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As my father taught me, something is worth exactly what someone’s willing to pay for it. So there’s no question that NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre was worth $5,110,985 in 2015. For those who wish to examine Mr. LaPierre’s salary and retirement benefits on a return-on-investment basis, has the numbers . . .

According to the tax filing, the NRA recorded a bump in total revenue in 2015 but a dip in contributions. The NRA brought in more than $336 million in total gross revenue in 2015, an increase of about $26 million from the year before. According to the filing, contributions to the NRA dropped to just under $95 million in 2015, down from $103 million in 2014.

So Mr. LaPierre’s 2015 compensation represents around 1.5 percent of the NRA’s 2015 gross revenue. After 36 years of employment. Is the NRA Veep a bargain or a fat cat?

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    • Seems the NRA swamp needs draining too.

      LaPierre was paid the equivalent of 5000 lifetime NRA memberships last year. Now will someone please tell me why that guy is worth five thousand times more than the NRA lifetime member?

      Or how about LaPierre’s pay being…ready for this…the equivalent of 125,000 annual memberships!

      125,000 annual memberships!

      Better see some quick changes or I’m outta here!

      • Under his leadership the membership has grown by 40%. We went from only having a handful of state that had shall issue to now having more that 20% of the states being constitutional carry. The NRA barely has a lobby wing in 1911 and today it has 26 full time lobbyists and a ground game in every state. The NRA is an organization of more than 1100 employees, 10,000+ volunteers and an annual budget of more than $220m. What if we paid him less? Would he stay? What if we fired him and hired someone for $87,500/yr? What would happen?

        Given the growth and success of the NRA under his leadership, yeah, he’s been worth everything he’s been paid and I (as a dues paying member) have no issue with his salary.

        • Dude, he was along for the ride. In fact I bet there NRA would have grown more without him at the helm. He sung to the choir and quickly offended the bystanders who might not have anything against the NRA until they encountered LaPierre.

          Hillary and Obama were the boost to the NRA. LaP was just lucky to be nearby.

        • Dude! Bro! Man!

          Really, he was along for the ride? The NRA in the 1980’s was a total wreck. They were a training organization and that was it. They didn’t didn’t much bother with political advocacy and they were more than willing to help write legislation that was pro gun control. When you’re the leader of a non-profit, you’re not along for the ride, you’re driving. Even in the 90’s gun ownership was much different than it is today and Wayne helped steer that organization from being a wood stock bolt action fudd club into mean lobbying machine that support the HPA, helped win Heller and McDonald, and made pushed in every state for shall issue laws and now constitutional carry.

          Most of the NRA’s membership growth occurred long before Obama was on anyone’s radar.

        • Do you want to drain the swamp or not? Defending absurd CEO salaries and packages is filling the swamp no matter how you look at it.

          My second amendment right is not a market, a commodity, a stock or a business. If LaP needs that kind of money, then why doesn’t he run a real company? Because he can’t. His hostile blasting would have him fired the first day on the job. I could do a better job that LaPierre.

        • People the swamp is the FEDERAL GOV’T.

          If your some marxist/socialist dope just move on out to Kommifornia (or Eurp) and fit yourself in.

        • The swamp includes any concentration of power sufficient to preferentially influence government in its favor, thus distorting liberty (and the free market).

      • Median CEO pay is about 4.6 per cent of revenue; by that standard, WLP makes about 1/3 what an average CEO makes in salary as a VP. And for-profit CEOs get stock options, insurance plans, etc. that are not available to not-for-profit executives, so his compensation is not out of line.

        • So long as there remains any serious challenge to second amendment rights, even $1MM may be too much. Paying serious salary to the head of an organization that struggles to maintain a status quo should be questioned.

        • Not sure of your source but if it is correct it would still be misleading. in general there is no way in the world average CEO pay is 4 percent of revenue. 0.1% is more likely for a pubkic company.

          Probably that figure would include small businesses and owners who are ceos

        • I’m so glad you commented this. I was not sure what it wasn’t but Wayne’s salary didn’t seem crazy to me.

      • I dont think you understand what drain the swamp really means. That applies to politicians funded by taxpayer dollars, corporation, and large nonprofits have a totally different risk reward structure based not based on the taxpayers. I for one am okay as long as the key metrics are rising. Its called pay for performance. I hate the whiney bitches at my work complaining about the CEO’s salary, but throw a shit fit if they have to a damn decision on their own with out the group. Their is a reason C suite of companies get paid what they do, the shit is not easy! Its very easy to sink a large corporation through mismanagement and bad strategic vision……

    • Very misleading headline. He earned about $1 million in compensation, not $5 million. The bump over last year was the result of a one-time payment of a retirement fund accrued over 36 years of employment – about $100K/year – which is peanuts considering it has to last him, after taxes, for the rest of his life. Do the math. This headline is unnecessarily misleading and in the circle of “fake news” that undermines TTAG’s credibility.

      • “The only way to stop a bad buy with a gun is with a good guy with a go.”

        That simple sentence alone completely derailed the strongest anti-gun, anti-2nd amendment social movement in modern history. The gun-control argument was never quite the same after LaPierre made this comment. To this day, the movement’s agitprop is still haunted by this unassailable fact.

        The bottom-line is that nobody, but nobody came close to so succinctly underscoring the historical logic of the 2nd amendment. In one statement, LaPierre presented gun ownership and our tradition of self-defense as a counterpoint, thereby disproving the principal elements of the gun-control movement’s ideology. So, yeah, I think he’s worth what he get’s paid.

        • “In one statement, LaPierre presented gun ownership and our tradition of self-defense as a counterpoint…”

          What makes you think that LaPierre thought up that sound bite? Maybe it was penned by the Ackerman-McQueen advertising agency which effectively runs NRA, along with the unelected staff.

        • The ad people almost certainly wrote it.

          Wayne was a mediocre writer and a fair speaker before they got hold of him.

      • Are we becoming SJW’s here here on TTAG. Compensation for NRA executives is not a problem.

        I am not a Social Justice Warrior!!!!!

        • If you are a member, it is your money they are being so generous with. You have the right to an opinion (and a vote?) regarding how well your money is spent.

