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Hollywood is a nest of anti-gun rights hypocrites. ThousandsĀ of anti-gun writers, actors, directors and producers make tens of millions of dollars by creating films with shooting a-plenty. On balance, I’ve got no problem with that . . .

Say what they will about “gun violence,” they’re cranking out pro-gun pictures. Keeping America’s gun culture alive and well. Spreading it throughout the free world. China and Russia too! (North Korea not so much.)

While Free Fire may not have a single good guy with a gun, the vast majority of pictures show that…say it with me…the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. And that guns are cool. On balance, a net positive. Right?

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  1. Hooray for Hollyweird? Nope…the pro-gun confiscation crowd gets it wrong a LOT. Hypocrites and full of shite.

  2. The hypocrite Matt Damon was in Australia promoting the latest ‘Jason Boune’ movie last year and made the statement that EVERY firearm in the US should be confiscated, wished the US would do what Australia did with gun control. Rotten little shitty bastard makes millions doing movies with firearms and does not think we have the right to own them. And when they have the ‘Academy Awards’ there is armed security everywhere including snipers on roof tops. If they hate guns so bad let them be without their armed security people. No surprise that most are Demoncrates.

    • Most actors are morons. They tend to be uniformly poorly-educated and ill-suited for any other work than what they do—which is pretend to be someone else for a living. I don’t think people given them much credibility.

      • Damon was born in Boston, a child of privilege, who attended Harvard (but dropped out to pursue his acting career). so he comes by his politics “naturally.”

  3. When I need to remove old odors from my fridge, make a batch of quick-leavening bread, or get rid of a bad case of heartburn, I’ll be sure to consult Armie Hammer. On the issue of guns, I’ll continue to defer to the U.S. Constitution.

  4. Listening to Armie Hammer makes me wonder why more actors aren’t deaf as posts since lots of them are exposed to huge amounts of blank gun fire.

      • That depends on the movie. They went with the actual noise in Heat because the director thought it sounded better.

        • I can believe that.

          You can hear the ‘slap’ canyon-like sound off the buildings, and the sub-echos as it decays, and it does make it sound realistic.

          As far as I’m concerned, Hollywood is the biggest driver in gun rights. Not the actors, the movies themselves.

          If Hollywood were to treat guns like the way they treated cigarettes, we’d be fvcked.

          But no, they’re far more addicted to the money a good gun-action movie can make.

          It is *literally* the rope we are hanging them with for gun rights.

          All the more sweet as it’s a Progressive propaganda tactic biting them in the ass…

  5. “On balance, a net positive. Right?”

    Wrong. The Hollywood scvmbags make billions, which they then pour into their lefty candidates and “voter initiatives” to screw us over.

    • They are the ones that made guns ‘cool’ with the kids.

      Don’t change a thing, Hollywood, you are just fine as you are…

  6. What me worry??
    I could care less what Hollywood says or does about guns. Most of its noise is negativity.
    I shut them off years ago as a bunch of hypocrites. Making all sorts of noise with their personal options that are for the most part worthless. Guns make them their livings for the most part.
    Is there a cop show without a gun in it??
    Is there a network with NO cop shows??
    They make their money with the use of guns and should just shut the heck up already.
    They don’t live in the real world. Or in mine.

    • There are only so many romantic comedies one can watch before going totally insane. There is no excitement to them. What gets the heart pounding faster than people getting shot at? Nothing. Well, except for Hitchcock. (Maybe King too, but I don’t watch that kind of flick.) And Hollywood knows it only too well.

  7. The problem is they show flashy stuff, shooting guns sideways, they blow stuff up and behave in what appears to be very unsafe manner around guns. I remember in the 80s going out to the desert with some friends. Sat afternoon, the idiots were firing on a junk car and propane tank bombs, glass and black smoke from gasoline bombs everywhere. You could hear auto fire every now and then and people shooting every which way, not paying attention to others. I was glad to leave and it made me anti desert shooting. The gangbangers were coming out to shoot weapons paid for by drug sales and it was just unsafe. They closed off the area for shooting, I am sure there were accidents.
    I listen to the range guy, I won’t go out in a boat without a life jacket nearby, I wear seat belts. I have been in car accidents and motorcycle accidents on and off road, I really don’t want to take a bullet or be with anyone who does.
    Hollywood is fantasy, don’t do what they do.

  8. New show on Amazon called “Fortitude.” It’s a British show shot in Iceland. First show I’ve ever seen where someone gets yelled at by a cop for not having a gun. In this case, a rifle. ‘Cause there’s a lot of polar bears around.

  9. That’s kinda how I feel towards walking dead. It’s pretty stupid now, but there’s a ton of kids out there who got into guns because of it and call of duty.

  10. If Hollywood were a woman, she’d be 100% sending mixed messages. “Oh, guns are bad but watch this movie with really cool people in it shooting really cool guns and that the good guy with a gun stops the bad guy but that never happens in real life it’s just pretend so don’t buy guns.”

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