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Weatherby shotguns (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

The AR is America’s rifle but the shotgun remains America’s go-to home defense firearm. And why not? If there is such a thing as a one-shot man-stopper, the 12-gauge shotgun is it. While the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 continue to dominate the home defense shotgun market, today’s buyers can choose from a wide range of scatterguns, from inexpensive Turkish smooth-bores to high-end Benellis and magazine-fed Russian guns. So what’s your home defense shotgun? What caliber and which ammo do you load? If you don’t rock a shotgun to protect home and hearth, what gun do you run and why not a shotgun?

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  1. Bedside? First options are pistols. Then…
    -1887 repro in 12 ga, cylinder bore
    -bulk 00 buck (7 rounds)
    -200 lumen flashlight riding the groove between the barrel and the mag tube, plus some action and trigger work.

        • A friend of mine bought one, made in China. He said the ejected shells kept hitting him in the face. Is yours different, or was he doing something wrong?

        • @ Another Robert

          It sounds to me like he was holding his face in the path of the spent shells. He shouldn’t have been.

          Kidding (kind of- the LOP/stock could’ve been way wrong for him). These guns have two extractors- one on each side of the shell. They’re ‘timed’ by a cam lobe and can be tuned a bit to modify the power and path of the shell extraction. Nothing a bit of filing and fiddling won’t fix.

  2. I use a Mossberg 590 a1 SPX. I’ve added a bang comp safety wolf mag spring and a Knox recoil list sex position adjustable stock and put a 5 round emo holder on the right side of the stock.I added a Maaco boyfriend with try 1913 Picatinny rail system and a Streamlight TLR 1s light system with a Galco battle has a ported barrel with m9 bayonet

  3. Nothing fancy. Simple is better in my opinion. Remington 870 Express Magnum with synthetic stock and fore end. 18.5” Cylinder bore with a bead sight. Plus 2 Remington-brand magazine extension for a total capacity of 6+1. I use either 2 ¾” 00 Buck or Slugs. One of these days I may upgrade the furniture to Magpul, but I’m not in a hurry. I do have plans to add a Velcro shell holder to the left side of the receiver.

    • Ditto for me; my son dragged home a beat-up 870 Express Magnum with a bad barrel and bent action bar. I added a Remington synthetic stock/forend set and a Remington 3″-short cylinder-bore barrel after some repairs. I’ve had a 250 pound black bear on the front deck eating bird feeders; if he ever comes in the window I want something big enough to blow him back out the way he came…

    • Same here – 870 Express. I did stick a 20″ slug barrel on it and a Knoxx COPstock, but I think I’ll probably go back to a more standard stock. I don’t love the folder, and I’m not completely sold on the pistol grip.

      • Same here – an 870 express “tactical” (it’s black). I did add the Magpul furniture and a 6 shell Mesa Tactical ShureShell saddle. However, mine had the dreaded low brass jamming issue out of the box and had to be returned to Remington to have the receiver end of the barrel polished. In removing the accessories to ship it out for repair I saw that the saddle was causing the receiver to develop rust, so I have left it off for now – it added too much weight and “snag risk” anyway. I figure the first 6 shots are much more important than 7-12, though it did look really cool.

        For home defense I use 2-3/4 Hornady 12GA Critical Defense Buckshot. Probably overpriced for what it is…

  4. Mossberg 500 w/ breacher barrel, Magpul stock and forend in evil infant-murdering black, surefire light on a Daniel Defense offset mount. Loaded with 4 00 Buck and 2 slugs just in case. By far my scariest (and therefore most loved) firearm.

    • While we get the sarcasm, it can always be taken out of context by those who aren’t POTG. Request for part of the comment to be moderated.

      • How’s this for moderation:

        My shotgun looks lovely. It is black. I only use it for defense of self and family. I do not condone any type of violence against infants or others who are not themselves perpetrating unlawful violence. Thank you, good day, and God Bless America.

      • Both my home defense shotguns are black. Am I supposed to paint them white so as to not disturb your racist temperment?

      • I don’t think comment moderation works that way, Sparky. And even if it does, it looks like your request was denied, as it well should have been; nobody likes a tattle-tale.

        Anyhow, I’ve been using a Mossberg 88 that I’ve had since I was 16, with a bird’s-head pistol grip and a dinky, useless little heat shield that looked much cooler when I was a kid, loaded with Sellier & Bellot 00 buck. I may be retiring it soon, since I just got my hands on a Norinco 1897 riot model at a gun show — for $180 out the door. I’m guessing the old fella who sold it just saw “Made in China” stamped on the receiver and figured it was junk, but before I use it as my go-to shotgun, I’ll need to put a few rounds through it and make sure he didn’t actually know what he was doing when he let it go for that price.

        • Are you gonna make me spit out my gum next? Because I didn’t bring enough for everybody, and I see already that you’re a big fan of telling people what to do.

  5. Benelli supernova tactical with….birdshot lol. I’m still in an apartment so my options are limited.
    But I LOVE my scattergun. First firearm I ever bought.

  6. Remington 870 12 gauge that I bought at a Texas pawn ship 25 years ago. I sent it to Scattergun Technologies back in the day for their FBI/SWAT treatment. They also rechambered it for 3″ shells. It has a side saddle, skeleton stock, and flashlight-equipped forearm. I have two barrels/extended magazines for it. 26″/9-shot and 18″/7-shot. I use Sellier-Bellot OO buckshot.

  7. Mossberg 500 12 ga 18.5′ barrel with Sidewinder mod; 10 rounds 00 buck in first magazine, 5 round back-up magazine with 00 buck. 130 lumen mounted light. ( well I used to, until a tragic boating accident…)

  8. Remington 870 Police Magnum, parkerized, walnut.
    Mods: oem 2-shot extension, Streamlight TLR-1, S&J Hardware hi-vis delrin follower, jumbo head safety, and velcro elastic side saddle.
    HD ammo: Federal Flite Control 1 Buck

  9. Mossberg 500, Maverick 88 security model. Both 12 bore, both with 00. Would break my heart to have a 1600 dollar benelli impounded after a shooting.

    Mossberg, just go to big 5 and replace for 300 bucks. The bad guy won’t care which shotgun launched the 00.

    • Maverick here too. 20″ barrel with extended magazine and sling. In the basement safe next to my office with 00 low-recoil buckshot. But if I gotta open the safe, I’m grabbing the AR instead.

      • Mossy Maverick, 20″ barrel. #4 buck since I live in an apartment. Glock 21C is generally handy if the Mossy isn’t.

