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Is That A Gun in Your Pocket is the OFWG version of Spike Lee’s box office bomb Chi-RaqBoth movies got their plot from Greek playwright Aristophanes’ non-copyrighted work Lysistrata. Rotten Tomatoes gave ITAGIYP 95 percent approval — based on 11 user-generated reviews and no critical commentary. I hate to say it, but it looks watchable, in a Cloris Leachman rules kinda way. Then again . . .

Maybe not. Judging from this clip (not magazine), ITAGOIYP uses the usual anti-gun steroetypes to pillory American gun culture. Stereotypes that The People of the Gun encounter on a regular basis — if only because there’s an anti in every family. For me, that’s both brothers and my mother. As for my Austin life, you should have seen the death stares when I wore my TTAG T-shirt to yoga class.

How many anti-gunners do you have in your life?

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    • Socialism: Ideas so good that they have to be mandatory. You know where I’m going with this…but I won’t. Peace.

    • I live in NJ, and all my male family members and friends are either shooters, or 2A supporters. The women, for the most part don’t mind, but don’t like dead animals hanging on the walls. As long as I can have a safe full of bang sticks, plenty of range and woods time, with no hassles, it works for me. I’ve had some ‘disagreements’ with the anti crowd, but don’t hang out with the likes of them. NJ actually has a lot of semi-rural, conservative areas…if you look at election maps, colored by county, NJ is mostly red…we’re just outnumbered by big city populations. I still can’t wait to leave.

    • Zero, why would I have people in my live who hate me, want to disarm, and always berate me?

  1. Zero.

    I would no sooner associate with an anti-gunner than I would with a person that believes that American blacks should be enslaved.

    • Here’s the problem: If we merely separate ourselves from those who believe the stereotypes and think we’re dangerous, evil people, then we’ll never move the needle.

      Many anti-gun people are simply misinformed with a deplorable lack of knowledge of world history. It takes time, but their minds can be opened.

      If we first gain people’s respect by being respectful, courteous, caring, loving people with a desire to help and protect the innocents among us, then when they find out we’re gun owners we put a crack in that shell that can eventually be wedged open.

      • I have an anti-gun friend who is also a journalist. She has always known I am a firearm owner. We didn’t talk much about it.

        She went to give me a goodbye hug one day and as I had a pop in my hand, I couldn’t guide her hand away from my gun (IWB, 5:00). Her jaw dropped. I told her “Yes, every time we’ve ever met, for the last 3 years, I’ve been armed.”
        She’s intelligent enough to finish that thought on her own.

        Don’t know if she’s changed her mind at all, but she does have something to think about now.

    • Pretty much what William said: if you’re into denial of civil rights generally, or just a few of them, either way we not only can’t be friends, we can’t even associate, because I’m not going to pretend that it’s ok to feel that way. We’re long past any rational arguments on the topic, given the information available, and so, without fanfare, I ignore or marginalize anyone who attempts to introduce any anti civil rights BS into my life whether that’s anti 2A, racism or whatever. Taking a page from the left perhaps, but it’s ok to tell an anti, as firmly as necessary, that I’m not going to listen to hateful ignorant rhetoric from someone who has defined themselves as an anti liberty and anti civil rights bigot.

      Let that sink in, because it really is ok to tell hateful, controlling people that they are hateful and controlling and that you dislike them for those reasons. It’s also ok to tell ignorant ridiculous people that they are ignorant and ridiculous. I believe it was Twain who said that you can’t argue rationally with a person who arrived at their possition on nothing but emotion, but you can, and probably should ridicule them.

  2. Quite a few actually. Most of them aren’t ‘anti-gun’ in the strictest sense but are definitely in the FUD camp of “why would you need that!?”.

    I actually had an interesting experience at a shooting range recently. I was shooting a registered SBR and using pre-ban magazines with it. I’m in Colorado where the magazine ban has been declared “unenforceable” by local law enforcement because magazines, such as mine, were obtained before the ban went active.

