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We JUST missed the 5th Anniversary of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. Hey, I was busy trying to master Stern’s Indiana Jones. We’re talking eight ball multi-ball. Anyway, I got to wondering . . .

What if you’re a mother (or father) concerned about firearms-related fatalities? What could you do — aside from joining a group dedicated to disarming Americans — to tackle “gun violence”?

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  1. Uh, learn to use and carry a gun and, maybe, home school. Also, teach your kids the difference between cover and concealment.

  2. “We keep Little Red Riding Hood out of schools because of the bottle of wine in her basket.”

    No, you keep that book out of schools because you’re control freak, helicopter parents with no sense of proportion. The rest of us would like to lead normal lives and raise normal kids.

    • Yes, control freaks they are. I would also point out that the AR is also banned in school – a fact that the picture clearly attempts to obscure.

      • The title actually says “banned in America”. The book is for sale on amazon, and the rifle is for sale on buds so the meme is simply an example of free speech. (It doesn’t have to be true for you to say it’s true…)

        Neither item is allowed in public schools.

        • By setting the picture in what appears to be an elementary school library and the fact that the caption mentions the book being banned in schools, the creators are making a clear attempt to propagandize the reader into making the assumption that the AR15 is somehow common in the presence of elementary school children.

          While they are free to say what they wish, their clear intent to mislead the viewer is a pretty good indication that what they have to say is not trustworthy.

  3. well first let’s do a realistic risk assessment of both items. Little Red Riding Hood- Book, kinda heavy, might fall onto child will hurt a little bit, common in most libraries. AR15, rifle, semiautomatic, dangerous if handled incorrectly, can be had by most Americans good or bad not too common in schools.

    Really unless your school is an important statement piece (definition to follow later) for a mass shooter it probably isn’t a target. So you have nothing to fear from the gun, those books however can fall on you, be used to beat you, be thrown at you, or be set on fire so if anything we really should move to digital format for all reading materials.

    Statement Piece- AKA Target. Mass Shooters pick their targets to make a statement through the carnage they inflict or the victims they target examples include Columbine High School, Emanuel AME Church, Burnette Chapel Church of Christ, Pulse Night Club, and others. Though motives vary all shooters were looking to make a statement of some sort be it they were sick of being bullied or that they believe a certain sexual orientation should not be allowed there is a statement made by the shooter’s choice of target and victims.

      • the press never reports on the mass shooter shot as he drew his weapon up to fire outside the event. They only report on it after he has injured a few people.

        Example: Let’s say FBIAgentBob (FLAME DELETED) goes off his rocker and goes to shoot up the FBI home office in DC. He’d be mowed down in the front door before he got a shot off. There’s a short press release crammed at the very bottom of the very back page under the Ask Abby column in the local DC paper that only a couple major new sites republish on their websites somewhere near the bottom after you pass all the other stories.

        Now let’s say DEAAgentBob (FLAME DELETED) goes to shoot up the local Walmart. 37 dead 18 wounded and 23 missing. News choppers arrive minutes later and film his shoot out with police, the event stays in the news for months and in antigunner arguments for decades.

        • total and complete a$$hole, loves heroin, and has a thing for thai lady boys. ATFAgentBob the only federal Bob you can trust! Vote for me when I run for senate in 2020!

          wow can’t even flame fictional federal agents, being myself a fictional federal agent.

        • Just noticed that your thoughts on the other AgentsBob got the ole FLAME DELETED treatment. You, sir, are being watched.

          Edit: oh, I see you’ve already noticed.

    • I was present when a book was thrown by one student (my friend) at another student (an asshole who had worse coming). We still remember it fondly.

      • TX Lawyer – Do you think they broke any zero tolerance or gun free laws to take the photo?
        In what city, Leftist City, would allow an “Assault Rifle” into a Public Library for any reason?

        • The real question of the day: Fake school or liberals broke a gun law to make the point that we need more gun laws?

          I say fake school/library.

        • The library in my leftist city has an “Assault Rifle” on display in a glass case — an 1860”s Spencer Carbine, complete with ammo. Actually might be dangerous if the ammo is live.