        • I’d proudly call my self a social justice warrior. It is a social injustice that many of our political leaders want to disarm the public including those most at risk for violence. Few people have a better claim to need firearms for self-defense than the impoverished living in crime riddled neighborhoods, but all of us deserve and have the right to protect ourselves and our families against those that might cause our harm. That is a legal, social, and ethical issue that some are trying to turn into a culture war by turning gun owners against minority groups like the LGBTQ community even while we should be rallying to their aid and showing them that firearms are the best way for them to defend themselves from the bigoted idiots that assault, rape, and kill them at a higher rate than the rest of the population. Instead, we allow those against our right to self-defense to brand gun owners as ignorant bigots who care little for the rights of minorities and make us look like those who attack minorities represent us. Attacking other “social justice” issues while fighting against other injustices only serves to feed into the false (most of the time) narrative of the gun clinging idiots who bash gays, blacks, etc.

      • The bump over last year was the result of a one-time payment of a retirement fund accrued over 36 years of employment – about $100K/year – which is peanuts considering it has to last him, after taxes, for the rest of his life. Do the math.

        $100K/year in retirement is peanuts?

        That $5M total for the year… say gives him $3M after taxes. Assuming he had no other money, and didn’t invest any of that, he could live on $100K/year after taxes for the next 30 years (assuming he lives that long… he’s 67 now).

        The median salary in the US is just over $50K… so approximately 100 years of steady, hard work to get the same $5M that Wayne got.

        Not saying that he doesn’t deserve it, and what he does isn’t important… just pointing out that it’s in no way, shape or form peanuts.

        Hell, I’d quit my job today for $100K/year after taxes for the next 30 years, and I’m almost 30 years younger than Wayne!

        • Would you quit your job today for a retirement benefit that amounted to about 10% of your salary? Because that’s what his retirement package equals. Teachers, in my district, get anywhere from 60% up of their average salary over the past 5 years after as little as 20 years of service. We pay them more in retirement for doing nothing than we paid them when they were teaching. Yes, $100k/year is peanuts, for someone earning nearly $1MM/year.

        • Anyone earning a million a year for even ten years should be set for retirement. The other $100k/year should just be frosting on the cake.

        • Let’s put it in perspective; you earn $100,000 a year. Your company says: “guess what! we’re going to give you a $10,000 a year retirement package! It’s not our fault that your property taxes are $12,000 a year! Thanks for your service, and have a nice life!” You realize that you have to spend $20,000 a year on security, because the anti-gunners have threatened your life oh, say – 16,000 times. But your Social Security check almost covers that, so it’s no big deal – the family can always make up the difference. “You decide it’s a better idea to work until you die – the wife and kids can go on those vacations. And the office has bulletproof walls, so things are good. Unless, of course, you go outside. Such a deal!

    • If it wasn’t for the NRA, you wouldn’t own a single gun right now. The NRA straight up saved the second amendment. This guy is worth every penny. He gets results, and he wins. He wins a lot. When speaks and pulls levers in Washington, people listen. Politics isn’t about playing nice, or fair. If he was getting paid this much and losing, then no. He wouldn’t be worth dick. But him and the NRA helped change the entire course of human history over the past 30 years.

      • Hank- “If it wasn’t for the NRA, you wouldn’t own a single gun right now.”

        Nonsense. At the state level, NRA didn’t put more than a few thousand dollars into local races in Illinois for the last forty years. Grassroots people put Otis McDonald together with attorney Alan Gura, not NRA. Alan Gottlieb & SAF funded McDonald v. Chicago, not NRA. NRA state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde put Duty to Inform in Illinois’ 2013 concealed carry bill, not Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

        “The NRA straight up saved the second amendment.”

        Once again, nonsense. 2nd Amendment rights have mostly been saved by grassroots work of ordinary people. NRA comes in later and steals the credit.

        “When speaks and pulls levers in Washington, people listen.”

        When the President of the United States Barack Obama invited Wayne LaPierre to a nationally televised town hall, he didn’t show up. Most NRA staffers like LaPierre and Chris Cox went to 2nd tier institutions, not Harvard or Yale. They talk big in front of the hicks at NRA conventions, but they cannot play in the big leagues.

        “But him and the NRA helped change the entire course of human history over the past 30 years.”

        Ridiculous statement. Every gun owner in America would be better off if NRA ceased to exist.

      • Talk about choking on the kool-aid. You’re like the bozos who pay for concealed carry insurance, even bragging about, but too dumb to realize that what the insurance offers are your legal rights in the first place. The insurance company just sold them back to you in a policy you pay for.

        • It would be beneficial if you elaborated on your point. The claim alone is not persuasive, or informative. I, for one, would be seriously interested in your reasoning.

    • Azzhurtz, you’ve been hanging out with little Johnson jr. to long.
      The $985,885 Wayne received in 2014 was his salary and the remainder was a federally required distribution.
      He’d be more than worth his salary at twice that figure.

  1. Too fat a cat.

    Give me a break….$5mm.

    How much does he donate to the NRA?

    Maybe contributions should be going to Gun Owners of America…this organization seems a bit more stalwart in its opposition to anti-gun lobby.

    • GOA is a great organization and I am a member. However, they simply don’t have anywhere near the clout or muscle that the NRA (also a member) does. Case in point, on one of their take action emails last year, or it could have been the year before, I can’t remember exactly what they were trying to do, but the email basically stated “if you’re also an NRA member, contact them and ask them to….”. Says a lot about an organizations ability to accomplish things when even a “competitor” is recognizing their power and influence.

      • “Says a lot about an organizations ability to accomplish things when even a “competitor” is recognizing their power and influence.”

        Or maybe GOA identified NRA as a breakwater, intent upon mitigating the tide, slowing things down. Maybe GOA recognized NRA is a plodding behemoth, unlikely to be responsive without more pressure from members.

      • They are all over paid for the job they do , then they beg us to renew our memberships and donate money so they can up their salaries and retirement even if Wayne makes a million a year that’s over the top. I’m tired of being sent requests and phone calls asking for more money. I’ve been a member for yrs. If they’re having money problems then put salaries lower . No more donations from me , they have plenty of money and I don’t.

    • Jack- one of the reasons I give money to GOA is that from time to time they will point out when NRA is about to sell out gun owners. That’s a sad statement about NRA right there.

      I’ll take an off the cuff analysis from Larry Pratt about whether a gun bill is good or bad, over lies from an org like NRA which deliberately allows their lobbyists to collude with police unions any day of the week.

