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Don’t laugh. New York’s SAFE Act mandates ammunition registration. The reg’s on the shelf (due to the cost of implementation) but ready to go into effect if and when legislators pay and prod the State police to git ‘er done. Still, the feds wouldn’t come after gun owners for ammo purchases over 6k (going after “craft deer”) or ban hollow points, would they?

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  1. Nah, it’s not like any state has already banned hollowpoint ammo (under some circumstances), right? /sarc

    (I’m looking at you, NJ).

  2. They won’t ban anything if we kick the b@stards out in November and take back the Senate.

    If we don’t turn over the Senate, then the gungrabbers remaining will lose their fear of us and the NRA, and we will be totally fvcked.

    • The problem that is becoming more evident is that simply kicking the Democrat gun grabbers out and replacing them with Republican gun grabbers is only a short term solution. We really need a viable third party in this country.

      • Who are these Republican gun grabbers you are referring too? Are you suggesting we should keep Democrats?! Your ignorance is why we’re here in the first place.

        • Have you heard of Pat Toomey?
          He and a few other people with Rs next to their names voted for his gun control bill last year.
          Other famous gun grabbing republicans: John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, George HW Bush, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, …

          Republican and democrat politicians differ only in the rate at which they want to increase the size and scope of government intrusions and control.

        • Mark Kirk (R) from IL is one of the biggest gun grabbing asshats out there… I didn’t know it was possible to get an F- from the NRA… but he managed it.

        • @Bob, JasonM, and Heath

          Thank you. It’s good to not be the only one attempting to get the point across that it is not only Democrats that are trying to disarm us.

      • Correct. I hope 2016 will be the year of the viable third party. NOT the “Batsh1t Crazy Party.” Not the “Party Party.” Maybe not the Whigs. Who knows – two years is a long time, and America is becoming angry and fed up…

      • Jim, four Republicans voted for Manchin-Toomey — four whole Republicans! — but only four Democrats voted against it.

        Open your eyes.

        • If the speaker is staunchly pro 2A, then there’s limited damage that a few RINOs can do.

          Whereas now the speaker is anti-2A, and there’s little that a few purplish Dems can do to help us, though they did help sink Toomey-Manchin.

          Not that we should ever turn our back on the GOPers or really trust them, but they are still statistically less likely to screw us. Remember, Reagan NEVER had a GOP Congress.

      • What I fear is that there’ll be a landslide of Reich-wing Neocons who will pay lip service to the 2A, but then they’ll recruit the knuckle-draggers as brownshirts as they double-down on all the wars and really pit friends against neighbors.

        Libertarian – the closest thing to “None of the Above” that the ballot currently offers!

        • You realize that NEOcons are called neocons because THEY USED TO BE LIBERALS.

          They are the old “bombs abroad, baby milk at home” Democrats from the LBJ era who got pushed out of the Democrat party by the hard left progressives in the late 90’s.

          GWB and his ilk were never conservatives or classical liberals, as evidenced by their actions over eight years. Wars hither and yon abroad, and new welfare programs (corporate and personal) at home, while growing the size of government immensely.

          I’d like to have some honest to god libertarians in gov’t too, but so far all they’ve managed to do is split off the 2% needed for victory from the Republican candidate, giving the win to the Democrat.

          Instead of taking your ball and going home (voting third party) get your people involved in the Republican party apparatus and take it over from the inside like the communists did the Dems.

      • Did I miss the new Federal gun control laws that went into effect this year? For a bunch of Constitutionalists some of you guys appear not to have a clue on how bills get passed by Congress. And all you faux Libertarians who are clamoring for a third party don’t seem to know arithmetic either. A third party that is satisfies your political tastes is guaranteed to elect a Democratic Congressional majority. The Libertarian Party has more in common with radical wing of the Democratic Party then they do with true conservatives. They have effective become a Democratic Party false flag operation.

        • No, I really don’t think so. I think there is next to no difference between Republicans and Democrats any more. It’s all about manipulating their constituencies, acquiring campaign contributions, and getting elected and re-elected. Down here in the South, I can vote Democratic and be fairly certain that a Democrat would not support gun control. Our previous Congressman, Bart Gordon, was a Democrat, but was always rated highly by the NRA. I’m glad for Gordon’s votes on gun issues, but he serves as an example of how Democrats and Republicans don’t really have a consistent platform. If gun control became popular again as it was in the 70’s and early 80’s then we would see Republicans swing to the gun control side. Libertarians on the other hand have been consistent in their positions because those positions are based on a very clear ideology.