  4. Have the kids switch places in the picture. Now see the reaction with a black child holding a gun and the white child holding a book. (Smile)

    • Why’s it gotta be a black rifle in the white girl’s hands? She gotta own something black? Why’s the black girl gotta hold a black rifle? She not good enough for a white one? #racism #blackgunsmatter

      Ok I’m done being a faux libtard now.

  5. I watched the video clip of the rally to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Hysterics R US. They now claim to have 4 million volunteers nationwide. I was dubious, so I checked the math.
    1 Hysterical Mother +
    2 cat ladies+
    3 drooling acolytes+
    all of the passers by on the sidewalk (in a two hour period)+
    1 bus load of rented inner city “activists” (paid by the day)=
    4 million.
    The math looks good.

    • Pretty sure that 4 million nationwide means they have had 4 million hits on their website – in 5 years.

    • That 4 million number means they’ve hired 4 million temps over the years to pamphlet, collect signatures, and make phone calls all paid for out of pocket by Big Mike B….. where as NRA (like em or hate em) has 5 million paying memebers. They’re trying to inflate their numbers and use semantics to seem as impressive as the NRA.

  6. What could you do — aside from joining a group dedicated to disarming Americans — to tackle “gun violence”?

    First, raise your own children with discipline, patience, and a huge amount of love. Teach them wisdom, right from wrong, and a good work ethic. Finally, instill respect of life, liberty, and property.

    Second, mentor other children whose parents are failing to raise their children as stated above.

    Third, learn what is good for society and demand public policy that is good for society.

    • “First, raise your own children with discipline, patience, and a huge amount of love. Teach them wisdom, right from wrong, and a good work ethic. Finally, instill respect of life, liberty, and property.”

      No thanks, that sounds like a lot of work.

  7. So, was it also obsessed liberal parents who banned the harmless book (it is harmless, right? Like that’s the whole point of the photo?) after they banned the M16 that gun is obviously a stand in for? Are they claiming that since hysterical mothers banned a clearly harmless book, we should respect their hysterical desires to ban an object?

    “Ideas are far more dangerous than guns. We do not let our enemies have guns, so why would we let them have ideas?”

    Anyone else wish an *actual* banned book was pictured instead? Huckleberry Finn?

  8. I’m guessing most people didn’t bother to watch the video but these despicable types completely give themselves away.

    Listen at the 2:03 mark!!!

    She starts to say “amazing tragedy” before she corrects it to “awful tragedy”….

    But of course for the Civilian Disarmament Complex these tragedies actually are considered amazing.

    To everyone in that video: eat [redacted by author] and [redacted by author].

    • You’re right, didn’t watch, weak stomach and all. Interesting observation – I agree, I think they are happy when people get shot. Sociopaths.

  9. wait…libs/dems are OK with legal abortions…that get rid of 600,000+ before they even become kids…
    now THAT is some proactive thinking/action right there…
    an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…just sayin’…
    That said…I am pro-choice AND pro-2A…but like the numbers to be out there to compare

  10. Have caring parents preferably two who don’t leave children unsupervised all the time.

    I taught them the four rules before they ever came to the range with me. Cap guns etc were handled safely.

    Came to range from about 4 or 5.
    Shooting from about 8 or so when they could safely hold .22 on target.

    Couldn’t start so young now at range as law now says 11 or 12 depending on state in Australia.

    • it automatically triggers the flail technique that causes instant choke/ drain. better to try to concentrate on two to keep it going.
      i’m from the magnetron/ surf champ/ bow and arrow era, but i haven’t seen a working gottlieb, bally or stern outside of the cedar point boardwalk in a while.
      they are however still making the williams games out on mannheim rd.
      i’m a dork- i like the shuffle board tables the best.

  11. Before you procreate, do the following:
    1) Get a high school diploma
    2) Get a job
    3) Get married to someone who has also completed steps 1) and 2).
    Now, with that foundation of family stability, you might actually be able to RAISE your children rather than just letting them grow up in a moral vacuum.

  12. I guessed right. Both of them are “banned.” The book in some limited number of schools. The rifle in all schools and several states.