  2. Nope not at all happy about that.
    I dont know whats too much money. But even after 36 years as mostly a face, a figure head. Thats way too much compensation for the job he has. Especially for an organization always asking for more and more of my money.
    Let him give it back to the NRA as a yearly show of good faith.
    Maybe it is time for me after 25 years to join the GOA.

    • A show of good faith? Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t. I don’t know. What I do know is that LaPierre has become the whipping boy for the hoplophobic left, so much so that I’d be willing to bet there are a good number of places he can’t go in public without a few other armed people around him to ensure his safety. No group is more maligned by progressives than the NRA, and LaPierre, for better or worse, is the face of the NRA.

      Stay an NRA member. Write/contact them if you don’t like the way things are being done. And you should definitely join GOA. They’re a great organization as well.

      • The couple times I have seen and spoken to him at gun shows he has had multiple plain clothed bodyguards. I imagine the man and his family receive a lot of threats.

    • Jay- On February 11, 2017 @ 14:22, “HP” replies to your common sense post and concludes in his last paragraph, “Stay an NRA member. Write/contact them if you don’t like the way things are being done.”

      Next on February 12, 2017 @ 14:50, “HP” responds to my post about who is on the Legislative Policy committee, “You realize that list probably isn’t made readily available for a reason, don’t you? The NRA has a lot of very poweful enemies. Think critically for a minute.”

      So which is it? Should you stay a member and write/contact NRA, or are you supposed to be afraid to ask who’s on the Legislative Policy committee?

      This type of pseudo-intellectual nonsense by people like “HP” is the only reason NRA doesn’t shut down overnight. If it weren’t for the brain dead clowntards from exurbia pontificating from their all-white enclaves south of Joliet about how things really work in Washington, D.C., Illinois might actually have a decent carry bill right now. You really cannot even make this stuff up.

      Question: What’s the I.Q. of the average NRA member?
      Answer: Average.

  3. I’ve got to agree with the above. I’ll support the NRA as far as the NRA goes, but five mil is a bit much for the director of any nonprofit org unless they really, really bring something special to the table.

    • “… five mil is a bit much for the director of any nonprofit org unless they really, really bring something special to the table.”

      ^ This! So . much . this !!!

      I can see a salary of as much as $500,000 per year. $5 million per year is excessive obscene.

        • Not to mention he is the most hated man in America by the left. He’s probably the only guy with more death threats than Trump. 1m is not enough for that BS give the man a raise!

      • Except it’s not his total compensation. It’s a one-time payout accrued over 36 years of service as his entire retirement package. His total compensation, annually, is about a mil. Really important to know what the numbers mean if you are going to criticize them.

    • “…unless they really, really bring something special to the table.”

      And the NRA seems to have little to show. Other gun rights groups do much more heavy lifting and do much less compromising.

      • Rick- “Other gun rights groups do much more heavy lifting and do much less compromising.”

        Most of the heavy lifting is done by grassroots people who don’t get paid. That’s usually how you can tell someone is legit.

        Here in Illinois, NRA initially opposed Otis McDonald v. Chicago and tried to sabotage the case. After Alan Gura took Otis to the Supreme Court and won, NRA lawyers collected $1.3 MILLION in legal fees, because they hired former Solicitor General Paul Clement to barge into Gura’s case at the last minute.

  4. What do other major lobbyist make in DC? Big butt sharks are not cheap. He has already been at the table with POTUS, when was the last time the NRA invited to sit with POTUS so early in office? I’m sure he could scrap by on 1 or 2 million but he is in NOVA/DC almost as bad as NYC or SF. If you want to play you have to pay, such is DC.

    • “when was the last time the NRA invited to sit with POTUS so early in office?”
      I think we’ll be seeing a lot of firsts with this administration.

      • I can’t wait to see what happens the first time Congress thinks they are going on long break and Trump expects to see some bills on his desk for signature. Whoa there boys and girls, we have work to do, who said you could get up and run home. But but but that is what we have always done. Don’t make me break out smartphone and tweet or ask for 30 minutes of prime time on the networks asking for the public’s help to keep you here.
        Just read a couple of stories about people sneaking into Canada 😀 ICE conducting raids, sure the word is spreading quickly, time to GO north or south cause there is a new sheriff in town.

  5. Welp. Unlike myself and most of you reading this, he’ll have little trouble obtaining whatever is on his gun wish list… must be nice.

      • If that’s what the board thinks he is worth, then that’s fine. What isn’t fine is the fact that under his leadership the NRA has effectively abandoned New Jersey and other “hopeless” blue states / cities. I keep renewing my membership but it pains me each time I do it, since I know that gun owners here will get no help from the NRA on a state level. They seem to steer clear of the places where they are most needed. Not cool, NRA.

    • Geoff- “If the NRA is answerable to the membership…”

      NRA is not run by the membership or the elected board. It’s run by professional staff like LaPierre and Chris Cox. NRA is a country club with carpeting from 1962.

      Try to even get a list from NRA of who is on the Legislative Policy committee for instance. Staff doesn’t have it.

      • You realize that list probably isn’t made readily available for a reason, don’t you? The NRA has a lot of very poweful enemies. Think critically for a minute. You spend all your time here blasting the NRA and that Vandermyde guy.

        • “You realize that list probably isn’t made readily available for a reason, don’t you?”

          Statements like that have been used to cover a multitude of sins.

        • “You realize that list probably isn’t made readily available for a reason, don’t you?”

          I’m talking about the first and last names of the elected board members who are on Legislative Policy, not their home addresses. If members can’t find out who is on the committees, how are they supposed to know who to vote for, or who to talk to at the national convention?

          The flag wavers like you who want to wait for Uncle Wayne to give you a fireside chat like FDR are a big part of the problem.

          “The NRA has a lot of very poweful enemies.”

          Get real. I’ve shaken hands with U.S. Senators who didn’t have bodyguards. Do you guys ever leave the trailer park?

          “You spend all your time here blasting the NRA and that Vandermyde guy.”

          Worry more about whether my statements are accurate instead of who they’re about. More repetition is necessary the lower the I.Q. level of the person. You still don’t get it.

  6. $336 Million in revenues, $95 Million in contributions. $241 Million in revenue above contributions. Must mean managing investments to a high degree. Seems OK to me.

