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I was standing outside my daughter’s school in Providence, Rhode Island during a school event. I told a banker guy what I do for a living. He looked at me as if I had pin lice on my eyebrows. “Why would anyone own a gun?” The question didn’t bother me. It was his tone of voice; it equated gun ownership with bestiality. I don’t get that kind of push-back here in The Lone Star State – unless I surf the web or check in with mainstream media. Moms Demand Action, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Colbert Report – the antis paint gun owners as trigger-happy redneck scum. They never miss an opportunity to highlight a gun owner who can poster child their prejudice. I’m sick and tired of it. You?

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  1. I’m a gun-owning atheist libertarian geek, which means that I’ll always be vilified by somebody. There’s better things to do with my time than worry about it.

    • Meh. Libertarians villify everyone else, and the holy rollers get plenty of hate. Welcome to the human race.

      • The only people Libertarians “vilify” are those who want to violate the rights of others.

        • Too many “libertarians” vote for Obama for the legal weed, abortions on demand and cheap labor. Hope they enjoy the whirlwind.

          PS – – Colbert is Jon Stewart’s weaker hemorroid,

    • Me too. I spoke with a Tea-party female gun rights activist at a rally and explained my points of view. Her response was “You are an equal-opportunity offender. Everyone has some reason to hate you.”

      • Yup. Me too. I am used to it by now.

        And these days when someone asks me, “Why does anyone need a gun?” In /that/ tone of voice, I respond, “Why does anyone not need a gun?” in the exact same tone.

        It’s like an equation. I meet like with like so I’m not on the defensive from the start.

        • I finally got a family member to quit arguing with me by completely changing ‘second amendment’ to ‘first amendment’. As she wanted to take away my RKBA, I took away her right to speak to me 😉

        • As many wise people have said, it’s not about “need”. Philosophically and spiritually, I’m an
          Evangelical Objectivist. And yes, those two do go together. Imagine the hate I get from some segments of the population.

    • Alternatively you’ll have people who part of the same group (2 out of 3 in my case) who will be willing to connect with you. It doesn’t alleviate the pain of alienation, but it does at least ease it.

    • Heck, I’m a gun-owning, Christian conservative. I get just as much vilification. I’m going to be the last one to vilify you.

      Actually, I love talking to those with opposite worldviews. At least if it is someone who’s willing to talk and not descend into a screedal rant. (and yes, my side does that just as much)

  2. Yes. Yes I am.
    Doesnt happen in NH but in CT it was a daily occurrence. Even folks who should have been on my side; shop owners, hunters, range officers, etc… would more often than not speak in line with the anti’s.
    But CT as a whole is a miserable state that hates everyone and everything including itself.

  3. Funny they don’t feel that way when they are being robbed, raped or murdered. Ask the family in “safe” CT how that worked for them when the wife and one daughter were raped and the women folk were burned alive while the bound husband managed to escape and get back to me

    • But if the family had a gun, the husband would have died too… and the wife and kids would have been deader!


      • Don’t you wish the anti’s lust for surrender and victimhood carried over to their dealings with gun rights?

    • Why did the husband escape and get back to you? What was your role in the rest of the story? Were you two involved on the side or were you secretly part of the group that assaulted them?

      • Yeah your pushing it.

        It’s gay marriage, then polygamous marriage, THEN man/boy marriage.

        Because, remember, as we’re told none of those new marriages impacts YOUR marriage.
        And remember, in our narcissist age now it’s ALL about YOU.

        And BTW if you don’t like these new marriages then be prepared to get your ass fired.

  4. Yes I am tired RF.
    We are called gun humpers, ammosexuals, terrorists and thugs.
    In California we are treated as guilty until proven innocent. It is disturbing to say the least.

    • This is one of the (many) reasons I moved out of CA. Now I live in a place where my FFL is a liberty loving LEO. He sells ARs. I love KS.

    • Don’t feel too bad. In Cali they may treat you that way, but in NJ according to state law you are guilty until proven innocent.

