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My new bump-in-the-night gun is a 9mm 17-round striker-fired polymer pistol with night sights (to be named later) loaded with Hornady Critical Defense hollow-points. It’s a handgun because I want a free hand to open doors, turn on lights (yes), call 911, grab the sprog, etc. I also have . . .

a Benelli M4 with an extended mag tube, should I need to assume a defensive position. And a FNH-USA SCAR-16 with a light if I need to take things outside. What’s your BITN firearm(s)?

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    • That’s an absolutely massive pit bull. Most I’ve seen are more like 70-100 not 170.

      • I’m guessing that it’s two or three pitbulls; total weight 170 lbs. An effective intruder prevention system.

      • 2 dogs. 1 is 100, the other is 70. I also have a third dog but she’s all of 10 pounds so I don’t count her. She would do the most barking though.

    • Hahaha! I read that as “rounds” the first time and thought it was that exotic shotgun shells so my first thought was “Damn, he must have a BUNCH of bandoleers!”.

  1. Same as the EDC because i’m too lazy to keep swtching guns in and out of the safe. Ruger SP101. I’ll dig out the mini14 if I anticipate trouble.

    • Yeah, the one I practice the most with – the EDC, is also the nightstand gun. I suppose that RF’s EDC (Wilson or Cabot?) doesn’t mount a light or something.

    • Ditto. Out of the holster and right onto the dresser. 8 rounds of 9 mm. Plus an effective 4-dog alarm system. Anyone breaking in will have a hard time coming up to the second floor. Reloads and a .45 acp are available as necessary, though I really don’t think that would happen.

  2. His night stand – EDC Canik TP9V2 20+1
    Her night stand – EDC Ruger SR40c 15+1
    Daughter’s night stand – EDC Ruger SR9c 17+1
    Behind bedroom door – Norinco SKS Paratroop 20+1
    Behind point of entry – Wilson, 125 pounds of angry Chessy

    • I’m guessing most people find Wilson more intimidating than your firearm arsenal. I know a man who successfully kept his mother-in-law away from his house for years just by keeping a Chesapeake Bay Retriever .

    • Awwww! Give the chessie a big hug from me! My sweet softie wouldn’t (and hasn’t) so much as harmed a rat in the kitchen . She’ll bark enough to wake the dead though.

  3. Nightstand gun is a Glock 34 with a Surefire X300 Ultra mounted on it. If we’re talking more Feruson type shenanigans, that’s where either the Mk18 style SBR or the 14.5″ custom AK come out to play. (Depends which one is currently hosting my PEQ-15 and has the appropriate magazines pre-loaded on my vest.) The AK is in rotation this year as I expect to take it to some big events and could use the practice.

  4. “nObody needs more than a double barrel shotgun.”

    [I’m telling my great grandkids about the stupid evil (D)]

  5. Maverick 88 left to me by my Dad, runs like a champ and hits like a truck.

    Mini-14 or AR kept loaded in reserve.

    • My reserve is a 590A1 with slugs.
      I live in a residential area, so I need to be very careful if I need to take it outside; and I sincerely hope I never need to do that. I kinda figure if I do need to, all hell has broken out.

  6. Got Claymore?

    What if the BITN is your local PREDATOR overhead, double-cap crimping, flash-bang to the crib, gulag-travel-agent, death-squad neighbors needing jobs, called your government, just checking to see if all the guns listed here are kept properly safe.?

    Never happen. Right?

  7. Sig P227 with a Veridian X5L green laser/tac light combo, a Remington 870 Express Tactical and a MK9 pepper spray cylinder. the latter looks like a small fire extinguisher. :o)

  8. What ever gun I am carrying. The only time I carry a subcompact is when I play golf otheraise it’s my XD/m compact or larger. Even my 380 runs 7″/4.25″ barrel so feel no need to have a seperate home defense pistol.

  9. G19 with night sights and a sure fire mounted under it.
    That reminds me, I should put new batteries in it.

  10. Arisaka T 38 with stibby-stabber fixed. Useful for banzai charge down the hall.

    I but just.

  11. Glock 21, Kriss Vector 25 round magazine loaded with Federal HST 230gn, and Streamlight TLR-3. Backup is a Remington 870 mounted in a secure wall rack in fallback location, extended tube with 00 buck (slugs in reserve), Surefire forend light as backup.

