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I grabbed this post from Stickman’s Facebook page. If you could click here and like the guy maybe he won’t come after me with a short-barreled Daniel Defense AR-15. If he does, I’m going with B) the peripatetic Glock. Oh, and if you live in a 10-round max mag state, please include that in your answer and imagine the gun on the right with a 10-round mag, with one in the chamber (‘natch).

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  1. 10 round limit? What’s that high capacity State you speak of… Welcome to the Empire State my friend… the 1911 is all I would take – ‘casue we are limited to 7 in the mag – one in the chamber. The Glock just has too much empty space in the grip at that point… the balance is all off.

    Live the SAFE Act… save money on ammo.

    • Even with the smaller 10 round magazine, do your really notice the difference in balance with just 7 in the mag? I live in the unConstitution state (CT) but may end up having to move back to NY:-(.

      btw Since I already have a Glock 19, I would take the 1911 just to try something different.

    • The unjust law be damned, carry the one you want. If its the one with more bullets, so be it.
      Better judged by twelve than carried by six.

  2. I live in California. 10+1. Of these 2 the Glock. I’m not a huge fan of either type but the glock is simplest. And when SHTF, simple is good.

    • Just to be contrary, I’ll take the 1911 as long as I get a pile of loaded Wilson Combat mags to go with it.

      I’m also significantly more accurate with the 1911, which does factor into my decision. I’m starting to think that it has something to do with the mass and balance of an all-metal frame, because I definitely notice the changing balance as I use up the ammo in a polymer-framed gun.

      • Used to be a big 1911 fan here. Big bullets means I don’t feel as bad living with Cali’s Trojan mag limit. But having recently purchased 2 9mm Glocks, I shoot them faster and more accurately, and don’t have to worry about what mag I’m using, the kind of ammo is in said mags, or if I remembered to lube the pistol last week.

        So if I’m grabbing a handgun to show off to friends, that’s the 1911s job. But if it’s for serious work like self defense or zombie apocalypse (hey The Walking Dead season premiere was last night, it’s still serious) then it’s Glock any day. Bonus points if it’s WROL time, then it’s time to put together my Reno mags.

  3. New Mexico. No round limits. As much as I don’t like Glocks (don’t go there, it’s just a feel thing), I’m grabbing it for the magazine. I like shooting, and shooting, and shooting and then looking at my sidearm wondering when it is ever going to run out of ammo (CZ SP-01, 18 rounds+1).

  4. I would go with anything other than a glock I have had a ton of jams with then compared to other designs if I had to choose one I wouldpick the1911 because I can aim it instinctively vs with the glock I can instinctively point it at the sky because of the grip angle. However if the task is using one as an AA battery then I would pick the glock.

    • Limp wrist? I have many thousands (upon thousands) of rounds through Glocks with ZERO issues. Me thinks its the Indian and not the bow in your case.

      • Not necessarily. Two friends and I rented a Glock 17 from my local firing range. We put 25 rounds through it. Only 15 hit paper at 5 yards, and the gun jammed 3 times. I can only conclude that Glock reliability isn’t quite as legendary as people claim…

        • A gun from a rental range? That’s like picking a wife from a whorehouse. You can, but do you really want to?

        • You missed 10 times at 5 yards?! Either you loaded 9mm into a .40, had really bad fundamentals, work for the NYPD, or…. you’re trolling.

        • @jwm: I did, G17. New firing pin spring (old one was broke when I bought it, but it still fired), and she was good to go. Old whore was so happy to have one loving man in her life that she does everything I ask, every time.

          BTW, the shop owner guessed that in the amount of time he had it, it fired over 50K rounds on the range. Bad B!TCH! I’ll go Glock, and I own one each.

        • You’re a forgiving man, Kelly. Every time I took her to the range I’d go into a rage at thinking how many others have slid their mags in her well. I’d at least have to wear rubber gloves.

        • Its over. Its a Glock world. Glock won. Trying to turn them into jamomatics is crazy at this stage. Its the number one gun of cop, fed, and citizen. Embrace the ugly, boring horror that is Glock.

        • I know, I know. The Borg is a bitch. Resistance is futile. Seriously, I am only saying that the Glock is a hell of a gun for the price. I have many different guns (many are better, some are not) but understand why Glock is the most popular in America (and perhaps, the world). I am really only saying that they are not bad, based on their dominance.