      • Heh…..I may be a straight OFWG and not particularly fond of gay rights, but ‘ammosexual?’ I think I might be able to get behind that.


    • It’s pretty bad downunder. The media have made gun owners the target of opportunity and don’t miss any chance event (local or overseas) to use it as an excuse to call for more restrictions. But the Police Commissioner for New South Wales has publicly stated in interviews that licensed firearm owners are directly the cause of criminal activity. But this empty vessel is a pom so I know where he is coming from.

      The greens (aka watermelons) blame gun owners for societal breakdown, damage to the environment, extinction of native species, industrial pollution, and anything else their drug-addled brains can think of. And while conveniently ignoring that their own policies and practices (via National Parks and Wildlife) are causing more damage.

      It could be worse. I could be living in England.

  5. I… loath that show… that show and everyone attached to with it. The near constant stream of left wing drivel has just completely burned out my ability to enjoy even a second of it. Most insulting is that when some left wing politician or police comes up it usually ends up being deflected with another slam on the left. I’m not even all that ‘right wing’ on a lot of stuff. But since the left has made one of my core values the target or derision and destruction I have to lean to the right.

    Now all that being said: yes, I’m REAL damn tired of being vilified. Hell I was tired of it even back before I could legally buy a gun. I was perfectly happy being apolitical until certain sections of the left made it their crusade to END my firearms freedom.

  6. Wait until being vilified as a gun owner turns into BGO…

    (Battered Gun Owners Syndrome)

    • For all the bad press that Illinois gets in the southern part it is very gun friendly…..but knowing your neighbors and NOT directly threatening them by way of the 2ND, is key to being a neighborhood.

  7. I get tired of the firearms-ignorant vilifying guns and gun owners in general, but I rarely get personally targeted because I don’t really advertise.

    My immediate family has been pretty supportive and are getting into firearms ownership, and my other friends are either unaware or are gun guys also.

    What I’m very tired of is all the damned lies and heavily biased speech that keep popping up in the media.

  8. Big City dwellers on the East & West Coasts know what’s best for the rest of the country.
    Don’t you guys know that by now?
    They’re trying to take over Texas. Good luck with that.

  9. They can vilify idiots like Doug all day, for all I care. Or vilify Floridians, because I’m not from there.
    For every stereotype you can always find someone in the group that it fits. Like some one else here said, welcome to the human race.

    • “First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist, so I said nothing. Then they came for the Social Democrats, but I was not a Social Democrat, so I did nothing. Then came the trade unionists, but I was not a trade unionist. And then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew, so I did little. Then when they came for me, there was no one left to stand up for me.” – Martin Niehmoller

      I think THIS can also be adapted to firearms, or even geographic locations, and the way we, the Fudds, and others see them… and then the events that will unfold after… We MUST learn from history in order to not repeat it. We also need to make sure history isn’t rewritten so that truth is forgotten.

  10. Nah. Consider the source. Why would I give a rat’s hat about the ravings of the terminally stupid?

    These are two snapshots of recent engagements with random folks with whom I had noted my use of firearms:

    “My dad used to shoot. He used to take me to the range.” This from a very cute young lady. My response was to let her know that I’m an instructor and ask if she and a few of her friends would like to go to the range.

    By a young man — “I shoot in competition. I have my FID (MA long gun permit). I was too young to get my LTC (handgun permit), but I just turned 21.” I let him know that I’m certified by the MA State Police to deliver the required training and I’d do so at no charge to him.

    With good people like that around, why would I waste my time talking to a schmuck?

  11. GUNS are a culture war issue. Demonizing and dehumanizing IS what culture wars are about.

    When I was a teen — plenty of “Archie Bunker” types laughed heartily at “hippies” going to jail for years (maybe decades) at the onset of the War on Drugs — an attempt to change society by force.

    Culture Wars are KINETIC wars — people die, people rot in jail — and the people that put them there DON’T CARE.

