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A TTAG reader writes: “As the California Legislature prepares for its final stretch of the session, key anti-gun legislation is on the move again. Specifically, SB 53 (new bans on ammo sales, licensing, registration), SB 808 (criminalizes home-built firearms without serial numbers), AB 1598 (law enforcement training mandate that lacks provision for CCW carriers) and AB 1609 (new firearms crimes).” What is it WITH these people? Edward Abbey observed “There is science, logic, reason; there is thought verified by experience. And then there is California.” What’s your explanation for the Golden State’s hard-on for civilian disarmament?


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  1. Google ”woman solves all of california’s problems” That should lead to a video of this lady talking to some legislative body in CA. State or local I’m not sure.
    WARNING: Make sure that you can spare a few brain cells before watching.

    • It never gets any less cringe worthy no matter how many times you’ve listened to it.

      You seriously have to wonder how she doesn’t drown in the rain, or choke while eating.

    • Odin’s Chestnuts, my brain hurts now.

      “Ms. California Lady, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

    • Some things, once watched, cannot be unwatched.

      The next time you recommend a video, remind me to lay my dick on a work bench and smack it with a ball peen hammer. It’ll hurt less and it’s an all around smarter decision.

    • Yeah. That lady was from my hometown Santa Cruz, CA, and she was speaking to the city council. She was a student at UCSC at the time. Perhaps that tells you something about UCSC? Her mentality is pervasive, and there seems to be no antidote.

      Which is one more reason why I am no longer “Toby in CA.” I cannot tolerate it.

  2. Everything. We passed a proposition saying only the top 2 candidates from the primaries are allowed on the November ballot (local and state offices).

    So we voted to take away our right to vote for anyone.

  3. Robert, Let’s not forget the micro stamping law which went into effect last year, the continued decline on the safe gun registry. Mandated state registration of both long guns and hand guns. the failed APPS program which has a slew of new bills being thrown at it to make it more inept.
    So what is the reason?
    It isn’t that hard to figure out. They want to make it illegal for all to own, possess or carry a firearm in this state. Unless of course you are really rich with connections.
    I have no doubts about their “agenda”. It is as plain as the bold text on a newspaper headline.
    I don’t know why California seems to want to win the race to stupidity on gun rights. I really don’t.
    It is why many of us have plans to migrate elsewhere. It has reached a point now where many have simply given up, or have seen a red line. When the state crosses it, they will pack up and leave.
    All I can say for sure is that I personally plan on being a lone star state resident shortly. I am going to fight here as long as I can, but there is only so much I or any other gun owner can take before we decide enough is enough.

    • +1

      My mom and other family live in Texas. Everyday brings up my internal debate, should I stay or should I go?

      There is a huge disconnect between the commoners and the aristocracy, whether its SF in the north or LA in the south, the diversity found here makes it difficult to find common ground amongst even peers.

    • I was informed while at a LGS on Monday that “California does not have gun registration.” The DOJ says so in its answers to FAQs. They simply keep an electronic record of every DROS, and that is not, so they say, “gun registration.” I am a lawyer, and even I don’t understand this double speak.

    • We would welcome another gun owner to our great state (yes we know everyone hates hearing about how great we think this place is). Ironically though it is not only freedom loving gun owners moving here. I said ironically but what I meant was alarmingly. It causes alarm because quite a few of the others migrating here are from the coast and want to bring the attitude that screwed up much of the east and west coasts with them. The projection is we will be a blue state withing the next 20 years. This is due to a combination of Mexican immigrants (legal and otherwise) who tend to vote blue and the people moving here from the coast.

      • Mexican immigrants can’t (legally) vote until / unless they become naturalized US Citizens and most don’t, but their children born here are natural born USC’s. At this point it may be too soon for them to have much influence and you may have to look elsewhere to explain the blueness of CT politics.

        • There were two explanations for the “blueness” that I stated. However, you are correct that they cannot “legally” vote, though, Mexicans immigrating to Texas did not start just 17 years ago.

      • Latins (border culture is actually quite distinct from Mexican culture) were here long before all the Yankees and Confederates came to Texas. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was supposed to give them citizenship but the Texicans generally ignored that. The Spanish land grants were also supposed to be honored but Confederates came to Texas and ran the Latins off their ranches at gun point.

        So when they have a sense that it’s their land they aren’t kidding.

        The county that I live in is 75% Latin. Down in the RGV it’s more like 88% Latin. Spanish is the dominant language for much of the areas around the border.

        Nothing scares an old white person quite like a well-armed Latin. And I laugh at some of the things that I read from Texas nationalists who have big plans for our part of Texas. When the Minutemen came down from San Antonio they literally lasted 5 minutes, did a quick photo shoot near the border at McAllen, got back in their cars, and ran home before much of a crowd gathered.

        We don’t want damned trouble makers. And most of the Mexicans coming across the border are someone’s cousin. Although right now most of the folks coming across are from places other than Mexico.

        • “The Spanish land grants were also supposed to be honored but Confederates came to Texas and ran the Latins off their ranches at gun point.”

          Sorry, but not quite. Before, during, and after the Texas revolution and extending well beyond the 1846 Texas/Mexican War, the border areas and much of south Texas were decidedly unstable and rife with cross-border raids (from both sides) and general mayhem. Although it doesn’t fit your modern narrative, everyone who lived in Texas during that time faced danger and injustice. Mexicans and Texas-Mexicans were hardly innocent victims in all this. (See “Plan de San Diego” for example.)

          “So when they have a sense that it’s their land they aren’t kidding.”

          Sorry but, again, not quite. “They” have no more right to sense that it’s “their” land than the Palestinians’ have to sense that Israel belongs to them.

        • “So when they have a sense that it’s their land they aren’t kidding.”