      • My rifles are too powerfull to use in a heavily built up urban area, which is where I live. I don’t have a 5.56/.223. It would probably be low powered enough to not be an overpenetration threat, but I don’t have.

  10. Savage 311C 3inch 20g Double Unmodified
    00 in Left (front trigger) Slug in Right (rear trigger).
    Aquired Xmas 1968 (I was young)
    Since it is the only shotgun I own, it is by default my home defence shotgun.
    My XD40 sits on the night stand as my HD goto.
    My Savage sits in the gun closet with the AR and I would have to choose which one to grab if the XD was not enough.

  11. 590 9 shot with tritium ghost rings and a surefire fore end, 2 shells bird, 7 shells federal 00 buck. side saddle of slugs.

  12. I hate voice text. Vang Comp oversized safty. Knox recoiless 6 position stock. Wulf spring. Mako forend with pickatiny rails at 6,3, and 9 position. Streamlight TLR 1S light. Galco sling. M9 bayonet. its got LPA Italian ghost ring sights same ones that Benelli uses on their shotguns. I use double ought buck or bird shot inside the house, two and three quarter inch low recoil.8 plus one for a total of nine rounds a two and three quarter inch.

  13. 10mm G20 with Underwood Ammo 155 GDHP chugging at 1500 fps and 775 ft lbs of smack down. Tight quarters for a shotty.

  14. My “nightstand” gun is a Glock 17 with gold dot 124+p’s, mainly because it is much easier to maneuver in the relatively tight confines of my split level ranch. If needed I also keep a mossberg 500 18.5″ loaded with federal tactical #1 15 pellet buckshot (it’s really great stuff I believe ammunition depot sells it online) and federal tru-ball rifled slugs on the side saddle.

  15. Maverick 88 loaded with 7+1 rounds of 3” #4 buck. Top folding stock with saddle holding 5 additional rounds. Heat shield barrel shroud thingy just to add another evil and scary feature.

  16. Mossberg 500 FLEX XS ghost rings sights loaded with Hornady Critical Defence OO Buck.. Neoprene shell holder on butt stock with SPEER Law enforcement slugs. Surefire 6P in a V-Tac light holder on the fore end. “Walmart Special” sling.

  17. I only own one shot gun — A Remington 1100 with a smooth bore and rifled barrels. Because my dogs are part of my active defenses I don’t rely on the shotgun as my primary defense weapon. I have to go with either of my John Moses Browning designed pistols. My rifles are all too dangerous to use in my closed in Arlington County neighborhood.

  18. Mossberg 500 8-shot
    EOTech Forend Light
    00 Buckshot
    I have a variety of other shells loaded up in a bandolier (don’t laugh, it goes over a shoulder quick and provides immediate access to different loads with either hand)
    I want a Magpul stock, I don’t want a pistol grip because it makes it awkward to use the safety and slide release.
    I also need to get a sling.

  19. Mossberg 500 with AR style pistol grip adjustable stock. It’s 12 gauge and loaded with Federal 00 buckshot. I patterned different brands and Federal had the pattern I liked best, with Estate being a close second.

  20. Rem 870 18.5 +2 extension Tube for 7+1, full of #4 with an esstac shotgun card full of 00 just in case 🙂
    Inforce light and Magpul sling clamp on the mag tube extension, Peltor Ear pro sitting right on top just needing to be turned on.

  21. Mossberg 590A1 (20″, GR sights), 8 rounds of cheap Fiocchi buckshot. I don’t think a fully loaded 12 ga. at spitting distance requires fancy ammo.

  22. Stevens 320 with a barrel light mount and a buttstock shell holder. It works, and if I have to shoot somebody I’m only out $200 when the cops come to take it.

    • I also have a Stevens 320, came with two barrels. I keep the short one on the gun.
      Been thinking about a Judge, and loading with 410 shot shells??

  23. My home defense gun is an AK…. 🙁 am I a loser now?

    In all seriousness, its a Benelli Nova12ga pump, 00Buck and some slugs in the mix to spice things up.

  24. Nothing fancy, just a stock Mossy 500 with the old-style 18.5″ smoothbore slug barrel. I keep the chamber empty, and load the magazine with one round of Hevi-Shot “Personal Defense” T-shot up front followed by four more of Federal “tactical” 00 buck. Six reloads – four more of the buckshot and two slugs – are on an inexpensive nylon shell sleeve on the buttstock.

  25. The same as my hunting shotgun. Maverick 88 with 20″ Barrel and Tru-Glo rifle sights. Loaded with 5 rounds of 00 Buck. ATI adjustable stock with pistol grip and a 5-shell holder on the stock. Not extremely tactical but should I ever need to use it I know it well and it doesn’t make me seem like some “crazed gun-nut vigilante” to the DA or jury.

    • Did you just say “collapsible stock with pistol grip”? HORRORS! Don’t you know that putting that on your evil assault weapon can enable you to kill millions, no, kazillions of innocent people!? That’s a number that doesn’t even exist, and they will all die anyway, just so people like you can indulge in paranoid, gun-culturing, children-not-caring-abouting, macho alpha-male fantasies! BLARG!!

  26. Taurus Judge .410 with Remington #4 bird self defense loads. This till I can get too 5.56. Before you get your panties ruffled I live in a condo and am very worried about over penetration. When I lived in the woods I had the pardner pump 12g with 1 bird, 1 buck, and 3 Pdx 1. Again before your panties get ruffled most “home invasions” were coons, possum, and coyote.

  27. Mossberg 500 with Magpul furniture and six-shot side saddle. Hi-Vis sight on the front, 5.11 flashlight on the right side of the tube. 7 Winchester PDX in the tube, with 3 buckshot and 3 game load in the saddle.
    No sling, no optics, and it sits on the rack above the safe. Used it once to fend off a would-be breaker-and-enterer, and the mere sight of it sent him pissing. Looks even meaner and scarier now.

  28. Moss 590 with wolf spring, tac light and a sling I made myself out of paracord. 8+1, although I only keep seven in the tube. Simple 00 buck, nutting fancy. I won’t lie to ya, though: I want a bayonet for it just because I can.

    • 590 and plain old 00 buck as well. I don’t own any bayonets but I dated a gal that had a Viet Nam era one so I slapped it on the 590 and took a few pics just because. Gotta say it looked pretty friggin intimidating.

      • Exactly what I plan to do. No way I’m going to run around the house with a bayonet on the shotgun, but a couple pics are in order. Now I just need to find a girlfriend with a bayonet. Hope my wife doesn’t mind.