    • I have a friend who worked for Charles Schwab. He worked on Wanynes account from time to time. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. He does indeed have lots of investments.

  7. Something is also “worth” what it costs to secure it. Spokesthings, fund raisers, n figureheads seem expensive to me, but if they can’t be got cheaper, that’s what it costs to have one. Kinda like college tuition, or anything with an H & K on it.

    The useful question is whether the cost of NRA-guy could buy a more valuable shopping cart – sorry, range bag – of stuff for the same net price, accounting for what you give up.

    • Dom, please don’t take this as condescending, but
      if you’re not a Life Member it really doesn’t matter what you think. If you have not been a member for five years or a Life Member you can’t vote for the board. So either up your commitment or move along.

      • I don’t believe for a second that the NRA wants to see our second amendment rights truly restored as a nation. Let’s say constitutional carry was passed on a national level and the NFA was completely repealed, where would that leave them? They’d be regulated back to a firearms safety and education organization, and we all know there are NO 5 million dollar paychecks (or million dollar ones for that matter) in safety. I, and a LOT of other gun owners and former members are done with this inane obsurd organization of professional beggars. Especially after the absolute crap that Lapiere spewed in the days following sandy hook.
        Maybe if they spent some of that money on gun owners with problems getting permitted in may issue states and filing meaningful lawsuits I’d be more willing to support them again. Instead, every time the left jumps on a incident to pander for more gun control I know that the E mails and phone calls begging for money are mere hours away…so Mr lapiere can G5 it up apparently. Non-profit really pays! Apparently the NRA is as non-profit as the Clinton Foundation!

        • Ed- “I don’t believe for a second that the NRA wants to see our second amendment rights truly restored as a nation…”

          True. Here in Illinois, Berron v. Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board was rejected for cert by the Supreme Court. Attorney J.D. Obenberger asked for help from ISRA (IL state rifle association, the state tumor of NRA) and got none.

          Right now the unelected Star Chamber CCLRB is holding up the licenses of over 2,000 people in Illinois, because some cop filed an objection anonymously. There is no legal assistance from NRA.

          The sponsor of Illinois’ 2013 carry bill Rep. Brandon Phelps stated in print re. the CCLRB, “we wanted to give them (police) the benefit of the doubt.”

          NRA is in bed with police unions to deny our 2nd Amendment rights, not restore them. Winning would put NRA out of business.

        • “I don’t believe for a second that the NRA wants to see our second amendment rights truly restored as a nation”

          Don’t worry, nothing like that will ever happen. There’s a certain contingent of politicians and the public that simply won’t let it happen. That’s what we have the NRA for – to fight them. So while you can suggest that the NRA doesn’t want full restoration of rights, it’s a fantasy situation that cannot and will not ever happen anyway.

  8. I saw Wayne LaPierre seated at a conference table next to the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, so I think for gun owners and those who believe in the Second Amendment, I think whatever the NRA is paying him is worth it. I researched, that is to say I did a Google search, for pics of LaPierre with Obama and couldn’t find any. I think his tenure at the NRA helped get him a seat at that table, and if it helps the POTG, it’s probably a good investment, just as his and the NRA’s support of Trump was a good investment, especially for one-issue voters.

  9. I used to be the type to complain about stuff like this but this is why we have the type of regulated capitalism we do…So you all can collect a check this fat if or when you want to start your own business or invest in one.

    It’s only a moral argument that a person becomes greedy and how much do they give up so they can give back to the business. Anyone of you would collect big if you’re in his shoes. That’s why stuff like this doesn’t bother me. Maybe he’s a jerk…Who knows. All I care about is the NRA is running strong. Now…I my self would have collected a far less amount so more money could be put in legislative action.

    • In general, I agree with you – a person has to be free to make as much money as other people are voluntarily willing to pay him. My only problem is calling a very profitable business a “nonprofit”. That is obscene.

      • Most people don’t understand what a “non-profit” organization is. It is not in it to just scrape by and have no money left at the end of the year. Almost all successful non-profits have an endowment fund and significant retained earnings, just as for-profit companies do. It’s just that they are not founded for the purpose of profit; they are founded for a purpose – usually – of some public benefit. Their proper name is “not for profit.”

        The NRA was founded to foster marksmanship among the prospective candidates of the American Militia, following the Civil War, when it was found out that “most volunteers and conscripts didn’t know which end of the rifle went against the shoulder.” THAT is its founding purpose. Since then it has expanded to have a legislative lobbying function as well, as the Progressives increasingly tried to crush the 2nd Amendment to increase the reach of their totalitarian control. But there is no obligation to be poor as a church mouse, nor is there any less of a management obligation than there is in a for-profit corporation.

  10. Yeah I’m great with LaPierre earning 5 mill in 2015. Just so long as the NRA finally admits that all they really care about is money and not the 2A. I became a life member of the NRA years ago before I realized this fact.

    • Frank- “Just so long as the NRA finally admits that all they really care about is money and not the 2A.”

      I’ve been told by a person who has observed NRA for over forty years that, “NRA is a fund-raising organization that is concerned with gun rights.” Sort of the way my grandma used to write checks to “end hunger” in Africa or wherever, but there are still starving people in the world. NRA would go out of business if they actually “won” anything.

      “I became a life member of the NRA years ago before I realized this fact.”

      Join the club. There’s a sucker born every minute, said P.T. Barnum. No offense, I used to be an NRA member also.

      The Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus recently went out of business. Here’s hoping the NRA goes out of business also. NRA is nothing more than a carney show with a Big Ring circus for the rubes, and LaPierre is the carnival barker. Step right up, get your NRA membership now, for a limited time only…

  11. I think his compensation is totally reasonable, compared to all the billionaire cabinet members. I have no idea why there is so little outrage about that.

  12. “a dip in contributions” so *NO*.

    WLP is only worth 5 mil if he is truly expanding the base, which it sounds like he isn’t.

    Frankly I think that gains in 2016 were luck more than anything, the Republicans faced an exceptionally weak candidate in Clinton. If the Republicans/NRA manage to knock off a few governors like MCaulliflower (VA) or a few senators like Casey (PA), then maybe I will change my mind.