          Bullshit Comrade. How many million Native Americans did the latins murder directly or through enslavement and European diseases? And the granting of land during that time period was so corrupt as to be laughable. Does the term “Cigarillo” mean anything to you?

        • Well il Minuta Duce, what are you telling us? That two wrongs make a Wright? That somehow it’s more better (sic) when an ex-Confederate Texan steals land than when a Spaniard does it? That when the Cavalry put all those Buffalo Soldiers (most of whom were ex-slaves or descended from slaves) in Bracketville to chase the Kickapoo that somehow it was all a plan to allow the Kickapoo to become wealthy in the casino business 100 years later?

    • Daniel, I’ll welcome you with open arms to Texas, but pleae do NOT be one of the typical slave state refugees. Don’t come here fleeing your failed state’s self -imposed misery, then start voting all that tired, tried and failed liberal b.s. here thinking “Yay! A great state with a fresh start. It’ll all be different this time!”

      It won’t. You’ll just end up ruining Texas like they did California and like they’re doing now to Colorado.

      So if you’re a self-reliant guy who cares about the future and is willing to help us make Texas even better, then hop on I-10 and head this way. I’ll buy the first round.

      • Yup. Just remember that the reason why Texans don’t like people from other states is that people who have lived elsewhere keep mentioning inconvenient things. Like how Texas leads the nation in uninsured people. Or how there are jobs, but the average Texas wage is well below the national average. Or how Texas would be desperately poor if it wasn’t for oil and gas production. And oilfield jobs generally don’t pay what the employers and politicians claim they pay, and the conditions out here in the desert are brutal, and most of those “tough Texicans” don’t last more than a few months out here (I have been here in the Eagle Ford for over 3 years).

        But Texas has a lot to offer. Once we civilize it a bit 😉

        • Oh, and while Texas doesn’t have a personal income tax (and neither does Florida for that matter) Texas’ tax rates for small corporations are actually very, very high and hard to avoid. You can’t write off start up costs and return of capital because they tax on a percentage of gross. And property taxes in Texas are among the highest in the country. But there is little regulation for certain industries – just ask the folks in West, TX where that fertilizer plant blew up. Or all the folks in the suburbs of northern Texas who have been unable to pursue claims against oil companies when they set up drill rigs next door.

        • Water? In Texas or in California? I’m not too worried about Texas. Was a manager at a water company and I know where most of the sources are at 😉

        • Liar. One third of the best paying in the US are being created in TX, and it’s not just oil jobs. We’re the number one high tech exporting state, for example.

          Get out of my state, or stop lying.



  4. This is what happens when you believe that you can change human nature and remove evil from the heart of people by passing a law. If you just wish hard enough long enough it’s just gotta come true.

  5. You have a single party rule government, which like Obama, believes they have no duty or responsibility to respect its constituents and you have a lot of sheep that are so out of touch that stuff like this happens:

    Embattled Sen. Leland Yee Gets More Than 200,000 Votes For Secretary Of State Despite Corruption Charges

    Yee withdrew from the race shortly after his arrest on March 26, which made national headlines and received broad coverage in the Bay Area.

    Many of its people like its politicians are out of touch, reaction is knee jerk and emotional and they believe their state is more special than any other. Since there is nobody to oppose them, they can do whatever feels good even if it makes zero sense.

    I live in CT so I can say the same for my state

    • Don’t suppose you caught Foley this morning? I can’t believe that McKinney and Foley are the best the Republicans can put up in this state.

      • I was at the CCDL meeting Tuesday and I heard Foley on the radio. Foley sucks as does Malloy but the state will not survive economically with Malloy in charge. CT can easily spiral like CA. Neither state has a government worth a damn.

        Purely from a fiscal perspective, we cannot continue with Malloy regardless of gun rights. With Foley, nothing will change in terms of gun rights but maybe every dollar I earn will not go to taxes.

        My parents are elderly and sometimes sick and to stubborn to move, otherwise I would be moving out if for no other reason to pay less taxes and save more for retirement.

    • It may just be a matter of picking which criminal to vote for: The one who got caught, or the ones who has gotten away with it so far.

    • Actually, it is the Progressive position. The far left loves them some guns:

      “Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary.” – Karl Marx, March 1850

  6. The wealthy (mostly white) are able to afford the cost of living in enclaves and protecting them (good police forces, with private security and bodyguards to augment them). The poor (mostly minorities) tend to believe the promise that civilian disarmament would somehow stop criminals from preying on them. Much of the middle class shares the cultural identity of one of the other groups, so there simply aren’t enough people who need and want to be able to defend themselves.

  7. Also, Californiaitis spreads like the plague.

    Californians get sick of the political climate and taxes in California so they flee to Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming to escape. Once ensconced in their new State, they promptly start trying to change their new State into what they left in California.

    They have pretty much destroyed Oregon and western half of Washington State already.

      • And that’s why this anti-gun, anti-freedom crap must be fought wherever it is, East Coast, West Coast and every other place the antis rear their ugly, mostly progressive Democrat ugly, heads.

        Our’s is a very mobile nation. We must fight this anti-gun cancer where it exists because thanks to politicians, media and population mobility, it will spread if not defeated where it exists.

    • Arizona is very hostile towards Californians (Edit: That dont conform*). They tend to move onto Colorado in a short amount of time.

    • Bud, you describe two different groups:

      “Californians get sick of the political climate and taxes in California so they flee…” better describes us CA residents who you would *want* to have emigrate to your state. We by far also constitute the majority of the devoted pro-gun population who would fully support and assimilate to the existing political and cultural norms that exist in the freedom oriented states you name.