  29. No shotgun, no way no how. What am I going to do, hang it over the bed? Or stash it under the bed, where the dogs will be stepping on it, and where the housekeeper will have to vacuum around it? Ain’t gonna happen.

    There is a .36 hanging on the bed post, and a 9mm at the head of the stairs loaded with hollow points (Golden Sabers + P 124 gr at present) with a reload, and a .45 six feet from there, loaded with 9 230 gr PDX1s, and a 7 round reload. Home invasions around here are very rare, and usually involve illegal drugs; my risk of that occurring is slim to none. My handguns will be enough to deal with any burglar not deterred by my dogs’ incessant barking.

  30. Saving for a shotty. Right now in the night stand is a Glock 41 with a Surefire X300 Ultra and 13+1 of Hornady’s XTP 200 grain rounds. My Bersa Thunder is there as my back up. Also a set of ASP handcuffs in case of a subdued individual. I don’t know about others but I don’t want to stand with a gun pointed at someone while I wait for the police and especially when they get there!

  31. Unmodified Remmington 887 NitroMag. Loaded with 7+1 of 2 3/4 00Buck. Nothing fancy… The simpler the better imo.

    I do have a surefire mounted on the forward left rail though.

  32. Mossberg 500 Persuader 20 inch 7+1. Fiber Optic front sight. 150 lumen LED light mounted to magazine tube. Single point sling. #4 Buckshot 6 round velcro shell card with more buckshot on receiver.

  33. Mossberg 590 9-shot, plus a 6-round side saddle, and the heat shield over the barrel (have yet to figure out how to make it go up). Remington 00 Buck in the magazine and 3/3 buck and slugs in the side saddle.

  34. I’ve taken a standard Remington 870 and replaced the stock with a standard colt buffer assembly and collapsible stock, I’ve replaced the entire action with a colt AR upper and lower receiver, and re-barreled it with a 5.56×45 1:7 twist factory colt barrel. I mounted an aimpoint pro on it which once turned on can be left on for about 3 years before replacing the battery. I use quality Hornady TAP ammo and 30 round magpul magazines.


  35. No shotgun as of yet. Right now a Glock 19 with 127gr Ranger-T +P+ or my Franken-AR (LRB lower/JSE upper) with Hornardy 55gr TAP.
    It’ll be a while before a shotgun is in my future.

  36. Cowering under the bed whilst waiting for police to arrive to clean up my corpse.

    Well, that’s what progressive libs want, right?

  37. No shotguns…yet. My primary go-to is my trusty Glock 19 loaded with 147gr Winchester Ranger and if that isn’t enough, I also have a XDM-40 with a full mag of Gold Dots.

  38. 2 Remington 870’s
    My Police Model Express Magnum 12 guage with ATI Tactical Stock In Destroyer Grey with ATI 2 round tube extension, and ATI Heatshield with Ghost ring sights. Loaded with 00 buck, and last 2 are slugs.
    Wife’s Remington 870 Express 20 guage 18 1/2″ with ATI Tactical stock in black.
    Both guns have a mounted 1300 lumen Black Widow rechargable Flaslight. The stocks are 6 position and side folding so they fit everyone in the house.

  39. H&R Pardner Pump. Loaded with Herters 00buckshot. 5+1. 5.99 a box of 10. No mods. The sound of this Chinese masterpiece being racked will scare the s##t outa’ anyone stupid enough to break in my door. Except I keep it ready to go with the safety on. It’s LOUD LOL

    • Same here, thing is built like a tank and takes most 870 mods. Going to put a pistolgrip with adjustable stock on it. Sits in the bedroom ready and waiting. Breech is open with one target load in plus one in tube, then two 1600FPS steel shots followed by two 1400fps slugs for a total of six rounds.

      Main defense weapon is a S&W M&P in either .40 or .45 which I carry all the time, inside or outside the home.

  40. I have the Mossy 590A1 ready to go with 00 shells but now after reading the above I feel inadiquate. I need a flashlight and the M9 Bayonet. My wallet bleeds.

  41. Maybe I shouldn’t say this in this august company–but mine is a Steven double-barrel, 18 1/2 ” barrels, short stock, loaded with #4 buck. Bought it decades ago, passed it over to my dad, came back to me when he passed away. Only shotgun I have in my possession just now, my other two have been passed over to my sons for the moment. I keep my P-64 handy at night, too, obviously.

  42. Used Winchester 1300

    Win Mil Surp 00 Buck in it
    Remmy 1oz Slugs on it (saddle)
    Troy single point sling
    Streamlight ProTac (duct taped to the barrel, cause I’m all HSLD like that)

    Standard stock and grips
    5 +1 capacity
    18.5 cylinder bore

    And built to please

  43. Winchester 1300 defender, 00 buck, streamlight light/laser combo clamped to the magazine tube. Extra shells in a 4-shell carrier on my belt. Which brings up a question: do you have a set of clothes ready to go? I figure I don’t want to enter a fight in just my underoos, so I keep a pair of pants, tshirt, socks and sneakers near the edge of the closet. If I’ve got time, i’ll throw those on when I leave the bedroom. I keep a pocketknife, zip ties, and a spare flashlight in the pockets.

    • I actually sleep in a pair of milsurp Army camo pants–LOL! Long story, not for here, just kind od worked out that way

      • There is an additional “Shock Factor” if you respond to that bump in the night in your birthday suit…….

        Oh, Maverick 88 security, cheap 00 buck with 3 extra buck, and 2 slugs on the stock. Nebo Flashlight.

  44. My Mossberg 590SP sits next to my bed, concealed behind some shelves. Mods include a Mueller reflex sight, and an Ontario M9 bayonet because you just never know who or what might bust down your door at 2 AM and I hear that aliens are allergic to cold steel. Its loaded with a rubber slug first up, then 6 of the 1oz lead variety to back it up. I dont want to kill anybody and i hope the rubber slug will change their attitude before the lead slugs ends it.

    • I have am 590A1 SPX that came with a bayonet. At first I used to joke about it, but if you consider how often (not necessarily in a home defense situation) a shotgun might need to be reloaded a poker could come in handy in a SHTF situation.

  45. Rock Island m5, 5 round tube, 10 rounds worth of saddle, 180 lumen light. There are no 7 round tubes available since it was made overseas. Way too heavy with all the extras, so I just keep it loaded with the 5 and pray I can rack in time if I ever need too. Don’t make fun of me, for I am clumsy and feel it is safer for me this way.

    • I don’t think anyone is going to make fun of you for keeping an empty chamber and loaded tube, a lot of people store shotguns like this, to include myself.

      • +1 on keeping tube loaded and chamber empty.