    An elderly gentleman was shooting next to me with what I took to be a couple of family members. He was shooting a colt wheel gun…. he looked over at my set up and commented “high capacity, huh, you know WE banned those, right?”.

    Many people assume now that if you are using a “high capacity” magazine that you’re breaking the law.

    So, whether or not your magazine is, in fact, illegal, there are plenty of gun owners who think it should be.

    And on to California levels of gun control we go… with the FUDs leading the charge.

    • Sometimes gun owners are their own worst enemy. A year and change ago, I was up in Georgia at my wife’s relatives’ home. Bought one of my ARs and a suppressor along for the journey. Most of the house didn’t give a rat’s patoot about the presence of the gun or the suppressor, but when I got to explaining the NFA and how ridiculous it was, one guy thought it would be fun to speak up about the evils of machine guns. He was drunk so I just laughed and ignored him.

  3. Yeah regressive leftist propaganda is rife on places like Rotten Tomatoes. You get massive amounts of up and down votes just for political reasons all the time.

  4. Looks pretty typical of Hollywood: formulaic, cheap laughs thanks to the lowest common denominator of the movie-going public. Women can manipulate men into doing whatever they want because all men care about is sex; they can’t possibly stick to their principles or whatever when sex is withheld (kinda sexist ain’t it?). Unfortunately there are a lot of women out there who will totally buy into this for the same reason they buy into Schumer and Dunham: girl power through comedy based on faux intellectual arguments regarding guns and men.

    Any woman who wants me to get rid of my guns can hit the bricks. There’s plenty of other women out there with actual depth, and not the illusion of depth this film seems to want to portray. Why don’t they make more movies like Porky’s?

  5. Sigh. The idiocy. I bet the writer/director doesn’t have a “This house is a gun free zone” sign in his front yard.

  6. At least one. My older brother. Which is funny as he lives smack dab in the middle of the Gunshine state. Not far from DisneyWorld.He lived in Europe for years so he thinks everything is swell disarmed. He went on and on(on FB) about Whole Foods being a “gun free zone”. He also moved back to America to support Obama(lol). Other than him not really anymore.

  7. None in my immediate circle of friends and colleagues, and none in my immediate family. I only know of one “anti-gun” person in this town, and don’t associate with her. Mutual agreement. I carry my gun openly all the time, and nobody bothers me about it. I do answer friendly questions and hand out my cards, invite people to take a class and/or join the weekly shooting clinic at the gun club range. I was introduced to a new deputy sheriff (by the sheriff) one day, and when he shook my hand I told him I was also known around the area as “MamaLiberty.” He smiled and said, “Yes ma’am! You’re famous.” We all had a good laugh about it. Not many anti-gun folks here, and they tend to keep a low profile. 🙂

    • Same here in Montana. I’d love talking with an anti gunner but nobody will admit to being one. All they do is write anonymous letters to the editor.
      The closest thing I have to one in the family is some useless cousins in crazyfornia. As far as I’m concerned, california and those relatives deserve each other. I hope that they will be very, very happy together, far, far away from me. That’s the important bit… far, far away.

    • ^This- I think there aren’t as many outright, no compromise Anti’s out there (despite what some organizations, politicians and celebrities would have us believe), but there are definitely enough of them. I think most people are 2A buttheads.

      • ^ I concur, I only know 2 X total antis but a large amount of family what I term restrictionists. A restrictionist “believes in the 2a” but doesn’t know why you need more then 10 rds/semi auto/handguns ect. They also think the 2a is for hunting/target shooting/antiquated due to the National Guard ect. I guess in the end most people are restrictionist in some manner, most don’t advocate civilian ownership of tanks, fighter jets or thermo nuclear warheads.

  8. None. Living in small-town Idaho tends to weed out anyone who is a total anti-gun idiot, and they are considered not socially acceptable here. As an OFWG, I have no interest in wasting any of my remaining days or even minutes dealing with one of those leftist twits. Plus, I take a great deal of pleasure in wearing my NRA hat with an “I am Christian and I Carry” hat pin, hoping to offend the delicate sensitivities of a leftist snowflake. So far, that has only happened in the People’s Republic of the North End of Boise. Had some fun with one of them a while back – they are shocked when you go on the offensive. As an Army buddy from Mississippi once phrased it, “They can kiss my a** and bark at the hole.”