      The “Californiaitis” malaise you refer to would best describe the devoted or fashionably liberal progressive sheeple who are forced to relocate for jobs, family, retirement – whatever – who would otherwise be more than happy to continue to wallow in the political, environmentalist, anti-gun, politically correct Democrat run and mismanaged cesspool that is destroying this once great state.

      • My view is from far off California wannabe, Illinoisistan so your description is obviously much more accurate.

        I travel a lot in the western States and have many friends there and to a man, they hate former California residents.

        • I live in the San Diego area, and I despise airhead sheeple followers too, especially the died in the wool liberal progressives who wear it on their sleeves and demand everyone else accept *their* beliefs but are intolerant of yours and surprised that anyone would disagree with their point of view.

          So I can sympathize if your “many friends” in “western states” hate CA expatriates who arrive with their progressive baggage and furniture looking to spread their wings and transform their new ‘home’ to match their liberal outlook. It would be like a melanoma appearing on your skin, and you wanna cut it out before it spreads.

    • This I have heard from someone in Wash. state who moved here to Florida. The Cali folks are actively shunned by the actual Wash. state folk when they move there.

    • It is not just the wealthy elite. The largely Hispanic populations of southern California, just as the blacks in Chicago, are largely made up of democrats who are anti-gun. The urban centers are Democrat enclaves, as are most cities in the US these days, and they outnumber the republicans in the rural communities 6 to 4.

  8. Well, the folks in CA vote for their political party like its their sports team instead of their paid representatives. The politicians have gotten in bed with the Unions, and that means it all tends to skew far left/progressive with folks who believe they need to regulate every aspect of life. They understand instinctively that they may reach a point where the public wakes up and decides the evil is no longer tolerable. They must be disarmed before they reach that point.

  9. California, the old jokes goes, is like breakfast cereal: everything that isn’t a fruit or a nut is a flake. And I’m a native. Must be one of those “gun nuts” I keep reading about…

    • You beat me to it. Kalifornia is the land of fruits and nuts, strike one. It’s also full of professional liars (actors & lawyers), strike two. Everyone else is a bit off in the head due to the prospect of falling into the Pacific Ocean at any given moment, strike three.

  10. Democrats control the legislature, and respect for the 2nd Amendment varies from little to none. Statism is alive and well. There are a$$holes in the CA DOJ who will happily enforce Califronia’s idiotic gun laws, sheriffs who will gladly deny CCW permits to law abiding citizens, and low information voters who support it all in exchange for more free sh!t from the government and the ability to “get their hair did” on EBT.

    Those of us few independent and rational thinkers are outnumbered and outvoted by morons and statist control freaks.

    Still, I’ve got a shite ton of guns and ammo, and will do whatever is feasible to support gun rights. I’ve helped plenty of other people build, purchase, and train with firearms as well. I may even be smart enough to store guns in other states, just in case.

    There are an estimated 9 million gun owners in CA. It isn’t possible to arrest them all on technical and meaningless violations. The passage of laws is problematic, but not the absolute endgame. Confiscation is. It is the endgame for many other cities and states as well. Please don’t completely abandon us CA gun owners, and keep your powder dry. Since ammo prices are going down, now is a great time to buy.

    My suggestion: buy guns, ammo, and supplies.

    • Better suggestion, spend less time and money stockpiling and more time and money taking anyone who will accept to the range. If you want to protect your rights the best way is to turn non-gun owners into gun owners.

  11. This is a state where in some areas, it is ILLEGAL to use your fireplace. If one of your tree hugging, lettuce munching bunny loving neighbors sees SMOKE coming out of your chimney, you can be visited by the police.

    California is also the birthplace of the anti-leaf blower laws, because of noise pollution. So I am not in any way surprised that firearms legislation is a big deal for politicians there. My personal theory is that there must be a large group of people that believe they actually saw a unicorn grazing at the base of a rainbow, and now will not let reality interfere with their perception of utopia. Possibly a drug induced mass hypnotic state? Maybe it is something in the water? Maybe these people really DO need aluminum foil inside their hats? In any case, they somehow got to be in charge, and ain’t letting go.

      • California’s gun laws have nothing on the rest of California’s laws. The progessives’ capacity for legislating idiocy is not restricted to laws regarding things that go bang.

        Look up “Spare The Air”. In a number of bay area counties, it’s only legal to use your wood burning fireplace in the winter when the government says you can, unless it’s the only heat source you have and you can prove it. Further, wood burning and even most gas fireplaces are banned here in santa clara county for new construction or remodels. You’re only allowed gas burning fireplaces that are completely sealed-no doors that open or anything, they have to be completely enclosed.

        And during summer “Spare the Air” days, they “urge residents to cut back on any activities that cause pollution – such as driving, using oil-based paints, gasoline-powered lawn mowers, or household aerosol products like hair sprays.”

        Let’s see… What else is illegal here in the glorious city of San Jose…

        Plastic bags. Those are banned. Stores can’t use them. Paper bags are taxed at $0.10 each to “encourage” people to bring their own reusable bags.

        Shooting ANYTHING within city limits, even pellet guns and slingshots. Playing frisbee could probably be considered illegal if you wanted to twist the language of the law enough. The actual text is: “No person shall, within the limits of the City of San José, make use of any slingshot, crossbow or similar device, or discharge or propel any dart, pellet, BB, rock, bolt, arrow or any other projectile from any air rifle, air pistol, BB gun, pellet gun, slingshot, rubber sling, crossbow or other instrument or device by means of which missiles of any kind or description are hurled, shot or projected.” -10.32.140, San Jose municipal code

        Having a shower that can have more than one shower head operating simultaneously is illegal. Toilets are now required to be I think 0.8 or 1gpf. Faucet and shower head flow rates are regulated, too. You’re legally required to use energy efficient lighting on the exterior of your house and in bathrooms and kitchens during remodels or new construction. That doesn’t mean a LED bulb with a normal screw in Edison base, either. No, that’s not legal. Because then you might just take the LED bulb out and return it and put a bad, evil incandescent bulb (that you’re paying to power at $0.30/KWh+…) back in after the city inspector leaves. Has to be a fixture that a normal incandescent bulb cannot be installed in.