        Handgun is first line of defense, to get to the shottie if needed. Only takes a sec to rack the shottie.

    • No fun to poke – racking a shotgun will make a lot of bad guys retreat!

      I do not have a shotgun currently, but my dad is buying me one next month for my birthday, Remington 870 Express 20 g with a long barrel, will mostly use it for skeet (and 20g to make it easier on my wife to shoot). I was planning on buying a second barrel (20″) to swap on for HD purposes, but the way my house is laid out, I’ll sit at the top of the stairs and wait there, announcing that the police are on the way, so I really don’t need the short barrel. Rather save that money for another gun.

      Nothing downstairs is worth the legal bills to shoot someone or risk going down after them. If they are dumb enough to come around the corner landing, or crazy enough to do so, I’ll have buckshot waiting for them.

  46. I keep my Mossberg on the side of the bed using basic curtain rods wrapped in duct tape. Works surprisingly well. I just pull the blankets over it on my way outta bed. No kids, no strangers, yada yada.

  47. I have a Rossi Circuit Judge with a laser. I have it loaded with Winchester PDX defender ammo or Hornady Critical defense. This is the best gun for me to use as I am a quadriplegic.

  48. 1.) Mossberg 930 SPX (with full fiber-optic replacement of ghost ring aperture)
    2.) Remington 870 Tactical-Magpul-Police (with Aimpoint Micro)

    For my retired father across the house,

    1.) Saiga-12 with a Viridian X5L-RS (So he can not only see the badguys, he can put a bright green laser on their insolent robber a$$es)
    2.) Benelli SuperNova Tactical (SteadyGrip)

    We don’t play around – it’s a bet, lay it down, if they didn’t know our shotguns I’ll bet they know us now!!!

  49. Ithaca 87 Featherlight w/ factory PG only setup. This one lives in a hidden central location full-time.

    Bedside duty is a rotation between Winchester 1300 Defender w/ Hogue 12″ LOP stock and Remington 870 Police Magnum w/ factory top folding stock.

    All 12 gauge, all loaded with Federal reduced recoil buck.

      • While I perfectly understand the need to show off your goodies on a gun (“590A1 with Speed-Feed Stock;” or “870 Express 7-Shot with ATI Pistol Grip and Surefire light”, etc) I find it hilarious when people do the “tactical sling swivel” lists “I have an ABC123 Shotgun- tactical safety, tactical tape on the flashlight mount, upgraded flashlight batteries, Zombie Hunter oil lubrication, SuperDuperAlleyOooper 00 Buckshot, John Smith Sling Mount, Johnny Bravo borescrubber for when I’m done, Tactical Bandoleer to wear while holding gun, Nike Air Survivalist Max to put on when I get woken up in middle of night and need to arm/defend myself, Oakley Shotgun Goggles to prevent my eyes from squinting from all the tactical smoke and mirrors in my area of operations… ANd oh yeah, I have a tactical perimeter of tactical claymores tactically deployed around my bed. With a tactical clacker mounted on my tactical bedstand waiting for my tactical right hand to clack it.”

  50. 1911 .45 pistol. Mossberg 500 all purpose as a backup. Got .230 gr for the pistol and double O buck for the shotgun. Actually been thinking of locking the shotgun in storage in favor of my Kalashnikov.

  51. For home defense I own a 20ga Weatherby SA-459 TR loaded with #3 shot and an attached Surefire tactical light. Great weight, balance, and very little felt recoil for the delivered results.

  52. 20 Ga 870 Tactical, 18.5″ barrel, 6+1 tube, pistol grip stock, mini LED Maglite w/ end cap switch mounted to the tube. #3 Buck

  53. For home defense pistols and supressed SBR would be my first choices. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a shotgun for home defense also.

    870 Police Magnum, 6+1 capacity
    XS big dot front sight (bead on pedestal)
    Hogue 12″ short stock
    Surefire 6V DSF light (600 lumens of burn your face off)
    Vang Comp big dome safety
    Scattergun side sling mount
    Scattergun spring and follower
    Mesa 6 shell side saddle

    Federal tactical OO buck. I also keep slugs for barriers (vehicles)

  54. A 16″ Mossy 500 loaded with these cool 2″ 6 pellet 00 buck shells. My longest shot would be 30 feet so those little shells will be sufficient.

    • I have a box of those, mine were made in Italy (Centurion brand). So what is the idea behind 2″ shells?

  55. Gun is simple, Kimber Pro Carry in .45. Trickier is the system I’ve been fooling with for some 30 years, allowing me to turn on all inside and outside lights with one button, from several different points in the house.

    Oh, and suppressed SBR is awaiting paperwork.

  56. Hmmmmmmm, I am amazed at the number of folks using Remington and Mossberg shotguns. I’m one of the very few here using a Winchester model 1200 pump 12 ga. with a 9+1 mag extension filled with (7) 2 3/4″ #4 buck shot followed by (3) slugs It is stored with a 6 cell Mag-Lite next to a Glock model 17. I didn’t have the shotgun loaded until one of my neighbors down the road had his “pet” Grizzly bear eat his wife. That was when I found out he had the bear, a tiger and a lion in cages less than a mile from my house. (Yeah, I know, lions and tigers and bears, oh my!) I got to figuring that the Glock would just make a bear angry, so I dug out the 12 ga.

  57. Mossberg TR with an ATI Scorpion stock and a cheap-ass tactical light/laser that seems to be sufficient for the job, loaded with 6 rounds of 9-pellet 00 Buck.

  58. Duct taped a LED flashlight to my coach gun. Works great. Oh yeah! A stick on fiberoptic front sight.

    Benelli M1 went with the ex.

  59. Benelli Nova with 18.5″ barrel with open rifle sights, back of front sight painted white for visibility, might change it to bright green insead.

    Elzetta weapon light on the fore end, and a magazine tube extension, holding 7+1 of 00 Buck, I have a crappy Cabela’s 5 round side saddle on the stock.

    Before everyone flips out, I have a Tac-Star mag extension. I’ve had the gun for seven years, and it has yet to jam or fly off or anything like that. But, I plan to replace it with a Nordic Components extension soon, just to be sure it won’t crap out.

  60. I lost all of my guns in a boating accident.
    BUT, if I were to have an HDS, it’d be a cylinder-bore Saiga-12 with a 12-rd drum, filled with birdshot. It would wear a railed fore end with a VPG.

    • Lost all your guns in a boating accident? Why would you have all your guns on board? Were you running illegal substances from Cuba? Just asking.