    The MORE this is a Culture War and the less it is some other sort of conflict — then the WORSE it will be for gun owners. The NRA parading around Sara Palin and folks at the salad bar with ARs are pursuing E-X-A-C-T-L-Y the WRONG strategy.

    Our BEST strategy now is to make sure that the War On Guns is included with the War On Drugs — in the fight to end Mass Criminalization. One would need a pretty strong anti-gun-owner stomach to truly understand (and approve) how horrific many of the recent laws are.

    Here is an organization EVERY gun-owner should join, support and communicate with:

    • Completely agree with the culture war aspect. I was cruising the CNN comment boards last night and all these people were praising Jon Meis in Seattle for stopping the gunman. At some point, it was revealed Meis was a gun enthusiast and possible NRA supporter/member. Some of the very same people that had praised him, then started vilifying him (without any real supporting evidence or research of the NRA claim). Like a switch was turned on, they now viewed him as less than human. This isn’t just a horrible attitude toward other humans, but also how groups of people have been marginalized, oppressed and murdered for millennia. This is much more dangerous than most people realize because this “less than human” attitude is a tent pole that was supposed to be deteriorating in American politics as minority groups became more free. Instead, it is simply being shifted onto other, more “politically correct” groups.

        • Aha, another reason to suspect the SPU story will soon fade away.

          At least the Jon Meis hero angle. I just checked what I could off of his FB page. Under his interests, he lists firearms and airsoft. He also has a number of “likes” for gun manufactures like Mossberg and Kahr. Some have said he has a CCW and is a member of the NRA, but I can’t find anything to verify that without a FB account of my own. That being said, it really shouldn’t matter either way. This guy is a hero who acted quickly and saved lives. Unfortunately in the “culture war,” he might end up being a casualty in other respects.

      • Only good part is that despite the best efforts of the MSM, politicians, and fringe psychos, gun culture seems to be spreading. Gun ownership is up and conceal carriers are up.

  12. Last Thursday I drove from Chicago to Eagle, Wisconsin. I left early, the day was clear and the humidity low. I arrived at my favorite outdoor range and was pleased to see lots of open lanes. As I drove in along a narrow pine tree lined lane, I smelled something that reminded me of my childhood. I couldn’t place it at first. I checked in, proceeded to the rifle range and spent the next 2 1/2 hours happily engaged with shooting, good conversation and an all around genial atmosphere. As I was saying my good byes to new friends, many of whom were standing around shooting the breeze and smoking (OMG), I realized what that smell was I sensed as I drove in: The sweet smell of American freedom.
    Am I sick of the anti’s? You betcha. Do I believe in their God given rights protected under the First Amendment? Yes. Do I wish they would respect my God given rights protected by the Second Amendment? Of course.

    • “I realized what that smell was I sensed as I drove in: The sweet smell of American freedom.”

      That was corny as hell.

  13. I don’t know, but by the end of the day, I will have one of those: “Silence! I KEEL you!” T-shirts. Not to be equated with guns in any way, of course.

  14. Scorn, condescension and vilification from a lawyer?

    Nah! I just turn around and shoot ‘em.

    (Oops, did I say that out loud?)

  15. Tired to the point of just plain not caring. And they’ve done a bang up job of alienating me from their cute little satire shows that even on the issues I agree with I don’t support any longer.

  16. I’ve had liberals try to insult me on a number of instances but their understanding of gun owners is so poor what they said was so wrong it was just funny .

  17. Yea, but they’re tools and have nothing else in their empty little latte-driven, paternalistic, self-righteous, triviality-driven, sheltered lives. Thay can “kiss my bumper… Just kiss it” as an old commercial used to say.

  18. Am I tired of being vilified…Am I tired of being vilified…Am I? Hell yeah. We are typecast as horrible murderous bastards who, by the mere presence of firearm, can turn violent and shoot up a school. I read this I another TTAG post: “I didn’t give Lanza the gun, I didn’t give him the ammo, I didn’t even give him the fucking directions to the school, so why am I held responsible for this despicable shit’s actions?”
    So sad, so unjust. It is discriminatory against gun owners, surely? If you painted only blacks as, say, gangsters, or Jews as conmen, there would be something said about that, right? Well it’s just the same. A bunch of people otherwise the same as any other people insulted and persecuted simply because of one difference, the love of guns.