  13. Seems a bit excessive, but nobody bitches when athletes and actors make huge salaries. It’s not about fairness (in our eyes) it’s about what is a 1st class lobbyist in DC worth? However, it is a bit irritating to get mail 2-3 times a week with NRA pleading for funds.

    • This. If we start seeing some actual action vs reaction from NRA, I’m on board with whatever he wants to collect. The only things I ever hear about NRA is for me to give money to them. Not what they’re doing, not what they plan to do. I can find a bunch of videos on GOA’s YouTube page with them testifying at bill hearings and things, at least trying to make a difference.

      • Jon- “I can find a bunch of videos on GOA’s YouTube page with them testifying at bill hearings and things, at least trying to make a difference.”

        True. Larry Pratt & GOA are legit. At least nobody owns them, and they are not a false front like NRA.

        True story: I was talking with Larry about the (lack of) performance of NRA Illinois state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde in the 2013 concealed carry bill, and we decided that he needs to be out of a job. Larry says, “No, he could still have a job working at a motel somewhere.” lol.

        The fact that Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham at NRA/ILA continue to pay Todd Vandermyde to sell out their own members in Illinois tells you that NRA is totally corrupt, whatever LaPierre makes. Anyone who gives a dime to NRA is stabbing themselves in the back.

  14. With the amount of hate and bullshit he goes through, heck yes! To any of these people crying about it, I say YOU DO IT! You do what he does and see if what they pay would be enough. The clowns saying that’s too much simply don’t have a clue.

    • MLee- Boo hoo. LaPierre is a lobbyist, nothing more. At the end of the day he produces nothing, like millions of other parasites in D.C.: ATF, IRS, Homeland Security, etc. He lives off the money sent to NRA by the aging baby boomers and old farts that comprise most of their membership.

      Check out the bullshit image here, with the American flag covering the sky behind LaPierre’s god-like head? This type of nonsense tugs the heartstrings of the geriatric crowd to open their wallets. It’s comforting to the rubes to believe that a father figure like LaPierre is looking out for them.

      Watch what NRA does, not what they say. The legislation they put up is written in collusion with police unions to advance the criminal police state. Based on what NRA did in Illinois, I would pay NRA to stay out of state level legislation so they don’t make things any worse.

  15. It seems that Robert Farago’s attacks on the NRA will never stop. If it wasn’t this it would be something else. Like I’ve said before, the NRA is simply too white, too Middle America, and too Christian for some people. A Jewish boy from New York will always see them as a different and undesirable breed. They’re just icky!

    Fine. Find a few “Occupy” types to invite to your mother’s fancy dress parties in Manhattan or the Hamptons. Maybe Ruth Bader Ginsburg will show up. What an honor that would be.

    I’ll hang out with these good ol’ boys from the NRA and talk guns. Wayne L. won’t be there because he spends every waking moment successfully defending the Constitution. He earned every penny and then some.

    Was it worth $5 million to keep Hitlery out of the White House? WAS IT?

    Here’s some guidance for a confused person: If your talking point sounds like a New York Times Op Ed piece, then it’s probably wrong.

    • don’t break you arm patting yourself on your back there Slab.

      Being blind with passion for the NRA as a symbol of what used to be is a slippery slope. Like watching the Cruz and Rubio fall in line behind Trump. Souls can be bought quite cheaply these days. What’s yours worth?

      • My opinion of Wayne Lapierre and the NRA is a principled and logical one, based entirely on their success in protecting the 2nd Amendment.

        It is their detractors that have no soul, if they attack this noble organization because of cultural differences, or some other manufactured reason.

        Do you think attacking your own side means you have a soul? It just means you’re confused, or a phony.

        • “It is their detractors that have no soul,…”

          Are you confusing people demanding “no compromise”, with people who lack principles entirely?

    • Slab- “Like I’ve said before, the NRA is simply too white, too Middle America, and too Christian for some people.”

      The problem with NRA is that it is undemocratic and unaccountable. It is run like a white suburban country club from 1962.

      Try to find out which elected NRA board members are on the Legislative Policy Committee. If you find the names, let us know. Staff doesn’t seem to have them.

  16. Too easy to criticize. GOA may indeed be more “stalwart”, but I see no other organization with the wide flung presence & broad influence of the NRA. Support both, if you wish, but reducing the voice of our oldest pro-gun organization because you think maybe LaPierre is overpaid is the proverbial nose removal to spite your face.
    POTG can ill afford to weaken their best known representative just as a bit of progress is (hopefully) within reach!

    • Swobard- “…reducing the voice of our oldest pro-gun organization because you think maybe LaPierre is overpaid…”

      Who cares how old NRA is? Watch what they do, not what they say.

      Here in Illinois NRA state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde fought tooth and nail to keep Duty to Inform IN the “NRA backed” concealed carry bill in 2013, and the only people who opposed DTI were Chicago area Democrat Black Caucus Reps.

      NRA’s boy Rep. Brandon Phelps refused to take Duty to Inform OUT of his “NRA backed” bill!!

      If Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham at NRA/ILA pay lobbyists like Todd Vandermyde to sell out their own membership to police unions, then NRA is totally corrupt, no matter how much LaPierre is paid.

  17. As a life member of the NRA, I believe that’s too much money. 5 mil? Really?
    Pre-tax, that’s over 400,000 per month.
    He’s a poor director in my opinion. The NRA/ILA is doing a piss poor job of fighting for our rights. We are under real attack here in Oregon and the NRA has ZERO backbone here. There is no fight here.
    I’m glad I haven’t paid dues in over 20 years. I don’t even open their power begging mailers. I just toss them in the fireplace with the other junk mail.

    I’ll donate to others who actually fight in my arena.

    • Yeah, we could have used some of that money over the last few years here in WA too, to fight the recent crazy anti-gun laws. The NRA did not help us fight against them. 5 mil is way too much money.

    • This is why occasionally I throw RMGO some money here in CO. Dudley has gotten campus carry and a few other decent things turned in our favor. Shit, Magpul did more for the state before they left than the NRA did.

      • C’mon – read the damned article. It’s a one-time payout, not $400K/month. Is that too much to ask before you go spouting off over something you are ill-informed about?

    • Tom- “The NRA/ILA is doing a piss poor job of fighting for our rights. We are under real attack here in Oregon and the NRA has ZERO backbone here.”