  5. Both are reliable, accurate, modern firearms which can handle cartridges that have some authority. I would be happy with either.

  6. as a resident of the wonderful and completely safe, New York State, I would say to grab the one with 7 rounds in a 10 round magazine, unless at a shooting range….but of course that would still be frowned upon, so i would have to grab my cell phone dial 9-1-1 and wait for the boys in blue to arrive….with the coroners van for myself…i feel so SAFE in NY…

  7. +1 for the 1911 as well. I too am bound to 7 thanks to the SAFE Act, so apples to apples I’ll take that sweet SA trigger pull any day.

    Plus if you run out of ammo, the 1911 makes a better blunt object.

  8. Ill take the Glock all day long. It has a very simple battery of arms, and simple is always better.

  9. When will one of the “tacticool” manufacturers catch on to this new market? They need to start making magazines that stick out the end of the grip and look like they can hold 32 rounds , but are solidly plugged on the inside and hold only ten rounds.

    • no need to waste that space; how about a spring-loaded bipod that deploys out the bottom of the grip?

  10. I’d take whichever one my hand landed on first. The GLOCK-brand GLOCK has the advantage of round count, but the 1911 has a sweet trigger. If I was going to EDC it, I think I’d prefer the 1911. It’s also classier, so it’d also be the 1911 if I was going to open carry something in a sexy leather holster.

    • Thank you for saying it Matt! “. . . a more elegant weapon from a more civilized time. . . ”

      With that many rounds I cant deny the Glock in the picture is an arguably more effective weapon. . . but knowing that while competent with any pistol, with a quality 1911 I can perform some handgun mojo that borders on the miraculous, I think I’d have to fill my hand with that big, beautiful .45.

    • No question, the 1911. Fits my hand better, faster on target acquisition for follow-up shots, is flat enough to conceal in a Speedo and I can work the safety with ease.

      I also enjoy driving a car with a manual transmission, so now you know where I’m coming from…

  11. The 1911. It’s a trade-off between capacity and style. Since you probably won’t need 33 rounds, you might as well opt for the beauty of the 1911 and look good while clearing your house.

    Besides, everyone knows that .45 ACP hits like Thor’s hammer, instantly stopping any threat known to man, whether it’s a 1,500 lbs Kodiak bear or drug-fueled mob of crazies. In fact, one round .45 ACP is worth like five rounds of 9 mm. So, all things being equal, you have more ammo in the 1911, anyway.

  12. Of the two? 1911…..If I’m grabbing something for the bump in the night scenario? Ar-15 with 9 inch barrel and my suppressor on it with a 30 round mag loaded with hornady tap. I have a kid I don’t wont to wake her or put holes through out the house.

    Pistol wise I would take a Springfield XD in 45ACP its the love child of the two at the top.

  13. Honestly, neither. I used to own a Glock and I’ve shot various M1911s. Because of those two facts, I own a Tokarev.

    • Tokarev? Interesting choice, if it works for you, great choice. I’m a little curious as to why?

      • Before I owned the Tokarev (M57A), I had a Glock 31. It was very fun to shoot, but expensive to the point of ridiculous. The G31 also just didn’t make sense to me when it came to take down and reassembly, and I couldn’t justify keeping it. So, I bought a new Zastava M57A.

        After I got the Tokarev, I got the chance to shoot some M1911s. I like some of the things on a M1911, like the slide release, the mag release, the sights, and the overall feel, but I don’t like the grip safety, the thumb safety, and .45ACP is just not comfortable to shoot.

        So until I get something else, I’ll be happy with my Tokarev.

        • Lovely! A Yugo M57 is one of the pistols I have accessible in case of unfriendly visitors. Loaded with PPU hollow points. It is a fine pointing weapon.

  14. Depends. If I need to hit 2 or 3 guys in the eye, the 1911, if I need to hit 5 or 6 guys at all, the Glock. In my experience 1911s are both intrinsically more accurate and easier to shoot accurately than glocks, but the glock is more reliable and holds more rounds.


  15. If I owned a pistol as beautiful as that 1911, I’d open carry everywhere, every day. Browsing the gun blogs has brought me to the realization that I’m seriouslty lacking in the shiny gun category. I do have a nickel-matte Ithaca Model 87 DSPS…but it is hard to fit in a holster 🙂

    So of the two, definitely the 1911. Fewer rounds, but if I run out, at least I do so in style.