  19. Actually DILLIGAF? Let them complain, the more the better. Like the woman commented “she just goes on and on.” I’m not doing anything wrong, so the more they complain, the louder they shout, the worse they look.

    Don’t moderate me, bro!

  20. Yeah, I’m tired of it, and what we do to end it is stop tolerating trigger-happy redneck scum within our ranks.

    • Trigger happy redneck scum? Really?

      Nobody with your attitude is part of “our ranks.”

      • I was using the term used in the article, Ralph.

        Do you really think that being a gun owner puts someone above reproach.

        I get that I stepped on your tit at some point and you don’t like me, and that’s fine, but defending guys like Doug? C’mon.

        • No, I do not dislike you. I don’t even know you. You might be a great guy. But you do say some stupid sh1t sometimes.

  21. I just wish they could get it right.

    Mad scientist? Check. Working on evil black drones armed with railguns? Check. Working for secretive government agency? Check (with the caveat that they aren’t that good at keeping secrets). Underground lab? Big check.

    Heck, I even have a goatee and a cackling laugh.

    But no, with all that, they still focus on the handguns. Sigh.

  22. Bottom line is hatters will always hate. I’ve yet to hear an anti-gunner give a rational argument for their views. It’s like antisemitism, there is no rational reason to hate Jews: it just seems to be part of certain people’s psychology and there isn’t much you can do about it. Same with hoplaphobes.

    • Could you be really graphic? Maybe some constructive criticism would be better? Just a thought.

      • What are you talking about? Are you deciding to be mortally offended by the word “asshole” or something?

        Talk sense, man.

  23. I would have to care what anti-folks think to feel vilified.

    Why would I, or should I, care about people who are governed by blind hate…?

    • Seriously. It’s like caring about what the rabid raccoon out by the dumpster thinks of us.

      Except the raccoon actually fills a useful purpose on Earth.

  24. It’s just after 11:00 AM, and I have gotten through most of a morning without using my gun to kill anyone, just as all my previous 18,615 mornings since my Dad gave me my first rifle at age thirteen. So, I know for a fact none of my guns have ever caused me to kill anyone, and those ho vilify me saying different are nothing but completely wrong and not worth worrying about.

    So, No. I am just tired of having to wonder what they will do next to infringe my natural right to keep and bear Arms, what new lies they will concoct about me and my kind. but I am not afraid of them, so, in the end, they have no power over me. They fear me because they believe I have power over them with my Arms, but they have neither the courage to trust I mean them no harm, nor the intellect to figure it out. Everyday I am thankful I am not one of them.

  25. Robert,
    I am more than fed up with the condescension and the discriminatory attitudes and remarks. I was so fed up after my tenth go-around lobbying against gun control legislation in RI that I started an independent lobby…
    I made one of our lobby’s goals to highlight the discrimination and stereotyping through a grassroots ad campaign and brought it all to light via a P320 submission that was published on here. Funny how quick I got called out on my ad concept (and even the lobby’s acronym) by the very people whose rights I stand up for.
    Sometimes I wonder if I should even bother taking the stand when there are so many people in the gun owning/gun rights community who seem dead set against trying to put any view or concept to protect owners forward other than “All Dems are evil pricks trying to take our rights and if you want to get everyone talking then you’re just a lib-tard socialist like them!”

    Until we can change our collective tone and tune down the stale rhetoric (which they build their stereotypes on in case people ever take notice) to alter the message that we are people, not just our guns then I don’t know if the discrimination against gun owners will ever stop…

    • The discrimination against gun owners will never stop as long as there is a gun left in private hands. Blame the state and agents of the state that hates and fears us. Blame the MSM apparatchiks whose mission in life is to put us down as hard as possible. Blame the nattering dunderheads who go all queasy at the sight of a gun. But don’t blame the hate on us — all we want is to be left alone and no matter what we do, the state will not permit that.