        CA smog laws for cars are all kinds of screwed up. I could write a book on it. The cliff’s notes version is that any non-stock part being installed on a car made after 1975 has to have a California Air Resources Board e.o. #. The part has to be submitted for testing to CARB by the manufacturer-at the manufacturer’s expense-to get an e.o.#.

        Let’s say you have a ’76 Camaro and you replace the stock exhaust and the factory carb with headers, high flow cats, and a modern EFI system, using parts that don’t have a CARB e.o.#. You take the car to get smogged, and because the EFI and modern cats are so much more efficient than a carb and a thermal reactor, the emissions output is considerably lower than it was when the car rolled off the assembly line in ’76.

        You’ll fail the smog test. Even though it’s cleaner than the car was brand new, you’ll fail. Because CA hasn’t approved the parts. Smog laws for commercial trucks are worse; recent changes there have put a lot of people out of business or come very close. We’ve got carpool lanes but we’ll give the most morally righteous amongst us (i.e. hybrid/ev owners) permission-in the from of a sticker-to drive in them solo.

        We have highway patrol checkpoints at the border on every major highway to stop people coming into the state to make sure that you’re not bringing in any fresh produce, and if the state thinks it’s snowing heavily enough the same highway patrol officers will make you put chains on your car or turn around. Even if the car can’t use chains because the AWD system won’t tolerate it (e.g. the Subaru STI). If the snow gets bad enough, they’ll even shut down the road to keep you safe!

        Having a car that can’t move under its own power parked anywhere but in your garage-even if it’s in your driveway-is illegal. Ferrets are illegal. All kinds of aquarium fish and plants that you can get virtually anywhere else in the country are illegal. It wouldn’t surprise me if picking your nose was illegal. My enormous diesel truck isn’t illegal, but I guarantee that if I park it in front of Whole Foods, I’ll start a “grassroots” movement of bored and easily offended soccer moms with nothing better to do to make it illegal.

        Good food might as well be illegal, because I can go to a michelin starred restaurant but I can’t get good “normal” food anywhere.

        The good news? Our borders-especially our southern border-are wide open! Unless you have an orange on your person. Then we’ll pull you out of the car at gunpoint and taze you until your hair smokes.

        Yes, all of this freedom can be yours for the low, low price of $675,000 (the median cost of a 3br home in San Jose), and the state, in its boundless generosity, will even allow you to keep a vanishingly small percentage of paycheck for yourself!

        • As a California resident my entire life, this sums it up very, VERY well, except the part about not finding good “normal” food. There’s great food everywhere, man, what are you talking about?

        • @Jake F. What part of CA are you from, out of curiosity?

          It seems like everywhere in the state except the south bay has fantastic food. I have friends that moved up from SoCal that complain about the food around here relative to what they could get down there.

          It may also be that I just haven’t found the right places to eat yet.

          Either way, here in the south bay, there are plenty of decent restaurants, but i haven’t found many really good ones.

          The best cheesesteaks and tacos I know of come from the food cart in front of the Campbell Home Depot (they are, however, fantastic), and I can only think of one really good Thai restaurant and one pretty good Chinese place. There’s one Indian place that I know of that’s pretty good, and one Pho place up in Sunnyvale that does good stuff. Good pizza? Meh. Round Table is OK, Mountain Mike’s is OK, Jake’s is OK… I haven’t found anyone selling really, really good NY style pizza without having to drive to San Francisco.

          Good Italian food in general is hard to come by, good BBQ doesn’t exist at all so far as I know (Sam’s and CJ’s are OK, they’re not great), and neither does good fried chicken-Popeye’s does it better than SmokeEaters or Wicked Chicken (although their sauces are by far and away better than Popeye’s). The best hamburger I know of is at Left Bank, which is ostensibly a French restaurant.

          And if you want to grab something healthy and relatively inexpensive for lunch-say, a bagel and a salad with decent quality produce, and a good house-made dressing and spread for the bagel for under $15…. You’re absolutely SOL. It doesn’t exist here that I’ve found.

          Compared to what I’ve found in other places, for a city of almost 1m people, San Jose’s food scene seems to be pretty dismal.

        • Upon hearing my grandfather tell me that my cousin and his wife love living in San Jose, I wept for their lost souls.

          Half of me doesn’t know whether or not I should offer to let them and their 10 year old son shoot soda pop cans come this August or September’s family reunion like I promised last year….or tell them off instead. Very sad.


    • This is a state where in some areas, it is ILLEGAL to use your fireplace.
      True, but there are areas where you shouldn’t be able to use a wood burning fireplace, and I say that as a person who lives in a house built in the 1870s.

      During the 1970s, I lived in Pasadena, CA near the foot of the mountains. Literally, you could not see the mountains two miles away, except after a rain or wind storm.

      We had a pool, you’d be swimming and get this terrible pain in the chest, which I thought was from the water pressure, except when you swam out of State you didn’t get the same pain.

      Now, the air is very clean in comparison.

      While, California goes overboard on many restrictions it has, you can’t endanger people. I don’t think anyone would agree you have the right to have your chimney smoke pour directly into another person’s living room.

      In places in California, that smoke can’t get out. It’s trapped by the mountains, it wasn’t much different that having it pour directly into your living room back then.