        • I am going to be blunt. You are full of it. 90+% of Republicans don’t support gun control, yesterday, today and tomorrow. The Republican Party is the only big tent party we have today which means that they don’t enforce uniformity. The idea that there is no difference between the Parties is a notion constructed by either false flag faux Libertarianism or ideologues with totalitarian tendencies who wish to punish those who are not 100% behind the Party line. I applaud Eric Cantor for not being a sore loser and enthusiastically endorsing his opponent so the Republicans will keep the seat. Your type of “conservative” would have stayed home or voted for Cantor’s opponent had he won. You people call someone like Lindsey Graham a RINO despite his 89% ACA rating. A rating by the way that is not much worse than Barry Goldwater.

          Who benefits from the line that there is no difference between the Parties? The answer is obvious, The Democrats/leftists do. So you keep falling for the false flag, making sure that we will eventually lose our Second Amendment rights.

          • By continuing to toe the party line, we eventually will lose our whole country. The Democrat/Republican stranglehold must be broken.

        • Yes, by the faux Libertairans who support every Progressive social policy, seek the destruction of civil socieyt and the foundation of republican government and free markets.

          Ever wonder why the faux Libertarian solution for things like drugs, marriage and prostitution always leads to more government involvement in peoples lives and not less?

      • the minute we let the U.N. in we are done they will walk right in and take right over.

    • They’d need the senate and the house to get anything through. Even with their majority, it couldn’t get it through the senate last time.

      • Barry could knock out a couple of quick decrees, er,E.O.s to get the EPA, NHTA/FRA and CPSC much more involved in nit-picking the manufacturing, transportation, and commercial storage of ammunition and strangle the industry in red tape and fines. Since they couldn’t empty the logistic pipeline, that is…

        • This. Legislation? Legislation? We don’t need no steenking legislation!

    • POTG will face this same challenge with every national election cycle, sometimes more so, sometimes less so, depending on the political winds at the moment and the success of the MSM at influencing the outcome.

      This anti-gun challenge will be a perpetual battle because the antis are unlikely to ever give up, and it seems we are destined to incrementally lose ground over time, particularly if and when the grabbers are able to seize the moment because of a tragedy and they can muster enough votes to succeed in the Congress and the Prez signs, or is overridden. Democrat party control will likely be the deciding factor, and that’s bound to occur sooner or later.

      We will always have to keep up the fight, keep up the correspondence, and donate $$$ to fight the antis.

  3. Oh great, a new ammo rush. They can have my ammo one bullet at a time. It will never pass.

  4. Isnt it kind of a natural evolution of the gun control mindset?

    At some point some of the more realistic d-bags (unlike feinslime) will accept that instead of removing firearms entirely, they can begin to increasingly regulate and tax ammo manufacturing and purchases until it becomes like an NYC carry permit?

  5. Nobody needs 6K rounds…. I say nobody needs 6K dead brain cells blocking rational thought…

    Stupid is that way… full speed ahead!

  6. Not on a national level. Ammo sales are a massive sales tax cash cow, and the fed/states are broke.

    Money talks.

    • Not to mention the Pittman/Robertson tax funding parks and wildlife.
      Then again, city people don’t have a clue.

      • This assumes they care about the national parks and wildlife services. Considering Congress’ actions over the past few years I’m not convinced they do.

  7. CA SB 53 proposes a ban on ammo purchases online, ammo permits, limits on amounts sold, etc. So yes, the communist led states definitely want to crack down on your ammo purchases. I’m sure Barack would be happy to ban every possible foreign ammo source via executive order. His intentions are already on record. Hillary would love to create additional bans. Her incompetence for office and darling granddaughter make her an ideal candidate for the Democratic Party. You can get arrested for an empty shell casing in Washington DC.

    As I’ve said before, stock up on ammo. Prices are currently decent on everything except .22 LR and .380. To those who have not already done so:The websites and have current prices on in-stock ammo from numerous vendors. I recommend saving 100-500 rounds above what you shoot each month. The next national destabilizing event will cause ammo prices to triple.

    A little food and water would also be a wise investment. If ISIS can ban civilian firearm ownership than there is no reason that someone else – like China – couldn’t do the same to our nation which is already $17,000,000,000,000.00 plus in debt.