    • Charles, you say you started a lobby group to promote one opinion about something gun related, and were shocked not everyone agreed with you? Scandalous, and I can empathize. I simply can’t believe anyone would disagree that 40 S&W is the finest hd ammo, or the G23 is the one gun to rule them all.

      • I agree. Can you believe that douchbag Dave,
        shooting that silly little target pistol, what is it – Ruger in 22?

        What a dick. I mean, if you are going to annoy your neighbors
        and endanger boaters behind your backstop,
        the least you can do is use .40 S&W.

        Oops. Sorry, Paul 53. I got it- More positive, constructive-

        “Dave- dont be a dick, please!”

  26. It’s the same condescending tone they used to use when they said “what man could have sex with another man?”

  27. The recent Isla Vista shooting was less than 100 miles from me. I know people who were personally touched by it. I’ve felt for the past two weeks that I couldn’t even properly grieve the tragedy because I was under what seemed to be constant attack – including from people I thought were friends. So yeah, I’m tired of it.

    • I wonder why they don’t go nuts on their friends who own cars when a loved one is hurt in a car accident.

  28. Yes, it does get tiring.

    But, I can always take solace in the fact that they [gun control advocates] are, in all ways and in all things, categorically wrong. Not only on this, either, but on just about everything else under the Sun, too. We are in many ways, matter-of-factly and at least on the whole, intellectually superior to them in.

    I know, I know. That’s what they think they are to us. But, the key difference is that we actually can, always have, and will always be able to prove as much beyond all reasonable doubt. In other words, it’s not at all any simple pathological or ideological discrimination talking. It’s a cold, hard fact.

    It doesn’t even matter which political bent they claim, who they vote for, where they live, who they work for or where, who they’re friends with, who they’re married to, if they have kids or not, or what they own. Nor does it matter what race, color, creed, origin, background, income bracket, social status, orientation, or faith they are.

    We are right and they are wrong, full-stop. End of story.

    That’s really all that matters to me, anyway. JM2CW. YMMV.

  29. Kind of agree with Charles. There’s a bit of a circular firing squad. After that idiotic statement on gun control issued by the Catholic archdiocese in MA, the comments section was awash in disgusting anti-Catholic rhetoric. Yes, there were a bunch of pedophiles hiding in the priesthood. I’ve seen at least 2 Raabi’s nabbed on “to catch a predator”. That doesn’t mean it’s open season on Judaism.

    I have significant ideological differences with many gun owners and I keep it to myself. In the arena of ideas, it does us no good to declare war on the men and women with whom we share the trenches. Wish there was less backstabbing.

    • That doesn’t mean it’s open season on Judaism.

      You’re kidding, right? It’s always open season on Judaism. Antisemitism is as American as cherry pie.

  30. I cannot adequately express in words just how sick I am of it. It’s most of the reason actually that I don’t advertize my gun ownership. I’m tired of dealing with judgmental, elitist jerks who think I’m crazy just for liking guns. (I AM crazy, but for different reasons. 😉 )

    You know what else I’m tired of? I’m tired of taking the high road. I’m tired of standing there and taking it while they call me every foul, vile, nasty thing in the book. I’m tired of them calling me stupid, backwards, intolerant or insane while if I say even ONE word in my defense, I’M the one spewing hate and fear. I’m tired of them LYING TO MY FACE, using bogus studies and bad statistics to push an agenda that cannot, has never and will never work to make anyone safer. They spew ignorance and fear, and I’M the scared idiot.

    I’m tired of it. We’re ALL tired of it.

  31. It’s tiring but I think all potg need to be used to the idea that this marathon has no Finish line.

    A lot of times I feel like there’s no “winning” personal liberty, there’s only continuing to avoid loosing it.