  12. Thanks Robert. I appreciated the Edward Abbey plug. He’s one of my favorite authors. A real piece of work he was.

  13. I fear California may be suffering from Toxoplasma gondii parasite, it can come from “exposure to cats (or kittens [defined as a cat <1 year old]) and cat feces" .

    "Toxoplasma gondii appears to manipulate human personality as a result of adaptations that normally help complete its complex life cycle" … "both infected men and women have higher levels of guilt-proneness (they tend to be more apprehensive, self-doubting, worried, guilt prone, insecure, worrying"and self-blaming" and I believe more prone to blaming others.

    I am half joking about this, it would explain a lot, and there would be a cure! The scariest part is that T. gondii is real.

  14. What’s your explanation for the Golden State’s hard-on for civilian disarmament?

    The stupid has achieved critical mass. Just a matter of time before it blows.

  15. The problem is culture.

    If you take cars away from a population, then take away the people who know about cars, then fast forward twenty years as the media broadcasts sensational car wreck footage to people who’ve never driven or touched a car, and it’s logical that eventually someone’s gonna want to ban automobiles.

    And so it goes for firearms. The voters don’t own guns, their family members don’t own guns, and the only time most CA residents see firearms are on TV or when Something Bad is happening, like a police involved or mass shooting.

    In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

  16. One party govt, in the hands of unions looking to protect their monopoly on state administration, and impose rules that minimize accountability. If I were in charge of a union, I would seek the maximum possible rent and stifle any competition.

    It boils down to: If citizens can protect themselves, what do police do? If they are relegated to being after action social janitors, what justifies those massive pensions and early retirement credits?

    There is nothing wrong with CA. voters voted for Dems, and Dems dance with the interests that helped get them there.

    Someday, itll be pretty clear how Dems protect incompetent inner city teachers, police, and that cities overpay for protection. Sooner than you think now that Detroit is bankrupt and Craig promotes citizen self protection.

    It is indeed 100% science… of the dismal kind: Incentives.

  17. …just sent *another* email to Governor Brown requesting veto of the mentioned bills. Time to get on the phone also.

  18. Those of us not living in the coastal progressive utopias that are LA, the Bay area and Silicon Valley are at the mercy of and held hostage by those moronic a-holes who are, as that is where the majority of the political power in this state resides.

  19. If it wasn’t for large populations of minority groups, CA would be pro-gun.

    The lily-livered, wealthy whites fear the very idea of all those Mexicans and blacks walking around with guns. Cali’s Mulford Act was a direct reaction to the rise of the Black Panther’s rise in the 1960s. There is nothing scarier to CA’s whites than the image of a black man with a gun, except maybe the image of a Mexican with a gun.

    California’s Mexican-Americans and black people have been well-fooled by their leaders to blame the utter failures of their communities on guns (and white people).

    The tree-hugging nitwits break down in tears at the very thought of shooting Bambi. Right up until Bambi eats their precious flower gardens.

    The statists in CA’s governments hate the very idea that people might actually defend themselves and not be forced to become vassals of state power.

    Silicon Valley’s nouveau riche need more cheap foreign labor to clean their factories, homes and toilets, but the idea that inferior creatures can be allowed actual rights under law is abhorrent to them.

    The CA cops are happy that little Asian-American women can’t shoot back when they’re assaulted by uniformed maniacs in blue.

    CA is the land of fruits and nuts, to paraphrase Pat Brown, a former Governor and father of the current Gov. Moonbeam. Really, it’s a lunatic asylum run by the inmates.

    • I would add that the incredible weather, scenery, and prosperity (for many) … and being the hub of technology, movie, and television magic … has quite literally led many to believe that utopia is not only possible but so close they can taste it. Thus many people are on board with the fantasy that the only thing left standing between them and utopia is banning all firearms in public hands.

      Those six elements do not come together anywhere else in the nation.

  20. It’s called Communism and Elitism.

    See #3.

    These supposed leaders are in Fantasy Land after having seen too many Hollywood shoot’em up movies such as Terminator.

    They know that none of the laws passed will affect the criminal element of the equation, since criminals don’t respect law or law abiding citizens or there would be no crime.

    Now let’s look at the issues with enslavement….the Democratic party was FOR SLAVERY and the KKK was their enforcement arm, now they have figured out how to keep people in ghettos and in poverty (financial enslavement), remove any motivation whatsoever by giving them everything they need including the false sense of safety promised in disarmament and brain-washing them about how bad guns are, and you have the complete picture of Los Angeles and other areas of California. And these same people keep voting the same morons into office over and over again because they are getting hand out and beleive in the lies of their “leaders”.

    At this point, Detroit has the right idea to reduce crime: issue CCW permits. Crime is DROPPING.

    But here we have Communist leaders who espouse disarmament and get caught running a gun ring….

    Hypocrisy. That’s the ticket.

  21. The argument that there are more people that are in favor of “reasonable” firearms restrictions runs into the problem that California is NOT a democracy. California is a Republic, this means that if just one of the people has a right diminished or abrogated by a statute, the statue is unconstitutional and the government representatives that enacted the statute have exceeded their delegated power. I am a people of California and your opinion, that you or anyone else may restrict my rights, is invalid. Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them.

    • You are 100% correct. And yet almost every police officer in California supports all of the immoral and unconstitutional firearms laws and will immediately arrest you if you wear a handgun plainly visible on your hip while walking to a park.

      The problem is that California and most other areas are not operating according to their constitutions. They are operating under the “might makes right” principle. And this continues because the good people of California and elsewhere fail to act. If just 1 out of 10 firearm owners in California marched on Sacramento and demanded an immediate repeal of all firearm laws, this would all go away.

  22. I’m not proud to say that Kevin De Leon was elected to my district in California and it pains me to call him the person that is supposed to “represent” my interests.