  13. Lets see here, how many points can I make
    1-It’s stupid to ban things just because they may be unpleasant in some regards.
    2-I don’t support censorship either. The first amendment is important too. Equally so. #allrightsmatter
    3-It’s good to see that they seem to think this is an acceptable position on censorship. Welcome to Bloomie’s moralistic police state. Sit down, shut up, don’t drink sugary soda and do what we tell you.
    4-Last I checked, the safe schools act, laws against murder etc. should have most of this covered. It’s kind of a false dichotomy.
    5-If they want to have a security team at a school that’s trained and armed, so be it. Chances are that if you had a hand full of volunteer instructors doing it they’d actually have more practice in than a typical urban PD officer. I can tell you if SHTF at my kid’s school I’d rather have someone there who could blow the shooter’s head clean off than wait for the PD even with whatever risks that encompasses. If it’s a teacher they may even be a bit more motivated to move fast than the PDs have been historically.
    6-Who’s to say it’s a bottle of wine? It could be a Mr. Pibb for all they know.
    7-I can buy as many copies of whatever books I want to for my kid, my household and my family. The government has no say over that. The day we get to the book burnings is likely the day that the rifles need to come out, not get banned.

  14. Whichever idiot (or gathering of idiots is a “Buncha”, as in, “Y’all ain’t nuthin’ but a buncha idiots”. A group of fools is called a “Dayem”, as in yew Dayem Fools!) banned little Red Riding hood because of a mention of wine in the basket, need to have a multitude of long talks with a psychiatrist (or a long walk on a short pier).
    There are a thousand different versions, over 50 in print, and many of them don’t mention wine. So if they are banning LRRH due to the wine, how many logical and rational reasons could they come up with for banning firearms?
    Einstein did say the universe is infinite, right?

    • My guess is prop gun from the local movie prop shop so, certainly might have a third hole but it is likely a not functioning gun anyway.

      • Nah, movie armorers are more equal than others and get to maintain actual arsenals of post 86 MGs. Would be hilarious if that is a third hole and we get to point out that yes, the Democrat who enslaved his own citizens and the Democrat who embezzled the social security already worked together to ban them

  15. Well bless her heart, totally forgot the anniversary.
    Was busy cleaning my handguns, after fixing biscuits and gravy for husband and me

  16. “What could you do — aside from joining a group dedicated to disarming Americans — to tackle “gun violence?”

    Move out of Chicago, Baltimore, Compton, Camden, or any other Democrat sh!th0le you happen to live in.

  17. Only one of these things can stop a rampaging mass-murderer. Guess which one Moms Demand Action wants to ban?

    That’s right, they’d rather see your child dead.

  18. This picture gives me hope. The girl on the left is obviously well informed and fully aware of the danger of interacting with wolves. The girl on the right decided to take that awareness even further – she is prepared for an encounter with a predator. And is able to protect her friend if the need arises. I think I’m going to hang this in my office – perfect harmony.

  19. What do you do about gun violence? You can return fire. Millions of infantrymen over 400 years can’t be wrong.

  20. Pretty much what has (or should have) been said already:
    1. Education. Stupid people will always find a way to hurt or kill themselves. Smart kids grow into smart adults. Teach them how to handle a gun properly and safely.
    2. Research the Research. I’ve been reading the book The War On Guns, and it’s a good read. One of its points, is that you need to be sure of impartiality of the researchers. Many studies used by gun control advocates use fudged numbers and/or skip data that doesn’t fit their agenda.
    3. Be Prepared. Train your kids to recognize situations that could be dangerous. Safety is priority when dealing with guns, but also with what is said and who it is said to, nowadays. Teach them not to tell anyone they meet that you have guns. You don’t want to be robbed by thugs with hoodies or your life ruined by thugs with suits and badges.

    • “I’ve been reading the book The War On Guns, and it’s a good read.” – John Lott is my go to reliable source on “gun” stats. I read his works back when I had a pretty decent understanding of statistics, he wasn’t bsing, and his critics were.

  21. To keep the rugrats occupied until they leave the nest, plan an annual trip to an Appleseed. Give each person a semiautomatic firearm play tic tac toe . 22 dollars for each Put away at least one semiautomatic rifle, one pistol, and one shotgun for every member of the household.

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