    • The older I get and the more I see, the more I realize how utterly against human nature this “great experiment” of America truly is. Humans want to be ruled, want to be enslaved and told what to do. Even most who say they desire freedom really don’t; they want the illusion of freedom so long as Big Brother is there to take care of the important things.

      America bred some truly unique humans: those who truly do desire real freedom. But as the soil turns rotten, I have to wonder how much longer free people can flourish.

  32. Every firearms owner should have in their mental bag of tricks ways to respond to those immersed in bigotry. Both for the bigot, but also for those in the vicinity.

  33. I get weary of dealing with anti gunners, they are closed minded ideologues who will do anything to advance their agenda even if it results in death. They revel in being referred to as fascists, statists, totalitarians because that is who they are. It says enough when anti gunners seek to suppress the First Amendment rights of other citizens and call those who resist unjust and immoral laws insurrectionists.

  34. there are entire parts of the country that think this way.
    Chicago, San Francisco, New York, these are few places where the population has been pretty much brainwashed to think that guns are Evil.

    in population centers such as this people need to be converted to gun lovers. converted to shooters. I was once anti-gun, but the gun culture of Florida just ate me up. I have never regretted it.

    I am originally from Chicago. Some of my family from there still think I’m a gun nut. but the reality is I am just not brainwashed anymore . We have to convert those people. Show them that guns are just tools.That shooting is fun and useful. To open their minds to common sense in a collegial way.

  35. I get it from everywhere. Oddly not much negativity about guns. Or maybe anti gunners just lack the intellectual capacity to bug me. From a conservative, Christian,non Republican OFWG married for 25years to a beautiful black woman.

  36. I am more tired and offended by the sheer stupidity of the anti crowd. If you don’t like guns…fine by me, I will not push my lifestyle on you but the arguments that the antis push and believe despite the actual FACTS make me want to bash my head against a brick wall

  37. I’m beyond tired of it. This insinuation that we have anything to do with these mass shooting scum or your average street criminal is insulting. I can’t stand being blamed for something that someone else does. I’m not a criminal or a psycho. I just want to be left the hell alone.

  38. “Come let us reason with one another” it says in the scriptures.
    I have a progressive point of view in that I can relate and deal with anyone at just about any level.
    I will discuss just about anything with anybody.
    I have even swallowed my pride when I have be proven wrong.
    If someone asks me of my opinion, I will try to give them the best reasonable explanation of why I believe what I believe.
    It is all up to them how I will respond.

    If they want try to use their reason and logic to explain their differences of opinion, so the better.

    If they want to use mere humor to make a point, I can do the same.
    If they want to sarcasm and condescending speech, I can dish that back, 10 times sideways.

    Words are only words to me.

    But when words fail, and they want to use force to prove or reinforce their point, I am prepared for combat.
    And when my life is threatened and you try to take away my means to protect my life, I promise you that you will share in that threat.

    And if try to take my life, your life will be forfeit.

    Live and let live and let me be.

  39. Colbert was making fun of that idiot. That video embarrassed me as a gun owner. Unfortunately those are the only videos people see of gun owners.

  40. Have not encountered hostile anti-gun people. I often have on T-Shirt from Ladies Shooting League I belong to. It has solicited more interest from complete strangers, asking about the League, what gun range we use, how to get more info. Have not even got a dirty look from anyone. But rarely in Urban areas,
    Live in College town, south of Austin, North of San Antonio and spend a lot of time in small town in Central Texas. Friends and family know I enjoy time with my collection of revolvers/pistols. Some are left leaning, some right leaning, none have ever ragged on me about exercising 2nd. Amendment rights.

    • You are one of the lucky few, then. Plus, it could be the fact that you live in Texas, too, and in a small town to boot. Even the so-called “liberals” down there in Austin aren’t as bat-shit insane as those in say, NYC, D.C., and CHIRAQ.

  41. BTW I need to appropriate “ammosexuals”. You WIN the interwebz Daniel!

  42. Colbert also made fun of the whole state of Florida, as if it’s the only state with SYG laws, and as if SYG laws are bad. That’s bigoted and ignorant.