  12. 1. Springfield XDM 9mm, 19+1, Hornady’s Critical Duty +P, with Surefire 300 light.
    2. With that in hand, retreat 15′ to gun safe –
    2a. 300 BLK SBR, suppressed, 30 rounds Hornady’s new Black 110 Vmax, light and laser. Extra mags in the door.
    2b. Mossberg 500, 00 buck, 7+1.

    • In all seriousness my at-home self-defense firearms are:

      primary #1 — full-size semi-auto handgun chambered in .40 S&W with 15 rounds of 180 grain Winchester Ranger bonded jacketed hollowpoints

      primary #2 — pump-action 20 gauge shotgun (20 inch barrel) loaded with five, 5/8 ounce (273 grain) slugs

      secondary #1 — bare-bones AR-15 carbine with 16 inch barrel and 30 round magazines

      secondary #2 — phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range

      • Nice of you to keep a less-lethal shotgun option handy. 😀
        (That’s what I call all 20 gauge shotguns)

        • Less lethal … a huge caliber, 273 grain slug with a muzzle velocity of 1500 fps is plenty lethal at indoor self-defense ranges.

          But notice that I chose to load with slugs and not buckshot … for the very reason that you cited. Also, I chose 20 gauge so that the women-folk in our homestead can operate it with confidence.

  13. ARperformance 12.5″ 6.8spc2 with 90 grain ATK gold dot. I live in a CBS house so over penetration isn’t an issue.

    • Keep a Bic lighter with that can of Wasp Spray and you probably have something that is even more effective than a firearm. Of course that might set your house on fire … which is guaranteed to send cockroaches scurrying outside — even two-legged cockroaches.

    • Even in Kalifornia, I’ll bet you can easily acquire an old-school pump-action shotgun and keep that handy. It isn’t flashy, but it sure does the trick.

      • Hi uncommon – yeah, I know. Was just attempting to be a little funny. I actually have an 870 for the stated purpose.


        • “Was just attempting to be a little funny.”

          Me too — reference my Bic lighter response!

    • Actually a Federal Offence for using Wasp Spray or any other aerosol for anything other than it’s ‘intended purpose’ stated on the can.

      • I keep wasp spray in may car because I live on the MA border. MA does not allow any sort of defensive “weapons”. As far as I am concerned, anyone who attacks me is a White Anglo Saxon Protestant until proven otherwise.

    • I keep electronic ear-muffs on my dresser in my bedroom in case I have to shoot inside the house. I have heard from others who do as well.

    • I figure a couple hours of shouting ‘What?!?’ to the cops for will give me enough time to settle my nerves and get my story straight. Besides, in certain jurisdictions having the time to put on hearing protection might put a hole in the ‘I was in fear for my life’ defense in the eye of the DA.

  14. Sig P320 RX full size with a stream light Tlr-1, and my custom built Ar-15 with Trijicon MRO and Surefire light.

    *Taking delivery of a new M2 Benelli Tactical tomorrow so I’ll have more fun options.

  15. Funny you ask…
    During last Wednesday’s attempted home invasion, I can firmly answer that question as “the closest one.”

    In this case it was a glock 17 for initial reaction.

    Then during the 3hr response time from 911 it grew to a 1911, AR-15 (I know- long gun+suburb = over penetration, but intimidation factor.) Browning Light twelve with 8 shot extension, glock 17, model 66 357, and a 38 J frame as back-up back ups.

    Add level IIIA armor for myself and wife to the mix.

    It CAN happen to you. And dispatchers CAN make mistakes. Even with multiple calls. Dispatcher miscategorized it as a burglary, non urgent. Had to wait for shift change. All was quiet by the time a single officer arrived. Just a couple broken doors.

    • During last Wednesday’s attempted home invasion, I can firmly answer that question as “the closest one.”

      First rule of a gunfight: bring a gun!

      Saying it another way, any gun is better than no gun. It sounds like you did the right thing. A Glock 17 as your first firearm was no slouch. And you escalated from there as the situation seemed to permit.

      You should write your experience and submit it this website. It provides for interesting reading and, more importantly, education. (In this case illustrating how our professional response system can seriously screw up.)

