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“Convenience is the newest product from Kahr Firearms Group, KFG’s presser proclaims. “The free KFG app includes product catalogs for Kahr Arms, Thompson, Auto Ordnance, and Magnum Research products. It also includes owner’s manuals for nearly all of the products in the Kahr Firearms Group arsenal . . .

If you are looking for a parts list, technical data, diagrams, operating instructions, dismantling and reassembly instructions, safety information, or cleaning and lubrication recommendations – it can all be downloaded from the Kahr Firearms Group App.

Do you use your gun manufacturers’ website/app? What would you like to see it include?

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  1. The ability to order factory parts and accessories, and specs on the various models they sell, including +P capability or not, for starters.

    Possibly include a web forum with useful threads stickied if the manufacture has a large enough fanbase as well.

  2. A website has to work and work extremely well. On my phone too. EZ to navigate on computer or phone. Kahr isn’t bad…

    • Kahr’s customer service is fantastic. I own two Kahrs. I bent the slide stop spring on my P9 after 15 years of service. I called Kahr, received a prepaid shipping label, and sent it off on a Friday. I was emailed on Monday that they received it, then emailed again on Tuesday that it was on its way back to me. Same story with my CW380 which wasn’t running right after break in. Shipped to them on Friday, shipped back to me on Monday.

      The reps are always friendly. I was looking for a factory case for my P9, as I’ve added a laser and it no longer fit the original case. The CS rep actually went into the warehouse to secure the case for me.

      Good company.

  3. New products and ideas and discussions about them are my crack. I’d love to see a page or link where the mfgrs are looking for suggestions and taking polls for new products.

    • This. A direct contact portion where user submitted ideas are at least taken into consideration.

      Ruger, you’re my first pick. I need a 10/22 in 22WMR. Take down, threaded. And maybe some BX25/15’s to make it better.

        • I’ve left this comment on various TTAG posts before, and usually am met with someone posting a link to Magnum Research or Volquartsen’s product page for $1200+ models of them. I want a factory Ruger one that doesn’t cost $800 minimum.

          And I want it to work with Magpul’s new X-22 backpacker stock.

  4. So…this is a phone app that replicates the access to Kahr Firearms Group information I normally have through an internet browser. Boy, that’s awesome (/sarcasm)

  5. Actually I don’t want to see one single program on ANY app store given that the entire app ‘market’ idea is just a walled garden that keeps you subservient to the whims of either Google or Apple. And we already have at least one incident of Apple pulling apps based on politics.

    Beyond that can you honestly name ANY software package that will be of any significant use on a cell phone? Maybe a news read app? Which is the very thing I mentioned that Apple is starting to lock down. Beyond that, gun oil and spent powder is pretty much guaranteed to ruin your phone or tablet if you get ANY on it.

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