  16. Just a thought but since the Police often “hold” a weapon used in a shooting, the Glock is easier to replace than a customized 1911, You can probably buy several Glocks for the cost of one high end 1911.

  17. I am assuming that they are the same caliber?, Then I’d grab the Glock. If the 1911 is a .45 and the Glock is a 9mm, then I’d lean towards the 1911. I like bigger holes vs. smaller holes.

  18. The Glock, but only because a) I’ve owned and/or fired most of them and b) I happen to have a G20 in 10mm Auto.

    I’ve never fired a single stack 1911 in my life. I have fired a friend’s Para Ordnance LDA some years ago and produced nice and tight groups with it.

    None of that foolish magazine capacity stuff here in MO, my friend. You’re either one of the good guys or one of the bad guys, and that’s about it.


  19. If the time to acquire was equal, I would go with the one on the left unless the one on the right was a G20. That said, are we to assume the one on the left is a .45 acp rather than a 9mm, .38 Super or 10mm (or other)? Magazine changes are possible with the 1911 and carrying spare mags is actually easier than with the G20.

  20. 1911. No mag limits where I live, just prefer .45 to 9mm (although I own and CC both, alternating), and tend to be leery of sooper extended mags as anything but a range toy.

  21. I’m not a fan of 1911s and a mag that long is not necessary. If you need that many bullets you are holding the wrong device.

  22. 1911, I’m more comfortable with them and carry one daily. If I run out of ammo I didn’t do something right in the first place.

  23. VA, no mag capacity limits.

    The Glock because two is one and one is none, so 30+ when SHTF or situation unknown.

    I love my 1911 for open carry. My Glock 19 for concealed carry.

    I love Stick’s work. I know he won’t mind as long as you attribute the pic to him and leave his watermark intact.

  24. Having just visited a gun store where I handled a 1911, Glock 17 and a S&W M&P 9 mm I prefer the S&W so in this case I would take the 1911. Glock’s grip doesn’t fit me that well. S&W felt great. 1911 felt better than the Glock. Heck the 686 felt better than the Glock.

  25. Glock model 20. No round issues here.
    The only time you can have too much ammo is when you’re on fire or swimming.

    • That’s exactly what I was going to say.

      Too many gun people get tunnel vision and forget some simple horse-trader economics, then piss and moan about the price of guns and ammo.

        • Indeed I did.

          But if I take the 1911, buy two Glocks, then I have a Glock, can sell the second one, and use the proceeds to buy a D-handle shovel and some quicklime to bury bodies and a fine bottle of single malt for afterwards. To calm my nerves, you see..

  26. I was issued a Glock at work, and as soon as they let me, I ditched it so I could use a 1911 out of pocket. Both are valid choices, but that’s the one I made with my own money.

  27. Texas here, and I’d go with the Glock for the simplicity and durability. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the hell out of a nice 1911, but IMO if you need a gun that will go “bang” every time you pull the trigger, you have two choices: a revolver or a Glock.

    Check out the following link to see what I mean:

    The guy goes out of his way to thoroughly abuse his Glock 21 (dragging it behind his truck, for instance), and it just keeps working. I honestly can’t imagine a 1911 tolerating that level of abuse and still being operational.

  28. I have really small hands, and double-stack firearms are hard for me to get a proper grip on. Forget that there’s no SA trigger pull. Plus I have plenty of experience with my 1911, and only very little with any striker-fired pistols.

    So, no matter what, as an NY resident, I would choose the 1911.

    Depending on the situation I was running into (in a free state), I would have a tough time choosing. Am I up against an army of invading BGs into my home? Is it one man? How far away is he? Am I ready for the situation (pistol in hand), or am I going to draw that sucker from a holster? Concealed?!

    If it were a battlefield with plenty of distance and lots of BGs, I’ll take the larger magazine. If it were more of a DGU out on the street with only a few thugs, 1911 all the way. My more comftorable platform will save me. Unless absolutely necessary, I would always go for the platform above the round count. Not only for the familiarity, but other firearms are difficult for me to control due to their size (or more the size of my hands).