    • 3 HOURS?!? Mine get here in literally 1 minute-even when I don’t want them to…perfect illustration for armed self-reliance.

  16. .458SOCOM SBR. 400gr FPRN rounds in 16 round mags. Take in mind that I live far off the paved road, past my many large dogs, down a dirt and gravel road with 2 gates that requires a high clearance vehicle. If you are there, it’s not on accident. It is my assumption that you came prepared.

    • .458SOCOM SBR. 400gr FPRN rounds in 16 round mags.

      Now THAT is a serious home defense firearm platform.

      I like to think that I know my bullet abbreviations pretty well but I must admit that I have no idea what “FP” designates … do tell.

      Are hollowpoints available in .458 SOCOM? Would they feed/cycle reliably? If so, I cannot imagine anyone walking away from a .45 caliber, 400 grain hollowpoint at 1600 fps. In fact I am having a hard time imagining anything in North America (on two or four legs) walking away from a .45 caliber, 400 grain hollowpoint at 1600 fps.

      • Flat point round nose. Flat points track straighter through flesh than the round noses, but I’m not sure why they put the two together. Maybe to distinguish them from wadcutters.

        I can only assume there are some very large furry critters inhabiting JWT’s neck of the woods.

        • “Flat point, round nose” seems like a contradiction. Does that mean basically ball ammo with a small-ish flat point?

        • Yes. From the side they look pretty much like a hollow point. Could also be hard-cast lead.

      • Yes, HP rounds are available for the .458 in 300gr, 350gr, and 400gr, but they don’t penetrate as well. I have found, by shooting through pigs and into the pigs behind them, through pigs and the trees behind them, and through trees and the pigs behind them, that the 400gr FPRN is extremely good at barrier penetration and cuts nice big holes through animals.
        I’ve never had anyone drive up to my house that I didn’t know was coming a long way off, and the same is for anyone walking to the house. (We are up to 6 large dogs now, it’s getting to redneck ridiculous land out here.)
        I have to consider that my initial engagement distance may be 50 yards or more, and that I may be shooting through natural and artificial barriers, and that if someone chose my home, they are likely to be armed and possibly armored.

        • I have found, by shooting through pigs and into the pigs behind them, through pigs and the trees behind them, and through trees and the pigs behind them, that the 400gr FPRN is extremely good at barrier penetration and cuts nice big holes through animals.

          Love it!!!

    • Mr. Taylor,

      Can you do a review of your .458 SOCOM? I was thinking of building one. How long is your barrel? Thank you.

      • It’s not fair to review your own gun that you built. Too much owners pride. As it is now, with a 12.5″ barrel, it’s a great gun for its intended purpose. That is, to kill pigs, and with it’s folding stock, to sit inside a book bag for when I have to travel on each side of the US/Mexico border. It is, now, very reliable. But it took a while of playing with the right spring and the right load to get it to really run with the rounds I wanted to use. Now, with its RMR sitting on top of it and 1.25MOA accuracy, it is a formidable tool.
        I have also owned a 16″ Rock River .458SOCOM, and I’d recommend that gun to anyone. Using multiple rounds, it never hiccupped and was, for the money, a great gun.

  17. Walther PPX .40 with a Streamlight attached. Also have a Stoeger Double Defense 12ga. close at hand.

  18. Steyr aug with a trijicon mro on top. Hk vp9 with surefire light. 223 is better than pistol calibers. Its a well known fact 223 will break up upon barriers, unlike pistol calibers

  19. Mossberg 500 18.5″ barrel federal #4 buck with flight control wad because I am more confident that I will make a hit with a shotgun over a handgun.

  20. Taurus Judge revolver with .410 Hornady self defense shells. They kick less than the Winchester PDX shells. Laying in bed my wife said she heard something. I reached for it right away. The sound was nothing. But She and I knew after that a gun was right there when we needed it. If I have to step out of bed then that Mossberg 590 with nine shells is next.
    If its a gang, then that Ruger 10/22 with 25 round BX magazines is up to bat. And I have extra magazines.
    I’m saving up for an AR15.

    • A reliable semi-auto rifle in .22 LR with 25 round magazines is nothing to sneeze at. Because there is ZERO recoil, you can put a LOT of bullets on target really fast. Think of it like a slow-motion reduced-recoil shotgun blast shooting #4 buckshot, roughly speaking.

