like acog or reflex sites in COD/medal of honor. Handguns I own in games are pretty cool too like the M9. One gun I hated was the really weak gun from Goldeneye N64, the Klobb.

  35. The MA5 series or shotgun from halo are what come to mind right off the top of my head, if we limit ourselves to those which are fictional.

  36. The cerebral bore from turok 2 on N64. Lock on to an enemy’s brain waves fire and watch it bore out their brains then explode in a fountain of gore. Honorable mention to the nuke from the same game big explosion that turned enemies to ash statues that explode when touched or after a short time.

    • I miss those games…

      “I! AM! TU-ROK!”

      Ever play Jet Force Gemini? It was a shooting puzzle game a la Turok but was WAY more arcadey. One of my Top 10 favorite console games of all time

      • Never played that one.. and I forgot the flechette gun from the Gamecube version of Turok in alt fire mode that lil needle shooter turned into a 3 barrel gatling oh and the poison tipped arrows that made enemies puke their guts out (literally)

  37. I also like Fallout’s realism. Favorite gun? Mini-Nuke launcher from Fallout 3. “NOTE: HANDLE WITH CAUTION” No shit! But not much realism there πŸ™‚
    PS Karl, you ever read Foghorn’s Skorpion Vz. 61 Review? You just insulted his favorite gun. Just sayin’.
    But my favorite real gun is the Mk. 23 from MGS4. (Or maybe the patriot)

  38. I’ve got two both from Borderlands. For those unfamiliar Borderlands is a sci-fi fantasy game with an art-style like a comic book. The game also procedural generates weapons with random statistics and ancillary effects. The first was a sniper rifle by S&S, scoped semi auto with a 12 round magazine of corrosive tipped (that is acid) rounds. The second was a Dahl Matador, a shotgun with a high damage output, reflex sight, medium pellet spread, and a 12 round drum magazine that fired as fast as your can work the controller’s shoulder button. Got me out of a number of jams in game.

  39. Not fake, and barely qualifies as a gun, but I love the 8″ Howitzer M47 on World of Tanks. Because things go boom. In fantasy land, I like the DMR from Halo: Reach. And my wife can thank MW3 for my M1A fetish (that has yet to be realized).

  40. Mosin Nagant- M38 or the M91/30- from Red Orchestra or RO2. Great game, great weapons.

    A close second would have to be the M1903 from it’s Rising Storm expansion.

    The RO series had realistic ballistics, the best implementation of 3D scope you will eer see, great ammunition counting- change a mag before it’s empty, an it keeps that ammo count I the mag for when you return to it- and it was see loped by a group if guys who were uncompromising in their vision for the game.

    • Sorry, but a level 50 PPSH-41 or a Level 50 Mkb42 is the best. Though a level 50 91/30 is like a lazer beam in my hands.

  41. The alien “spore launcher” gun in HL: Opposing Force that shot out the green spores. I would make it shoot them all, just so I could see the animation of reloading it, which was basically feeding it green grapefruit.

    Oh, and you could pet it:

  42. Favorite gun in all of gamedom? Probably the Tau Cannon/Gauss Gun from Half Life. The heated rebar-firing crossbow and gravity gun from Half Life 2 are second and third respectively. Honorable mention goes to the Mega Buster from the Mega Man series–gotta love a weapon that fires charged plasma, has unlimited ammo AND can copy and shoot virtually any projectile you want.

  43. I was all of 4 when Doom 2 can out but man I love me some BFG9000. But other than that the Spartan laser from halo 3. Long range disintegration FTW!

  44. The klobb from Goldeneye, mostly because we had nicknamed it “the staple gun.” Actually, the dostoyev (?) Pistols hold a special place in my heart.

  45. I haven’t seen the chainsaw assault rifle from Gears of War mentioned. Probably doesn’t count if I can’t remember what it’s actually called

  46. Honestly, I think this site should stay far away from anything video game related. While this may seem amusing, for about a minute, this site should reflect responsible and mature gun owners, not portray us as pimply nerdy 13 year-olds who haven’t hit puberty & who play Call of Duty and think they’re badasses. Or as people who are gun-owners because they play First-Person-Shooters and fantasize about violence. Please, lets just stay away from this. In fact, I’m not sure this page should stay up either…… this site is called “The Truth About Guns,” not “The Truth About Fantasy Guns.”
    If you want to talk video games, there are more than enough forums to discuss your fantasy land.

    • I don’t think you understand just how many of today’s new shooters became interested in firearms because of videogames.

      personal fave: the Shrinker from Duke Nukem. It didn’t do any damage on it’s own, once you hit someone, you had to chase them around and stomp on them. πŸ˜€

    • “pimply nerdy 13 year-olds who haven’t hit puberty”

      The average age of people who play video games is 31. Everything you said in your post is ignorant.

      • Heck – I’m 42 and have a J.D, a wife, and a mortgage. Guess what I was doing a few days ago? Wandering ’round New Vegas with my pal Craig Boone – NCR First Recon Sniper – the last thing you’ll never see.