    To paraphrase Joe Biden – buy ammo! Buy ammo!

    • Yeah, and the bill you mentioned was authored by Leland Yee, he of the gun running scandal. Unsurprisingly, another sponsor for the bill was found on the left side of the aisle.

      I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if a few ammunition retailers also support the bill.

      • I love how if you pull up the bill, you can still see Leland Yee’s name, now slashed out.

    • SB 53 is actually the third attempt. The first attempt (which passed) was held to be unconstitutionally vague (and only applied to handgun ammo). The second attempt was vetoed by Gov. Brown on the basis that the appeal of the first statute was still pending (and is still pending). The third attempt applies to all ammo, and is supposed to be paid for by the processing fees for the permits. I assume it is quite similar to the first version (I haven’t read it yet) which required a purchaser to buy a permit–and a background check–to be able to buy, and further required sellers to keep all ammo behind the counter, and to record the purchaser’s ID info and thumbprint. Purchases of over 500 rounds are required to be reported to the DOJ.

    • SB 53 also bans the transfer of ammo between private parties. So, if you hand your friend a box or reloads to try and tell you what he/she thinks you are a felon. Hand your hunting buddy a shell, you are a felon. Send your wife down to walmart to pick up a box or two of .22s and then she gives them to you, she and you are felons. (if this law passes walamrt probably won’t bother with ammo sales in california any longer.)
      Friends, they will try any and every means they can. If these acts don’t get your feathers ruffled enough to vote, or encourage you to get your friends to vote, then all will be lost in a few years.

      • There has to be some way we could use that against them. Shout “catch” and throw a round of 9mm at them? “You just received a transfer of ammo, and under your own law, you are now a felon. Repeal or impeach!”

    • Dont tell people about where to buy ammo, then there wont be any for us. I get nervous when I have less than 10k rnds of 556 and 308. 2013 was fun watching from the sidelines. I had plenty. Prices on 556 almost back to pre panic prices. I agree that any sucessful anti 2A legislation would drive prices thru the roof again.

      • Life is short, so I gotta live it well and call it like I see it. I consider a lot of people on TTAG to be my friends, and one of the best ways to help support my beleaguered CA gun owner friends is to give them the best advice I can: buy ammo before the communist CA politicians ban it.

  8. It would be the most effective way to impliment lasting gun control in the US.

    Logistically, there’s not enough money to buy up 300+ million guns even if it’s printed out of thin air, and there’s not enough trucks or manpower to collect, catalogue , and destroy that many weapons in any event.

    That leaves reducing the ammo side of the equation, and unfortunately it’s the fastest way to shut down the whole party. As many of us discovered the hard way last winter, guns aren’t much use without bullets. All the antis need do is make current ammo illegal Italy-style and mandate going forward that only guns chambered in non government ammo can be sold. No more 9mm, .45 auto, 5.56 , etc.

    That obviates the need to register and collect guns, because they’re next to useless without ammo.

    • Which is why ammunition manufacturers need to leave the government high and dry if they try this draconian, unconstitutional bullshit. If they want to register and ban ammunition, then they can be the first ones to suffer under it.

      • Unlikely, particularly if it looked like the government would become their primary customer. There would ensue a fight for survival among ammo suppliers, and they would be lobbying the government heavily at all levels both not to restrict ammo sales to citizens in the first place, and even more so to be supppliers for government ammunition contracts.

  9. Will the feds try to ban hollowpoints or mandate ammunition registration? I have no idea.

    My response would be, “Good luck with that.”

  10. +1 Ralph…BTW millions of people have died after being shot by round nose ammo. We’d just have to be a bit more careful when we shoot through people LOL. And we’d save lots of $ not buying those expensive hollowpoints.

    • Yeah, but some of them died days later due to infection. I’d like something a little quicker-acting, thank you.

      “Stopping” is more important than lethality. And when properly placed, I don’t think anyone will argue that RNL/FMJ are better (equal, perhaps, for head/CNS shots) at stopping the perps.

      • We use HP for SD and practice center mass shots. If HP ammo is banned, we’ll have to practice head shots with our hardball ammo. I think that the former are more survivable than the latter. Moreover, IIRC hardball penetrates vests more often than HP.

        If I’m right, would be the real effect of banning HP ammo be unintended consequences?