    • Interesting comment regarding the kick of the Hornady vs Winchester.

      ‘IF’ I were to have a BITN gun(s), one of them MIGHT be a Governor with alternating Winchester PDX and .45 Long Colt HP. OR, it MIGHT be a 9mm 17+1 JHP, OR, it might be a Remmy 870 with 00 Buck.

      Or, it might not be. Break into my house and we’ll find out…..Ya rolls the dice, ya takes yer chances.

      I’ll have to try those Hornady rounds. I know the Winchester PDX rounds turn a pumpkin into orange mist. Fun.

  21. 6″ stainless GP 100 loaded with Double Tap 158gr. hollow points. If I have to make it to the g un room I’ve got my EDC 3″ GP and a Marlin 336BL. The .30-30’s loaded with 125gr. hollow points, which have got to be a devastating defense load zipping along at ~2500fps. If I run out of bul lets on the way I’ve got a handy club.

    • Governor,

      For in-home self-defense, have you thought about Doubletap’s 125 grain jacketed hollowpoints which will produce a muzzle velocity of 1750 fps from your GP100 with its six-inch barrel?

      I have to think that would be even more devastating at close range than the 158 grain hollowpoints.

      Of course you could also move up to their 110gr Barnes TAC-XP Lead Free rounds which will exit the muzzle at 1800 fps!!!

      • I considered both 125gr. and 158gr. and came to the conclusion that what I really wanted was a 140gr. SJHP or SWCHP of appropriate hardness. But for that I’m not only going to have to start hand loading, but casting my own bull ets as well. So, between the two, the 125gr. will certainly be less prone to over-penetration. My beef with them is that the bul lets are most likely constructed with velocities in the 1450fps range and might turn into frangible rounds at 1750fps. Also with DT you have your choice of either the Speer Gold Dot or the Rem ington SJHP. Personally I prefer the SJHPs and while the GDs are the bomb in the pi stol calibers, according to Speer’s own gel tests they’re not so good in .357. However the Rem ingtons have very short jackets and very thin walled hollow points, so I’m pretty sure the petals would instantly sheer off on impact at the higher velocities.

        As for the 158s, I initially chose them for my 3″ EDC. The short barrel penalty is less for slower heavier bul lets and theoretically the volume and muzzle flash should be diminished. And they’re still running 1300+fps from the 3″ and 1500+fps in the 6″ whereas Nosler probably had ~1250fps in mind. If 800ft/lbs of energy doesn’t do the trick I’m probably screwed either way.

        Incidentally, the .30 caliber 125grs. have a higher SD than the .357 158grs. (.188 vs. .177). Federal rates them at 2570fps from a 24″ barrel, which is a touch on the light side for .30-30 since it’s supposed to be a varmint round. The 336BL is an 18″ barrel, but I’m thinking I’m still probably getting 2500fps out of them since Marlin’s micro-groove rifling doesn’t deform the bul lets as much and they tend to get more velocity than deeper cut rifling. That would hit with 1700+ft/lbs of energy compared with the ~1100ft/lbs you’d get out of a 16″ AR in 5.56.

        Yea, I’ve probably got a little too much time on my hands…

  22. Para-Ordnance P-13 topped with a Caspian 6″ longslide. 13 + 1 rounds of JHP. One spare magazine next to the pistola.

  23. Maverick88 20″ loaded with 5 Herters mini buckshot and 3slugs. Taurus 111g2. Machete,ax,baseball bat,knives and pepper gel.Flashlight. Another pistol and AR15 coming soon…

  24. My primary NY nightstand weapon is a Charter Arms 38 special with a speed loader. Standing by the wall is a recently purchased Benelli Tactical shotgun with light and saddle.
    BTW this is a GREAT shooting 12 gauge. I was amazed how the pistol grip reduced recoil (felt like my 20) and talk about accurate. Right out of the box this thing is amazing.
    My Florida nightstand weapon is my wife’s LCP because I suck with my LCR. (Sorry I didn’t wait for the LCRs)
    First line of defense is my hard wired alarm system.

    • Edit: I had Benelli on the brain. It is really a WEATHERBY PA459 12GA 18.5INCH PUMP a difference of about $1k.
      Seriously for an under $300 shotgun this was a great buy.