      • Just FYI- the “boating accident” is a longrunning gag on the internet and online gun community… The idea being, someone who lost all their firearms in a boating accident would be able to then report to the police the total loss of every firearm they own so there would be no reason to visit them in the future because they have no guns…. they’re all unrecoverable in the ocean.

        This way if the Darth Vader faction of gun grabbers get in power, and they come door to door for your boom sticks, you would be free to secretly possess your guns because they would ‘assume’ you ‘lost’ all yours.

  61. Rem 870 20″ cyl 12ga 2 3/4 #4 buck
    Moss 500 20″ cyl 12ga 2 3/4 #4 buck
    Rem 1100 20″ imp cyl 20ga 2 3/4 #3 buck

    Streamlight ProTac TR2 on each.

  62. Winchester 1300 12 GA with a Pachmayr pistol grip, front grip on the pump, 18.5″ cylinder bore barrel loaded with 2-3/4″ 00 Buck Shot. No disco equipment or other special effects. Considering a mounted flashlight though.

  63. I’m currently working on an 870 Express HD project. So far, 18.5″ barrel with breacher choke, Nordic Components +3 extension, rail and QD sling mount on the barrel clamp, police model trigger assembly, and Magpul MOE forend. I plan to put a Sage TSAR on for the stock, Trijicon/Scattergun Tech 3-dot ghost ring sights, and have a Scattergun Tech oversized safety waiting for installation. I’m considering a rail for the receiver as well. Once everything is on hand and fitted, all the metal is getting a matte black enamel finish (haven’t decided on which brand yet, still sifting through reviews and testimonials). Haven’t picked a light yet, either.

    Also have a stock Baikal SxS that would work in a pinch.

  64. * Mossberg 930 SPX – w/ rear sight removed from rail and Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot (real quick target acquisition with an open sight picture, having no rear ghost ring and just the red dot and front site, which is also how I run my AR’s)

    (7) 2, 3/4″ 00 BUCK loads in the tube. (Slugs on a bandolier if things get ugly).
    ‘hasty’-style sling set up, for retention (and close in maneuvering, controllable hip-shot if needed). Surefire Tac light with pressure switch.

    …and a FNX 45 tactical loaded with 15+1 JHP, to get me to the shottie (if needed, God forbid).

    I actually find this to be the ultimate HD kit, after much testing.

  65. I just sold an IAC Hawk 982 today and will buy a Remy 870 Tactical so I can swap my Magpul junk on AND have the ability for swapping chokes and/or a 28″ barrel for clays. I’m undecided if I’ll put a breachers grip on for its normal function at home; it makes more sense not to have a full length stock on it for HD duty. Might be better off just buying a second gun in O/U for proper clay smashing (since I couldn’t hit jack with my old Mossy 500 Persuader).

  66. Winchester 1300 Defender with pistol grip at the stock and the slide. I have added two lights and a laser light combo the front and a side saddle opposite the ejection port. I use 000 Buck with five loaded and an empty chamber.

  67. Rem 870 express – basic stock and forearm, iron sights on the original 18.5″ barrel. Slingless in the house. Lots a boxes of military surplus 00 buck for HD.

    Found that KISS works good for me doing a couple combat shotgun classes, and noticed the more experienced shooters run the same. Would buy an bandolier belt if I needed more rounds, per ex-Seal instructor suggestion.

    For hunting, I use a wooden dowel inside the spring in the magazine to reduce capacity to the 3 max limit.

    Have a wingmaster barrell, for turkey
    a rifled barrel with iron sights for in-the-brush deer and pig hunting.

    Humping it for deer, I use a sling with wrap around velcro’d pocket at butt w/ extra round loops in a pouch, and a velcro loop at the front end you can attach as you like- so I can carry african or American style depending on how thick the bush, how deep the mud, following pig tunnels and deer trails. meh…

    1. tried a tacticool pistol gripped recoil spring operated absorber stock and it didnt help much, just slapped my cheek silly while trying to get a weld.

    2. Tried a TruGlo red-dot on a saddle mount, which broke internally after a few rounds of slug.

    3. Tried a Nikon Slughunter mounted on saddle mount- too much flex for a reliable zero.

    Thinking about trying the rifled barrel with cantilevered scope mount, for use with a Nikon Slughunter scope – supposed to be able to shoot Hornady sabot slugs out to 150-175 yds on a pig sized target. We’ll see…have lots more work to do to get good with the ol’ win70-270 which is the better weapon in them thar’ hills.

    • Hmmm….. my Truglo tru-brite shrouded reflex (receiver mount on Moss590) has made it through a 100+ mix of 00buck and slug. Was yours a tube or reflex style?

  68. I used to run a pistol grip converted Saiga-12 with 6-position stock, foregrip, red dot, flashlight, & a 20 round drum loaded with 00 buckshot. I’ve since switched to my AR-15 with Eotech & Viridian CL5 light/laser combo. Lighter, easier to manuever with, & less chance of destroying my house. It’s loaded with Hornady 55gr V-Max to prevent overpenetration.

  69. H&R Pardner, LR #00 as the quick-grab, “yea sure whatever… impound it” HDS.

    Preference: Mossberg 930SPX Classic, #00, Nordic follower/spring, Nordic barrel clamp & micro rail, Inforce WML on said rail, Mesa Tactical SureShell x6 carrier, C-More ATRW (8MOA fine for shotgun work)… Urbino stock pending release

  70. Does anybody else store their shotgun in a mattress rack? I’ve found this to be far and away the most convenient, but I don’t hear of many people doing it. Cheap curtain rods, duct tape, nice and secure.

  71. No shotgun yet, and TBH, it’s not ever tops on the list to get. I grew up shooting a little bit of trap, and I enjoy that, but I live in a residential neighborhood with 2 houses with walls less than 15′ from mine. My go to bump in the night strategy is my Springfield XD .40 with 155 gr police overrun hollow points and a Streamlight in my other hand. Looking pretty hard at a Mossy 500 combo with 28 and 18.5″ barrels on Buds. Load it up with 00 buck just in case, maybe attach a bandolier sling.

    • I believe your high-pressure forty is far more likely to ignore wallboard than 8-9-12x all lead #00 shot. Considerably quicker deformation.

      YMMV. Both have penetration potential of course. “Know what’s behind”. Sounds like you’re ahead of that game.

      • Either way, unless I’m using a .22 with frangible ammo, rule 4 will be extremely important. My neighbors have young kids, and if I hurt one of them while defending my own whippersnappers…just not worth thinking about.