    • Could be worse. We have good local representation but with the way Texas is gerrymandered I have Cruz representing me.

      Laredo is the only town north of the Rio Grande that petitioned to go back to Mexico. I was driving through town the day that Perry announced his intention to run for President and the local DJ said on the radio that it was time for voters to decide if they hated Mexicans or deficits worse.

      We have some real nutbags here in Texas.

  23. Some dude named Reagan was the Guv’ner and didn’t like the Black Panthers running around with long guns in public, so he had the laws changed. After that bit of racist Republican hypocrisy things went downhill.

    • Gee, I didn’t realize that Reagan passed the Mulford Act by himself and that no Democrats in CA legislature voted for it. Interesting. Thank you for keeping us informed. We are awed by your brilliance and hope that you will come by often, perhaps during recess.

    • Problem was the Black Panthers were not merely carrying, which would have been fine, they were routinely brandishing (pointing in a threatening manner).

      The Panthers explicitly brandished weapons, most frequently at police. There was a difficulty in prosecuting them due to juries with African Americans refusing to convict, and not knowing the obvious difference between a weapon carried across ones back or shoulder, and one pointed at some one.

      With scores off cases of Panthers pointing rifles at police, or pointing at people in voting lines, and yet being found not guilty, this was simply the easy way out the Democrats and GOP in California took.

    • Reagan owns it. So much for that “party of responsibility” nonsense. Ditto it’s a pity that black people (“peers”) would be allowed on a jury and refuse to convict. Maybe they didn’t trust the cops and white folks. Of course, it’s OK today that white gun owners don’t trust cops, but when black folks don’t trust cops that’s different.

      • it’s OK today that white gun owners don’t trust cops, but when black folks don’t trust cops that’s different.

        Say’s who? Nobody should trust cops or governments.

    • Still proud of that Obama vote huh Johnny G? Democrats are the true defenders of the second amendment I guess.

      • Very proud of President Obama, Little Gerald. How did that President Romney and President McCain thing work for you?

        I now have health insurance, the USA is closing Gitmo, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are over with or ending, and bin Laden is dead. That, and nothing has changed with my ability to own guns.

  24. Everything. And it’s hot as h##l and running out of water too. Hard to believe living in Illinois could possibly be better. I feel your pain.

  25. To answer the question, California is a communist state. Just look at the tax laws, not to mention these gun laws.

  26. That Abbey quote is used WAY out of context.
    Abbey was not criticizing California’s liberal tendency. He was criticizing California’s inexplicable tendency to be both socially radical yet pro-corporate, both environmentally conscious yet protective of its pro-development and pro-oil company exploitation. Abbey was a leftist radical who inspired the modern environmental terrorist movements who use sabotage, bombings and arsons to make their point. Abbey did oppose gun control, though.

  27. I truly believe that the people deserve who they voted for. California is no different. When they realize this, it will be too late.

  28. California is not anti-gun. Many of its legislators score points in their liberal districts by proposing gun control measures they know will never pass, or never pass in their original forms. Even Sen Feinstein admitted this repeatedly over the years. She occasionally vocalized that her gun control efforts had no chance of passing. It’s mostly a political game. Time and time again, California voters as a group would shoot down serious gun control efforts.

    • I disagree. With a nearly 2/3s majority in both houses, gun control bills fly through committees and floor votes on party line votes, even the truly stupid ones. Our only hopes are the governor’s veto and the courts. For example, Sen De Leon’s SB 808 seeks to require “registration” of all homebuilt firearms produced after 1968–including pistols and rifles, notwithstanding the fact that the State did not start registering rifles until this year. Which means only homebuilt (or “80%) will be registered, but not any of the California legal black rifles that have been sold by the millions since 1968 and prior to Jan.1, 2014. (Parenthetically, the bill also requires a fee of $19 for the notification to the state, and further requires that all guns be DROS’d–at $25 a pop.) Why? Beats me. Skinner last year proposed a bill to exempt Oakland from California’s state pre-emption of gun laws–so that Oakland could presumably pass gun bans of one sort or another to combat its gang problem–and it passed easily (vetoed by Brown); and this year she is sponsoring the “drop a dime on your favorite mentally disturbed person, we’ll take his guns” law. I expect it will pass. Another bill is a law being proposed for the third time to require an ammo purchasers ID (with a background check every two years), registration of all sales, and bans on internet purchasing. why? To make it more expensive to buy ammo of course. Sensible? NOT!

  29. Because of the hordes of beaners here that only think about the following. “Guns are used by cartels. They shoot mah boys! BAN GUNS!” instead of thinking about the concept that HEY, maybe they should stop and think about WHY people are shooting each other, and trying to fix that- if someone’s gonna gun someone down in cold blood, they’re gonna do it, legal or illegal. Simple as that.

    Also, people assume that the presence of a firearm in someone’s life is a mark that that person is a sociopath because of the damned news.

    Sorry. I just hate this state, I hate the legislators… Sucks being born into a shithole like this, you can’t easily leave… Especially not a money pit like California.

  30. I left California 20 years ago, and don’t really miss it at all. I’ve inherited some property out there, but I can’t see moving back, even though I was born and raised there. It’s just way too different than it was when I was growing up. Too crowded, incompetent government that is going broke, and insanely stupid gun laws are just a few the reasons for staying away. I’ve encouraged all of my friends and family out there in certain counties to get their concealed carry permits now, while they are available. I can’t see that lasting too much longer. When they started taking about the “assault weapons” registration, where my firearms would have to be sold out of state, destroyed, or turned into police after I die, that’s when I knew I wasn’t staying for the long haul.

  31. From quite a few visits and stays over the decades, California strikes me as nothing more than a giant Kindergarten with no adults in charge.