      • I haven’t shot one of those weatherbys but I’ve looked at them and they look like a lot of gun for the money.

        • I was looking at the Maverick then this came along at $289. It’s not the funky cameo one, it’s all black.
          As I said in my post, shooting 00 the recoil was nowhere near what I expected. This was fun to shoot.
          I think the pistol grip has a lot to do with that.

  25. I’ve got my Glock 19 mounted in a holster to my night stand, my husband has his Jericho, and we each have our Sub2k’s inside the closet. My German Shepherd is also one helluva alarm system!

    • The SUB-2000s are, in my opinion, the best home-defense firearm available … for under $500 anyway.

      Something that no one seems to ever mention: they are light enough and balanced so well that you can even shoot them with one hand in a pinch … and have a reasonable expectation of hitting your target at close range!

  26. I alternate between an FNH FNP-45 and a CZ P07 Duty, both with a Streamlight TLR3, depending on whichever one I felt like dry firing while watching TV. There is a W. German made Sig P226 in the girlfriend’s stand, and a Winchester 1300 Defender with Eagletac T20 near by.

    • just the p07 for me, still got the tlr3 on it. But the gun safe is about 5 ft from the nightstand with several ready to go mags of 556 or 7.62x39mm if the mood strikes. Or the mossberg 590 with m9 bayonet, so they get the point.

  27. Ruger LCS 9mm Hornady Self-defense (7+1). 20 gauge and AR w/self defense rounds are close by.

  28. My Glock19 goes into the bedside table at night when I go to bed. I like having a handgun for all the same reasons you mentioned above. I things go way upside down, I keep a 16″ carbine with two loaded mags and a big ass rail mounted light in one of those easy access lock boxes in the closet which is the most likely place I would go after collecting the chillins from their rooms.

  29. “What’s Your Bump-in-the-Night Gun?”

    Farago, you forgot the “s” on the end of the word “gun.”

    Between my wife and myself, there is a 9mm pistol, a .357 revolver, and a Mossberg 930 loaded with 6 shells of 12 gauge 00 Whoopass.

    • ^this. I imagine a situation similar to Pulp Fiction when Bruce Willis is deciding on the appropriate weapon in the pawnshop scene. Might be a VP9 with a light in my nightstand or the 930 with 00 buck that is under my bed. Perhaps the new JP PCC will get some action or maybe I will get fancy and grab my Nighthawk Bob Marvel There really is no way of knowing.

  30. …Ruger AR-556, Bushmaster QRC E2S, Glock 23, Taurus PT-111 G2, … and a huge knife the size of a Roman gladius, five security cameras and three alarm systems. Physical security of various kinds such as special bars at doors and windows. If the law allowed it, I’d have booby traps such as spike boards and anything else I can muster. Plus my training and physical exercise. In combat, I play to win.

  31. VP9 with a surefire, fallback to a Maverick 88 w/ eight shot capacity or the 45acp Vector w/ 25 capacity, POF if I have to take matters outside the home.

  32. Gun?
    I have 3 choices and I’ll be carrying two.
    The Glock 19 and either the Mossberg 930 or AR 15.
    The shotgun has a light on it so if I need to light up a far room or outside, that’s the long gun I’ll grab. It has 18 rounds on board so I’m good.

  33. Glock 27 on the nightstand and a binelli nova under the bed. No children so safe storage isn’t an issue. The rifles stay in the safe because I live in a townhouse

  34. Whatever I carried all day is what I’ll use at night. But just in case something goes completely sideways, I also keep a 12 gauge wall leaner in cruiser ready condition.

  35. Depends on which gun I get to first. EDC is a Steyr C40-A1 (12+1, with 2 mags in reserve). Kept by the desk is my AR-15, with light and 2x sight, and 3 standard mags (kept on a shelf, so little ones can’t get to them). Also have a FAL in the closet, with 2 mags on a closet shelf. And that doesn’t count what my parents bring to the fight, or the 290 lbs of Mastiff that sleep with my parents.

    Yes, I do live with my parents, because my choice is either a place of my own, or paying off the student loans. I chose to pay off the loans first.

    • Nothing wrong with that at all, people used to live with their parents until their parents died and then inherited the house. The “American Dream” can cause a lot of wealth to be taken out of the family. Also the astronomical cost of education these represents a real burden to many middle class families. I left home at 17, but looking back it wasn’t the wisest decision.