  9. Oh the Crap I get from the see something, say something family members when i remind them that filing a false police report could get them arrested..

  10. Zero although I did achieve some converts. Funny how a few trips to the range and some honest discussion can do that.

  11. On a gun positive note, my wife is one trip to the courthouse away from finally getting her concealed carry permit.

    It’s unlikely that she will carry every day, but she has independently come to the conclusion that even our neighborhood, there are times and situations where it would be appropriate. Baby steps.

  12. Clitoris Leachman? Meh. she was ite in Young Frankenstein.
    No really “anti-gun,” but more than a few “nobody needs an AK-47” type stuff. Of course, the response is “it’s not the Bill of Needs.”
    I do run into a fair amount of anti-hunting rhetoric from my Yankee associates, it’s always trite worn out crap like “so you’re gonna go shoot Bambi?” I don’t know anybody that shoots fawns.
    I did bust a big ol’ Tom this morning, though, it was awesome, he came in to bully my DSD Jake decoy and I MOAB’d him.

  13. If I do they keep to themselves when I’m around. There is one old Fuddy guy who keeps harping on the inherint dangeousness of striker fired handguns and the holy glories of thumb safetys but that’s just because he’s a dinosaur resistant to change.

  14. I’m pretty sure I don’t associate myself with low i.q anti-american, anti-freedom smucks who believe whatever constantly debunked garbage fake news websites like this, the NRA and brietbart tell them.

    Most people I seen with guns are complete paranoid and pathetic utter morons. People like you who are duped to believe that our last president was some wanna-be dictator despite the fact that Obama did a lot more for this country and saved us from the brink of ruin and made this country prosperous than that last idiot president did, that somehow crime in is high in the civilized world despite numerous stats from these same countries proving otherwise or that these same countries turned into Orwellian hellholes despite these same countries you mock as “unsafe” having very high personal freedoms, perfect economy, lack of homelessness, excellent education, superb healthcare and lack of violent crime. (Still don’t see European Union, Singapore, Canada, Australia or Japan turning into despotic regimes)

    I actually did try that gun free sign home experiment turns out; Irony, My house never got robbed or assault ever…But the gun-owners I used to lived next to got their houses robbed and their so called “tools of protection” stolen.

    The only thing I’ve seen the “pro-gun” movement do was cause increases in hate crimes, gun-attacks, voter intimidation, assaults, rapes and rises of dangerous “survivalist doomsday militia” groups that have been cause more trouble than “gangsters” and “drugs” which represent a small number of the US crime rate.

    I feel sorry that people like you folks will never stop drinking the kool-aid and wake-up and see the world is not some mad-maxesque hellhole that you claim is happening right at your doorstep. I don’t need a tool of oppression to feel like a man. I can walk safely out my house at night or to and from my job or to the grocery store without ever needing a gun. Your statistically more likely to commit suicide or murder against yourself or a loved one with your own gun than use is it.

    And DGUs are still an urban myth.

    • I love this guy.

      All the ‘we are the smartest people in the world you inbred cretins’ progressive attitude, all on display for free.

      Rawr 😉

      • I love this guy too. I hear people claim he’s a Soros paid troll. But there’s no way. Those posts are simply too satire to be taken seriously. Plus, there’s zero chance his rants and attacks are going to change people’s minds. He’s like The Onion, only just with anti gun stuff. It’s great.

        • I think it’s actually Shannon. I mean, like — actually, if you did an IP trace, it’d end up at Shannon Watts’ personal computer.

    • Glad to see the anti-slavery movement keeps you up at night.

      Come to the range sometime. We welcome all comers. Not just those we agree with.

    • “Most people I seen with guns are complete paranoid and pathetic utter morons.”

      These are the words of someone who was potty trained a gunpoint.