        • Quite possible.

          Seems to me there was a similar effect in the 70s when cops started wearing body armor; even though relatively few cops had vests, Bad Guys started moving their point-of-aim up to the head.

  11. Some of the gun grabbers were trying this tack (going after ammo) when I was in the 6th grade (I’m 58). It reappears periodically.

    • They already got that in CA (and the US military), it’s not as effective as you’d think fortunately.

      • Banned for hunting only. I don’t know if that applies to hunting terrorists or not…

  12. Take the house and senate and nueter any democrat in the White House whether it’s Obama or. Hillary.

  13. The video was difficult to watch all the way through. Same old talking points about who “needs” 6000 rounds, selling guns and ammo on the internet and how other countries have no gun violence. I hope they vote on some of these BS gun contol bills again before the midterms. It will hopefully remind and rally the pro 2A voters to throw these bums out.

  14. If one person buying 6k rounds sends up their red flags, what must they feel about the multiple sustained years of peak ammo sales throughout the nation? Are there shadow armies of gun nuts stocking up to mass shoot everyone? The fact that billions of bullets are sold every year and we are all still alive apparently only increases their fears. These people are a wreck.

    • Good point. Kinda like we have enough nukes to blow the planet up X times over. Each bullet represents a dead human to them.

      • It’s the only way the Elite knows how to react. They think their filet mignon was born in a shrink wrapped foam tray, and the the center of the US is a huge city park.

        Remember when one of our Presidents tried work a self service check out at a store a few years ago? Using this thing called “cash?” Comical, but telling. These people have no clue how the world functions day-to-day.

        • I take your point, but that biz about the register was pro-Dem propaganda . A newfangled state of the art register was being demonstrated to Bush 41 and he was duly impressed. The Dem propaganda organs, AKA the national press, wrote up the story without mentioning the advanced, experimental status of the machine in order to portray Bush as a hopelessly out-of-touch elitist, in contrast to those salt-of-the-earth man-of-the-people Dems. It worked.

  15. Hopeful Jerry Brown will veto SB53. It is blatantly unconstitutional and Jerry knows it would eventually be defeated in the courts. It is sailing through the Senate and Assembly here. If it does pass, it just means us having to make trips to Arizona and Nevada. An inconvenience but nothing more. It will also found a huge ammo black market here. Then there are reloaders.

  16. I think it’s one of our weak spots, to be sure. In New York State, many stores won’t sell you ammo in 9mm, .40, .38 and .357 unless you show a “pistol permit.” Not a law, but a private-sector rule store ownership/management instituted probably in large part due to the way handguns are so strictly regulated here. (They felt pressure, real or imagined to do so voluntarily) My local Wal-Mart has plenty of centerfire ammo, and you could show them dozens of pics with your Marlin 1894c in .357, and your collection of hi-Points in a rainbow of calibers, and they won’t budge until you show them your permit. An independent gun store in the heart of the Adirondacks also asked me to show a permit before I bought a single box of .45 ACP, so it’s not necessarily just a “corporate” thing.
    An onerous excise tax? An outright ban? Those would certainly be infringements, but they’d take a long time to challenge as un-Constituational Remember, the Government gets to damage us at high velocity – our avenues of redress take years if not decades.

    • When I hear you New Yorkers and Californians talk about your gun laws, I swear it makes me think you’re living in a different country. Washington may be blue, but man, we sure have it good here.

      • Remember that when you look at CA and NY today, you are looking at your own state tomorrow. Dreck flows downhill.

  17. I’m sick of hearing this tackling the BG nonsense…

    If that’s such a great idea maybe we should disarm police and just give them MMA training.

    Apparently, that’s just as good as it is a gun in every feasible shooting situation.

  18. Give them the old Berdan Brass that you can not reload, and say that’s what’s left…HA. HA. or as Boston Tea Party says give them the bullets first…….HA. again

  19. I can’t feed my mosin because NJ considers 7.62X54r a pistol round… Unless you are older then 21.. I really hate my state.

    • I’ve heard NJ has some stupid laws, but 7.62x54R, a pistol cartridge? By what possible measure is a cartridge filled with an amount of powder designed to burn in a 28″ barrel considered a sidearm load? I’m a big guy, and a recoil junkie, and even I shudder at the thought of trying to handle an Obrez.