  36. M&P 45c loaded with 10 Rounds of 230g HST’s. It is of my two EDC’s in rotation. I usually have that on me when I’m in the house. I also have a Mossberg 590 18″ loaded with seven rounds of Federal 00 Buck low recoil, with 6 rounds of slugs on the side saddle, locked up next to the bed. I also like to home carry/leave by the bed side, a CZ PCR in 9mm with 124g HST’s. Although that kid in OK tuned up the three thugs real nice with his AR, I still feel a semi-auto rifle is best suited for a civil unrest, SHTF, zombie apocalypse type situation.

  37. Department issued Glock 22 with 180 grain Remington golden saber bonded .40 pills with a 5.11 tpt l2 flashlight nearby and point blank 3a body armor with level iv nearby as well. Also have Ruger SR556 with 62 grain federal bonded .223 ammunition

  38. USP with TLR2s and Osprey suppressor. Failing that a 12 gauge.

    Wife does basically the same but has a G21 instead of a USP.

  39. His: HK USP 40 suppressed (why wake the neighbors?)
    Hers: Glock 26 (in case I need help)
    Shared: Mossberg 500 staggered load of 00 Buck and slugs – need to take more precise shot just rack once and slug is chambered

  40. A battery of SxS shotguns and an attendant…I’m a fudd. Oh, and sometimes a Glock 19 when Jeeves gets the day off.

  41. My side of the bed 9mm shield with Hornady Critical Defense. Behind the door Bushmaster AR-15 30 round clip. Wife’s side of bed Ruger P89 9mm with HCD and Mossberg 500 20 gauge. Long hallway to bedroom with lots of time to aim carefully.

  42. Bedside: M&P9
    Quick-access (4 steps away): Suppressed 300BLK SBR and Moss500.

    I wanted a Plasma rifle, but the dealer said ‘just what you see, pal’.

  43. My side of bed: RIA Tactical 1911, Tru-glow sights. On bed table. Custom built AR9 with Lucid scope and Surefire light, next to table.
    Her side: Mossy 930 Tactical w/7 rounds of #4 buck. Ruger 1911 Commander in 9mm.

    In reserve, aimed down hall to front door:
    32 pounder muzzle loading naval cannon, loaded with solid shot and two stands of grape. Double charged.

  44. Ruger SR9C w/ Magtech 124 gr BJHP, 17 rd mag + spare
    Ruger LC9S w/ Ruger 9mm ARX ammo + spare
    Ruger LCR .357 w/ Remington .38 +P 125 gr SJHP
    All guns have Lasers & have multiple blinding flashlights available
    Modified Maverick 88 12 gauge w/ combo ATI pistol grip/shoulder stock, extra shells on stock in shell holder, available if they still don’t listen to reason.
    Fastest reload is another loaded gun.

  45. We start with 9mms for both my wife and me, work up to a 12ga bullpup, and ARs if things get interesting. Battlebelt/vest has additional ammo for all as needed. That’s after the furry four-footed alarm systems.

  46. FNX 45 Tactical w/TLR-2. 15 rounds of 230 gr HST. One in the pipe. Only gun a like a thumb safety on. Give me options. and keeps me from accidentally shooting my d!ck off when I’m half asleep. Big slow super-expanding round. relatively low flash, low kick (big gun). Light and laser. Again, options. Sits on my night stand when not locked in the safe. makes me feel warm and fuzzy

  47. BITN is the Ruger 9e–9mm, 17 rounds of 124 grain SD. Laserlyte on rail mount.
    Then there is the SR9c and last choice, the LCP tucked close by.
    Of course, the Catahoula Cur is pretty vicious if he hasn’t been introduced 2 you and also makes quite a racket!

    • Good choices, the Ruger 9E & SR9C share the same 17 round mags. These guns shoot so well that it would be hard to miss your target. From 25 yards I can empty the mags rapid fire on target.

    • I understand what you are saying about reviewing your own home built rifle. Thank you for the summary of it.