    • “Still don’t see European Union, Singapore, Canada, Australia or Japan turning into despotic regimes”

      That’s because they already are. Just because there aren’t reducation camps and gulags doesn’t mean they aren’t living under tyranny. Despotism comes in many forms but it’s still despotism.

      After having thus taken each individual one by one into its powerful hands, and having molded him as it pleases, the sovereign power extends its arms over the entire society; it covers the surface of society with a network of small, complicated, minute, and uniform rules, which the most original minds and the most vigorous souls cannot break through to go beyond the crowd; it does not break wills, but it softens them, bends them and directs them; it rarely forces action, but it constantly opposes your acting; it does not destroy, it prevents birth; it does not tyrannize, it hinders, it represses, it enervates, it extinguishes, it stupifies, and finally it reduces each nation to being nothing more than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd.”
      -Alexis de Tocqueville

    • Lol, thanks for the laugh Resistance! I hear people claim you’re a Soros paid lackey. But there’s no way. Your posts are simply too satire and your attacks are clearly not designed to change minds against guns. I think you’re great bud!

    • TR needs to sashay over to The Firearm Blog and read the recent article about how the New Zealand Army goes to Primary Schools to explain who they are and what they do and show off their weaponry and teach gun safety. They even let the little tykes fondle the hardware. Those kids will not be growing up scared and ignorant of firearms like TR is..

    • Thanks for the laugh The_Resistance. You highlighted almost every single idiotic talking point the brainwashed useful idiots use in a sad attempt to argue against guns. Can we ask you to provide actual evidence and will you reply with another satire post exposing anti’s for their lack of intelligence and only capable of parroting garbage that they themselves do not comprehend? You should think about writing articles because you have the mentally challenged mind of the anti gun crowd down.

  15. Wife’s family are all NY/CT anti-gunners transplanted to SoCal. Worst of both worlds:

    • They preach tolerance, but only for things they approve of.

    • They encourage compromise, but only if it get them what they want.

    • They support free speech, but only if it is not ‘triggering’ (yes, they use that word)

    • They think gun owners are knuckle-dragging, hairy palmed, drooling inbreds and they (the family) don’t understand why we ‘need’ guns. Spoken from behind their guard-gated communities with armed security patrols.

    • Anyone who disagrees with their ideology is wrong, regressive, and need to be reeducated for integration with ‘proper’ society. (That was a fun Christmas visit)

    When my wife graduated she moved as far across the country as she could get (to Alaska, since they were in NY/CT at the time). They don’t understand how she can be with a conservative or how our children are both happy, bright and disciplined (as in comporting oneself with discipline, not abused…).

    We’ve stopped visiting. It is just too trying, we don’t really like our children being in proximity to theirs, and they think I’m ‘mean’ because I will not only disagree with them, but will do it in a factual and firm manner. 😉

  16. Is Spike Lee still relevant? This seems like a bit of a stretch. Obnoxious trailer. The anti-rights people are mostly at my synagogue, but I am trying to make inroads there.

  17. Way too many. Living in Occupied Virginia or as I call it the Cesspool on the Potomac, there are too many over educated morons in my life.

    My big question to Robert…Yoga?

    • Same here. Been waiting for an opening. Yoga??? I guess it’s a good way to meet women, though I suspect women don’t respect men who yoga. They like us a little rougher around the edges.

    • Yoga teaches breath control and balance at the very least. Two things that will improve your shooting. In addition, it is a serious workout. Hey, even Hank Hill recognized the benefits of yoga.

  18. too many. Usually I here that assault weapons are bad – you know – the ones that keep firing until you take your finger off the trigger or they run out of ammo?

    When I explain that is a special weapon, and no citizen can buy a new one, used with a stamp cost many thousands, they usually come around. Then I hear that you only need one gun – then I ask them if they only need one hammer to do all of thier house chores.