    I’m fortunate in Tx that I never personally encounter such bigotry, but I’m damn sick of it on the national level. Anti-southern bigotry was one reason GA was hysterically attacked for it’s new gun laws, even though many northern states have looser gun laws.

  43. How do you think I feel. I’m a current LEO in NYC who supports the 2nd amendment and guns rights. My fellow colleagues and myself who take this stance and refuse to enforce the NY unSAFE act might as well be dead men walking. I feel vilified everyday.

    • Crike. Brother officers who don’t get it on one side, and many of us ’round here being all categorical on your ass on the other.

      You’re like the Kurds, between Iraq and a hard place.

      Sorry, man; best wishes.

  44. ‘Round here, there’s little if any vilification of guns or their owners, and what someone three or four states away “thinks” of me doesn’t affect my sleep all that much.

    While there’s still a generalized worry about spreading nastiness and stupidity, things overall seem to me to be improving rather than the reverse. We’re winning, one overturned ordinance at a time.

    RF, what do you do for a living, anyway? I mean, you live on and for TTAG, which is what I presume you told the fool back in RI, but what’s your source of income?

    Does it involve firearms as well? Jus’ curious.

  45. yes I’m sick of the villification, now I do understand many of them do it just cause of our logo, where we’re located, & because they are too lazy to grab a history book.
    We are located in Kentucky our logo is a Betsy Ross & the Confederate Naval Jack. Why you ask? Well one reason is we study history Kentucky supported both Confederacies in the US (the southern & the pre Constitution US govt before and during the revolution) the reason we use the naval jack is well the other owner is a Navy veteran and southern reenactor, I’m the Army vet and reenact on the union/ continental army side of things. That being said we are sick and tired of being called insurrectionists, traitors, racists, gun humpers, gun fondlers, and half a million other not so nice things.

  46. Tired of being vilified? No, but then I am not a famous gun blogger, and I don’t spend much time discussing guns with strangers, here in SoCal, so I can sympathize if you have to deal more often

    If anyone were to label me in some negative way, over an issue thats pretty much supported by reason and fact, then I’d do what I normally do, offer up some rational response and see what happens. Sometimes they just dont know better, and a non vile response with calm facts is disarming.

    For the morally righteous ones who respond with contempt, well then its obviously all about them,
    And I dont take it personal if someone else is a twit, and in fact appreciate them showing their hand, so I can avoid them in future.

    If its a relative or co-worker you have to get along with, I just say its obviously important to you, and I respect your feelings, and lets just agree to respectfuly disagree. How about those Chargers, by the way?

  47. The absolute truth is, I don’t care what the anti-freedom crowd think of me. I spent 25 years carrying a gun with a badge, and now I carry a gun with my LEOSA card. My gun is to protect my life and the lives of my family (and any innocents who may happen to be around in a critical incident). I neither advertise the fact, or even admit to the reality that I am carrying.

    The antis will ALWAYS use the most reprehensible methods to paint us as nuts. That’s okay. Since I no longer get paid to run TO the sound of gunfire, I will simply leave my gun in its holster if someone with a HILARY 2016 t-shirt is getting mugged. After all, I wouldn’t want to act in a manner that would compromise their anti-gun stance.

  48. Am I sick of it? I’m loving the mindless rage! Becoming a rage filled idiot, is not a sign you are winning.

  49. I’m so sick of anti gun people that don’t have a grasp of the English language. They are too busy ranting about things in which hat they haven’t bother to educate themselves about. I find gun owner educated, and well spoken. Who exactly are the rednecks again?

  50. Should have said “At least the general populace sees good reason for some people to be armed, whether it be police, military, etc….why don’t you announce your occupation aloud and see what people think bout bankers in general.”

  51. If I mention that I like guns I feel like I’m coming out of the closet (gun closet that is). I would probably be banished from my cali neighborhood if they ever found out.