  48. An SKS with a 5 round magazine or a Savage 17HMR bolt gun with a 10 round magazine. But to get to either one i have to hear the BITN, get out of bed, get to my gun safe, unlock my gun safe, get the gun, unlock my (separately stored) ammo box, load the gun, and then I’m good to exercise my duty to retreat…yea its not realistic.

    Really my BITN gear is a 750mL can of bear spray and a hockey stick. Good old Canuckistan. Owning guns for any sort of self defence against another person is explicity unlawful here. Using them isn’t illegal per say, if you have a damn good reason and are backed into a literal corner, but even if you aren’t charged in the shooting you will probably get lit up by the RCMP with at least two counts of unsafe storage (one for the gun, one for the ammo), careless discharge, discharge within a municipality, need I go on? And the RCMP will make sure that the court case is pressed to its full extent, costing you thousands in court fees, lost work hours, possible remand in prison, seized firearms and ammunition, and a metric asstonne of media coverage even if they know the charges won’t stick.

    • Tell it, brother! The true north is no long strong or free. In Canada, if you should ever dare to defend yourself with a firearm the Police ( city, regional, provincial or federal) will give you a much harder time than the criminal who broke into your house

  49. 130 lb. Rottweiler mix to greet a goblin at the door, CZ-82 on the nightstand, Remington 1100 short barrel loaded with buckshot under the bad.

  50. SIG Sauer P228, with 2 extra mags in a shoulder holster, hanging on the footboard. If I have time, I’ll grab the AR-15.

  51. .44 special with 240 gr hollow points, C cell wonder light set on strobe, Razor sharp 10.5 inch Kukri

  52. First line of defense is Cricket, a 120lbs. Bullmastiff, my nightstand gun is my carry gun M&P pro .40 S&W, 16 165gr HSTs , if staying put in bedroom, Winchester 1300 defender loaded with #4 buckshot. If hell continues to break loose I have the AR15 with 4 p-mags loaded with 62gr. Federal fusion.

  53. It’s varied over the years:

    Springfield 1911 (90s Edition) with Hydroshocks;
    S&W 686 .357 with 125 grain jhp
    870 with #4 buck

    Currently, a Kahr P40 with silvertips since it fits in the desk drawer safe I have.

  54. Glock 19 or 21 with HSTs & nite sights backed up by WWII era M-1 Carbine with 30 rnd mags of Speer Gold Dots. Marlin 1895 carbine with 300 gr Winchester hollow points in reserve.

  55. XDM 45, 230g Gold Dots,
    Surefire 6PX. Really worth practicing at night with your combo. Tried some other hp’s and was surprised with the muzzle flash.

  56. Sidewinder modified Mossberg with 10 +1 rounds of 00 buck, Taclight, and a 5 round spare magazine; along with a 9mm FEG P9RK with 14+1 JHP.

  57. I am not going to say what it is or where it is, but I do not trust my life or my family’s lives to any handgun. Whatever I use, I will be aiming center mass, and I do not have confidence that handgun rounds will quickly end the fight with center mass hits…on all attackers.

  58. Sig AR pistol with Sig brace, flashlight, Eotech red dot, Yankee Hill suppressor & 30 rounds of Hornady V-Max.

  59. Won’t be popular here. Always near are a 14.7 ” AR , 1911s (.45 my edc, my and fastest contact and distance hand gun.) and a CZ PCR for capacity.
    I answer the bump in the night … wait for it. .. with a double trigger, double barrel, hammer less coach gun. I’ve patterned each barrel dozens of times, and know both triggers. It’s short, light (kicks a li’l) and (for me) faster for two shots on target(s) than the lost Benelli M1. until Trump’s jack booted thugs kick in the door, it’s a pretty fearsome start.

  60. Kel tec PMR30 22magnum with a couple 30 round mags and laser. Nearby a 12 gauge shotgun and a Ruger sr556. Plus two barking early warning systems.

  61. Sig P220 Stainless Elite in 45ACP with night sights and a nice, bright, LED light. I also have a middle-aged wife who dearly HATES to have her sleep interrupted. If I were a burglar, I would be more afraid of her then of me and my pistol.

  62. Smith & Wesson Model 10 HB loaded with 125gr +p Nyclads. Rock solid grab and shoot reliability on the nightstand. If I’m getting up and walking around….it’s a Win. Model 12 Riot and a 1911 holstered on a fast to put on Velcro wilderness belt.

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