  32. It’s all about control. California found out if you keep them stupid, and bribe them from time to time, people will vote for their own destruction, if the leaders keep the appearance of free will alive..

  33. Foreign governments are paying them to disarm their populace for invasion. Kinda like D-Day without the Germans (well, without armed Germans). Sounds crazy, but I think it’s worth looking into.

  34. California is clinching proof that socialism is unworkable no matter how prosperous the people burdened by its yoke. Ports to Asia, silicon valley, farms and vineyards, beautiful weather, and an economy that is the 8th largest in the world and they are being crushed by debt and an exodus of tax paying companies and citizens searching for more freedom. If it can’t work in Cali it can’t work anywhere.

    • Yup, that dreaded socialism just never works. Just feel sorry for those poor folks in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland. And a few other Euro nations that I can think of. Solvent pension plans, a vast middle class, little poverty, medical care, excellent educational opportunities at little or no cost. Excellent roads and public facilities. Tragic the way those people suffer. And in Finland I hear that people are actually encouraged – against their wills, mind you – to equip their rifles with sound suppressors so as not to disturb the neighbors.

      Tragic, I tell ya. Tragic.

      • I find the European definition of “middle class” to be radically different from the American definition. Look at the cost of cars in the Scandinavian countries, and look at what people over there actually drive. It’s predominantly little <2L, 4cyl shitboxes, because that's all they can afford. Even "middle class" people.

        Look at their houses. From what i can find, the average size of a home in Norway is 1300ft^2. In Denmark it's 1475. In Sweden it's only 893. In the US, it's about 2000-2300, depending on what figures you're looking at. And the average middle class American isn't driving a Chevy Spark, a Mazda 2, or a Ford Fiesta.

        They don't drive small, crappy cars (note that there's a difference between small, crappy cars like a 1L VW Polo and small fantastic cars like a GTI or a Mazdaspeed 3) and live in small, crappy houses because they necessarily want to; by the time they get through paying for all of their social welfare programs that’s all most of them can afford.

        And I’m not sure the socialized medicine in those countries works any better than the English or Australian systems do. It might, I just haven’t looked into it.

        Either way, if that’s your definition of “a vast middle class, little poverty” and a functional socieconomic system… You can have it. I’ll take my cheap gas, my enormous-by-European-standards house (with an actual yard and no common walls! *gasp*), my 400hp daily drivers-both of them-and my private health care. And my guns. I would like some of their suppressors, though.

        • Yeah, Johnny g probably thinks there is no poverty anywhere in the European union. They are awesome. Oh Johnny, our resident “I support the second amendment but” troll.

        • Let me append a little. The European public medical system varies from adequate to appalling. If you want anything done you have to see a private physician to have it done right or be sure your will is up to date and wait. And wait. And wait.

          And when you finally die, inheritance taxes take what little you have managed to acquire. Zero Sum Game; you leave this life pretty much the way you entered.

          As far as full employment, there isn’t any. Skilled trades are filled. Manufacturing and low skill jobs are done by immigrants for starvation wages. They live in neat, tidy slums, by the way. Tended to by state-employed immigrants.

          Unemployment benefits are generous and never-ending. That’s why the taxes are crippling.

          And you need an expensive, time consuming permit from a council and the approval of all your neighbors to do nearly anything.

          The armed forces are small and well equipped. The US sends them more armament and cash than they know what to do with.

        • “If you want anything done you have to see a private physician to have it done right or be sure your will is up to date and wait. And wait. And wait.”

          So… exactly like the Australian and English (which is European, of course, but I knew that system sucked) systems, then. Got it. In other words, socialized medicine has never functioned properly. Ever. Anywhere. At any point in human history.

          This is my surprised face.

      • There was a survey recently that determined that only 3% of Canadians thought that the USA had better health care.

        Basically the only people that don’t like Canadian health care are regressives in the USA.

      • do you know how hard it is to become a citizen of those nations? Or their almost complete lack of illegal immigration?

        Socialism there only works because everyone contributes. there aren’t hundreds of thousands sitting on welfare for generations or coming across the border by the millions.

        and there is no multiculturalism in government. Each nation is a monoculture with a controlled cultural expression to maintain national identity.

        basically, everything you and your ilk violently oppose here in America.

        • My ilk? ROFL!

          Bubba, you are so confuzed (sic) you don’t have a clue about yourself. You sure as hell don’t have a clue about me and my “ilk”.

          Anyway, I doubt if it’s any harder to be come a citizen of most Euro nations than it is to become an American citizen. China is the really tough one to become a citizen of, from what I’ve seen.

          Everyone contributes? I agree. I like hard working, productive societies. That’s why I don’t see US conservatives – like you – being constructive. You’d stand on the sidelines and whine rather than get jobs or go to school. Most of you clowns don’t know the differences between socialism, communism, totalitarianism, and other forms of government and economic structures. You’d belly ache that you were being “forced” to do something if you were encouraged to be productive.

          No multiculturism? Switzerland has three official languages and they have successfully built a society out of a mountainous nation with Germans, Italians, Basques, and a few others. For that matter several Euro nations combine different societies more or less successfully. Spain has the Basques, Belgium has the French speaking Walloons and Dutch speaking Flemish.

          Perhaps you should read less regressive/conservative propaganda and get out more.

  35. Severe hoplophobia combined with their inate belief that they are on the verge of creating Utopia and are just a few more tweaks (i.e. laws and regulations) from doing so.

  36. “What’s your explanation for the Golden State’s hard-on for civilian disarmament?”

    Californians are holding out their arms begging to have the chains put on their own wrists. They recognize disarming the population as a necessary step in this process.

    It is not that they fail to recognize that disarming will lead to tyranny. They welcome tyranny, and want to disarm now to bring it about as soon as possible.