  52. Never been vilified for owning or carrying a gun, perhaps other things, but NEVER for guns…

  53. Well, on one hand I have no problem being vilified by villains. It just reinforces the fact that I’m on the right side. If the devil hated you, would you take offense to it? The problem is when that vilification leads to loss of rights. Whether or not the Jews minded being vilified in 1930s Germany, it sure ended up affecting them.

    For me, it’s the fact that those doing the vilifying are flat out wrong at best, evil at worst, and universally stupid. In a truly just, righteous society, these insects would be put in their place.

  54. I look at it as practice. It’s a good way to learn patience with the less informed and a great litmus test for when you lose logic in an argument.
    I actually don’t know anybody personally that’s against me owning guns (kinda wish I did so I could turn them to the dar- I mean light side) so it really hasn’t hit home.


  55. Yep, kind of sick of it.

    It’s small-minded bigotry, mostly carried out by people who view themselves as supremely “tolerant.”
    I’m sick of the vilification, but I’m VERY sick of their hypocrisy.

    • It’s projection. Just like how there are those who are so vehemently anti-gun to try and compensate for their own subconscious desire for violence, those who scream the loudest about tolerance are nearly always the most bigoted. They love gun control because it gives them a government sanctioned outlet for their bigotry: us.

  56. I like Doug. Even if he is that guy. But he should get his neighbors to pitch in for some silencers.

  57. His range looks decently safe. I wouldn’t shoot that stuff in my back yard living that close to other people just because of the noise. Subsonic .22 though? Damn I wish I could just shoot that off my back porch. If his neighbors have a problem with it, they should call their state legislature.

  58. I know what’s right and what’s wrong. They can get on the podium and point their big finger at me and tell me what I’m going to do but at the end of the day I’m going to do what’s right. Minimizing my magazine capacity, separating my weapon throughout my vehicle, and lengthening the barrel on my home defense weapon directly conflict with common sense and I’ll have none of it. You all say you’re law abiding citizens, well that’s a shame. You’ll be regulated to death. I mean that quite literally.

  59. Yeah, I’m tired of the crap the mass media pumps out everyday about people that own guns are paranoid, inbred, 6 toed, web fingered mutants. But what I REALLY dislike is the pure unfiltered hatred of people that publicly say, they want the president of the NRA to be murdered, they want all the members of the NRA to be murdered, they want the spouses and children of NRA members to be murdered, because we are somehow unfit to live in their “peaceful” society. If you replaced the mention of “NRA” with any other ethnic, religious or racial name, these people would be arrested for inciting a hate crime. I am not happy with the threats made against my family’s life, my life, my friends’ lives. I don’t say or write these kinds of things about them, why do they get a free pass to threaten us?

    • Do you frequently read the comments on this website? You’ll find the same garbage here in droves about people some commentators disagree with. Look at nearly any article mentioning Dianne Feinstein. Remember what happened the NJ dude trying to stock ‘smart guns’? That doesn’t excuse it. It’s despicable, lowers the debate, and should be condemned outright in the strongest terms. But we certainly can’t play the incredulous innocent victim.

  60. Yeah, it sucks. But people selectively portraying things to support their prejudice certainly isn’t uniquely our problem and nor are we innocent of it. In fact, one needn’t look past this hallowed domain to find the same flavor of ‘selection bias’. Education and rational debate are the only things we can do to combat it.

  61. I’m getting tired of the same thing. I actually have a college education, have traveled over half the world on business and have done an excellent job of representing the company I worked for.
    No guns on campus, talk of firearms not encouraged, no shooting clubs allowed and instant discharge if found with a weapon on campus (even if it’s locked in the trunk of your car). I was even questioned once by HR because I carried a folding knife. I was engineer in-charge of millions of dollars of equipment and received many boxes containing equipment and needed a knife for opening the same. I was informed there was an unwritten policy that no knife exceeding 3″ in length was allowed. Mine measured 3 3/8 by HR definition so I “should leave it at home”. Though “unofficial” everything was documented and placed in my personal file.

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