  20. Crap! Now they want to go after reloaders who buy our bullets in bulk? Oh wait…they’re ignoramuses (an objective assessment of their lack of subject knowledge, not an ad hominem attack :p) who don’t understand the difference between bullets and ammunition.

    I love how they go straight to hunting when discussing the “need” for 6000 rounds, as if hunting is the only thing people use guns for. Somebody should invite the MSNBC crew to a 3-gun, IDPA, or USPSA match, so they can see what modern shooters do with their ammo. I can go through 500 rounds in a week, and I’ve never so much as pointed a gun at a living creature.

    • Somebody should invite the MSNBC crew to a 3-gun, IDPA, or USPSA match, so they can see what modern shooters do with their ammo.

      Forget it. After cowering in a corner or holing up at the motel bar the entire time, they’d interview each other and pad out the rest of the bogus story with stock footage. Sort of like what CNN did with their “Baghdad Coverage” fiasco.

  21. True, that nobody buys 6,000 rounds of ammunition for a hunting trip, but nobody buys 6,000 rounds for any purchase that involves killing anything.
    We buy 6,000 rounds for practice and as a hedge against bans or future price increases.
    The “let’s ban bullets” comes around every few decades, and it’s always been silly.
    When some ignorant person talks about how I don’t need 6,000 rounds, I have them try and pick up 5 of my crates of 880 7.62x54r ammunition. That’s only 4,400 rounds. Nobody is picking it up, much less running around with it.
    Even lighter ammunition, nobody can carry thousands of rounds of ammunition unless it is .22LR.
    I’ve even loaded up 100 thirty round magazines, but them on a vest and in a backpack, and said, and had them put it on. They can’t even move, assuming they don’t give up from the weight of even 15 full magazines.
    It’s because they think firearms and bullets are magical, that someone one is always going to kill a person. They think, that if you have 109 cartridges that means 109 deaths, and that there is no purpose to having ammunition other than to kill another person.

  22. Making AMMO into a CONTRABAND “substance” will criminalize BILLIONS of pieces of metal, including shells, scrap, etc. — and help create the biggest black market since 1920.

    It will save ZERO lives and ruin thousands.

    A gangster hit-man in the ghetto — only needs 100 rounds for his whole career — as he has no place to go to practice.

  23. I think this would be the most effective method for disarming American citizens. In fact, with 3D printing, it might be the only way to disarm us. We soon will be able to print complete firearms. You can’t print gunpowder though.

  24. All the real problems this country has and the politicos and those in power are doing this shit? Aren’t we still in tremendous debt, have several govt. bureaucracies crumbling under the weight of their own corruption, and an intelligence agency that thought it would be A-O-K to spy on the entire world?

  25. So would I need to turn in spent casings to justify buying more ammo? Would they verify those casings were indeed the type and manufacturer purchased? If I turned in .22WMR but needed to purchase more 9mm how would that work? Could this possibly create a blackmarket ammo industry in which the bad guys would always get how much ever ammo they wanted? Do any of these idiots really think these tings through? It accomplishes nothing.

  26. The reason these shootings are happening is because they know that by doing something like this you are going to make them famous you are going to put it all over the news and every kind of media is going to spread it far and near,if you would stop making these idiots Famous maybe they wouldn’t rush right out to jump on the wagon.And when comes to the Ammo the only ammo that these gun grabbers are truly making hard to get is 22lr. You can find 6,000 rds of Ammo these idiots are using to do their famous deeds.What we need to do is put armed guards in these places to protect our loved ones Gun free zones is just a way of advertising free victims.By trying to take our 2nd amendment rights from us is going to start the civil war all over again.If they take our guns they will take our lives just as easy.

  27. What does ammo stockpiling have to do with mass murderers? It’s not like the Aurora shooter shot 6000 rounds. His statement mostly just sounded like a spill of fearmongering crap.

    Must be addressed at the federal level??? Yes sure because 150 million Americans opinion is more important than 151 million American opinions. They should deal with their kind and we can deal with ours.

  28. i am front NY. i really miss online ammo sales. finding things like spam cans of 7.62x54R is a pain and if you do its more than if you bought it online. other ammo comes out to be the same after shipping buying locally. but if and when the background checks come in, i am buying ammo out of state only

  29. They can have my bullets, but the brass stays with me.

    I had never seen a clip of Ronan Farrow. He’s kind an annoying little man, isn’t he?

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