  29. The 1911 for me. My choice is admittedly subjective to some extent (cold steel gives me a warm feeling). But, objectively, I just shoot a 1911 better. Maybe my better performance with a 1911 is based on my confidence with the platform, but the result is that I just operate them more efficiently.

    If I could take two, then it would be a 1911 and a G19, or just about any of the other cookie-cutter hi-cap polymer 9mms available these days, such as the, XD9, SR9, M&P9 etc.

  30. I’d take the Glock. (But only because it would suck to lose that beautiful 1911 as “Evidence” for so long.)

  31. I would grab the 1911. I’m guessing from the custom look that it is .9mm. Then I would shoot it Jerry Miculek style and STILL have tons of ammo left over for the next wave of bad guys…even without an extended magazine.

    Oh, and I live in a free state, so standard capacity .9 mags are all good.

  32. Anyone know who makes that 1911? I can’t make anything out from the picture. I need a nice, expensive gun to never take out of the safe due to the fear of it getting dirty, scratched, etc.

    And I guess I’d choose the Glock if I had to grab one because that 1911 would get dirty if fired.

  33. The 1911. This is weird, but I shoot 45 very well, but I am all over the place with 9mm in my experience. I gained most handgun experience with single action anyways, so that trigger helps to.

    I rather have7/8 rds and get them on target, than 30 rds and miss. Besides, being in CA I only have one gun that I have “large capacity magazines” for and that is an oldie

  34. Since I am “grabbing” one, I would snag the Nighthawk since it is worth more than 6 times the Glock.

  35. If it were “my” 1911, I’d grab it.

    But 1911s are all different, even those from the same manufacturer. And Glocks are all the same.

    So if I don’t know the gun, I’ll take the Glock.

  36. 1911 No question mag swaps don’t take long and there is plenty of cover in my usual stompin grounds and in that configuration the Glock would be hard to CC.

  37. In mag cap Cali, the 1911 with an 8 round mag gives up only two rounds to the Glock. I personally don’t like the Glock at all, and I own a 1911 that I enjoy shooting, so count me in on the 1911. Now I have never been in a gun fight, and hopefully never will be, but from what I’ve read, most don’t last past a few rounds (except for LEOs who empty their 13-17 round Glock mags and reload before reassessing), such that a thirty rounder that will never leave your house to go anywhere but the range is unnecessary.

    • Or I would take the 1911, sell it then buy several Glocks, or one Glock and one long gun of some sort.

  38. Neither. I’d keep rocking my Springfield XD and XDm. But if those two were all I had to choose from, I’d pick pu the Glock first, no question. Simple and reliable wins the day.

    Use the Glock to save your life and play around with the snazzy 1911 later, when you’ve got time to appreciate its beauty.

  39. As a NY resident I am limited to loading 7 rounds into my (legal) 10 rounds magazine. For the children. I am committing a ‘violation’ if I load more than that inside my home, even if only to put 8 in before chambering 1. Doing so outside the home is a criminal offense.

    That said, gotta go with the pretty one…

  40. I’d go with the 1911. I just like them better, even if it’s regarded as the less practical choice of the two for HD. I’m an impractical man, and the Nighthawk will fetch more money when I sell it.

  41. Wait a minute… This could be a trick question. As in, you’re a gun-grabber. An anti. A totalitarian hoplophobe.

    Now which one of these would you “grab”?

  42. That depends, if i grab it do I get to keep it? I already have a Glock. But I dont have a custom Nighthawk Enforcer. Something about budget concerns, and living within my means.

  43. If I have ten seconds to arm myself because Leatherface is coming to cut me up I’d choose the Glock.

    If I don’t know the 1911 I’m not trusting my life to it. I trust MY 1911 but not that one. Not until I’ve put a decent amount of rounds through it.

  44. I live in Texas, so I’m not limited to a specific number of rounds. Can I have both?!? I’m a 1911-phile. I love the 1911, and still kicking myself for selling my Springfield Armory 1911-A1 GI Hi-cap (14+1) in .45ACP. A few months ago I purchased a used Glock 19, 3rd Gen from a neighbor. Immediately, I upgraded to an extended slide lock and a Ghost Rocket 3.5 trigger bar. Love the upgrades! Love the gun. So much so that I use my G19 for my carry instead of my XD45 Service model.

    So, how about a giveaway for both guns?