        I’ve shot pistol grip 12 gauges, hated it, getting an SBS just isn’t a priority, and the longest distance I could even conceivably shoot indoors is about 18 yards ( more realistically, about 10 would be the practical max) so the size of the handgun trumps the power of they shotty in my mind.

        I don’t remember if the Box o’ Truth guys ever did a .40 test, but I will motor over there to check it out. Thanks.

      • Thank you for the advice. I will definitely look around. A range I am close to ( has great facilities for trap, skeet, and clays but stipulates “No riot guns allowed. (Gun must have full stock and minimum 21″ barrel).” Perhaps a shotgun that easily allows barrel changes might be the way to go.

        • I laughed fairly hard at “riot guns…”.

          No-stock shotguns make me wince. Shades of the oft repeated “dun even need’ta aim wit a shutgun… jus’ point it in the genr’l die-rection!”.

          Then I re-read and saw you are specifically referencing a trap/skeet/clay range. That, I can understand to an extent. Why someone would seriously attempt any of the three with an 18-incher I couldn’t fathom. Doesn’t mean there aren’t those who wouldn’t…

          Someone higher up in the comments mentioned Bud’s running a two barrel Mossberg special. Couldn’t find a 12/12 combo in there (several in different calibers however), though admittedly I stopped as the price crested 350.00. I could have sworn you could purchase a barrel-only for around 100.00. Perhaps I’m deluded.

        • One time I tried shooting trap with a cylinder bore 18″ 870. I was teaching one of my friends, and let him use my Beretta 682X. While I consistently shoot 23-24 averages with my Beretta, I only picked up 8 or 9 with that 870. It was horrible.

    • There are some good deals to be found, though. Pawn shops, online gun brokers, old guys looking to trim their arsenals… I got my Mossberg from a retired drug agent who just wants to see some of his favorite weapons go to good homes. Traded a bottle of Jack Daniels with the same guy for a Colt .22 target pistol.

    • Also- keep your eyes open, your mind open, your ears open- And your options open!

      I went out two weekends ago looking for ammo and perhaps some magazines on a lazy nice Saturday afternoon with my father (my best friend and shopping / survival & preparedness partner in crime)… we were NOT looking for firearms let alone firearms to buy. BUT- I saw a collection of Benelli Novas and a few SuperNovas… they had two “used” SuperNova Tactical shotguns, an absolutely pristine and box new unfired “used” gun (the guy had a long story about it and it was absolutely new) we could not leave without it- FOR $329- which is basically $200 less than actual box new. PLUS they had a ComfortTech SNT model, which is probably a little more, for $269 because it was actually “used” in that it had been fired before. When I posted about my new shotgun and the other one on a local forum, a poster went out the next day and bought it. You just never know what you can find! And despite not having the free flow of cash in your wallet, maybe you can find yourself a deal too good to pass up!

  72. M590A1 20″ with Ghost Ring Sights and a Speed Feed Stock. Shooting basic Olin 12 gauge OO buck.
    No lights or lasers but I do have a M-9 Bayonet for it. I see the Shotgun as a definitive Statement to get the F out. The Bayonet is the exclamation Point.

  73. Benelli M4 with stock sights and an extended tube, accept no substitute. A slug in the pipe followed by 7 00 buck in the tube.

    • Nice. I also run a Benelli M4 and keep my tried-and-true 870 next to it. Both have lot of upgrades done, but I don’t feel like adding a super long comment. I tend to keep 2 3/4 00 buckshot loaded, but I keep both buckshot and slugs handy on the side saddle and buttstock. I also have a few bean bag rounds, but those are for novelty only.

      • I was starting to think I was the only one with the m4 for shotgun defense. I run an extended tube, plus the ava tactical mount, with a surefire scout.

  74. Punt gun (yes I said Punt) loaded with 2 lbs of very large shot. Inside its a little hard to manage but if I can catch them at the start of the driveway they are gonners. Cleanup though is going to be a bitch.

  75. I keep my Mossberg Persuader handy with an over sized Hogue pistol grip installed.
    It is loaded with 00 buckshot and the sidesaddle is holding 6 additional rds. of the same.

  76. S&W 3000 (870 clone made by Howa) loaded with buckshot, 5 more in the buttstock shell holder. $150 dollar home defense!

  77. I keep a Mossberg 500 Persuader with 7+1 rounds of 1oz. rifled slugs over the inside of the closet door. I used a Knoxx adjustable stock with it for years but recently went back to the pistol grip that came with it. But my nightstand piece is a Crimson Traced & Apexed-out M&P45 with Mepro night sights, a cheapo Nebo light, and a few 14-round mags loaded w/HST.

  78. Just bought my 1st shotty, a Beretta 1301 Tactical. Haven’t had time to accessorize yet, although it’s well-suited for HD out of the box.

  79. Hawk 981r with Hogue furniture (12 inch length of pull short stock), Scatergun tech mag extension, & a full size 450 lumen led flashlight mounted on the scope rail. I run the 15 pellet 3 inch 00 Super-X loads from Winchester, 7 in the mag and 5 in the saddle carrier.

  80. Rem. 870 Express Synthetic 7-round. Spec-Ops stock, Magpul forend, Mesa SureShell carrier and rail, DeltaPoint, and Streamlight TLR. 00 Buck. Will switch to 4 Buck when I can find some at a reasonable price.

  81. Mossberg 590 20″ with ghost ring sights and SpeedFeed. 4 round sidesaddle, Magpul forend with Surefire G2X Pro light. Loaded with 8 rounds of Federal FliteControl 00 Buck. 4 Remington Sluggers in the SpeedFeed and 3 00 Buck and 1 slug in the side saddle primer down. If it gets real bad my plate carrier has 36 rounds in Blackhawk pouches on the front and 54 rounds in the backpack. Backup GLOCK 19.

    • Was wondering if anyone else would post that. My 590 was my go-to until my KSG proved its reliability. It’s wearing the LaserLyte CM-15 (center mass laser), which is super-easy to pick up indoors, especially at night. As a bonus I have the option to fire accurately without requiring a good sight picture. Just in case the batteries fail I also have Troy BUIS with tritium. And it also, also has an EOTech Zombie Stopper, just because. But that’s more for outdoor shooting than home defense.

  82. “Plain Jane” 18.5″ 870 Express Synthetic. Surefire L2 Lumimax light in a magazine clamp. 6 + 1 with #4 buckshot (30 more in a bandolier sling). Got oodles moar “00” buck put away.

  83. My LC9, SR1911, S&W 500, and FAL are all bedside with mags (in one case cylinder) loaded ready to Rack&Rock.

    My bedroom is my storage locker and why not leave them with ammo?