    • You sound like someone that is seriously detached from reality. Perhaps you still believe in the Easter Bunny.

      People want to be safe. They don’t see gun freaks as being reassuring. Can you come up with some ideas that would make people feel safe without freaking them out with your AR-15 lust? That’s what you need to do, because if you try to ram your “constitutional rights” down their throats they are going to show you who the boss is. And it ain’t you.

      • ah another bigot who had no problem shoving legalized dope and gay marriage down peoples throats, who deliberately said that making “fearful” people uncomfortable was the only way to change society for the better, who now uses fear to justify pushing a million peoples rights back into the closet.

        What are you doing to others that makes you so afraid that all of us legal law abiding gun owners will suddenly come after you? Why is your fear to be respected while you celebrated “normalization” and claimed all the homophobia was worthless because “how does gay marriage affect you?”

        How does legal gun ownership affect you, except in your fears?

        • Legal gun ownership doesn’t scare me at all. I own and have owned some pretty exotic stuff. I just think that the standards need to be tightened up, loons (and you probably qualify there) shouldn’t be let loose with dangerous weapons.

          As far as gay marriage goes I am curious as to how that was “shoved down” your throat. If you don’t like gays getting married then don’t marry one. It’s about that simple.

  37. California does not recognize the right in the state Constitution so it can do whatever is passed into State law as long as it doesn’t violate Federal law.

  38. Having been born and raised in California, I can say this state has a lot to offer! It is a beautiful state with great weather. I now happen to live in the Central Valley where a lot of the food that feeds our nation is grown, as well as cotton and of course, milk. The problem with California is our government. They have forgotten who they work for and vote the way they please to “take care of the people” even though the “people” are telling them to STOP! There are many great gun groups here in California that are fighting the injustice every day. I highly recommend all California gun owners join Cal-guns! They are constantly filing lawsuits and challenging these “laws” our “babysitters” vote for with out our approval. Another issue I have personally seen is people not voting due to the fact they think there vote does not count. It does count and it is very important that we all start voting and making our voices heard! This is just important in every state, not just here in California. Oh, and by the way, here in California we natives also have a saying….”Welcome to California…now go home!”

    • Have you noticed that the water that you waste is now being reduced due to increased demand and reduced available supply by the states you buy it from? Have a nice day.

      • Here in the Central Valley most of our water comes from ground water or the Sacramento River Basin. Unfortunately due to the drought and a fish called “smelt” our farmers are not getting the water need to grow their crops. This includes feed corn for the cattle. Expect your food prices to start climbing since California does supply a lot of the food you buy in at the store. You also have a very blessed day!

        • Hey Dona – I hear around 700,000 acres of farmland is fallowed due to no water allocation. Since you’re in the valley, have you heard that number?

        • The numbers change depending on who is reporting. I can tell you in my area there is a lot of open fields where crops were grown but are now being left bare. When it is windy here the amount of dust in the air is unbelievable. Yesterday a local farmer bulldozed is orange trees due to lack of water.

  39. Its the weather. Make for too dang easy (lazy/mindless) living. Same as see to the South of Kalifornina. Or in centuries past the difference between Northern Europe compared to Southern Eurp/Africa/Mideast. No struggle to overcome nature/climate. Made for lazy complacency.

    Don’t want to thatch the roof, go hunting, plant the wheat today? Doesn’t matter tomorrow is the same and just as good. No urgency to get the job done so will EAT and SURVIVE during the coming winter. mañana…. Sit on ass on the beach, sleep under the tree all the same. No worries dude.

  40. A look behind the Second Amendment that you all need to be aware of. These guys made it pretty clear what they meant and, it isn’t what they are trying to teach our kids and grandkids now.
    George Mason, who co authored the Second Amendment said:
    “I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” – Speech in the Virginia Ratifying Convention, June 14, 1778
    “A militia when properly formed are in fact the people themselves… and include all men capable of bearing arms. . . To preserve liberty it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms… The mind that aims at a select militia, must be influenced by a truly anti-republican principle.” – Richard Henry Lee; Letters From the Federal Farmer to the Republican, Letter XVIII, January 25, 1788
    “The great object is that every man be armed” and “everyone who is able may have a gun.” –Patrick Henry
    “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater…confidence than an armed man.” – Thomas Jefferson, quoting Cesare Beccaria in On Crimes and punishment (1764).

  41. Leland Yee got 300K votes in the election a couple of weeks ago.

    That goes give you an approximation to where the bottom might be.

  42. it’s real simple.

    California’s leadership openly (check media for independent confirmation) supports illegal immigration, big business doing whatever it wants, government harvesting the population for its own growth, gangs of any ethnicity, and anything that maintains power for the elite while reducing the chance of competition or power sharing.

    Guns reduce fear and put power mongers and criminals at physical risk that lawyers cannot repair. Gangs can’t cause more fear and the demand for more “protection” if people can protect themselves. Decades of “protests” show leadership cares nothing about any mass of people with signs. Guns mean the leadership and the corporations in charge can’t ignore the public from inside their soundproofed 20th floor throne rooms. Lawyers beholden to the rich cannot eliminate and enslave without consequence.

    That’s why California hates them.

  43. Its at least partly the weather. Too nice for those accustomed to it to leave, even if stuck in a place that would undoubtedly be better governed if the Taliban took over.

    The whole “California Dreaming” culture is also a culprit. Everyone here are just on the way to something bigger and better. They are either an undiscovered rock-or-movie star, or the next Zuckerberg. So, noone anticipates their current situation to last for very long. Hence has no interest in working to improve the conditions for people like their current self. After all, like Bloomberg, why bother with gun rights when you have a security detail, which everyone will undoubtedly have once they have their first hit (or go public)?


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