  45. Which would I grab? It totally depends on the context and what caliber the Glock is.

    If the context is a home defense handgun for things that go “bump” in the night, I would prefer the Glock assuming it is .40 S&W or .45 ACP (although I have never heard of an extended Glock magazine for .45 ACP).

    If the context is everyday carry, I would take the 1911 over the Glock.

    If the context is shooting fun at the range, I would take the Glock if it shoots less expensive ammunition.

  46. This is a silly question. I have heard allot of Glock vs 1911 stuff right now. The correct answer is both. You should own both! I have a Glock 22 and a Kimber Warrior, Next question.

  47. For sex appeal and accuracy, the 1911. To save my life and rot in an evidence locker afterwords, the Glock. If I’d married for money instead of love, multiple 1911’s with multiple mags! And that hideous Glock light would be illuminating the bottom of the Pacific.

  48. I happen to practice 20 times more with my 1911 than my 9mm. So I would choose the 1911.

    Although the shooting sport has an undeniable serious life and death aspect, let’s face it, the chance of being in a gun fight for 99 percent of us is .00001%. The chance of being in a gunfight that requires more than 8 or 9 rounds is even more remote.

    So I use a 1911 to partake in the sport because of the joy in running a beautiful, magnificent machine, with a trigger that reads your mind, a caliber that screams USA and history that reaches back to the days of the US Cavalry, Moro Guerillas and JMB’s prototype running for 6,000 rounds without a single failure while being dropped in a bucket of water when it became too hot to hold.

    I have fun. I hope you have fun too.

  49. i’d take the first all day i’ve seen how unreliable extended glock mags are i’d rather stick with reliability than more bullets i can always reload

  50. a gun is a gun, nobody needs to be a bulls eye shooter to defend themselves, but if you cant at the very least be combat effect with any weapon that you pick up then you probably need ALOT more practice. I own a glock, M&P, XDM, and 1911 and shoot all of them effectively and it damn sure inst because of the grips or the angle.

  51. 1911 for conceal carry and all around fun; I’m to damn skinny to conceal a double stack anything, and I find it comfortable in the hand.

    I don’t much care for the Glock, feels funny in the hand, if I needed that much ammo in a mag though, I wouldn’t hesitate.

  52. While I grew up in the 1911 Army, I carry a department issued Glock in my civilian profession, and own 5 Glocks, all of which feed and fire like champs. I do have a couple of 1911s in my safe though, and enjoy firing them as well. But when it comes to defense, I only carry what I’m totally familiar and proficient with. I don’t buy into carrying different weapons with different attire, situations, etc. Muscle memory is what it is, and the last thing you need in the moment of truth is the hesitation of “hhhhhmmmm, now which one am I carrying today???”

  53. 1911 all day.

    I can’t vouch for Glock reliability, but the 1911 comes with a pedigree of reliability over 100 years of hard use…

  54. Since the 1911 appears to be a Nighthawk Custom, I’d take that one. And sell it and buy four or five Glocks.

  55. I find 1911’s much more comfortable to shoot than Glocks, but we’re talking life or death here – not personal comfort.

    No question I’d grab the Glock.. more bullets means a greater chance that I could come out alive.

    7 vs 30+ opportunities to live. Pfft!

  56. If it is the brand of 1911 I think it is, I would take the 1911 without hesitation assuming I had spare magazines. I have trained extensively with the 1911; the Glock, not so much. If I fire a well made 1911, I know where the bullets will land. I am a firm believer in hitting the target with enough well aimed shots to stop a shooter rather than the spray-and-pray tactic shamelessly practiced by many big city police departments. The last thing I want to do is hit an innocent while wildly flinging lead at a bad guy. Also, in many states, lawyers will roast you alive in court over that big bad extended magazine. But, if we are talking about fun at the range, I would love to fire that Glock with that magazine.

  57. The 1911. Better trigger and much less awkward. Sold all my glocks as they were simply hard to shoot well.

  58. 1911….Millions of dead Germans can’t be wrong….

    ….then again, Elmer Keith & Dirty Harry only needed six rounds of .44 Magnum….

  59. 1911, I’m going to assume the trigger will be much better. My real answer is neither, I’ll take the CZ!

  60. Glock. I prefer a high end 1911 any day but the Glock is cheaper to replace when confiscated. My Glocks go bang every time anyway

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