  84. Shotgun?

    Try AR15. More ammo, less excessive barrier penetration even when compared to handgun rounds, and less recoil.

    Only 2 downsides are the noise and the public’s view on ARs.

  85. 20″ 870 Wingmaster, recoil-reducing stock (forgot the make, no markings, but works well), #4 Buck (no preference of manufacturer), and also Brenneke Sabots….

  86. For a basic “What was that? Did you hear that? Was that anything? Stay here and be ready, I’m going to go do a walkthrough and make sure everything’s cool.”, then it’s my EDC G26 off the nightstand.

    If it’s an undeniable crashing of a window or door kicked in, then it’s the good ol’ no frills, all business, this is definitely going to leave a mark, Maverick 88, 12 ga., 6 rds 00 buck, with ATI recoil reducing stock (ok, so one frill), and take a defensive position beside the solid wood dresser it rests against.

  87. Winchester Defender with 8 shells of 2 3/4″ TAP 00 Buck Light Magnum. Velcro on the side with a Velcro Shotshell card with 8 more shells.

  88. I’ve got a Remington 870 Marine Magnum that I received as a wedding present–the wife’s gone, but the gun stayed. Standard 18″ barrel and tube extension. Hogue Overmold Short Stock, GG&G single-point sling adapter with a 5.11 sling, and a Tac-Star six shell sidesaddle. Up front are a Mako (yeah, I know) PR-870 forend with molded rails, to hold a Surefire X300 light. Ammo is Winchester Super-X 2 3/4″ 00 Buck, six in the tube and six on the side.

  89. Remington 870 Tactical (magpul furniture) with Streamlight TLR-1 and Leupold Delta point Reflex sight.
    Winchester Olin 00 buck 1450 FPS

  90. H&R Pardner, WHUUUUT!!!

    Remington 870 Youth Stock for shorter LOP and better indoor maneuverability.

    5 #6 shot in the tube, 6 00buck in the (homemade!) velcro side card, extra card next to the gun.

    Pardners are tanks.

  91. Remington 870 12 ga Tactical (magpul furniture), Streamlight TLR1, Leupold Delta reflex sight.
    Win Olin 00 Buck 1450 fps Mil.-grade

  92. 1975 Vintage Mossie 500 with slug barrel, ATI M-4 style stock with pistol grip, cheap but surprisingly rugged red dot sight from Bass Pro. Four rounds of 3″ 15 pellet 00 buck in the magazine, three slugs and two more rounds of buck in a sidesaddle carrier. “Weight of metal” worked in the old Horatio Hornblower smoothbore days and it still does the same.

  93. I like my Mossbergs. Both 500’s, both with plugs removed, have 18.75″ barrels, and #4 Buck all the way. I have no need for slugs in the house, and if it’s outside the house… it’s hard to justify self-defense. Both have bare-minimum slings, both with lights clamped to them that had previously served well as pocket flashlights, but I had up-graded my carry lights. Mine is 12 ga., wife’s is 20 ga. Youth model, but I’m glad to use it if it’s the first one in my hand.

  94. I own two shotguns, a Beretta 682X (12 guage, O/U 30″ barrels) and a Remington Spartan SPR310 (20 gauge, O/U 26″ barrels).

    I use the AR for home defense.

  95. Just a quick few words on storage. I found some “instant pegs” at Lowes. They are three inch dowels with two inch nails on one end, designed to make a quick hanger ((45 degree angle). I drove two into wall above the doorjamb of bedroom closet door. Shotgun is secure and invisible, until it should be needed. Just a step from bed, reach up and grab weapon.

  96. Downstairs: Mossberg 88 12 Ga with Kicklite stock w/ 2-3/4 00 Buck, bead sight
    Upstairs: 870 Express 20 Ga Youth w/ 2-3/4 #3 Buck, bead sight
    Master Bedroom: M&P 15 Sport tacted-out to clear house.
    Kitchen: Taurus Judge w/ 45LC
    Closet: Yildiz O/U 20 Ga
    Cars: LCP w/ Viridian laser

  97. Glock 19 with crimson trace laser grip and trijicon front night sight, loaded with federal hydra shock +p JHP. Keep a couple handheld flashlights next to it until I save enough pennies for the crimson trace rail light I’ve been eyeing for a while. I like shotguns, but do not own one, and I’m not convinced it’s the must have home defense weapon for everyone. Handguns carry more rounds, can fire more rapidly accurately, reload much faster, are more maneuverable, and are much quieter when being fired. those reasons and that I’ve put thousands of rounds through my G19, I trust it and know how to run it, are the main reason why I rely on it.

  98. Bone stock Maverick 88 model Mossburg 500. 8 shot tube, 20 inch cylinder bore. I have literally duct taped a small tac light to the side for night work. It’s loaded with 6 rounds of 00 in 3′ magnum and 2 slugs of the same variety. I couldn’t tell you what brand they are nor does it matter to me; at in house ranges it’s not going to matter to anyone what brand they are, plated or raw lead, etc. . .

    I’ve had the gun for better than 15 years, paid less than $300 for the whole kit, ammo included, and have perfect confidence in it’s efficiency.

  99. before the boating accident it would have been a maverick 88 loaded with #4bk, 00bk, slug, 00bk, 00bk, in that order.

  100. Mosin Nagant with 18″ cruciform bayonet. Perfect weapon for home defense. Blunt force or penetrating trauma. Short range or long. Penetration not much of an issue in small town MT.

      • Lol JWM, you’re most right. I like the light on my gun so that I can figure out what I’m shooting at before I fire the first shot though. 8 rounds of 12 gauge is always fearsome, but given the Mossburgs open feed gate, cramming more in isn’t so hard. The ultimate home defense weapon? No, of course not. The ultimate home defense weapon for under $400? Oh yeah!

      • I had some 8mm Mauser ammo that had a blast like a flamethrower. EVERYONE at the range turned their heads and it was a universal ‘Dafuq was that?!’

  101. Winchester with 2 different barrels, one 18-1/2″ for house and the other one is 28″ for hunting. Carry 500 rounds of each, slug, 00, #4, #6, and #7-1/2 shot. Now when the SHTF, I can run and shoot whatever the hell needs shooting. And when it is all said and done I also carry a M14, and a few pistols, how about that!

  102. Mossberg 500 Special Purpose. Folding stock with shell holder, with Federal Vital-Shok. Probably going to upgrade to some Magpul furniture, and get a weaponlight for it. Then I’ll be happy with it.