        After savings Bittersprings from a Legion slaving party, and dealing with some of Boone’s “woe is me” crap we hit the Fort; I cleared out the Praetorians with “A Light Shining in The Darkness” (basically a Colt New Agent without the Bull barrel) whilst clad in my Courier’s duster, emblazoned with the sign of the Bull. Oh, the sweet Irony, Ed. Josh Graham, a buddy of mine, gave it to me after I helped him kick the White Legs outta Zion. He said it was the gun of his people. Pretty sure the Courier never got he was going on about, but I sure did.

        Anyway, I ramble. Craig took down Ed, er, I mean, Caesar with his .308. Thumbs down, indeed.

        After that, I let Benny go. Hey, that guy had moxie; and booted up the Securitron upgrade.

        All in all – quite a rewarding day.

      • You left out the part about ” who play Call of Duty and think they’re badasses.” Very important.

        I also think that maybe you are being ignorant. You can be 31 and still have the reputation of having the maturity and/or intelligence of a “pimply nerdy 13 year-old who hasn’t hit puberty.”

      • I’m 38, absolutely a nerd (18 years at one of the biggest tech companies in the world), got into guns because of video games, live in my basement and refuse to apologize for any of my hobbies. I don’t go around advertising myself as a badass, but I have done some pretty badass stuff (the “Speleo” part of my name refers to caving; suffice to say I’ve been some cool places underground all over the world).

        I welcome anyone who feels the need to categorize and criticize me to take a few moments to converse with me and discover why they’re wrong, although I’d rather just settle on the point that it’s always poor form to judge people you don’t know or to fear judgment based on stupid, meaningless stereotypes.

  47. Turok games had some good ones like the cerebral bore. I think the first gun in a game to ever get me interested in guns was in duke nukem. His black, stockless, pistol grip pump shotgun with a vertical foregrip and barrel shroud just looks cool.

  48. Damn near anything on Dead Space, especially a fully-moded Plasma Cutter.

    Fat Man and Gatling Laser from F3

    And the two guns at the ends of Bruce Wayne’s arms in the Arkham ______ franchise.

  49. I think OG Half Life had the best mix of guns ever. Plain Jane Glock, an MP5 with a 40mm launcher (because practical!), an SPAS-12, and that sweet python.

    However, my all time favorite video game weapon- the “ratslayer” in Fallout: New Vegas. Lightweight rifle, lightweight ammo (important in hardcore mode). The ammo for it and other rifles to repair it with are super common, it’s extremely accurate, silenced, and has a night vision scope. Just like a real .223, it doesn’t do a lot of damage, but has a huge critical bonus if you get the job done with a sneaky headshot.

  50. …of my dislike of guns in real life…

    Why would any Houstonian dislike guns??? Is this guy really from Houston?

  51. I have a lot of favorite guns from past games, but currently, the M27-IAR with Thermal Hybrid Scope from COD Ghosts. I’m lagging, but I’m also camping, so lots of firepower, capacity, and range in one gun.

  52. In Borderlands, I had a high-ROF shotgun with a very narrow spread and a class mod that boosted the ROF further.

    It just caused utter destruction (while being a randomly-generated weapon on my last PC build and hence not linkable).

  53. I like the “Signature Weapons” from Far Cry 3. I usually load out with a suppressed .50 sniper rifle (can’t remember the type), the “Bushman” a suppressed AR, with an ACOG (I also like a suppressed Springfield M1Scout with a red dot early on in game), and a suppressed 1911 with red dot.
    In real life… I like anything 1911.

  54. I wonder if the Land Shark Gun from Armed and Dangerous counts as a gun. If so, then that would be my choice.

  55. The Plasma Cannon in Relic’s underrated Space Marine in the Warhammer 40k universe was so much fun.

    Gears of War… The Lancer. Machine gun + chainsaw.

    But you know what I really grew up on? NES games. Spread gun in Contra, baby!

  56. I got sooo many kills with my simple USP .45 in CoD4… great sidearm. Lots more with M4, not as fun though. Could do quite a bit of damage with the M60E4 as well.

  57. Late on this, but probably the Python .357 from Half-Life. also something very satisfying about the single shotgun from Quake 2. The Vintar from STALKER was fun as well.

    I tend to play multiplayer games in strange ways to make up for not generally being “conventionally” all that good. I spent tons of time on Bad Company 2 with a shotgun loaded with slugs and a Carl Gustav, and I can hold my own against snipers in that way. Give me a scoped sniper rifle and I’m terrible.

    Honourable mention to Unreal Tournament’s shock rifle.

  58. Rail Gun from Q3A

    AWP from CS (though.. so many good ones here!)

    Minigun from TFC

    Flak Cannon from UT (closely followed by sniper rifle)

  59. Falcon 2 from Perfect Dark based on Colt Double Eagle, and the laptop gun were fantastic, as was being able not only to have secondary functions but also deploy them on the fly. The DD44 from Goldeneye was also a favorite of mine, that was a Tokarev, apparently. One I loved growing up was the gnoming missiles from Earthworm Jim 3d for N64.

  60. The Bofors 40mm gun from the AC-130 mission in Modern Warfare. There’s just something about the concept of an autocannon that puts a smile on my face.

  61. Hmmm. That’s a tough one. It comes down to either Goldeneye 007 for the N64, Halo 1 (Xbox) or Splinter Cell 1 (Xbox).


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