    The reasonable ones come around – since I collect older small handguns, they usually don’t have a problem. I understand why some people do not own guns, they are responsable enough to realize they could get drunk or just lose thier temper and kill someone. That was me 15 years ago

  19. A few…. my cousins wife…. but she’s a left wing nut bag. And a few coworkers. But I count them as friends. I just don’t talk to them about guns. Simple as that. Tried it once. It didn’t end well. As we do have similar tastes in other areas that what we talk about.

  20. Rotten Tomatoes gave Super Troopers a shit rating, so they have zero barring on my movie selections.

    To answer the question, I know a couple. They have been slowly converted to the pro gun side. Trump, crazies, and an increase in crime in our area are reasons why. They’re a bit nerdy, board gamers and such, so they also sited zombies. I recently helped them build an AR. We are winning the culture war.

  21. I have some mildly anti gun friends but none that would judge me personally for it or start screaming hysterics over it.

    Also, according to the link you posted, ITAGIYP got a 0 rating from the critics. Thats right… not one critic that watched the movie gave it a favorable review, which officially makes it the worst movie ever, since you can’t go lower than zero. the 95% is from non critics that watched it. How many of those people were MDA shills trying to artificially boost the movie ratings? No one knows.

  22. Mercifully, none that are close to me. Relatives on both sides of my family support gun ownership in various ways and most come from long family traditions of hunting. I have nephews who are avid bow and black-powder hunters. In my reasonably upscale liberal/progressive neighborhood, about every other house is armed and, although I am sure they’re out there, routine conversations with neighbors have never elicited any anti-gun sentiments. Really, the only time I’ve encountered overt anti-gun folks is in Austin. But, then, Austin is rapidly coming to resemble LA so that’s probably why this happens.

  23. You can choose friends and associates, you can’t choose family. 65% of family are rabid anti’s, 15% are Fudds, the remaining family are somewhere between Fudd and what part of ‘shall not be infringed’ do you fail to understand. At family gatherings when the hugs are doled out, I get ‘the look’ when one of the rabid ones feels the commander under my shirt. They daren’t say anything. I’ve dissected their arguments about gun control by placing the same encumbrances they extol on the second upon whatever their favorite of the Bill of Rights may be. The grow silent right quick like.

  24. There are no anti-gunners in my circle of friends. Family is another matter. My wife is perfectly understanding and accepting of my firearms but for her own good and sufficient reasons which I will not go into here she does not herself shoot.

    It is greatly fortunate that my mother is still living (mostly) independently at the age of 97-and-a-half. She used to be knee-jerk anti, but has become at least tolerant. She’ll never raise the subject but I make a point of making favorable mention of responsible gun owners and carriers every so often. She may ask a reasonable question or two before she changes the subject but she no longer goes into “I don’t want to hear about those nasty evil things” mode any more.

    My sister is another matter, but she has an excuse. Her daughter, my niece, was married to a man to committed suicide with a handgun while lying in bed next to her. The emotional/psychological devastation that followed that has been indescribable and I’ll give a pass to any anti-gunner who has that position for a similar reason…so long as they don’t support more gun control laws. I’m glad to say my sister does not. It is noteworthy that my niece, the one most emotionally traumatized by her husband’s death, has remained a responsible gun owner and both practices at the range and carries.

  25. So…
    It has gotten by everyone else so that makes me the first to congratulate Robert for being firmly grounded in his metro-sexual self.
    “As for my Austin life, you should have seen the death stares when I wore my TTAG T-shirt to yoga class.”
    I’m there with ya brother! Winning friends and influcing neighbors with ballistic yoga.
    As a rehab therapist I can’t recommend yoga enough for everyone.
    (And the haters gonna hate, but they’re usually the ones that need yoga the most.)
    ((Step outside your box once in awhile…))

    But my greatest recommendation is to “gat up!”.

    Downward Dog to Sun Salute… Keep it real.

    • No way, no how. Real men don’t yoga. Not a chance. And I don’t need to yoga. I’ve got numerous manlier outlets. Including skewering unsuspecting commenters on TTAG.