      Just be glad NRA is not actively working against gun owners in Oregon to get them set up and killed. NRA state lobbyist for Illinois Todd Vandermyde put Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties in the 2013 concealed carry bill, not Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

      Consider yourself lucky if NRA is not actually setting you up to be executed by police criminals like what NRA did in Illinois!

      “I’m glad I haven’t paid dues in over 20 years.”

      Amen to that. Any gun owner in America who gives a dime to NRA is subsidizing police state murder.

    • you did read that 4 of the 5 mill was deferred retirement correct? or no, you didn’t read the article, just the blurb in TTAG and all the comments from those that think they can run a not for profit better. UPMC in Pittsburgh is a not for profit. The CEO has an annual salary of 6 mill (salary not deferred retirement payout) and at least 26 employees make over 1 mill (what Lapierre makes.) Granted the revenue of the health system and all its subsidiaries is substantial, but its still a not for profit. the common factor is that the Board approves WLP, and if they are happy with his performance so be it. If you are a member and unhappy, run for the board. I have my ballot at home. I plan on voting. Or are you the same people who fill the ranks of the protesters, complainers who didn’t vote and live in their parents basement.

      • Every member of an organization has a right to observe the performance and compensation of the membership-paid staff and leadership. That compensation does not come from some cosmic tree of money. The paying membership of NRA has a right to expect performance in exchange for the membership paid. If I pay $250 to go see Madonna (yeah, right), and if she is late, puts on half a show, then tells me her performance is better than it was when she began, I have the right to demand a refund. Do you not find it odd that NRA does not advertise its strategy and tactics for the coming year? Does not announce which legislation or court case it intends to crush with it’s influence and money?

        Now, I joined NRA because the large numbers of members simply piss off a whole bunch of people, and I am all in for that. But I wore my NRA hat for a week, to work, to picnics, to neighborhood activities. The only people who knew what NRA is, were gun owners or members. The vast majority did not recognize the logo, nor were they familiar with the organization. That is not performance on the part of the NRA. I send my dues, I reserve the right to see that my money is making a difference somewhere besides headquarters.

  18. Here is the deal. Is Wayne getting the job done? By that I mean stopping all the bad stuff that Congress has tried to foist on us? The crap he stopped after Sandy Hook was probably worth $10 Million.

    Ya, I wish I made that kind of money. Oh the places I would go! Oh the guns and training I would buy!.

    If there is a person available for $2.5 million and can obtain the same or better results let me know.

    Do not confuse your envy of the money or disagreement on which issues to oppose or to promote with determining acceptable compensation in the Washington D.C market for lobbyists. Tom Donohue got $4.9 million SIX years ago representing the US Chamber Of Commerce, not our friends (compensation amounts are hard to find).

  19. Meh…worth 5mil? Maybe. Seated next to Trump made me very happy. As mentioned old Wayne is under threat constantly. SO FAR he sure picked the right horse. Did the NRA get Donnie elected? Maybe…it sure wasn’t GOA. No offense to GOA but the 800 lb gorilla gets things done. Like no other…

  20. You have to compare salary vs a comparable business. Salary has to be competitive with other options. Otherwise a VP would just leave the NRA and go work for a private business for more money.

  21. If he were a gay, black, former Muslim, classical liberal who successfully yanks millions of fence-sitters toward the side that promotes the means of defending individual’s life and liberty and either gets ignorant/dishonest politicians to conform or be voted out, he’d be worth $5m. More if he didn’t work for a non-profit.
    In my opinion though, Wayne ain’t worth 2 minutes on his YouTube ads.

    • Stu- “In my opinion though, Wayne ain’t worth 2 minutes on his YouTube ads.”

      Agreed. LaPierre talks tough in front of the home team at NRA conventions, but the only people who think he’s big time in D.C. are hicks who have never been to D.C. NRA membership numbers depend on the ignorance of the members.

      Here in Illinois NRA has been our worst enemy. NRA is in bed with the anti-gun police unions against gun owners.

  22. My response: did he do 5 million dollars worth of work? Show me his 5 million dollar project. What did the NRA actually accomplish? California lost its rights to black rifles, MD had a capricious reinterpretation of its AW laws, etc. don’t try to tell me that the NRA won the election for DJT because guns were only a small portion of his campaign. In the private sector we show proof of our time and effort. What has Mr. LaPierre done to warrant his income?

    I get he’s a prominent figure in the org, but I thought the decisions were all made by the board of directors, no?

    • Removed- “…I thought the decisions were all made by the board of directors, no?”

      Not really. Some observers believe that NRA is effectively run by the Ackerman-McQueen advertising agency. If not NRA is run by unelected staff. It’s a large bureaucracy, like Save the Whales or any other non-profit.

      NRA is undemocratic, unaccountable, and Un-American. Try to find out which elected directors are on the Legislative Policy committee. Staff doesn’t know. Why not? Because NRA is like a country club stuck in 1962.

  23. It remains a curiosity that WLP is a vice president. Now an “executive” vice president usually means “operations manager”, and an officer of the business (someone who can legally commit the company to contracts and liabilities. Question is, who/where is the President of NRA? How much does that person make, and for what?

    As to proper levels of compensation, performance should be a factor. Someone mentioned that the NRA is not a success if all it manages is to obtain larger and larger donations from fewer and fewer people. NRA has been around long enough that we should see them in the news, in every state and major city, at least weekly. We should be overwhelmed with stories about safety, public outreach, free classes and seminars for non-shooters, constant legal attacks on the restrictions to ownership and use, YouTube should be flooded, along with all the other social media. Full court press, not cherry-picked, de minimus PBAs and flyers at gun dealers.

    If WLP could double membership (while doubling the spread of membership) in, say, two years…now, that would be worth a $5MM paycheck.

  24. The lion share of that was a payout of his retirement plan. This is not simply a years salary. I’m not his biggest fan, but yes, I’m OK with this. The NRA CEO sitting at a table with the POTUS was a wonderful sight to see.

    Those that have a problem with this should probably read the article all the way through.