  103. I’m currently without a “defense” shotgun for now, I only have my sporting ones currently, but the void will be filled soon with either a CZ 712, Benelli Nova/SuperNova or a modified 870 Wingmaster. I always use #4 buck.

  104. H&R Pardner 20ga, loaded with 5+1 #4 buck, no mods.

    Was cheap, the wife can handle it, has never failed on me and still flings a whole lotta lead at the bad guy.

  105. How should I answer this question? Do I want to comment in public about what firearms I might have, and where I might keep them, and what ammo I might load? I’m all for openly spreading information and the sharing of experiences, but now I’m thinking that maybe I’ll STFU about what firearms I may or may not have. Who will it be helping? The TTAG crew just laid out a laundry list of the guns they own, and where they might be kept/found. Aren’t we a chatty bunch?
    Out of an abundance of caution, and after due consideration to the mindset of those running this country, from now on, what firearms I may or may not have and how many will no longer be discussed, disseminated, or divulged at TTAG or in any public forum. As of now, it’s nobodies business but mine what guns I have. Before, I would comment about the article, but now I can’t seem to remember if I still own a shotgun or not. Dang!

  106. Lol, I’ve gone the double barrel route for now until I pick up a Mossberg 590ish model. It’s a SBS but here in canada there is no difference legally speaking. The ammo is 2 3/4 00 from the winchester ranger line. Sig p226 isn’t far either.

  107. Mossberg 500A with an 18″ barrel and original wood stock. Loaded with Remington Express 000 buck. I need to get a light for it. I wouldn’t pull the trigger if I’m not sure what I’m aiming at. My .357 Ruger Blackhawk is kept close at hand too.

  108. Got the 9mm under the mattress and the colt 6920 with a full mag. But the Maverick 88 security is loaded with 8 00 buck shells, three more in a side saddle next to two deer slugs. that’s what I’m going for if I hear a bump. Gotta get a light for it.

  109. 18.5 inch Mossberg 590A1 with S&J hardware 2 shot extension and a TLR1 light 7 shots of Hornady Critical defense 00 Buckshot. Any thing less would be uncivilized.

  110. Mossberg 500 18.5″ cyl bore barrel, bead sights, wood furniture, 5 round capacity. Sits in a horizontal cradle attached to the side of my bed frame. Loaded with Remington Express Buckshot 2 3/4″ 16 pellet #1 shot.

    Nothing fancy. God forbid that I ever face the scenario that ends with me shooting a home invader, but if I do, I want it to be an effective shot. And, living in Philadelphia, I need the firearm to not look “scary” for the inevitable legal after-effects.

    I have AR-15s and semi-auto shotguns and a CZ-75 and all manner of Magpul/EOTech/Aimpoint/Four-Sevens Lights/expensive accessories, but my bedside has been attended by traditional 12 gauge shotguns and old S&W .357 revolvers for years. I guess I just feel more comfortable with those sitting loaded for weeks on end in “standby” mode than box magazine-fed semi-autos.

  111. Mossberg 590 Mariner 20inch with 9 round extended magazine. Beautiful wannabe stainless steel marinecote finish with evil black furniture and a standard bead sight. #4 buckshot in the tube, with five rounds of 1oz slug on the stock in a shell carrier.

  112. Glock 21(that’s .45) in fast-open safe by the bed. Cor-bon 185 gr +P hollowpoints.
    -this is for no-warning intruders

    Mossberg 500 Persuader 18.5 inch barrel in the big garage safe.
    Hogue OM OD Green forend and stock
    Tacstar sidesaddle with 4 00 Buck and 2 slugs, all Federal ammo
    ATI Deluxe Halo heatshield
    Inforce WML 200 lumens
    -this is for mountain lion protection

    Of course that’s right next to the AR…
    -and this is for fun

  113. Under the laws of my country I cannot possibly contemplate using a firearm for self defense, even in the most extreme case. However, if I was concerned about noises indicating a break in, I would go to the door with a hammer behind my back. If the danger looked too great for that, I would proceed in a leisurely fashion to my firearms safe, slowly unlock the main compartment and retrieve my Maverick 88 18.5′ barrel with Limbsaver, and after further consideration unlock my ammunition compartment, fumble past the various rifle bolts and ammunition, to the back where the birdshot cartridges live. Eventually I would get to the point where I could insert some of these cartridges into the Maverick 88.
    Hopefully by this stage the burglars would have either died of old age, or realised I didn’t actually have anything worth stealing, and left. I have a 28″ barrel for sporting purposes.

    • UHM, maybe the now open gun safe has something they’d be interested in stealing? Jeebus, you live in a worse shithole for gun rights than I do. And I live in CA.

  114. Mossberg 500 w/ a 20 inch barrel, Federal 00 buck, snap on green fiber optic sight and a side saddle are only mods.

  115. Model 1200 Winchester Defender, mat stainless, wood stock, bead sight, Rio 00 Buck. Has served me well for 30 years.

  116. FNX-45 (.45 ACP) loaded with (15+1) Federal HST 230gr JHP until I get to the

    Saiga 12-gauge loaded with (12+12+1) 3″ magnum 15-pellet 00 buckshot (two 12-round magazines w/ mag-coupler) If I need more, there is a drum full of Herter’s 2.75″ buck & ball (.65 cal ball and 6x 0-buckshot)

  117. a hi-point 9mm loaded with Black Talon jacketed hollow point rounds… then the sks in the closet loaded with a mix of fmj and jhp rounds in the 40-round duckbill. Yes i know theyre cheap guns. But ive never had a problem with either one so they’ll do for now. Next purchase will probably be a pump action 12-gauge.

  118. Think of him as the Alexander Graham Bell
    of weapons technology, the Steve Jobs of rifle design, the Henry
    Ford of the gun industry. These are similar to the types used on hunting rifles and
    are often made of hard plastic or wood. So, my friend, I hope this little article
    helps clear up your quandary of ‘One gun’ Which one’.

  119. Guns have no use, they should just be turned in to the government….JK I have a Kel tec KSG, which had the ability to switch between the ammo tubes, allowing you to use slugs against big, dangerous animals and criminals, and bird shot against dirty liberals and small less dangerous animals and criminal.

  120. Mossberg 590A1 18.5 inch with ghost ring sights. I added an S&J Hardware +2 mag extension for a 7+1 capacity with 2-3/4 inch Federal 00 Buckshot. I added velcro to the left side of the receiver to hold a detachable shot card carrying an extra 7 shells. Finally, I added a wood stock and forend to make the gun less intimidating to a hoplophobic jury, should I ever actually be forced to use it in a kill or be murdered situation. Well, that and I just like wood furniture.


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