  26. Zero, the only anti gun people in my life are the wife’s parents and I talk to them only when forced to.

  27. I’ve got a friend who is pro-gun control, but has an LTC. Thinks no one needs a “high capacity” semi for self defense, but is planning on getting one for self defense. His problem is that he believes everything the DNC/left says. He’ll repeat every talking point on gun control (and everything else) if the topic comes up.

    Shortly after the Pulse shooting, a couple of guys I know asked why anyone would need a 30 round magazine. They quickly walked that one back when everyone else turned the conversation up to 11.

    Then there are about half of the women in my life. They’re not so much anti-gun as they are ignorant and scared. I let my nephews hold each of my guns after ensuring that they knew and understood the 4 rules. When their mom (my sister) came to pick them up, she asked me if they were loaded. Before I could respond, my 4 year old nephew, shouted “every gun is loaded!”

    My mom asked me if my AR upper was “a machine gun.” After explaining that it wasn’t legally even a gun and all about the NFA and the Hughes Amendment, I told her her dad would be ashamed. She agreed. My grandfather had a CHL before that was a thing that people did. He carried, reloaded, and did a little gun-smithing. He had a DGU in a parking lot one night. He died well before I was born, so I don’t know all the details, but he was still buying reloading supplies when the “expensive” primers were 1 cent a piece. I’ve got a bunch of his stuff that, unfortunately, wasn’t stored properly. Even not stored properly, most of the equipment is still in usable to good condition. I had to toss some of it, though.

  28. No antis that I know of but my mother in law is a FUDD. She’s all about her shotguns and doesn’t mind rifles, even MSR’s, but she’s of the opinion that no one outside LE or the military needs a handgun.

    She’s not the type to ban handguns but she doesn’t like them, won’t allow them in the house and will simply reply to any argument with “Unless you go looking for trouble, or have a job where trouble tends to come looking for you, you don’t need a handgun”.

    She strikes me as an odd duck. What, a suppressed AR? Sure, bring it on in and show me, that thing is cool BUT, leave your sidearm in the truck, it’s just too dangerous to have a pistol in the house! Freaking strange.

  29. “Rotten Tomatoes gave ITAGIYP 95 percent approval — based on 11 user-generated reviews and no critical commentary.”

    I don’t know what you’re reading — go look again. Rotten Tomatoes gives ITAGIYP a ZERO rating, based on 11 reviews from PROFESSIONAL reviewers. It has 11 reviews from folks like the Washington Post, Variety, NY Times, Village Voice, etc., and they all said it sucks. 11 for 11. Not one positive review in the bunch.

    RT says the film garnered a 94% audience approval rating — which means Shannon’s tweeted out to her sheep that “for the good of the country, you have to go rate this movie high.” I would not be surprised at all if there’s more positive reviews for it on Rotten Tomatoes than there are actual ticket sales for it nationwide.

  30. Okay, I looked it up: the IMDB shows a total box office haul for this film at $39,361.00. Not millions, that’s thousands. It made less than $40,000 NATIONWIDE, throughout its entire run! In its opening weekend it made $426. Total. At about $10 a ticket, that means maybe 43 people saw it. Even at its $39,361.00 peak, if a ticket is $10, that means that fewer than 4,000 people bothered to see this stinkbomb. Well, 4011, because we know at least 11 reviewers saw it, and every one of them gave it a bad review.

    So absolutely the opposite of what TTAG said — not only was this not funny, it was a disaster of epic scale at the box office and with the reviewers. And we know that that “94% positive” rating is MDA astroturf, because if truly 94% of the audience loved it, they’d tell their friends, and you’d have seen a lot more than 4,000 ticket sales nationwide.

  31. A few fudds, a few “Why would someone need that?” types, a few that are afraid of guns, but I don’t have friends or family that are outright anti-gun, that I’m aware of. I avoid talking about guns w/ one of my sister in laws because I think she would be anti-gun and I’d like to avoid another argument with her, but I don’t really know since we don’t talk about it. I’m certain that at least half of the people I work with are pro gun control, probably more. I’m the only “gun person” in my family, aside from one of my brothers in law who also is a gun guy. My father in law recently bought his first handgun since he trained as a volunteer deputy back in the 70s shooting a .357 mag S&W revolver. My dad owns a couple of guns but has never shot them – they became his when his father died. One is from a German soldier from WWII. Pretty cool.