  25. Would you rather have a cheaper, less effective executive who failed, and have your gun rights curtailed? Be careful of dimensionless figures like a salary figure – you have NO IDEA what he did with the money, nor any idea how that salary ranks compared to others with similar responsibilities. Would it be too high if he donated 3.5 million to charity? All of it? What is the number that he should earn? Now how do you know what he really pockets? Do you know how much he is giving up of his life to earn that? Do you know to what extent he was responsible for averting the Hillary disaster? Everybody’s an expert on the Internet – of their own opinions, formed based on no facts at all. Let the Board of Governors of the NRA worry about what he makes. And shame on TTAG for posting such an incomplete analysis that it goads people into reacting against what may be in fact a low compensation relative to his accomplishments and responsibilities. I call for TTAG to write either a follow-up that substantiates the implication that is being made, or to retract this irresponsible, dimensionless shredded factoid with an apology to its readers and Mr. LaPierre, who should have an opportunity to respond.

    • By now, NRA should not be “picking its fights”. NRA is big enough, funded enough, and should be courageous enough to not only take on every legal battle, but carry the fight to the anti-gun lobby. Social media is available, and is alleged to have wider readership than any combination of tv and print media.

      • No matter how big and how well funded you are “picking your fights” is always required. Failure to properly pick battles and array forces, utilize advantages and manage resources will eventually lead to your defeat. Just read Col. Summers American Strategy in Vietnam: A Critical Analysis (originally titled On Strategy: The Vietnam War in Context) which is required reading at The National, Naval and Air War Colleges as well as the USMC Amphibious School if you don’t believe me.

        Fighting every single battle as you suggest will spread you too thin. While the NRA has it’s faults it does do us 2A folks some good, good it will cease to do if it runs itself into the ground.

        • “Fighting every single battle as you suggest will spread you too thin. ”

          Really? Have you been watching the Left the last 20 years? They attack all along the line, everyday, every way. And they do it with funding from likely only two billionaires. Where you cannot defend, you lose.

        • If nearly complete control of the media and education, which is the basis of the Left’s power, is “thin” I’d hate to see what you’d consider “in depth”.

  26. From the WP article, “According to the organization’s 990 tax form, the NRA reported that LaPierre made $5,110,985 in annual compensation from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2015. LaPierre made $985,885 in 2014. The vast majority of the salary jump, according to the NRA, was due to the payout of a $3.7 million retirement plan.”

    It would appear that he normally makes $1 million, and this is just a one time retirement pay out.

  27. While no fan of the NRA, the mention of Everytown signals this is a hit piece against Wayne and the NRA. Salary is less than one million per year, he had to take the additional money (2015) he invested over the years. Shows desperation of anti-gunners.

    Anyone who thinks they can do the heavy lift of the NRA, please step up

  28. I’m well beyond tired of seeing Wayne’s determined countenance on everything they send me. He isn’t the NRA- WE are. I’m looking forward to NOT seeing whoever eventually takes over his role.

  29. He is paid a salary, looks like about $980K a year, he ELECTS to have a portion of the compensation(salary) ‘Deferred’ to an investment account usually managed by the same/similar companies that manage 401K accounts . This money was ‘paid’ to him in the past 36 years and invested. Just doing a 10% deferral over 36 years with no interest growth is 3.52 Million.

    • OK, SC rules that gun possession is a constitutionally protected right. Lower courts ignore the ruling and proceed as before. NRA sits quietly. Is that performance worth $1MM?

      • Not sure what world you are living in. They fight on multiple fronts and sure haven’t been quiet this last year. We know because Hillary’s fat bottom is not sitting in the Oval Office.

        And to answer your question, yes. He can go earn a lot more elsewhere.

        • Whether WLP can earn more elsewhere is irrelevant. His pay should be based on performance with NRA.

          Stopping Hilary was not an NRA victory. It was a victory for Trump supporters, all of whom contributed something.

          Nice that the NRA was a notable factor in the 2016 elections, an important factor even. However…..elections are relatively rare. Court fights are daily.

          After Heller/McDonald, NRA should have smothered the first lower court that ruled a community could strictly regulate guns if the made the citizens “feel better”. The same with any other court ruling that did not embody the Heller decision. The Heller “reasonable restriction” caveat open the gates for endless mischief by the Left in establishing what “reasonable” means.

          I don’t care if NRA is the lead in any counter attack, but they should be putting money into cases fought by pro-gun groups who are not as well funded (and I don’t mean kicking the smaller group to the curb; such action says a lot about NRA). The pleas from Washington (not DC) for assistance against Californication of gun laws were met with silence. Why? Does NRA consider some states expendable? On what basis?

  30. Glad you guys aren’t in charge of my annual review and raise, man, I would be making $500 a year!

    The moral indignation, you make too much argument feels right when you make less but hard to see on the other side the value.

    My question is how much does Shannon Watts make? The Trace? How about various NBA players against gun violence? Lady Gaga? Piers Morgan? Bieber? Kim Kardashian? Starbucks CEO? various anti gun sheriffs, politicians, university administrators and researchers? Soros, Bloomberg? Clintons? How much went to the UN to pay for work on the arms treaty? The money and power arrayed against gun freedom is vast, and perhaps 5 mill is a bargain, or not. After 2016 I think we could give mr lepierre $20million. Just this year, gotta keep performing.

    Anyway the battle never ends, Trump won’t get enough done, quickly enough to satisfy all of our desires. But I think we need all the friends we can get. NRA, GOA, supressor association, open carry, support one or better yet support them all.

  31. Well, according to the MSM and the occasional TTAG post it was the NRA that put Trump in the White House. If not for that we’d have HRC in the Oval Office.

    If Wayne keeps the MSM, the Lefties, Bloomberg, MDA, Giffords and the rest howling mad and has a significant enough impact to actually keep someone like HRC away from the levers of power I would rate that as “priceless”. A few legislative victories moving forward would be the cherry on top of that particular sunday. On top of that, given the NRA’s income, much of which would appear to come from good management rather than just members opening their wallets out of fear of someone like HRC or Obama, I’d say his salary was a pittance considering the apparent return on investment.

    Some things in life are expensive, the question is what you actually bought for your money. Cheap crap costs less up front but usually ends up costing more down the road. Well made stuff usually comes with a price tag up front that causes people who don’t understand the quality of the product to scoff at the price. There obviously is a point of diminishing returns, the question is where you personally see that point.

    • “Well, according to the MSM and the occasional TTAG post it was the NRA that put Trump in the White House.”

      MSM has a win-win: de-legitamize NRA and Trump. I don’t believe the MSM for other things, why should I believe they are admitting the NRA is effective? In their shoes, I would point POTG in a completely different direction from the true source of Trump victory. Every dollar spent on non-effective activities is one less dollar available to truly hurt me.

      • You can’t have it both ways.

        Either the NRA is ineffective and the Left is wasting it’s resources on a threat that doesn’t really exist, or the NRA is effective and has them on their heals.

        Either way, they’re losing and we’re winning and part of that, effective or not is the NRA.

        • If I want you wasting resources on ineffective efforts, I would complain how effective you were, using whatever tactic I wanted you to divert effort to. Meanwhile, you would not be putting effort into that which is really effective. When the enemy declares they are winning, they are losing. When they claim they are losing, beware.

          And yes, the Left CAN have it both ways. It is their winningest method.

  32. READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE…hell I didn’t have a problem if he DID make 5000000 bucks. Certainly worth 980000…

  33. If you’re not an NRA Life Member your opinions on the compensation package for La Pierre don’t really matter for two reasons:

    You don’t have commitment to the organization.

    You can’t vote for board members who make the decision regarding La Pierre’s employment.

    So take your pay envy down the road or buy in as a Life Member and do something about it.

  34. Roughly a dollar from each member.

    Our rights are worth a dollar, at least, don’t you think?

    Think of all the piddly shit we buy for a dollar on a daily basis.

    • Cknarf- “Our rights are worth a dollar, at least, don’t you think?”

      No, our rights are priceless. We need honest lobbyists writing bills that will be on the books for the next fifty years, not traitors that collude with police unions.

      “Think of all the piddly shit we buy for a dollar on a daily basis.”

      That’s exactly what your life represents to NRA: piddly shit. You are nothing to them.

      If NRA continues to pay lobbyists like Todd Vandermyde that set up citizens to be executed by police criminals and police impersonators, then I would pay NRA to shut down their state level operations and can LaPierre just so they don’t make things any worse.

  35. I don’t have a problem with it in the slightest. Especially, when you consider that a $5 million figure includes quite a bit more than salary which others have mentioned.

    But even so:

    Overseeing expanded membership & contributing to a Trump presidency: …
    $5 million

    Keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House…

  36. The bulk of this was Wayne’s retirement payout. Not “annual compensation”.
    What’s the problem? It’s reported as “salary” for tax purposes because it was ‘deferred compensation’.
    Wayne makes around $1 million a year. He saved this other money up over his 36 years of employment
    in a “employee funded deferred compensation plan.”
    Please read the attached article before making a judgment.

    “According to the organization’s 990 tax form, the NRA reported that LaPierre made $5,110,985 in annual compensation from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2015. LaPierre made $985,885 in 2014. The vast majority of the salary jump, according to the NRA, was due to the payout of a $3.7 million retirement plan.’

    If you’re going to live well in DC a million a year before taxes is not unreasonable for the head if an enterprise that takes in over $300 million a year and also gets results for its members.

    “The NRA is transparent in its finances and in its reporting of the required Form 990,” NRA President Allan Cors said in a statement. “This is an employee funded deferred compensation plan and the $3.7 million distribution to Wayne LaPierre was required by federal law and properly reported.”

    • “The NRA is transparent in its finances and in its reporting of the required Form 990,” NRA President Allan Cors said in a statement.”

      So, Allan Cors”; President of the NRA. What is his function? How much does he contribute to growing the NRA and the anti-anti-gun population? How much does he make?

      The NRA DID NOT prevent Hilary from winning the White House. It may have been one of many efforts, but even if all five million members voted for Trump, fact is the popular opinion of the majority of voters favored Hilary and the Leftist program. We can crow about electoral victories, but all those Leftist voters do vote locally, and carry more clout than the NRA. If the NRA included every Trump voter, and put that number against all who did not vote for Trump, pro-gun people and efforts lose. The bulk of opinion polls put pro and anti gun groups at roughly even. That is not “winning.”

      Don’t tell me about the “wonder years”, and how far NRA has come. Tell me how NRA will snuff out opposition in the next five years; then prove it.

  37. The Picture of Mr LaPierre sitting next to the president while he picks out a Supreme Court Justice, tells me he is well worth whatever he is getting paid.

  38. You ok with how much Tom Brady makes? His contract extension in 2013 was for $27 million and 3 more years. Gee, that’s almost double what the NRA paid Wayne per year, all for playing a friggin game, not trying to help you and I keep our 2A rights.

    I really don’t give a crap how much anyone makes, someone thinks they’re worth it.
    I think this is the most idiotic question I’ve seen on this website in a long time, ranks right up there with “which is better 9mm or 40”

  39. I did not have to go to war with my own country to wrestle back my rights. Considering how much I believe my life is worth, $5 million is a bargain.

  40. Because the leftists and the concern tr0lls who are popping off today think that Wayne is the devil incarnate, I’m thinking he’s woefully underpaid.

    And the headline is trickily misleading.

  41. I haven’t been posting comments here long or often. I’ve come to respect some posters more than others. Some of the comments on this article from people I really respect on this sight are horrible. I hope it’s because they didn’t read the article and not a window into their minds. That would be very disappointing.

    Now my thoughts,the NRA has certainly let me down a time or two over the years ,but overall the have been a positive force. Wayne is certainly not over paid for the simple fact that at the mere mention of his name will send antis into a meltdown. If a reminder of this is needed, just look at the comments on the wa po site to this article.

    • Careful! Bill O’Reilly investigated and exposed some fake news that had been circulating about Wounded Warrior Project. Their executive compensation is, in fact, right in line with where it should be. I don’t know who would take it upon themselves to spread a false rumor about a non-profit that benefits wounded veterans, but they do good work, and are worth our attention. Just thought I’d pass that on.

  42. Here is betting that the johnny-come-latelys to the gun rights fight are the loudest complainers here. They haven’t been around long enough to understand everything Wayne has done and all the sh*t he has had to wade through over the years.

    • “They haven’t been around long enough to understand everything Wayne has done and all the sh*t he has had to wade through over the year.”

      First, he was not conscripted. His is a voluntary position; he gets paid to wade through whatever the opposition throws at him.

      Second, history is nice, but where are we now? What is the goal? How far are we from success? What is being done to accelerate that success? Performance measurement. What are you doing now that moves the agenda forward? Did you succeed, or miss the target?