  32. I assiduously avoid stupid people, which includes all anti-gunners. Frankly, I’d rather shave my eyeballs than spend a moment in their smarmy presence.

  33. We know plenty of people who don’t own firearms, and a few who own but don’t carry, but nobody in our day to day lives is anti-gun in the sense that they have strong, negative opinions.

    Where we occasionally into that crap is at the friend-of-a-friend level at dinner parties or whatever get togethers. It’s usually a polite and brief exchange, ending with them rolling their eyes and observers pausing to consider my comments. The key is to keep it on point and pithy, never lecturing or overly controlling.

  34. In my circle of friends? None. There was an interesting glitch on Instagram a few months ago which magically broadcast my firearms blog Instagram account name, to all the friends on my phone’s contact list who had Instagram. Despite the fact that I had no personally identifiable information listed in that Instagram account. Most people didn’t give a crap, but I sent a few so-called “friends” into hysterics – especially when they saw the photographs I took of automatic weapons in operation.

    The repeated histrionics got irritating so I cut them out of my life. None have made any real attempts to reach out since then, even after I got married, which is usually when you get texts and so forth from people you haven’t heard from in awhile.

    Guess they weren’t really friends to begin with.

    In my circle of friends though, there’s a few “I support the Second, but…” types. With them, it’s just a matter of working on that “but” part. That part is almost always because of a lack of education on the issue.

  35. As little kids there was annual summer vacations at Grandparents Ranch, 9 miles west of Mason Texas. Whole lot of rattle snakes about. You would be a fool to not have a tool to deal with them. On my mother’s side very pro-2nd. Thinking since on my Dad’s side had a number of LEOs nephews. Gave my dad’s Colt Mustang pistol to my Austin LEO nephew, I had inherited from my dad, his grandson
    Other than known gun friendly family & friends, really keep what I own firearms wise on a low key basis. You don’t ask, I don’t tell. As an older woman now, don’t need the aggravation!

  36. First off I would caution the people here saying “none, I don’t like stupid people” that is the mentality that brought us mommies demanding you live by our rules and the Brady bunch. Echo chambers kill (first ideas then organisms)!

    As for myself it’s probably 10% hard antigun types, 30% hard “exactly which part of shall not infringe do you not fully comprehend” types… the rest are somewhere between “no guns at the Christmas dinner table (but give my mom a deer tag and she’s in the woods!)”, “ok carry but take it off at the door” (there are times a wise man says “yes dear and the dogs cover the perimeter anyways so ok nothing is currently going on”) and “I like to carry but not in the memory care ward (her mom is in-patient there) there’s just too much risk of a gun grab”. So yeah a pretty healthy balance and I personally don’t avoid anti’s because their challenges actually make us stronger (because shit ideas tend to be weeded out pretty quickly when arguments are judged on merit).

  37. I don’t hang out with slaves or people who would turn me in for a few handouts from the government.

  38. Most of my family is staunch pro gun. The exceptions being an aunt, a second cousin, and a cousin (Not the aunt’s daughter.) We can hold civilized dialogue about it and my aunt will be very respectful. The interesting one is my second cousin. She is an uber liberal, but she will listen to and agree with some conservative opinion. I sent her a link to this website and she thanked me for doing so and said it had changed her position.

    I have taken people to the range who were anti-gun to have them come back discussing what their first gun purchase may be. It’s all about educating those who will be educated like my second cousin. She lives in another state, but has said she will come to the range with me. As for the cousin, she will not listen to reason. She blasted me for shooting semi automatic weapons and then told me that she had actually shot a Glock, but that was okay. (Sure she did.) I pointed out that a Glock was a semi auto weapon and the fireworks began. I try to avoid discussing it with her, but she always tries to bait me and loses.

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